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$4 Million Campaign Announced, $2.2 Million Already Committed

or each of us, Beta Theta Pi played a role in our time in Oxford, and for many, that continues to this day. Friendships and memories endure because we are a part of a special brotherhood started by eight earnest young men and shared by over 2,700 Alpha brothers. Alpha Chapter is forever a part of us and it is forever a part of Miami University. We believe Alpha’s home lies in the undergraduates themselves and in the physical residence of 200 East High Street. The past year has been an exciting one on both fronts, considering the framework established for the chapter’s return and preparing for the 100year anniversary of Beta at 200 E. High St. Our efforts to recruit men committed to the values of Beta who can enjoy a similar experience to ours have been fruitful. You will read on page 4 about the 29 upperclassman who pledged in the fall and 16 others who recently accepted their bid as men of Beta Theta Pi. This is a group of leaders (resident advisors, ROTC, campus tour guides, etc.), athletes (track/cross country, club baseball, club soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, waterskiing), and scholars (3.44 GPA). We even have members of the a cappella and Glee Club to help bring everyone in tune for “Marching Along!” But recruiting strong men is not where our work stops. We have worked the last 18

months developing a strategy for our return that offers young men an opportunity for leadership and brotherhood, while putting in place a better coaching and support structure so our men can truly own their experience and practice effective self-governance. A steering committee of over 40 alumni worked diligently toward its implementation and is now working with the chapter to ensure it takes hold. Our home at 200 East High Street has housed thousands of young men since Beta’s first ownership of the building in 1918. Our excellent location is coveted by the other fraternities and we all connect to the Beta Bells and the Slant Walk. Its look should forever be in our minds and represent the physical state of Beta Theta Pi. It is our house. If you walked through the house today, I’m sure memories would flood back just opening the front door and seeing the grand staircase; taking a closer look, however, you would see that the bathrooms, radiators, plumbing and wiring are all decades old and are in desperate need of an upgrade. Not to mention the firesafety and ADA accessibility issues that need addressed. We are also falling short on study and educational space, as much of the work at Miami now centers around group projects and working together. (Continued on page 3)

Donate to Forever Alpha Today and See Your Gift Grow Mitch Rales ’78 to Match 20% of Every New Dollar Donated “What can I do to help?” This was the first question Mitch Rales ’78 asked when he was approached about the return of Alpha Chapter and the Forever Alpha campaign. His immediate desire to further this historic initiative comes as a result of his powerful Beta experience, his friendships that remain strong today, and the ability for others to benefit as he did. However, Mitch knows it’s going to take more than just one person to make an impact. His hope is that every Beta brother will ask themselves the same question: “How can I help?” Much like Beta taught us—give back and pay it forward. That’s why after carefully watching the progress of Alpha’s return and the campaign, he is offering a challenge to help Alpha reach its $4 million goal. In addition to his $100,000 outright gift, Mitch has agreed to match 20 percent of every new gift (after March 1) up to a $200,000 match! Put simply, if all of our alumni come together to pledge another $1 million, Brother Rales will give an additional $200,000 to help us get even closer to our goal. (Continued on page 3)



Initial Group of Supporters Kicks Off Campaign


e are deeply grateful to the following brothers who have associated themselves with our fundraising effort by committing more than $2.2 million to the Forever Alpha campaign. In the coming weeks, you will receive additional information about how you can join this growing list of brothers dedicated to Alpha Chapter. The _kai_ Society ($500,000 and above) The John Reily Knox Society ($250,000 to $499,999) Roy C. Ostberg ’62 Mitchell P. Rales ’78* Thomas W. Hook ’81 The Alpha Heritage Society ($100,000 to $249,999) Tim ’69 and Lynn Pistell* In memory of John E. Dolibois ’42 James W. Haywood ’74 In memory of James Schellhase ’73 Jeffrey M. Anderson ’75 Jeffrey N. Newton ’77 and Thomas A. Pierce ’77 In memory of Art Ensley ’76 The 200 E High Society ($50,000 to $99,999) Anonymous Cottrell Family Gift Nancy and Robert L. Cottrell ’54 Philip F. Cottrell ’78 Robert S. Cottrell ’79 Rick Cottrell ’80 Stuckey Family Gift John H. Stuckey ’66 Thomas D. Stuckey ’76 Gary V. Chensoff ’74

