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2013 Photoprize winner

Q&A with Erin Burke

2nd Place

Photo by: Aidan Holshoe

Q. Where were you when you took this picture?

A. “I was at the tailgate football game and I was on the sidelines

of the football field, taking photos on behalf of Yearbook. I saw the helmet on the bench, and took a few pictures. The way the sunlight is shining actually was a lucky shot.”

Q. How was it a “lucky shot?”

A. “I bent down to take a picture of the helmet, so I was even

with the bench. I took a picture, but then took another one just in case the first was blurry. Right as I was taking the second picture, one of the players standing behind the helmet shifted their weight and so the sun made the helmet look really cool.”

Q. How fast did this happen?

A. “Well I had already taken a picture maybe two seconds

before, and I think right as I was about to press the shutter button someone had moved a foot out of the way. It wasn’t like I was sitting there waiting for someone to move. It was pure chance.”

Q. Why the helmet? A. “The intent behind me going onto the field was to take pictures of the players, but all of the shots were turning out the same. So I was kind of looking around, seeing if there was anything in my surroundings that was really cool, and I saw someone had taken their helmet and set it [on the bench], and so I snapped the picture.”

Q. Have you ever entered anything else into Photoprize in

the past? A. “To be honest I hadn’t really known what [Photoprize] was until this year, when I saw all of the flyers hung around the building. I thought, ‘Hey, why not enter this picture, that’d be awesome,’ and so I did, and it turned out to be the winner.”

Q. Is photography your hobby? Or was it a shot in the dark?

A. “Photography is not my hobby, actually. I don’t take

pictures in my free time except for when I have to take them for Yearbook. In Yearbook, we try to focus more on the people, not the surroundings, so I figured if we weren’t going to use this picture I wanted there to be a chance that someone could.”

3rd Place

Photo by: Hannah Ploof

Letter from the


y parents have been married for 25 years, but have known each other for over 30. They met for the first time in a class in middle school; my dad kept staring at my mom so she told the teacher on him. Apparently she gave into his charm after a while because she agreed to date him; like most middle school relationships, it ended within a week. They moved on, had other relationships, and began dating again their senior year of high school. The rest is history -- they have been together ever since. High school relationships have always fascinated me because my parents were that couple that “made it” from their graduating class. It is

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interesting to look around and think that there will most likely be a couple from our school that eventually walks down the aisle. In a way, this has shaped my perception of high school relationships. I am under no illusion that adolescent relationsips will all end in wedding bells. I know that most won’t. However, I still believe that teenagers are capable of understanding what it feels like to be in love, and for some, this love found in high school can last a lifetime. This issue of The Forest Edge explores relationships at the high school and adult level and how they impact the students of FHC. On page 9, the staff facilitated a

roundtable discussion between four students who have very different ideas about the importance of romantic relationships in high school. Page 3 is focused on divorce and how the end of the relationships of parents can change a student’s life for better or for worse. You might be involved in a relationship, or you might be waiting until college or later to seriously date. But, either way, we hope you enjoy reading this romantically-inclined Thanksgiving issue.

FHC students were given the opportunity to utilize Google Glass in an educational setting

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Student plans to attend Saint John Vianney Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota to become a priest

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Three staff members decided to review local gas stations around Forest Hills

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graphic by Mitch Timyan and Kamila Hazel

Divorce rates have increased all around the world, making it an issue that affects many students at FHC

Ranger voice regarding MARRIAGE


a very flexible arrangement.” As a child, Huntington always wondered if her parents would get a divorce, but never thought it would actually become a reality. She was shocked when she was told the news, but handled it well. “I was really fine with the divorce, because it really showed me how strong my mom is, and it really brought out that same strength in me,” she said. “I don’t feel like I would be comfortable to do a lot of the things I do without her confidence and strength, and I feel like since the divorce I have come out of my shell a little bit.”  Because of the divorce, Huntington shares that she has become much closer with her sister, and also has been personally impacted by her parents decision to be separated. “I do not think that I would be the person I am today without the divorce happening,” she said. “It really helped me see things from a whole new perspective.” Like Huntington said, divorce is not always a bad thing or something that needs to be looked at in a negative way. Such as situations like that of senior Lauren Weidenfeller, who also has divorced parents, both of which are happily re-married. For Weidenfeller, the divorce happened when she was eight years old, and she was not quite sure of what it meant. “I had no idea what it really meant, so I handled it pretty well. Even though I live mostly with my mom, I usually see both my parents daily,” Weidenfeller explained. “It’s not always easy, but I think it was for the best. I’m happy that my parents did what they needed to do for themselves, so that is something positive.” The multiple birthday and holiday celebrations can be overwhelming at times according to Weidenfeller. She also added that filling out the Common Application for college became a bit tedious because of having to fill out information for all four of her parents instead of just two. Overall, Criado Cano, Huntington and Weidenfeller have all made the most out of their situations. With how common divorce is in the world today, there needs to be more people with their type of attitude. “I’ve handled it well. No one deserves to be lonely, and it would be really hard to watch either of my parents have to go at it alone,” Weidenfeller said. “So I’m glad they have somebody, even if it’s not necessarily each other.”

“Seeing my parents together “Seeing my parents be perfect makes me want to find someone together really makes me want to spend the rest of my life with.” to find my perfect hubby.” -Anna Klingenmeyer, senior -Rachel Abbott, sophomore


Michigan is ranked #7

in top divorce rates. Texas is ranked #1 (by volume).


Someone gets divorced every 10 to 13 seconds. In the time it took you to read to this point, someone got divorced.


Those who marry when between the ages of 20 to 24 have the highest rate of divorce.


Nearly 3 out of every 4 adults who are on their third marriage end up divorced again.


20% of marriages end in divorce within 5 years. 35% of marriages end in divorce within 10 years. 43% of marriages end in divorce within 15 years. 50% of marriages end in divorce within 20 years. Statistics courtesy of Photos by Hannah Terwin and Peyton Steensma

they are not both living in the same house. Without both parents available to talk to at the same time, she does not want to offend either of enior Matt Criado-Cano’s parents have them with her decisions to do things. “Like if I want to go to a party or something, been seperated for as long as he can remember, but his situation is not your I have to ask myself ‘Do I ask my mom?’ ‘Do I ask my dad?’ because I don’t want to typical divorce story. “My parents didn’t get a divorce; they accidentally go behind one of their backs to do were never married,” Criado-Cano said. “But something,” Huntington explained. “My mom they have been separated for as long as I can and my dad have different views on what I can or cannot do, and things like my curfew change remember.” While most kids with separated parents have depending on who I ask.” Besides this, Huntington has also had a hard at least semi-equal living arrangements, CriadoCano lives with his mother most of the time, but time adjusting to the changes that the divorce has to make precise plans for when he wants brought to her family, like her new stepmother, to see his father. This is because of the fact and living in two different homes. She explained that they live in different parts of the country: how her stepmother is a great lady, but how she has not been able to form the type of bond Michigan and Texas. with her that she “I live year-round with my mom but I spend “I do not think that I would be the has with her other large amounts of time person I am today without the immediate family. Huntington thinks with my dad throughout divorce happening. It really helped this will come with the year, particularly during the summer, in me see things from a whole new time. Huntington which I spend six weeks perspective.” also went on to in Texas,” he said. “It’s - Julia Huntington, junior explain how her arduous.” stepmother ’s It has always been this way for Criado-Cano though, so he has family has tried to welcome Julia and her sister into their family, but she and her sister do not gotten used to it. “Separation has been difficult but I have never feel like they can necessarily be a part of their known what having both of my parents together stepmother’s family because of what they’re already used to. Without a doubt, it has been a is like,” he explained. “It’s my normality.” Because of the distance that separates him large adjustment. Huntington’s living arrangements are not from his father and also his extended family in Texas, Criado-Cano has felt strain on their necessarily strict nor set in stone, and the relationships with one another because of the arrangements were chosen by Julia and her sister. miles that separate them. “In some families the schedule of time with “There have been negative repercussions from the separation,” he said. “Particularly each parent is really set,” she said. “But because regarding the distance that has created a schism my sister and I are both at an age where we can drive and kind of do our own thing, we kind of between my family and I.” Criado-Cano’s situation may be unique in decide it.” Nevertheless, there are some requirements some regards, but junior Julia Huntington also understands the emotions and stress that can Julia and her sister Kate are asked to meet. “I spend the most time with my mom. I come from separated parents. “My parents’ divorce was very quick,” am supposed to have dinner with my dad on Huntington said. “It was smooth because it was Wednesday nights, but nothing is set in law or kind of a mutual thing. It wasn’t too bad, how anything like that. It isn’t strict or anything,” it is now is actually more difficult than when it Huntington explained. “I am also supposed to spend two weekends a month at my dad’s, but it was happening.” Huntington faces the daily struggle of how doesn’t always happen with his work schedule to ask her parents permission about things when and what I have going on. So you could say it is Allie Wittenbach Center Spread Editor

