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Thank you for ordering your Collect and Convert Media Conversion Kit. We are excited to work together with you and your guests at your event. Follow this simple process and soon your guests will have those treasured memories back in their lives again.

Prior to the event:

Be sure to order a Collect and Convert Media Conversion Kit for every 4-6 people attending the event. Each kit will include 6 media conversion plastic bags for your guests’ Media. Collect and Convert Media Conversion Kits can be ordered by going to the Ambassador Training Site (Ambassador Info/Forms, Files, & Ways to Share/ Collect & Convert Events/CLICK HERE to Order!). There is no cost for the kit, except for shipping and tax. If a guest wants to have an album scanned, help them to pre-order a Forever Standard Box about a week prior to the event date so it will arrive in time for the event. But don’t worry if someone comes to the event with an album and no pre-order; you can order a box online and ship their album later. (This media conversion will still count towards your event sales and hostess credit.)

Coach Your Host:

Share the Host Rewards program and how they can receive up to 30% off their purchase for gathering a few friends. Help them identify guests that have items they would like to be converted. TIP: Helping guests to visualize what fits in a collect and convert media conversion bag. 500 photos, 4 tapes, 1000 negatives, 500 slides

Invite Guests:

Use our Collect and Convert postcard invitation to spread the word and get people to your event. Send it via Facebook, text, email or post. The key to getting guests to your event is following up and making sure they understand what the event is all about.

What to bring to your event:

• Collect and Convert Media Conversion Kit • Media Conversion Bags with labels affixed • Order Forms • FedEx Label and Envelope • Pens • Forever Trifold brochures

• Price Sheet • Laptop Computer or iPad • Cell Phone • Host Rewards Flyers • Ambassador Kit Flyers • Post It Notes

Steps to a successful event:

Step 1: Hand out materials or place materials at seat Give each guest one Media Conversion Bag with a label affixed to it, one order form, a trifold Forever brochure, a price sheet, and a pen. Step 2: Introduce Forever to the group (use the Trifold) – 10 minutes Thank the Host and tell them about yourself and the company. Share the Host Rewards. Explain the Forever mission and the 5 Forever Commitments. Tell them about what makes us different. We use a White Glove Service and organize their converted files in their Forever account for them.

Step 3: Discuss the media types and conversion prices (use the video and price sheet) – 10 minutes Introduce the North American Media Processing Center (NAMPC) by showing the video and discuss the media types and conversion prices. Walk around and work with each guest to see what they have brought and explain how much it will cost to convert it. Step 4: Upsell – 10 minutes Discuss Forever Storage, Artisan, Print Services, and how the whole Forever platform works together. Mention upcoming retreats and Forever LIVE! Share the Forever Ambassador Opportunity. Our gift to everyone who attends the Collect and Convert Event is to give them a 1 GB Free Forever Intro Account. Please make sure all guests have an account with accurate credit card information entered in the system. Step 5: Check out and thank you – 30 minutes Once the guest is ready to check out, help them complete the order form. Be sure to include $8.00 shipping for each guest. This fee will cover the shipping with insurance. Confirm that the customer has entered their payment method (credit or debit) information in their Forever account. If this is not entered in their account, we are unable to process the sale. Please do not put credit card information on the paper order form. The only method of payment at Collect and Convert Events is credit or debit card. Forever will not accept checks or cash. Please do not put a person’s credit card information into an account that the card does not belong to. Once the order form is complete, for each customer, load the online sales event form (Ambassador Training—top navigation bar—click Event Sales). Share with the customer the total that will be charged to their credit card. Confirm customer’s email, phone number, and mailing address. Make sure customer has checked which media type they want (flash drive or DVD). All photos, slides, negatives, album pages, and documents will be uploaded to their Forever account at no charge. Give one copy of the paper order form to the guest, put a copy in the collect and convert media conversion bag, and keep one for your records. NOTE: One thing that makes Forever different is the account management aspect. Photos can be grouped together and labeled with Post It Notes. Customers can denote Album Names on these. Additional organization with Tags and Dates can be requested for an hourly rate of $60 per hour. Step 6: Close the event At the end of the event, for each customer, input their order into the Forever online Sales Form. Host rewards are being tracked using the online event sales form. Once the forms are submitted, allow two business days to have your orders inputted in the Forever online store. The date the order is processed with payment will count as the date for your sales event, including your commission sales. Total up the orders from the party and determine the level of host rewards. With at least 4 purchasing guests the host will receive a $10 store coupon. With $250 in sales the host will additionally receive a 20% off coupon. $500 in sales will earn the host a 25% off coupon and $750 in sales will get the host to the 30% off coupon. Ambassadors are encouraged to discontinue using the survey monkey form. Hosts will be emailed host codes that they earned. The host will have 30 days to use their host rewards. These discounts are good for their next order-not the one included in the event. Ambassadors can self-host events but are not eligible for host rewards. Step 7: Ship the orders The Ambassador should use the approved Collect and Convert Media Conversion kit box that they order online at the Ambassador Training Site (Ambassador Info/Forms, Files, & Ways to Share/Collect & Convert Events/CLICK HERE to Order!). It will be the responsibility of the Ambassador to take the bags and place them into the Collect and Convert Media Conversion Kit. Pack the Collect and Convert box carefully with each individual bag and label including a copy of the Order Form in each bag. Use the bubble wrap to secure the media. Attach the pre-paid Fed Ex label (received in your kit) to the outside of the box. You must have your Fed Ex shipping number when submitting the online sales event form. Make sure the label says SHIP TO: North American Media Processing Center - 2530 Lineville Rd. Ste. C – Green Bay, WI  54313 – DO NOT SEND if it has a Pittsburgh address. Email to request a new label. A new label with the correct SHIP TO address will be sent via email to the host.  Ship the box at your nearest Fed Ex location. Whoever ships the order will also be the person that the order is shipped back to. They are also the person who will receive Ambassador sales commission and any incentive points. Ambassadors are responsible to ship and deliver orders in a timely manner. Customers should expect to see their media returned to them within a 6-8 week timeframe. Step 8: Ambassador reports the results and host receives her coupons Host rewards are being tracked using the online event sales form. Ambassadors are encouraged to discontinue using the survey monkey form. Hosts will be emailed host codes that they earned. The host will have 30 days to use their host rewards. These rewards are good for their next order—not the one included in the event.