W. Bradfield Trucksis ’75 Wagner Family Gift Doug ’78 & Peggy (Porter) Wagner In memory of Art Ensley ’76 Charlie ’12 & Jackie (Jue) Wagner Bob ’81 & Maureen Gillespie Jeffrey W. Edwards ’85 Glenn D. Trout ’89 Zachary T. Haines ’05 In memory of H. H. Stephenson, Jr. ’39 The Men of Principle Society ($25,000 to $49,999) Anonymous Robert M. Wertz MD ’61 In memory of Richard Felix Fryman ’61 Steven W. Martineau ’66 William F. Alderman ’67 John R. Deyo ’69 Thomas I. Converse ’72 Scott C. Fessenden ’74 In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Fessenden Paul W. “Wick” Hartung III ’75 Gary A. Riddle ’77 In honor of Jane, my Beta Sweetheart John K. Suckow ’81 Michael A.Yukevich ’92 Joseph J. Rosing ’06

Spring 2014: Chapter closes for continued risk management problems and hazing

The Wooglin Society ($5,000 to $9,999) Frederick Brower ’50 Ronald P. Helman ’55 John M. Groom ’58

Spring 2015: Cultural recommendations adopted by steering committee

Fall 2014: Steering committee forms with more than 40 Alpha Beta alumni


The Campanile Society ($10,000 to $24,999) Wallace W. McCallum ’59 In honor of Class of ’59 and John Dolibois ’42 Stuart W. Opdycke ’64 In memory of John Rawlings ’64 Hewett S. Wells ’64 J. Douglas Gray ’66 Philip L. Conover ’68 Thomas M. Loeb ’68 James C. Deuser ’69 In memory of Ralph N. Fey ’40 Bill Elliott ’73 Randy L. Kirschner ’74 Benjamin F. Suffron ’74 Ted W. Brown ’76 Kinder Family Foundation David R. Teckman ’78 Calloway ’81 & Gail Robertson Steven C. Stocker ’81 George Lee Esler ’83 Richard P. LaFleur ’83 Jeffrey H. Sherman ’83 Benjamin A. Willingham ’84 Mark E. Madsen ’90

Total Raised as of March 14, 2017 $2,225,447 Campaign Goal $4 million Number of Contributors 106 Robert H. Kurz ’58 In memory of Robert T. Howard Donald E. Taylor ’60 Donald K. Bryan ’63 Theodore V. Boyd ’64 Peter W.C. Barnhart ’66 Thomas W. Cleverdon ’67 Gary E. Goshorn ’73 Jonathan ’75 & Mindy Brant In honor of Steven R. Brant ’78 Ralph T. Tschantz ’75 J. Scott Jamieson ’76 Peter & Kathy Van Zant ’77 Robert L. McIlvaine ’79 Mark F. Stephan ’80 William E.York ’82

Fall 2015: Chapter house rented to another fraternity



Winter 2015: Architect hired to produce concepts of improved Beta house

Campaign Status At-a-Glance

Summer 2015: Feasibility study conducted for project feedback and support

Spring 2016: Soliciting undergraduate referrals from faculty, staff, and alumni



Forever Alpha Martin P. Dixon II ’90 Jay Rock ’92 Ben Beshear ’01 Justin R. Beck ’02 William E. Rutledge ’05

(Continued from page 1)

The 1839 Society ($2,500 to $4,999) Ken & Judy Pierce In honor of Tom Pierce ’77 Brian Breittholz William D. Shardelow ‘55 James F. Sommer ’57 In memory of John F. Sommer ’53 Barry H. Kent ’58 In memory of Larry Binkley ’58 and Jim Cushman ’58 James R. “Jim” McClanahan ’60 James R. Robertson, M.D. ’66 In memory of Terrence C. Graves ’67 Thomas H. Edwards ’74 Steven A. Smith ’75 Jay Ellis ’77 Noel A. Follrath ’78 David S. Gillreath ’78 Lou Mohn ’78 John C. Hart ’81 Jack Weston ’02 Philip S. Fernandez ’06 * indicates level when challenge is met

Summer 2016: Onsite coordinator (Beta staff) begins recruiting upperclassman

You don’t have to look far to notice the newly renovated Fiji house, new Evans Scholars house, new residence halls, and modern apartment buildings going up all over Oxford. As all homes eventually do, 200 East High Street is showing its age and is no longer competitive with other housing in Oxford. To this end, we have developed a comprehensive plan to address the needs of the undergraduates today and for many years to come.