“Seeing other couples makes me want my mom to be as happy as that.” -Xia Cargill, sophomore


At this year’s Purple Game, the Rangers will not be the only ones scoring big Kathryn Graham News Editor



unior Belle Gallup was at a dentist appointment when her mom suddenly said that they had to leave. Belle did not know what was going on until later that night when her parents sat her and her twin sister, Sarah, down to deliver some bad news. The words that nobody ever wants to hear had to be said. “Your mom has cancer.” “I was just thinking of the worst, that she could die,” Belle said. “I stood strong for her because she was obviously really scared too.” The cruel reality sunk in and rightly devastated the sisters. Their mom had just gotten married a few weeks prior to being diagnosed, and it all seemed unfair. She went through chemotherapy for nine months followed by radiation for another six weeks. With all of this treatment, she was not at home often because she was in the hospital for most of the winter. “It was kind of weird going down [to the hospital] every night,” Sarah said. “It brought us closer together because we were all worried about her. It brought us together to realize that something bad could happen.” The girls were completely taken by surprise when they found out that their mom had cancer. They never thought that it would happen to her, because she was always so healthy and worked out every day. “She was going through all these tests because they [the doctors] thought she had something wrong with her gallbladder,” Sarah explained. “They thought she was gluten free or something.” Unfortunately, they were wrong. Both of the girls had a hard time accepting the news and did not know how to act around their mother. Trying to stay positive was a constant struggle. “You didn’t want her to think the worst, so you were trying to stay positive and have a positive outlook when really, it was very hard,” Sarah said. “Everything seemed like it was going wrong. The day to day activities were really hard to do without my mom. Going to school, my mom wasn’t there in the morning to fix me lunch and stuff like that. Just the little things…it was hard not seeing her.” The girls both agreed that the whole process made them appreciate their mom more than ever. Even though their mom couldn’t do much because she was so tired and sick, just being with her was enough. “I thought she could die,” Belle said. “Every time I was with her it made me appreciate all she does for me. It’s the little things in life [that count].” Throughout these troubling times, the girls felt the constant support of the people surrounding them. They greatly appreciated all the meals being brought to their house and all of the thoughts from the people who cared about them. “All of her friends visited her in the hospital which she really liked because she felt kind of trapped in there,” Belle said. “They

were really supportive and cheered her up.” The girls were also grateful for the kind words from their friends and classmates. They were surprised by the amount of concern shown, and it really helped them cope. “All of my friends, even the ones that I wasn’t that close to, would just come up and say ‘oh I’m really thinking about you’ or something like that which really made a difference,” Sarah commented. “It made you think that people care.” About three months ago, the girls found out that their mom was cancer free. They were thankful that she would not have to go through chemo again, and that she was doing well at last. Sarah and Belle were both so proud of their mom and overjoyed. “I was really relieved,” Sarah said. “Obviously it’s still a concern daily because she has to get monthly checkups just to make sure. She’s still a little apprehensive because you never know. The first cancer free scan was the best thing ever, because it showed that all the pain she went through paid off.” “When we found out she was cancer free, it was probably the best feeling,” Belle said. “Just the whole world lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. She didn’t have to worry about it anymore.” Unfortunately, it was recently discovered that the cancer had returned. Sarah, along with her family, will learn this week which type of treatment her mother will receive in this newest attempt to overcome the disease. Throughout this enduring trial, Sarah’s mother has retained her determination and will continue fight; she does not plan on giving up.

THE RESEARCH People from all over the community donate money to Van Andel Institute in order to help them with their research, but what does this money actually fund? FHC is lucky to have someone who has helped with cancer research at Van Andel. Science teacher Patti Richardson’s project was to determine the protein structure of a germ cell nuclear factor. It is a protein that controls genes in DNA in terms of maintaining whether the cells differentiate or not. “It’s a protein that they don’t know the structure of and they don’t even know what turns this protein on,” Richardson said. “So if they can figure out the structure, then they can figure out what turns the protein on. We work right in the lab so we’re paired up with scientists that work for Van Andel.” Richardson gets to work on a project that Van Andel is currently working on for their research. She is going back this summer to help out some more, and says that without funding, none of this would even be possible. The money stays local and funds the equipment that they use, the different supplies that are needed, and the paying salaries for the people who are actively doing the research. She is very thankful and happy to have had this experience. The researchers work so hard for a purpose that they truly believe in. “My grandmother had breast cancer and then I also had a good friend in high

Photo by Tricia Donovan Last year’s student section was extremely supportive of the game’s cause. This year, event leaders expect a larger turnout and greater enthusiasm than ever before. school that passed away from a childhood cancer,” Richardson said. “It’s just amazing all the stuff they are able to figure out now, the breakthroughs that are happening all the time. There’s so much progress that’s been made and it’s multiplying.”

THE GAME At this year’s Purple Game on December 13, senior Allie Wittenbach plays for much more than simply another win. She plays for her mom, and numerous other people who have battled with cancer. “When I walk into the gym that day, seeing all the purple decorations makes my heart feel so good,” Allie says. “When we get to run out and the music starts playing for warm-ups, it’s an incredible feeling. Before the game, we all share our stories in the locker room of who we’re playing for. It can get sad and emotional because cancer is a terrible thing. But when we run out there and see our crowd, see people supporting such a great cause, everybody has good vibes.” Debbie Wittenbach, Allie’s mom, always loves and looks forward to this Purple Game. Both of her kids have played in it over the past three years, and she could not be more proud of what it stands for. “The spirit….you feel it! You truly feel it,” Debbie expresses. “I get goose bumps all over. First, I’m so impressed and so proud of all you guys for all your efforts and all that you do. You hear about it along the way but then all of a sudden you walk in and you see it... it’s touching. It’s a bit overwhelming for me. It’s absolutely amazing. That is a happy game.” Junior Rangerball player Alex Dykema is also very excited for the big game this year. The community was able to raise $24,500 last year, and they hope to raise even more this year. “Just hearing how much money we raised got me excited last year,” Dykema said. “My grandpa died of lung cancer. It’s cool, it’s a once in a lifetime thing. It’s pretty unique to our school right now.” Multiple people help organize this event, and it always goes off without a hitch. Allie is one of those people who has a hand in helping

this all come together, and she loves the fact that it is a way of making a difference in something that affects everybody. “You don’t meet someone who doesn’t have a friend, a parent, a sibling, an extended family member, or someone who has had cancer,” Allie said. “Everybody knows somebody, and it affects our whole community. With this game we wanted to bring our community together to make a difference. When we rally together we can make something that is seen as so negative in so many peoples’ lives something positive.” Debbie completely agrees with Allie, and recognizes that almost everybody is effected in some way by cancer. She says that the money just keeps helping with the research, and the research keeps helping everything improve. “I just think it is so impressive what all of you young people have done,” Debbie said. “Everybody is touched. It’s a neighbor, it’s a grandma, it’s a friend…the list goes on and on. It’s just amazing when you think about how you guys inspire and rally the community to come together. This makes a huge difference. What an impact you guys are having, raising money to help those children and all the research…not just the children, but everyone.” Allie confidently says that they are not playing this game for just another win; they are playing it to fight against cancer. The most important thing is that they have supporters and sponsors in order to make their game a success. “Everybody in the gym that night has a story,” Allie said. “It brings us together. The game is all about those people, and showing them that we’re rallying our team and our school together to fight cancer. We’re doing our best to do what we can to help, we want to show our support. It’s just the feeling of everybody coming together for one purpose and supporting one another. Everyone is just so happy to be supporting this awesome cause.” Allie has been a key supporter to her mom and to everybody surrounding her. She hopes that this year, the game will be more successful and draw more people in than ever before. Looking at her mom, she says, “Being able to play for people like you and other people in our lives is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. It’s unbelievable to be able to make a difference like that.”

Other giving opportunities this holiday season


he plastic milk jugs were filled, emptied, then filled again. The numerous coins and bills were carefully sorted in big yellow envelopes. The money was tallied. The Green Team (juniors and sophomores) and the White Team (seniors and freshmen) fought to see which class could donate more. In the

end, the White Team reigned champion with $7835.41 donated. Overall, the event raised $13,837.32 for Family Promise. “The event went really, really well,” Student Council Advisor Deidre Mills said. “We made about a thousand dollars more than we did last year, which is awesome. The money raised for Family Promise goes to the Christmas Store, which allows parents to buy Christmas gifts for their children. Parents can buy the donated gifts for 50 cents to $1, and many of the items are also available for free. Being able to purchase these gifts gives parents a sense of pride. Instead of receiving randomly donated gifts for their children, it also allows them to pick out the gifts themselves. “When you allow these parents to buy their own gifts, you are helping them to get back on their feet, which is just an amazing feeling for these parents,” Mills said.


hink back to when you were in elementary school. Remember the excitement of seeing Santa in the mall and sharing your list with him? What about writing out the list to begin with? Or setting out cookies and milk underneath the tree?