Step 9: Orders received at the processing center Once the orders have been received, inventoried, and payment adjustments (if any) made, the Ambassador and customer will be sent an email notification by Once the order is completed and ready to be shipped, the Ambassador and customer will again receive a notification from media@forever. com stating the order is being shipped and it will include the Fed Ex tracking number. Sales amounts and commissions earned will show up in the Ambassador report the date payment was processed. Step 10: Media is sent back to the host It is the responsibility of the host to return the media to the customers within two weeks from receiving it. Please encourage customers to look at their order and contact if there are any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions CONVERSION What DPI will media be scanned at? 600 for pictures and 2400 for negatives and slides. Is there an additional charge for higher DPI scanning? We currently do not charge for higher DPI scanning, but you must request it on your order form. Can the digital images be enlarged to at least 12x12 without loss of image quality? This is dependent on the size of the image that was sent in originally to be scanned. Generally, an image can be enlarged one standard size without a loss of quality. Can we have all the images put onto a flash drive and mailed back to us, if we don’t want to buy the storage right away? Yes, we can put all the images onto a flash drive and mail back to the customer for an additional charge. Can we use the free intro storage account for customers to put their digital images in? Yes, please confirm with the customer the correct email address they want us to use to upload their images to their Forever account. What if the 1G Intro account is not enough space? Customers will be contacted if they need additional storage. There are three options. (1) The customer would need to delete items from the Intro account for more space or (2) Purchase a storage plan or (3) Have images put on a flash drive for an additional cost. Where do we communicate ordering an extra flash drive (starting price of $10) to get back digital photos/ videos other than on Forever? On the order form under special instructions. When the order is received at the North American Processing Center, the customer service representative will inform the customer what size flash drive they will need for their order along with how much it will cost. ALBUMS If I have an album to convert, what do I do? You can order a Standard Box online from for $149. Is one page front and back or just one side? One page includes two sides, front and back. Do we have to take the page protectors off when sending albums? There are two pricing options so the customer can choose. Sending them in with the page protectors already off is a less expensive option. Do we send the entire album or just the pages? Customers can send us the entire album or send us just the pages. We can accommodate both. REFUNDS AND PRICING How do we price videos when we don’t know what’s on them? There is a standard rate of $24.99 per tape to transfer to flash drive or DVD regardless of the length of media on the tape. What happens if a tape is bad and nothing can be transferred but the customer has already paid for the conversion? If the tape is bad and there is nothing to be transferred, the customer will be refunded for the storage cost (i.e. flash drive or DVD) of $12.49 per tape. The customer will be charged for transfer labor at $12.49 Jan 1, 2017

Forever Collect and Convert Event Instruction Guide - Jan 2017