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The numbers stack up

Visibility: The L60 and L460 have 450% better visibility than comparable sized wheel loaders. The raised operators cab minimizes blind spots, while the curved front windshield reduces glare and improves field of view. The see-through carriage design and low profile boom also increase visibility.

Safety: • Wide stairways with handrails and non-skid walking surfaces around the entire perimeter provide safe access to cab and service items. • Ground level service bays allow maintenance personnel to work standing up, increasing speed and safety.

Lighted, clear stairway access

Ground level service bays

Stability: Cost of Ownership:


• Purpose-built Wagner Logstackers consume approximately half the fuel and last twice as long as comparably sized wheel loaders.

• 200% faster hoist speeds, an automatic 4 speed transmission, and a shorter turning radius provide fast, safe cycle times.

• T he proven Logstacker design and high capacity provides the lowest cost per ton kilometre/hour (TKPH) available on the market.

• The L60 and L460’s high lift and kickoff arms maximize decking height and space utilization.

Due to their wide track design, the L60 and L460 have up to 24% better stability than comparable sized wheel loaders. The Logstackers also have counterweights located directly behind the load, significantly reducing rollover risks.

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2015 | International Forest Industries 79