Then, finally, you woke up way too early on December 25 to see piles of brightly wrapped presents under the tree. Unfortunately, there are some children who do not get to receive the joy shared by so many on Christmas. This is where Operation Santa Claus comes in. With OSC, children write to Santa, and middle or high school students respond as Father Christmas himself. The organization also collects toys to deliver to some of the children. This holiday season, you can help OSC get toys to children in need. “Every year at [Forest Hills Presbyterian Church], students go to help with sorting and wrapping toys for Operation Santa Claus,” NHS advisor Patti Richardson said. Although this event is sponsored by the NHS, any student can help. It occurs over three days, which would equal a lot of service hours and a cheerful heart.

The brain determines everything

The brain can be it’s own worst enemy, but also inspires incredible acts of kindness


t seems that every time I turn around there is a new mass murderer on the loose. After hearing everybody fretting about gun control and new precautionary laws, it occurred to me that we are afraid of and concerned about all the wrong weapons. The most dangerous weapon that anyone can ever possess is not a gun, harpoon, or knife. It is always with them, always working, and always changing…

their brain. When someone is diagnosed with a disease such as cancer, everybody immediately drops what they are doing in order to provide help or some source of comfort. However, when someone is diagnosed as being depressed or bipolar, it seems that everybody tends to shy away. I have always wondered why, and I am beginning to get a grip on what some of the reasons may be. The brain is daunting. It causes some people to throw up when they get nervous, or sweat through five shirts before they give a presentation. It causes severe anxiety or posttraumatic stress disorder to others. Even though nothing may be physically wrong with someone, their mind can act as a catalyst for a very intense hindrance in their life. So as I listened to the newscaster report about the tragedy at Sandy Hook, I began to think about how dangerous the brain has the potential to be since it has a body to control. Why had nobody addressed the killer’s obvious mental illness before this horrific reality happened? People are afraid to intervene or suggest options when the problem has something to do with the brain. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that most people simply aren’t very knowledgeable about it. I don’t particularly like to think of myself as a glass half full or half empty kind of girl. I would rather be practical and reasonable, but the truth is, I am undeniably a glass half full person. Even when a situation is clearly not worth my time, I can never get rid of that shred of hope. Some may say that it is a good thing, but on the contrary, I think it is scary. I put myself out there with the chance of being disappointed. Everything I have said so far about the brain goes against my personality. I have an automatic instinct to trust people and have faith in humanity, sometimes a little bit too much. At a bake sale, I am the girl that will let someone eat a cookie for free, and believe them when they claim that they will pay for it later. Let me tell you about what my glass half full perspective is really saying about the brain. I believe that the brain is responsible for every bad and shameful action, but I also have no doubt that it is responsible for every good and wonderful act as well. There truly is more good than bad in the world, and positive thinking can change attitudes and lives more than anything else. So, how do we train ourselves to think positively? I have learned that it is done best by being surrounded by people who make us want to be better versions of ourselves. If I can’t seem to think positively about something, I find someone who can. I have never been great at the concept of “self-talk,” but I have been blessed with people around me who can talk me through it. Life is not meant to be lived alone. Several support systems surround everyone, and some are not as noticeable as others, but they are there. We would all go crazy if we were the only one left on earth. The point is, we aren’t. The hardest thing to do is

The insecurities of an athlete

Even the most talented athletes struggle with their images and society’s view of “normal”


am a 5’4 girl with an athletic build and I have to admit my biggest fear in this world is shopping for clothes. I have to buy jeans two sizes above my waist size just so I can fit my thighs into them. It is the curse I received when I dedicated the past twelve years of my life to travel soccer. When I go shopping for tall boots, sometimes I have to pass up the kind I want because my calves do not fit into them. I end up feeling like I don’t belong. I feel as though stores are telling me that my body type is not wanted. As a girl who spends five days of her week doing some form of work out, this irks me a bit. Why wouldn’t a store make clothes that would fit a healthy, average girl like myself? I can’t help the fact that my thighs are a size six yet my waist is a size four, the only way I could change this is if I cut my leg muscle in half. Even though I have my mom on the other side of the

dressing room insisting that I am not fat, I still have moments of weakness where I start to believe that I am. Sometimes I will come home from shopping so disgusted and upset that I won’t want to eat. Even while I was writing this article, I looked at my stomach in the mirror and paused to do a 25 minute ab workout. I know it seems cliché and silly to write a column about body image issues, especially in a high school newspaper where the target audience is at an age where they are constantly being told to “be okay with the way you look” and to “love what’s on the inside.” But every day I find it to be a struggle to be completely alright with my body type, and I know I am not the only one. To me, it is silly to preach to everyone reading this article about “accepting the way you look” and “loving your body type” when I can’t even fully do that myself. I am full of insecurities and imperfections and I am reminded of them everyday. But the one thing that keeps me sane is knowing that I am not alone. Everyone has insecurities, whether they are big or small. I listen to the most beautiful people I know call themselves “ugly” on a daily basis. Most of our insecurities will fade with time, and some will never go away. I am sure it will always be a struggle for me to buy jeans. I am sure I will always be insecure about how my legs are in riding boots. And when prom rolls around, you lucky juniors and seniors can see how scary my calves look in high heels! The one thing I am going to stop doing is beating myself up about it, because my large thighs and manly calves all come from years and years of hard work on the soccer field and I wouldn’t trade that for a thigh gap.

Bonds built in the Math Room Sometimes, it takes other people to show us our real potential


a t h … ? and kind words made me begin to think that maybe this wouldn’t In the be so bad after all. We went to a room that she had named “The middle of Math Room.” She told me how, in that room, no question was August…? Really stupid, nobody was “bad” at math, and that we would have fun. mom? She handed me a piece of Orbit gum and a yellow pad of paper I was furious at and we got to work. As we worked for the next hour or so on the thought of having problems that had once challenged me, I no longer had such a to deal with numbers negative outlook on math. With her positive attitude that seemed during my summer to match the colorful pens that she wrote with, math was no vacation before the longer something I dreaded. The way she explained things blew start of my freshman my mind. It had seemed so challenging all of these years, but all year. Middle school I really needed was for someone to show me math in a way that math had almost I could understand it, which is exactly what Mrs. Brown did. been the death of No matter how many times I did a problem incorrectly or me, and summer had needed an explanation, she patiently helped me until I understood. been my escape from Her kind attitude and her endless math knowledge helped me to those equations that I improve and grow. She always reminded me that I was good at couldn’t even begin to math, something that no one had ever told me before. With her understand. encouragement, I was able to get much better grades than I ever It all started in the thought I was capable of throughout my high school math career. fourth grade… long I still attend Mrs. Brown’s for math tutoring at least once every division. I remember being the only one in my class that did week or two, and it is something that I really look forward to. I not receive candy for a perfect score on the test, and in that love her incredible outlook on life and her helpful personality. moment I concluded that math just wasn’t my thing. I hadn’t Since my freshman year, she has not only been my math tutor, missed just one or two problems, I had not but she has also become a close Her kind attitude and her endless friend. She always asks me gotten a single one correct. Since then, math had been my arch-nemesis math knowledge helped me to about how school is going, what in school. I had barely passed my previous improve and grow. sport I am playing, and what math classes, and starting high school math my plans are for the upcoming seemed incredibly frightening. Plus, the fact that my mom was holidays. Our conversations and our times together have built about to make me practice this torturous subject in the middle a bond that is based on much more than story problems and of the summer was a terrible thought. I felt like I was the only fractions. one who struggled so badly, and it made me feel lonely. I am so blessed to have someone like Mrs. Brown who has I remember walking up the front steps to my new math believed in me and has known my full potential all along. She tutor’s house. It was a beautiful home, and my hands were is someone who knew I could do things that I thought were trembling as I rang the doorbell. She answered the door with impossible, and because of her I have accomplished so much an incredibly warm and welcoming smile, saying “Hi Allie, it’s more in math than I could have ever imagined. In life, we all so nice to meet you! I’m Barb Brown.” need someone who is willing to push us to our potential and Although math may not have been my first choice of activities show us what we are capable of, and I am so happy that she was for that beautiful summer afternoon, Mrs. Brown’s bright eyes mine.