Those of us who enjoyed the brotherhood, camaraderie, and support of our chapter will forever owe a debt of gratitude for that unique experience. Now is the time to join us and provide the same wonderful experience to a new generation of Betas at Miami. In the coming weeks, you will receive information detailing the project and the ways in which you may help. We hope you will join our growing list of loyal supporters who wish to ensure the lasting impact of Alpha.

It gives us great pleasure to announce the Forever Alpha capital campaign. With a $4 million goal, early commitments from alumni and friends now total more than $2.2 million! Alumni who came before us provided the tradition that each of us made our own. We were given the opportunity to join Alpha and be a part of a special brotherhood and tradition that is forever.This is the chance in our lives to repay what Beta provided us.

Jeff Newton ’77, #1609 Tom Pierce ’77, #1610

Mitch Rales ’78 to Match 20% of Every New Dollar Donated (Continued from page 1)

It’s no wonder why Mitch wanted to impart this special opportunity for his Alpha brothers; his love for Beta is clear. In his address as the commencement speaker at the 2010 Farmer School of Business graduation, he proudly relayed, “The most important experience that I had in my years at Miami happened at 200 East High Street.” Mitch is the co-founder of Danaher Corporation and served as president from 1984 to 1990. He has been a member of the board of directors since 1983, serving as chairman of the executive committee since 1984.

Your Gift

Challenge Result













Spring 2017: Entire re-founding father class begins training/orientation/ pledging into Beta Theta Pi

Fall 2016: Upperclassmen recruitment begins


Fall 2016: Chapter house rented to another fraternity

Yours in ___kai___, Campaign Chairmen

January 2017: Freshmen recruitment begins

Fall 2018: House dedication and celebrate 100 years at 200 E. High St.


Summer 2017: Begin 14-month renovation/addition project to chapter house

August 2018: Chapter occupies newly renovated chapter house



Tim Pistell Presents Challenge Opportunity to 1969 Brothers


hen it comes to fundraising, Tim Pistell ’69 knows how to create momentum. So when the Forever Alpha capital campaign was announced, he knew he had to take action. Today he is announcing a unique opportunity for his brothers from the graduating class of 1969.

back and earnestly hope that all Betas from the class of 1969 respond to his leadership initiative. Miami and Beta was a firm foundation for all of us as we began our careers and it will be great to ensure the future of Beta’s at 200 E. High.” As a student, Tim joined Beta during a time when he was searching for a place to belong. His parents divorced the year before he left for Miami University, and he found a sense of family in his Beta brothers. “Upon reflection, I realized how much of a positive impact the Alpha Chapter had on me, and by that I mean my fraternity brothers,” Tim shares. “They were directly and indirectly a big influence on me and, consequently, helped me achieve things in my career and life.”

Tim is challenging the rest of his class to raise $75,000 in new donations. If they do so, he will contribute $25,000 in addition to the $50,000 he has already pledged to the campaign. Raising the stakes even higher, if the class of 1969 (excluding Tim) can contribute $150,000, Tim will give another $25,000, for a total class gift of $250,000 ($100,000 from Tim and $150,000 from 1969 brothers). “I have been involved in nonprofit fundraising for many years and chaired a large campaign to ‘Reimagine’ the last of the major historic theaters in Cleveland, Ohio’s Playhouse Square. I have witnessed how challenge grants can prove to be effective as donors know they are generating a multiplier effect with their personal donation,” Tim explains. “I know that many of my classmates have enjoyed success in life and their time at Alpha helped form them to achieve that success.” Tim’s not undertaking this effort on his own. Class leaders Jack Deyo ’69 and Jim Deuser ’69 are reaching out to their peers and encouraging them to take advantage of this special opportunity and invest in the future of Alpha Chapter. Jack explains, “The first mark of a Beta is his Beta spirit, and Tim has demonstrated to all of us his most generous Beta spirit and regard for our beloved Alpha. We are most appreciative of Tim’s giving

Tim earned an accounting degree from Miami and planned to attend law school on a partial scholarship at Case Western University. However, the Vietnam War changed his career path. He instead attained an MBA at Baldwin Wallace University and retired as EVP/CFO in 2011 after a long career at Parker Hannifin Corporation. Tim serves on publicly traded and private company boards, invests in private equity, and continues to serve on several nonprofit boards. When not traveling the world, Tim and his wife, Lynn, reside in Millboro, Virginia, and Amelia Island, Florida.They have two married children and five grandchildren. To contact Tim, or learn more about the challenge, e-mail him at

