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Products and Services Price List

(as of Sept. 2017)

FOREVER Storage®

12 Monthly Payments

Single Payment

FOREVER Desktop Software and Digital Art

10 GB



FOREVER Artisan® 5


25 GB



FOREVER Artisan® Upgrade


50 GB



100 GB



FOREVER Historian™


500 GB



1 TB



FOREVER™ Services Conversion Boxes

Each box includes three-way shipping and handling, insurance for your memorabilia, conversion, a FOREVER™ Account that stores all of your images online, and a USB flash drive that contains all of your videos.

Basic Box


Includes $50 of services


Standard Box


Includes $100 of services


Deluxe Box


Includes $300 of services


FOREVER Services Conversion Pricing*


(for 64-Bit Only)

(from Artisan 4 to 5)

To view our great selection of digital art and pricing, visit

Photo Conversion

Photo prints (2x3" up to 8x10"), includes uploading to FOREVER Storage® Account


Slide Conversion

Includes uploading to FOREVER Storage Account


Photo Album Conversion

Includes scanning of photo and scrapbook albums and uploading to FOREVER Storage Account

$1.25/side of page

Flat Bed Scanning

Small pictures (under 2x3"), fragile photos, and drawings up to 12x17". Includes uploading to FOREVER Storage Account

$.79/side of page

(over 12"x17")

Oversized Scanning

Includes multiple scans and combination into one image and uploading to FOREVER Storage Account

$15/image & up

Negative Conversion

Negative sizes up to 3x3" and includes uploading to FOREVER Storage Account


Video Tape/Cassette Conversion

VHS, Beta, Hi8, mini DV tapes, DVDs, and 3/4" U-matic loaded onto a USB drive


Film Conversion

8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film loaded onto a USB drive


APS Film Conversion

Includes removal of negatives, scanning, and uploading to FOREVER Storage Account


Audio Transfer

Audio cassettes, records, 8-track conversion, reel-to-reel tapes, including remastering and loading to a USB drive

$29.99 & up

Additional DVDs

Extra copy of digital movies, copied to a DVD


Additional USB Drives

Extra copy of digital files, loaded to a USB drive


Media Transfer to FOREVER

Uploading of hard drives, SD cards, 3.5" floppy discs, and flash memory to FOREVER Storage Account


Digital Slideshow Production

Digitized photos created into a slideshow, and loading onto a playable DVD

$39.99 & up

Photo Restoration

Digital repair, color correction, and restoration of photos


Audio/Video Editing

Custom editing of audio and video files


Video/Film Repair

Repair of broken cassettes and tape/repair and splicing of motion picture film

$15 & up

FOREVER Organization

Album creation and nesting, tagging, and description editing. Contact for details

FOREVER Special Projects

Custom scanning, special handling, and volume projects. Contact for details

(up to 12x17")

*Additional conversion information and pricing can be viewed online. Visit to learn more.

Sept. 1, 2017

Forever Products & Services Price List  

September 2017

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