A simple world without technology Sometimes it is important to take a break from our screen-cluttered lives


he world can seem like a neverending stream of events and milestones. It is easy to get caught up in the stress and worry of everyday life. Between homework, sports, social events, and multiple other activities, I often feel like I hardly have time to relax. Time often seems to move too quickly, but I try not to let it pass me by. Sometimes, while I am driving or looking out of my classroom window, I realize how magnificent the earth truly is. The beauty of nature is something I tend to forget about when I am busily running around, but it is important to stop and enjoy it once in a while. One afternoon during a thunderstorm, I was lying down, looking out of the window at the tops of the trees in my backyard. For a short while, I was mesmerized. Although the wind was howling outside, the branches were barely moving. They stretched high into the sky, sturdy, calmly swaying back and forth. As I watched

them, I thought that if it would be possible to take an X-ray of about camping, but we would take trips here and there. Actually, the earth, a complex array of intertwined, deep roots would be my interest in science initially spurned most of my appreciation revealed. Although my house is surrounded by many kinds of and curiosity for the outdoors. trees, I had never taken a moment to observe them in such detail. Nature is thought provoking and mysterious; there are so many It may seem odd, but that short moment of reflection gave me a elements of the world which are unexplainable. But that is what’s greater understanding of nature and the world's beauty. It helped so fantastic about nature. It never gets boring and outdated like me realize how wonderful it is to be alive and part of this world. an iPhone or new piece of technology. In fact, nature becomes The earth is covered with cement and man-made buildings; more fascinating and beautiful with age. The aspects of nature I it has been altered to sustain human desires. Certain areas have was lucky enough to discover have merely scratched the surface been so industrialized that patches of grass or clusters of trees of a vast and colossal universe. are nowhere in sight. Finding a Nature is a complex system that sustains place to really enjoy and take in I was lying down, looking out us. I believe every person should take the nature may seem like a difficult responsibility of preserving and protecting task. Sometimes it requires a trip of the window at the tops of the our planet. Humans are dependent on the to a hiking trail or park, other times trees in my backyard. For a short earth to survive. Many environmental issues we discover that nature is right in while, I was mesmerized. have arisen from neglect and I think this is front of our faces. Although the because people do not realize how fragile inventions and objects humans natural systems can be. Most of the time, I have created are appealing, nothing can beat the raw beauty of do not stop to look at trees or observe nature. I can get so caught a clear stream running through the woods or the sound of leaves up in the day-to-day that I just don’t take the chance to step rustling on a cool, fall afternoon. outside for the sole purpose of getting some fresh air. But I try There are people who are naturally drawn to the outdoors and to remind myself that it’s important to pause and pay attention to love camping, hiking, and sleeping in tents. Others gladly prefer what surrounds us - sunsets, the swaying trees, or the raindrops a more luxurious vacation where they stay in a hotel and steer falling on a windowpane – in order to appreciate what nature has clear of adventures into the woods. My family was never crazy to offer.

School expenses pile up for students Throughout the school-year, students are expected to spend a lot of money


e, The Forest Edge staff, are well aware that the particular grade level, no class is expected to shell out more cash students of Forest Hills Central are privileged. Each than the current senior class of 2014. This year alone, typical one of us is very fortunate to attend a school that is seniors will be compelled to pay hundreds of dollars each for capable of providing an exceptional education matched by only parking passes, senior photos, various T-shirts, the all night a handful of institutions within the state of Michigan. Because parties, transcript fees, the yearbook, graduation apparel, prom, our school is publicly funded, we also have the advantage of and many other expenses. It would be ungrateful to blame the school for asking us to receiving these luxuries at no cost to our families (other than the taxes that everyone has to pay). This makes us different dish out cash once in a while. Things must be paid for, and our than some students within the Grand Rapids area who obligate administration does a considerably good job of funding all that it their parents to pay several thousands of additional dollars to can within the constraints of its budget. We should also be thankful the private schools they attend. Even though these students that various groups within the school are willing to provide so pay more, their education is only marginally comparable to our many goods and services, often at prices that do not offset the cost of production. Despite this, our situation is slowly growing own. In essence, we are spoiled. The student body, of which out of hand. Payments are beginning to compound on each other The Forest Edge staff is a part, admittedly tends to take all of and our total expenses are increasing. Many students and parents are embittered over the these wonderful benefits for granted. We are used lack of justification for to having all necessary resources provided for free, Regardless, most students several fees that seem and as a result, we hastily respond to additional feel compelled by our school’s arbitrary and difficult to fees with backlash and contempt. Are our concerns understand. Likewise, justified? Perhaps. While we may be mature enough culture to pay for everything by few have a good to understand that these expenses are of minor themselves. understanding of how this consequence in the grand scheme of life, we have not been conditioned to bear the burdens that they impose in accumulated income is used throughout the school. Of course, a majority of expenses are voluntary, and the school is also the present. Although many of these expenses are not unique to a willing to assist students who struggle paying for those which

are mandatory. Regardless, most students feel compelled by our school’s culture to pay for everything by themselves. Because the majority of TFE’s staff members are seniors, we genuinely sympathize with all students being encroached upon by such a plethora of expenses. Students in our grade find the college search process to be taxing enough, and many students already face greater anxieties associated with financing an entire education provided by the university they chose. As for our current situation, it would be appreciated if the school were able to provide an annual outline of all predicted expenses. Maybe it needs to be addressed that some of the goods and services offered by the school aren’t so important after all, and that we ought to let them pass us by.

A revelation in a very unlikely place Someday, our generation will guide the future for technology


f I were blindfolded, I think I would be able to navigate through the house without using my eyes, and not trip over a single crack. This, of course, isn’t my own house; it is my best friend’s. We grew up together. Over the years we have gone on many adventures, ranging from backyard camping to cliff jumping in Canada. But last summer, we took on our biggest thrill yet. We had the opportunity to go to a three-day music festival known as Lollapalooza. As we waited for one of our favorite artists, Calvin Harris, to perform, anticipation built in our bodies. Then, the heavens opened up and let rain pour down on the thousands of spectators in Grant Park. Everyone had to evacuate. 270,000 people angrily roamed the boulevards of downtown Chicago. No one knew when, or if, the gates would open, allowing us to see Calvin Harris. The amount of disappointment was immense. We sat around my phone and stared at the screen for two hours straight. We hardly talked; we just waited impatiently for the tweet to

announce the time when the gates would open and the fun would middle of the most chaotic and anticipated scene of my life. I was continue. Those were the most frustrating, obnoxious, nerve- a mere speck in a crowd of 90,000. All 90,000 fans were in the racking, and disappointing two hours of my life. As soon as the 15-25 age group. That’s when it happened. We were the answer tweet showed up on the screen, we to this simple question. The 90,000 were out the door. Absolutely no time Every last person’s hands were up people who surrounded me, many was wasted. We did a quick wardrobe of whom were intoxicated, are the change in the hotel elevator, and and I could feel the beats passing ones who, in ten years (maybe less) sprinted through the packed streets of through my feet and to the ends of are going to make the world turn. downtown Chicago, weaving through my finger tips. Maybe the guy in front of me would crowds of people. We were running so go on to be a successful doctor, and fast that we probably could have given Usain Bolt a run for his the guy behind me will play in the NFL. We will be off doing our money. We returned to the exact location where just two hours own little things to make this country work. I was surrounded by earlier we had experienced the let down of the century. We were young people who eventually will have to fulfill their role of duty not a minute late. Calvin Harris had just stepped out on the stage. in America’s work force. We are the future of America. We are Sweaty bodies bumped into me from directions I didn’t even going to save the world. know existed. I would have died if I was claustrophobic. Mud left But all of that didn’t matter then. We were living in the over from the rain was flying left and right. My arms quivered moment. All of us, bound together by the music of one person. as I tried to lift the third crowd surfer over head. Purple and red Yes, we will save the world. But that will come in time. Now all lights shined, illuminating the skyline of the city buildings. Every we have to focus on is living in the moment, being irresponsible last person’s hands were up and I could feel the beats passing for as long as possible. We all have to take responsibility at some through my feet and to the ends of my finger tips. My calves point in our lives. That point may be different for each person. In ached from jumping up and down to the bass. Even though the that moment, none of that mattered. All that mattered was having rain had forced us to wait, it couldn’t have been more perfect; the a good time while we could. All that mattered was focusing on two-hour wait made me appreciate the concert even more. the present, and not worrying about the future. What will happen Calvin Harris began with his remix of “Save the World” tomorrow is a mystery; why worry about it? Everyone seems to by Swedish House Mafia. I threw my head back and started to be so stressed about what will happen in a year that they fail to belt out the chorus in an ear piercing tone. Who’s gonna save recognize the present for what it really is: a present. Why not just the world tonight? Who’s gonna bring you back to life? We’re focus on what is happening right now? “Life moves pretty fast. If gonna make it, you and I. Who’s gonna save the world tonight? I you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss don’t know why, but I just starting thinking about the lyrics in the it.”–Ferris Bueller.