Meet Our Newest Members Jacob Brooks Sophomore Loveland, Ohio Major: Marketing/Fashion

Christian Daniels Freshman Fishers, Ind. Major: Finance

Kyle Fischer Freshman Columbus, Ohio Major: Marketing

Luke Martin Freshman Cincinnati, Ohio Major: Computer Science

Remy Clos-Versailles Freshman Cos Cob, Conn. Major: Sports Leadership and Management

Andrew Dudt Freshman Pittsburgh, Pa. Major: Mechanical Engineering

Nick Hoyt Sophomore Atlanta, Ga. Major: Chemical Engineering/Pre-Med

Evan Miller Junior Avon, Ohio Major: Pre-Med/Biology

Trevor Kopsick* Freshman Concord, Ohio Major: Mechanical Engineering Brother is Alex Kopsick, John Carroll ’17 Brad Marshall Freshman Monclova, Ohio Major: Chemical Engineering/ Energy

Massillon Myers* Freshman Westerville, Ohio Major: Sports Leadership and Management Father is David Myers ’82 Ben Poe Freshman Chagrin Falls, Ohio Major: Business

Cooper Runstein Freshman Portland, Ore. Major: Quantitative Economics Alex Saccocio Freshman Gahanna, Ohio Major: Bioengineering Will Sampson Freshman Westerville, Ohio Major: Anthropology Freddy Yang Sophomore Beijing, China Major: Accountancy *Legacy

If you know of any Miami students who may be interested in joining Beta Theta Pi, please fill out the form at



Active Members Grateful for Alumni Support, Excited for the New Alpha Chapter


e have been busy this semester building brotherhood intentionally through events, making and advancing relationships on and off of campus, and are in the process of establishing a philanthropy for the chapter to support. Growing the Beta Brotherhood Building relationships amongst brothers in these early stages is vital, as more than half of our members are sophomores or older and are already established on campus. We foster the building of these relationships at weekly meetings (chapter, exec, new member education) at social events with other organizations on campus, and through events specifically held to grow with one another (game night, camp/grill outs, etc.). We have multiple events planned throughout the semester that will continue to foster this environment of relational growth.

Anticipation Builds as Renovation Nears The renderings and the renovation plans have been presented to all of active members, and saying that we are excited for construction to start is an understatement. Nick Hoyt ’19, Ben Poe ’20, Nate Howes ’18, Henry Carnes ’18, and Pierce Tyrrell ’17 traveled to Chicago the weekend of February 10 and had the chance to meet some alumni and see the behind the scenes work that goes on with fundraising for the renovation of the Alpha house. Recruiting Quality Men The recruitment committee has been busy generating names of potential Betas. We are starting to meet with some of the men and will hold informal recruitment events in the fall. It is crucial that through the recruitment process, we look for men who will add to the cohesive culture and who understand the responsibility and effort that comes with recolonizing a chapter with a vision of long-term success. We are also working to ready our pledges for initiation. We have just completed the fifth week of our eight-week member education program. Establishing Alpha Chapter One thing that we look forward to weekly is getting to learn new Beta songs! Some of the favorites so far include “Wooglin to the Pledge,” “Marching Along,” and “There’s a Scene.” We are also getting involved with the Greek community at Miami through Greek New Member Convocation and Greek Step-Up, a bystander intervention program. These programs and conversations are vital in creating a community of accountability. There has already been great work accomplished since last fall, but there is more great work to come! Yours in ___kai___, Chad Lance ’18 Alpha Chapter President

Executive officers at the Keystone Regional Leadership Conference.