A one in a


photo by Veronica Clay

know a definition, which happens a lot, instead of opening my book I can see it right there.” Although they were helpful in some enior Guy Cassetta sat in the back of situations, Cassetta believed them to be his 5th hour statistics class on a typical challenging to use in others because they are Monday. At first glance his appearance voice activated. Before he can do anything on seemed fitting for a normal student of the year the glasses he must first say “Okay Glass” and 2013, except for his glasses. The lens-less then ask it to perform a function. spectacles perched on his nose looked like “It is really weird to have to talk out loud something that belonged in class,” Cassetta in a science fiction movie, said. “There are ways not in a classroom. Cassetta to do things on the was one of the first students glass without talking, to be using the new Google but as far as searching Glass, the latest gadget to for stuff, it’s a lot like come out of technology Siri and you need to powerhouse, Google Inc. talk. I just try not to be According to Cassetta, disruptive” getting to use the Google Cassetta had to get Glass, which is expected to used to strange looks hit the shelves in 2014, was and prying questions a thrilling experience. from stunned members “I never thought I’d ever of his classes about his get to use them because they new eye wear. cost $1,300,” Cassetta said. “People look at me “But I think it is a really like I have four eyes or cool piece of technology, I something,” Cassetta think it does have room for said. “I guess in a way improvement, but it could I kind of do.” really change the way we Cassetta was one do things everyday.” of the lucky students When Cassetta first selected to wear Google received the glasses, there Glass after FHC was were some bumps in the “I think it is a really cool piece given the opportunity road that he and members by a Google developer of the Forest Hills of technology, I think it does to test the product in Technology Department have room for improvement, a classroom setting. had to work through. but it could really change the Cassetta was asked to “[The first day] we were wear the glasses for a having some technical way we do things everyday.” whole school day to difficulties,” Cassetta said. test out how practical “We weren’t hooking up the new product would -Guy Cassetta, senior to the school WiFi. We be for students. finally got them working “I was chosen to test [the second day.]” [Google Glass] out because I am one of Ms. Once Cassetta figured out the glitch, he was Schrotenboer’s students and she is the teacher able to see how well they really worked in a who is spearheading the project.” Cassetta said. classroom setting. According to Cassetta, the “She wanted a student who had a mixture of glasses were the most helpful when he was in different types of classes and because I am in his statistics class. half AP classes and half regular classes I was a “It can read definitions to me and it puts [the good candidate for this.” definitions] in front of my face,” Cassetta said. Kris Schrotenboer was one of the biggest “So when I am working on stats and I don’t reasons FHC was chosen to be the first school in


Sydney Vinton Editor In Chief

the world to be able to test out this technological breakthrough. She has been involved with Google projects throughout her teaching career and even attended the Michigan Google Conference earlier this November where she reunited with her old friend, a Google developer named Andrew Vanden Heuvel. “I have known Andrew for a really long time, so when I became involved with the Google process and the Google emerge classroom I was hooked up with people in technology who were pretty heavily immersed in Google as well,” Schrotenboer said. “But basically Andrew called our technology department and asked if there was anyone in Forest Hills that would want to use the glass, and of course they said I would because I have been doing the Google immersion for the past few years.” According to Schrotenboer, Vanden Heuvel wanted to get a pair of Google Glasses into the hands of high schoolers so that they could see what teenagers could do with it. When asked what the Google Glass can do, Schorotenboer said that it can do anything a phone can do. “You can text with [Google Glass], you can call with it, you can email with it,” Schrotenboer said. “Search for things, get directions, there are just a lot of different things you can do with it.” Schrotenboer is taking full advantage of the versatility of the glasses. She has her sophomore English class making a blog project using the Glass. They are taking videos of the memorial garden and the rain garden and publishing these videos to her Google Plus account. She also has multiple seniors testing out the glasses in some of their other classes. “I am relatively confident that our sophomores and seniors were some of the first kids in Michigan to use [Google Glass],” Schrotenboer said. “Fairly confident that they were the first kids in the U.S., and I think they were even some of the first kids in the entire world to actually use Glass in the educational setting, In a high school setting where you can see what Glass truly can do for learning.” Google Glass is expected to hit stores some time in 2014, Its starting price is rumored to be anywhere from $200-$500. When asked if he would want to purchase the Google Glass for himself when they come out, Casetta smiled and replied, “If I could I definitely would, I definitely want some of these some day, they are very cool.”

About Google Glass


Google Glass has voice input, used much like Siri on an IPhone. The built-in microphone connects you directly to the search engine. You activate the Glass by saying "Okay Glass" then send a command or question.


Google Glass has the ability to let you take pictures and record videos from your point of view. All you have to do is say the simple phrase“Take a Photo” or “Take a video,” and your view at the moment is captured. You can later download those pictures or videos to a Google Plus account and share them with your friends.


You can connect Google Glass to your phone through your mobile data connection. The voice input feature allows you to dictate text messages, attach videos and pictures, and send them through your Google Glass without even taking your phone out of your pocket. It will even be compatible with both Androids and iPhones.


Google Glass is built with a GPS chip that works hand in hand with Google Maps. Just tell Google Glass what directions you are searching for, and a virtual map will pop up right before your eyes. This eliminates the need to look down at maps or GPS systems while driving.


Google Glass can be extremely helpful when travelling in foreign countries. You can use it to look up how to say phrases in foreign languages, you can use it to find the best restaurants, and to gain access to local secrets.

What is Google Glass’s coolest feature?

“The coolest feature of the Google Glass is the camera. When I used them it was really nice not having to reach for my phone whenever I saw something I wanted to take a picture of. I could tell the Glass to take a picture and it would take the photo of exactly what I was looking at.”

“My favorite part about the Google Glass was how hands free it was. The only time you ever even had to touch it was just to scroll your options and see what different kinds of tabs and windows you wanted to have open when you search something.”

“I really liked how everything was right in front of you. You didn’t even have to scroll or do anything, you just said it and it was right there in front of you. If I looked up apples, it would show me a picture of an apple.”

-Mackenzie Curry, sophomore

-Josh Remminga, sophomore

-Josh Snow, sophomore

Called to serve: Tim McKeeby’s path to priesthood

Tim McKeeby will begin a fifteen year journey serving a greater purpose and learning more about his faith

Patrick Awtrey Editor of Community and World News


About Pope Francis


Pope Benedict XVI became the first pope in 700+ years to voluntarily resign, and Pope Francis took his place.


Pope Francis is from Buenos Aires, making him the first pope from Latin America as well as the first pope born outside of Europe in over 1000 years.


Pope Francis has also been one of the first popes to openly accept homosexuality and refrain from judgement.


Pope Francis chooses to live in an average apartment and cook his own supper.


Similar to Princess

Diana, Pope Francis has demonstrated his love and compassion in ways such as washing the feet of twelve inmates at a juvenile detention center and embracing a man with severe disformaties due to neurofibromatosis.

erhaps the papacy? As Tim McKeeby considered the extent of his potential career within the Catholic Church, the thought of one day becoming Pope evoked from him an expression of amusement. Being referred to as “Pope Timmy,” however, was not a possibility he would entertain. In accordance with papal tradition, McKeeby would have to select a new name upon being elected to the Church’s most distinguished office. “If I ever became Pope,” McKeeby said, “I’d pick John Francis, combining the names of John XXIII and Francis, [the current Pope].” Of course, McKeeby does not have his sights set on such a fantasy. His current plan is to attend the Saint John Vianney Seminary at the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota. There, he will take the first of many steps toward his goal of becoming a Catholic priest. McKeeby’s pursuit of the priesthood, although several levels shy of the papacy, will be no simple journey; it will require the devotion of his entire life to the Catholic Church and the service of others. While these responsibilities may seem a bit daunting, McKeeby has known since he was a child that he would be prepared to handle them. “As a little kid, all my grandparents thought that I should be a priest, and my grandma always called me ‘Father Timmy’ as a joke,” McKeeby said. “So the idea was put into my mind; I felt called.” Like others before him, McKeeby’s decision to pursue the clergy was not founded independently. Rather, it was aided by divine inspiration. Within the Church, such a calling is referred to as one’s “vocation.” “A vocation is what you feel called [to do],” McKeeby explained. “It’s God’s gift that you want to do in life.” Many Catholics invest a great deal of effort in discerning their individual vocations, and McKeeby is no exception. Since his childhood, he has continued to explore in further depth the calling he initially detected. Though he has since attained various degrees of reassurance, it was not until a recent experience that McKeeby believes he received the “silent, still call of God” he had anticipated. McKeeby is a member of both the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America, which have long maintained a strong partnership with one another. This past July, the Diocese of Grand Rapids offered him a scholarship to attend the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. There, he and a group of unacquainted Catholic boys embarked into the serenity of nature on a hiking trek devoted to exploring their vocations. “I went on this trip with a priest who I’d never met before and a seminarian, and we hiked for fifteen days,” McKeeby explained. “We hiked seventy-five miles, had Mass

every day in the woods, built altars on top of mountains, talked about faith and theology, everything. I came back, waited a month, and talked to my priest. I said, ‘Father Len, I feel called,’ and he set me up with the Vocations Director of the Diocese of Grand Rapids.” The Vocations Director then suggested to McKeeby that he apply to the University of Saint Thomas, which he has since been accepted. Near Christmas time, McKeeby will also submit two more applications. The first will be to the Saint John Vianney College Seminary, which is located within the university. The other he will submit to the Diocese of Grand Rapids, which must recognize McKeeby as an official seminarian and representative of the Diocese before he can commence his studies. In the meantime, McKeeby currently attends discernment classes taught once per month by the Vocations Director. There, he and a group of other boys work together to discern their callings even further. He has also been attending additional classes on theology. Even if McKeeby is accepted to Saint Vianney’s, he plans to earn his major from the university in a field that has applications outside of the Church, such as education or psychology. Within the seminary he will then pursue Catholic studies as either a minor or an additional major. Regardless of the combination, McKeeby will be eligible to enter graduate school as a student of theology following his completion of undergraduate studies. Once he earns his Master of Theology degree, he would then be ordained a deacon and eventually a priest. In sending young men to the seminary, the Church’s goal is to create priests. Despite this, McKeeby acknowledges that attending the seminary does not necessarily lead to priesthood. The process of becoming a priest is very competitive, and he may eventually discover that his vocation lies elsewhere within the church. “Not all men who enter the seminary are going to become priests, but all men who enter the seminary know that they’re going to give up their time to learn about Christ and the Catholic Church,” McKeeby said. “The seminary is a win-win no matter what. I will learn so much that I can bring back to others.” McKeeby also acknowledges that his

ongoing soul-search may eventually lead him away from the seminary entirely, but he doesn’t believe this is likely. “It’s a long process to be a seminarian. Come spring I might feel another call, but I extremely doubt it,” McKeeby confirmed. “I’ve had this feeling since I was a kid that I wanted to be a priest.” In addition to everything else, McKeeby has given a lot of consideration to the issue of dating and marriage. As a seminarian, he would not be able to date. Likewise, becoming a Catholic priest would require him to give up marriage, which might otherwise distract from his service. These are a reality that McKeeby is willing to accept. “Holy orders are a sacrament in the church,” said McKeeby. “Priests have been married to the church.” McKeeby also made the distinction between the worldly realm and the spiritual realm, noting his belief that the worldly realm has benefits to offer so long as it plays off the spiritual realm. Passionate relationships, he feels, have the potential to embody this junction between the two. “Dating and marriage are a blessing,” McKeeby said. “[They’re] another gift from God.” McKeeby also mentioned the possibility of forgoing the priesthood in order to remain a deacon. The deaconship, just shy of the priesthood, is the highest position in the Catholic Church at which a man can still marry. Aside from the specifics concerning McKeeby’s individual future, now is also the beginning of a very definitive era within the Church. Last year, Benedict XVI became the first pope in over 700 years to voluntarily resign. He was then replaced by Pope Francis, whose unprecedented benevolence, reformist mentality, and willingness to tackle difficult issues has since inspired somewhat of a renaissance within the worldwide Catholic community. Among the issues that have been addressed is the Church’s attitude toward homosexuals, other religions, and other groups which have been isolated from the Christian community. As an emerging leader within the Catholic community, McKeeby is very enthusiastic about the approach taken by Pope Francis. “He is doing something that some Catholics are too afraid [to do]. The stuff he’s saying is not new, it’s in our doctrines, that is what the Church is – to love people. I might be against something, but I’ve got to love [each person] as a human being and God’s creation. He’s bringing it to our attention and he’s making it known to the whole world. He’s not saying, we’ve been wrong. He’s saying we need to refocus our mission. It’s nothing new; the new thing is that he’s humble about it, he’s calling it out, he’s talking about it in mass media; it’s something that he’s passionate about. That passion warms up my heart.” For McKeeby, there is a lot to be excited about. Though he sometimes questions whether he is capable of fulfilling the vocation that he believes has been chosen for him, his faith always provides him with the reassurance he needs. Without faith, he, like anyone else, would be lost. After all, faith is universal; Christians, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, and all persons alike rely on some form of faith. For McKeeby, though he may have other goals along his path to priesthood, it ultimately boils down to one that coincides with this very principle: “My personal goal is to learn more about my faith.”

Fire is catching the hunger games: catching fire

This girl is on fire

urte f sy o te nsga Lio

team peeta or team gale? peeta “If I had to choose, I’d choose team Peeta. They went on such a journey together, and that’s something you can never take back. That connection will never be broken - that’s love. The way they genuinely care about each other is beautiful.” - Anne McElwee, sophomore

photo by Veronica Clay

Gale “Gale has been with Katniss throughout her whole life, so why wouldn’t they end up together? Okay, he’s also really hot. He’s a thoughtful, and thought-provoking, character.” Kate Kovachevich, sophomore

Hannah Terwin Pop Culture Editor “People sometimes look at fandoms from the outside and wonder why these teens spend so much time on these people they don’t know personally, but once you step inside the world you can start to understand it.” The Huffington Post On March 23 of 2012, at approximately 7 p.m., I was sitting outside a Celebration Cinema theater entrance and sharing a Peeta blanket with a person I’d never met prior to taking a seat beside her, discussing motifs in The Hunger Games series. Two other people sat before me in line: the first since eleven that morning, and the second since four. Soon after arriving around six to score the third spot in line for The Hunger Games premiere, the theater halls were filling with a crazy amount of emotional fans, spilled popcorn, and wrinkled posters: thereby displaying the midnight premiere culture in a nutshell. If one had never been exposed to such an environment, the scene would have be quite a culture shock - especially with the amount of doppelganger fans dressed as characters while in passionate debates regarding Team Peeta and Team Gale. The concept is fascinating, really, to bring such a huge volume of dedicated fans and stuff them all into one place before a giant premiere, but it’s one that serves as an outlet of amicability - a coalition of fanatics. The group of fans that interact regarding a show, TV, artist or etc, is otherwise known as a “fandom.” These fandoms exist most prominently on the Internet and in other places where fans congregate to share mutual interests, such as premieres or gatherings like Comic Con, and serve to be communities of avid, dedicated fans of their respective media. And, when these members of fandoms are brought together, it’s an explosion of people who connect on the intangible levels of characters and plot lines - to the non-fan, it might look more like a bit of a cuckoo’s nest. From an outside point of view it may be hard to understand components to these relationships, or the reasons behind sharing a blanket with the girl next to me in the movie theater line. Fandoms become communities of collaboration and friendship. It is a true culture, though; look around and you’ll find fandoms for everything from nineteenth century novels to reality television. This is why movie premiere environments differ so prominently from the average, day-to-day theater dates - they’re a gathering place for a community of people who connect with each other on new levels, and a place where the arts truly interweaves with comradery.