Alumni News Robert Smith ’50 makes his home in Toledo, Ohio. He is a retired store manager of J.C. Penney. He has three children: Steve, Dave, and Ellen. Dominic Mancuso ’53 is a retired Air Force colonel and lives in Panama City, Fla. Ron Helman ’55 keeps busy with the Miami University class of ’55 fundraising. As chairman, his class has raised over $5 million for their 50th, 55th, and 60th reunions. They are the only class to have named a room in the Anderson Center. He recently retired as board member for Finlandia University after 15 years. He is a local Rotary Club fundraising director. Ron lives in Chassell, Mich., with his wife, Lou Ellyn. They have three children: Randy, Roger, and Elizabeth. E-mail: Paul Dahnke ’57 had a long career, retiring for the first time in 1993 from Sandusky City Schools, and the second time in 2001 from Bowling Green State University. He and his wife, Alea, have two children, Laura and Christopher, and live in Huron, Ohio. E-mail: Skip McCallum ’59 lives in Silver Lake, Wis., and is semi-retired as the senior partner of WW McCallum & Associates. E-mail: Dave Emery ’61 is retired and living in Farmington Hills, Mich. He says he jogs six days a week and watches too much TV! Bob Wertz, M.D. ’61 is a retired physician from Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Kaye. E-mail: rdwertz@ Richard Balazs ’63 is retired as a municipal finance director. He lives in Chesterland, Ohio, with his wife, Pat. They have two children, Rick and Judy. E-mail: Michael Brown ’64 retired from Buckeye Technologies in 2014. He lives in Midlothian,Va. E-mail: Terry Gould ’65 is a judge in the Paradise Valley Municipal Court. He and his wife, Mary Ellen, live in Paradise Valley, Ariz. E-mail: (Continued on page 6)

Special Edition Campaign Announcement What’s Inside? How You Can Make a Forever Impact on Alpha Chapter Capital Campaign Donor List

forever alpha Alpha Chapter House Company P.O. Box 943 Oxford, OH 45056 Address Service Requested

Donor Testimonials on Mitch Rales ’78 and Tim Pistell ’69

SAVE THE DATE Join us for Alumni Weekend in Oxford on June 9-11.

Follow the latest news at

Alumni News (Continued from page 5)

Rev. James Burns ’68 is a retired rector from the Episcopal Church. He has two children, Eric and Sarah, with his wife, Nancy. They live in Hillsdale, N.Y. E-mail: Thomas Loeb, M.D. ’68 lives in Louisville, Ky., with his wife, Kathy. They have two children, Josh and Seth. Thomas practices in orthopedics at Kentucky One Health Orthopedic Associates. E-mail: Craig Zeigler ’68 is semi-retired from his career as a pharmacist. He makes his home in Wilmington, Ohio, with his wife, Ceci, and has three children: Phil, Doug, and Kim. E-mail: Chris Blatchford ’69 retired in 2016 as a reporter from Fox Television. He makes his home in Glendale, Calif., with his wife, Nancy. They have two children. E-mail: Richard Christie ’69 lives in Laguna Hills, Calif., with his wife, Millie. They have two children, Scott and Derick. Richard is the owner of Promotional Signs Inc. E-mail: dick.christie@

Robert Walter ’69 makes his home in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, Deborah. He is a partner with Lane Alton. Lee Lonzo ’73 retired from Carmel High School in Indiana after 34 years as a teacher, coach, and administrator. He is the director of Champions Together, the partnership between the Indiana High School Athletic Association and Special Olympics Indiana. He and his wife, Patricia, have three children: Kyle, Kelly, and Kevin. E-mail: John Linn ’77 works as an architect. He lives in Clifton, Texas, with his wife, Carol. E-mail: Gregg Miller ’77 retired from his career as a teacher in 2015. He then bought a franchise in ACN and is a direct seller of essential services, including energy, telecommunications, and credit card services. Gregg makes his home in Gahanna, Ohio, and has two children, Brent and Ryan. E-mail: Mark Smith ’80 works for the 3M Company in fire suppression applications. He lives in

Naperville, Ill., with his wife, Barbara. They have two children. E-mail: John Weimer ’81 is an attorney and partner with Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease. He and his wife, Ann, have three children, Jack,Tom, and Brad, and live in Columbus, Ohio. E-mail: Ronald Deger Jr. ’88 is vice president of operations for Velocity EHS. He and his wife, Audrey, live in Wilmette, Ill. E-mail: rdeger@ Christopher Camino ’89 is a general manager and senior vice president for EMC. He makes his home in Gibsonia, Pa., with his wife, Rose. He has two children, Tommy and Elaina. E-mail: Jamie Tolles ’10 is a manager of fraud investigation and dispute services for Ernst & Young. He and his wife, Daisy, live in Chicago. E-mail: Scott Bressler lives in Hamilton, Ohio, with his wife, Sunnie, and children: Ben, Owen, and Preston. He is the operations deputy for Butler County Engineers.

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