review: catching fire

photo by Veronica Clay


photo by Veronica Clay

“I like both Peeta and Gale, I just can’t decide who I like better, and it doesn’t matter much to me who Katniss chooses.” - Lindsey Lutkenhoff, sophomore

movie stills by Lionsgate

Catching Catching Fire Fire premiered premiered on on November November 21, 21, 2013 2013

to co

Hannah Terwin Pop Culture Editor Quick: when I say The Hunger Games, what’s the first thought to cross your mind? Mutant dog creatures? Revolutions? Boys fixated on dead animals and bread? Or perhaps you think of main character Katniss Everdeen, an arrow-wielding braided warrior whose prowess is nothing to be challenged. Whatever the case is, you’ve probably heard buzz surrounding the impending November 21 premiere of Catching Fire, the second installment in The Hunger Games series (based on the book by Suzanne Collins). The original debut last March scraped up a whopping $152,535,747 in premiere weekend revenue and landed The Hunger Games sixth on the ranks of all-time highest grossing movie premiere weekends: that’s higher than the premiere weekends of The Great Gatsby (2013) and Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (2001) combined. So, what’s this hype about in the first place, and why will lines trail out the door of Celebration Cinema on November 21? A large chunk of the series’ fame seems to be directed at the heroine of the books, rags-to-riches-but-still-super-groundedwhile-being-a-hardcore-archer Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), a girl on fire forced to fight for her life in the annual Hunger Games. The book takes place in a dystopian society where children are forced to participate in a competition of survival, all for the enjoyment of the Capitol (government). The story line eventually takes a large turn, and (spoiler alert!) a revolution is knocking on Everdeen’s door. The alleged appeal of Everdeen - one of the teen tributes selected to compete in the Games - is most often attributed to her status as a strong female character, something that some readers feel is hard to come by in modern media. Time magazine points out that modern “female characters are (still!) often reducible to type (mother, girlfriend, victim),” which are stereotypes that are arguably different than the teen girl turned revolutionary. Not to mention that the love triangle of the book is not the focus of the story line. Even in the face of danger Everdeen remains individualistic and strong-willed, both mentally and physically, providing a role model of which many movie fans have strongly identified. Furthermore, Everdeen is played by Lawrence, an actress who often voices the feelings of empowerment that Katniss brings. On the contrary, there is no question that many series fans rather enjoy the debate of “Team Peeta” versus “Team Gale” and, for those who don’t know, teammate Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and Everdeen’s best friend Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth) are two of the heroine’s closest companions. This teen angst crisis adds a dimension to the story, but as even some of the actors claim, there is so much more than just relationships to this story - though, a new studly male character is introduced that has the anticipation of many fans. Fellow tribute Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) is a long-awaited addition to the series, leaving a few fans to form even a “Team Finnick.” The stars’ thoughts on the relationships? Lawrence herself changed her opinion halfway through the book, while Hutcherson didn’t have one in the first place. After such a successful beginning and reaching the status of the 14th highest-grossing movie in the country, the cast and crew of The Hunger Games are feeling the pressure from fans and moviegoers. In an interview with Lawrence, she told PEOPLE magazine that “Catching Fire is definitely bigger on a lot of levels.” For the most part, the cinematography and casting of the series so far has been praised widely throughout the theater scene, from flamboyant fashion consultant Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) to the lovely Hawaiian filming location. With the buzz already generated about the premiere - and the astounding amount of ticket sales - there’s no doubt that Catching Fire will make a splash in the cinema world (and if you’ve read the book, you’ll understand the pun I just made).


Catching Fire premiere takes theaters by storm

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Roundtable: Relationships What do you think? Members of TFE’s staff sat down with students who shared their thoughts on high school relationships Isabella Fiorenzo Editor and Chief Peyton Steensma Reviews Editor

What is your opinion on high school dating? David: I feel as though a lot of high schoolers overthink it. Cam: I personally think that dating someone is old fashioned. I mean, you could just be friends with someone and still cuddle and do all of the same things that people in a relationship would do...just without the label. Ashley: The distinguishment between dating someone and being in a relationship is big. In a relationship you want to spend time with the person you’re in that relationship with. If you think about it, in the old days, it was normal to just be “dating” more than one person at once. David: About what Cam said: the thing that often makes it a relationship is the label. It’s more than a label though; it’s a promise to be with that person and only that person. Cam: Labeling is just such a hard commitment to make. Not to say that people aren’t trustworthy, but I think that as teenagers it’s difficult to predict what we’re going to do next. So it’s hard to make a promise to one person. Mollie: (to Cam) So are you saying that you shouldn’t date someone in high school? Cam: I mean, no I’m not exactly saying that. I guess I just think that it’s pointless to commit yourself to a serious relationship in high school. I personally wouldn’t want to get into one because what if I were to start dating a girl, and then after a week or so I met a new girl that I like a lot more...I would never want to get stuck in that awkward situation. That’s why I enjoy flirting. Mollie: Being in a relationship is a very good thing though. You then have someone that you can share everything with. I mean, I enjoy talking about my life with other people and if I’m not dating that person, I feel like I might be boring them and what not. It’s just nice to have someone that you can tell everything to. Cam: (to Mollie) So you have to be dating a person to be able to share personal things with them? Mollie: I’m just saying that you need someone that you’re dating to be able to tell things to him or her. I just think it’s weird if you’re not dating the person.

Dating changes through time… David: Society has definitely changed. Dating is not the formal thing that it used to be. But, I also feel like people think that there are rules to dating. While in reality, being in a relationship with someone should be natural and less formatted. Ashley: I feel like dating is mostly wanting to be with someone that you enjoy being around. It’s like having a friend but you’re more than friends. You can talk to them about things just like you talk to your friends. You are also able to connect with that person on a deeper level.

What is your opinion on the idea that high school is sort of a “test run” for the rest of your life? Ashley: I think that a lot of times yes, dating is sort of like practice for later in life. You’re just seeing what you like in people all the while discovering things about yourself. It’s also helpful because if you don’t figure out what you’re looking for in a relationship while you’re young, when will you know?

David: People sometimes find it hard to continue a relationship that you start in high school after high school ends. People may think that it traps them. Mollie: I don’t feel trapped at all. I don’t know what will happen in the future but frankly I don’t care. If Connor and I continue to date when I go to college, then great. If I don’t, and I begin to wish I were single, then great. Whatever happens, happens, but I’m not going to waste the time I have with him right now worrying about what may or may not happen. Cam: Shouldn’t you go to college completely free? You should be able to experience it to the fullest and not be held back by anything. Mollie: Is college all about hooking up with people? Ashley: It’s all about your mindset. If you go into a high school relationship with the mindset that it won’t continue after high school then that’s that. But if you go into it with an open mind and not try to predict the future, then who knows where it could go. You might as well enjoy a relationship while it is happening and if it continues then that’s great, but if it doesn’t, I guess that’s life and it wasn’t meant to be.

Are you missing out on opportunities now if you worry too much about the future? Cam: Yes, but when I think about dating someone, especially my senior year, I think about the fact that it would end in a break up. I don’t want to look back remember the end of my high school career as a bad breakup with a girlfriend. David: I mean, I used to be pretty scared of dating. Cam: I guess the main thing is that relationships are so full of the unknown. I don’t like the unknown. It’s a big thing and it’s terrifying. I just like to stay where I’m comfortable, which is just being friendly with girls and not necessarily having a girlfriend. David: The reason I was scared of dating was because like I said it seems like people define it as a certain thing. I didn’t want to fit the mold of dating that had been created. In reality, that mold doesn’t even exist. Dating is anything you want it to be. The expectations that are set should be between you and the person that you’re in a relationship with.

Do you think it is important to find yourself first and have a good understanding of your own self-image before you get into a relationship? Ashley: I think being in a relationship means two individuals coming together. It’s not two halves making a whole. It’s like one plus one making another one. If you go in as half of a person and you are trying to find your other half, then you become dependent on the other person. Cam: To define you, yeah. Ashley: Yeah, then you are going to have major problems if or when you break up. I feel like you need to have your own sense of self before you go into a relationship because that way you have something you can also share with the other person. You both need to have your own interests and lives before you come together in a relationship. Then you have things to talk about and do. Mollie: I lived somewhere else until sophomore year and I dated someone for a really long time. This started in eighth grade and I wasn’t super confident with myself. I mainly relied on the other person and I didn’t have too much confidence. When we broke up,

Participants: Cam Woodard Ashley Kooistra David Brown Mollie Mahoney

I thought the world was going to end because I thought we were getting married, even though it was only ninth grade. It was really hard for me. Now I feel like I don’t rely on anyone else. I do my own thing, basically, so I think it is important to be confident in yourself before you start a relationship. If you get hurt and if you break up, then you will be completely devastated and have no one left to rely on. Ashley: You need to be able to take care of yourself before you can worry about another person as more than a friend. Because when you are in a relationship if you’re sharing deeper secrets and what not, and you can’t take care of yourself first, then you’re not going to be able to help the person because you have too much stuff on your plate. It’s important to have that independence before a relationship so you’re not completely depending on someone else for your happiness.

What is your opinion on how dating has changed due to more texting and less face-to-face communication. What are the negatives but also benefits? Ashley: I feel like things may have been easier back in the day when they didn’t have texting, because people wouldn’t be worrying about texting someone and not having a response right away. Some relationships are like that where the couple has to be constantly talking all of the time. They don’t have their independence and then they sort of forget about their friends. So, their friends may feel bad because the friend in the relationship is not meaning to ignore them, but is doing so by constantly texting the person they are in a relationship with. I feel like it’s important when people are in a relationship that they don’t necessarily have to text all of the time. I mean if they do, that’s their choice, but I think it’s important to still have time where you can hang out alone and still be able to connect and experience things. Texting can be good if you’re trying to formulate what you’re trying to say or express. But at the same time, you need to be around the person to feel a connection by being present and making eye contact with them. That’s not something you can do over text. David: Texting is a good start but you would not want to base a relationship just off of that. Mollie: I agree. There are some people who are too shy to go up to someone and be like, “I want to date you.” So texting is a good way to get to know someone; to start it off. Cam: You’re not supposed to start a relationship online or anything, it should be in person. That way, when you guys do meet in person its not awkward or you guys

realize you’re not really meant for each other. Because we all are kind of different when we are texting. Just slightly, I’m not saying we all put personas on or anything but there is a difference. I don’t think texting should ever rule a relationship. If anything, call them.

Mollie, what do you think is beneficial about being able to text someone that’s not with you all the time? Mollie: When I started dating Connor we saw each other in school all of the time. But now that he doesn’t go here anymore I like talking to him during school. When I’m bored in class I know I have something to entertain myself with. We don’t get to see each other as much but it’s nice to still be able to talk to him.

What do you think about parent involvement in a high school relationship? David: First of all, I feel like it is much less awkward if the families know each other, or at least they get to know each other. You’re missing something when these two families don’t connect. That should be an important part of a relationship. Cam: The parents should approve of the person you’re dating. You don’t want to sacrifice the relationship with your parents for a possibly meaningless relationship in high school with a girl. So you should keep that in mind. David: If the parents don’t see what you see in a person then it could be considered unfair if they don’t give approval. It’s so open-ended really.

Do you have any other thoughts? Ashley: I guess in general I’ve heard that the way you go into a relationship is the way if it ends, it will end. The texting is good when you’re getting to know someone but when you start dating through text and you’re sending romantic novels back a forth like two weeks in, then that’s going to end really badly, like in a fit of passion. Then if it ends, it’s going to crash and burn. But if you start off as friends then you already have that caring for each other that you can build off of when you do start a relationship. I do think it’s important to actually get to know someone and become friends before you make that into a relationship. Then you still have that foundation for where the relationship begins and where it can go.

Q&A with

What is your opinion on high school relationships?

"Dating in high school is okay as long as you don't get too serious too quickly especially if you are only a sophomore or a freshman." -Jon Urich, sophomore

“I think dating in high school can be fun and I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a girlfriend or boyfriend.”

-Jake Herbruck, freshman

"Pointless, because the majority of the time you are not going to end up with that person and things can get messy when you break up." -Claire McClees, senior

"I think that high school relationships are dumb for underclassmen who can't drive themselves to a date otherwise I am kind of indifferent." -Nicky Bailey, freshman

Guidance Counselor Teresa Miller "I think they [high school relationships] are a good thing if you can just have fun with it and don't get too serious with that person." -Austin Bouma, junior

“I think high school relationships are absolutely fantastic which is rather funny because I've never had a girlfriend."

-Gavin Jurewitz, senior

Q: What are your thoughts

about high school dating and relationships?

A: “Think about high school in general...

it is a small version of the world. It’s your practice area. It’s outside of your house, it’s away from your’s practicing how to interact with people. It’s practicing how to work. Subsequently, it is an ideal place to test drive relationships. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be with that person for the rest of your life, but you have to find out what you like in people. So yes, relationships can be beneficial...assuming that you and the person that you will be having a potential relationship with are on the same page, with the same expectations and such. Females are very relational. Females are focused on attachment and the emotional aspects of a relationship. While on the other hand males are more focused on the physical aspects. There needs to be a balance.”

Q: Do you have any advice for

high school students who want to be in a relationship?

A: “Before you can commit yourself to

"It's awesome. I mean have you read Romeo and Juliet? When adolescents get that spark there is no way to stop it." -Kim Herr, English teacher

"I think it's a good thing as long as things don't get too serious, especially when you try and take that relationship to college, because you never know there could be somebody else out there for you in college." -Chad Scholten, science teacher

"I definitely think people should try and date the people they are interested so they can have some idea of what they like in the future."

a relationship, you need to be confident in yourself and have a solid self esteem. If you don’t have that and you rely on your partner to fill that void, the end of a relationship will devastate you. A relationship should be two whole people coming together to compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

-Steve Labenz, history teacher

The high school dating process: Then & Now

First contact: “Hello Mrs. Johnson, I hope your day was swell, may I please talk to Sally for just a minute?” First date invitaional: He walks to the front door, flowers in hand, sweat dripping. He patiently waits for her mother to answer the door and promises he will have her home by ten.

graphics by Patrick Awtrey

The date: He takes her to the drive-in theater and buys her popcorn. He he holds her hand during all the scary parts. Afterward, they go to the local diner and split a milkshake. They are on her front porch at exactly ten, and he wishes her goodnight. Lets make it official!: “Will you go steady with me?”

Proof: She wears his Letterman jacket Typical friday night: A game night, a movie or dinner at the diner. Gifts: "I'm thinking about getting her a necklace or maybe a pair of earrings." The breakup: He breaks it to her gently and follows this with a compliment so that he does not feel so guilty. There is not much he can do when she runs out crying.

First contact: A text message.

First date invitational: "So when should I take you on a date?" The date: He walks to the door and tries his best to avoid her mother so he does not have to confirm a curfew. He buys her a ticket but does not have enough money for snacks, "Gas is expensive these days," he says. He brings her home just past twelve, tells her goodnight and that he had fun. Let’s make it offical!: "So we're dating right? Like boyfriend girlfriend?" Proof: It's only official if it's Facebook official Typical friday night: He agrees to pick her up at her house. Once he gets there he shoots her a text letting her know he is in the driveway. They both show up at the party together, and fight their parents to stay out as late as possible. Gifts: "Yeah dude, I think she will really like this iPhone case!" The breakup: A text message or a short phone call, he doesn’t want to make it too big of a deal. He wants to do it over the phone so that he save the trouble of having to do the deed in person.

Welcome to the Art Hall

Crafts Class makes for a very different kind of AP course

to take the course. An AP art class might appear as a fun AP course to take, and while it is, students must be prepared to meet expectations. ndependence sums up the kind of course “She expects a lot out of us because we’re taken first hour in the art wing. While many AP,” Elmi said. “She knows that we know students are focusing on math problems or everything, so, she kind of grades harder than memorizing historical events, senior Hani Elmi she would other classes. We’re in that class is hard at work in AP art. with drawing and painting one and two, and “It’s a really fun class,” Elmi said. “[Art she doesn’t pay much attention to us because teacher Nevan Allan] gives you a prompt and she knows that we already know what to do.” she doesn’t give you much guidelines with what Since the class is an AP course, students to do with it, like mediums or are eligible to receive AP credit. paper, you just do your thing.” Instead of taking a test, the exam is Seven students make up the art pieces made by the students. this year’s AP art class; a low Allan gives out a prompt and then number that Elmi attributes they work on it, as well as portfolios to the fact that not many that are given to the AP board. The people know about the class. AP board members then grade the However, Elmi believes that projects. the uniqueness that the class Elmi thrives on the independence offers, makes it appealing. and creativeness given to her. She “[Your projects] can be also hopes to see more students try anything you want,” Elmi fitting art into their schedules. added. “We actually have a Senior Hani Elmi has “Take art classes; they’re so few people who are doing been working on a much fun. You get to be creative photography. There’s a bunch fashion piece for her and do your own thing. If you AP class of drawers, and there’s even like photography or print making, print making.” she will find ways to make your The requirements to get into the class are not concentrations fit you,” Elmi said. “Like me, all that strict. Elmi said that all that is needed as I’m doing mine about fashion. She’s never a prerequisite would be one art class prior to AP had people do that. It’s not like your limited to art. Also, only juniors and seniors are permitted doing one thing.” Arts/Music/Drama Editor Mariah Otolski


The meaning behind the faceless dancers


Arts/Music/Drama Editor Mariah Otolski

hey stand together, each displaying a unique position and design. Some are red, some are yellow, some are on their heads, others wave a hand. Are they people? Or are they objects? How did they get there? Why are they there? In 1992, a once blank hallway was given life by the addition of life-sized, colorful, cutouts. Gretchen Manard was a Grand Rapids artist and architect, who came in as an art intern and piloted the project. “She came and worked with the art classes for about a week,” Allan explained. “What they did was, they did a map of their body, like they do in elementary school, and they exaggerated things and made things bigger and had fun with it.” The pieces were painted on both sides and

then cut out of plywood and were brought back and painted, by the students again, with acrylic paint. Then, they were stood vertically. “That year, all of the schools had an artist in residence come work with the students,” Allan said. “So, each elementary and middle school, and then we had a huge show that took over Fountain Street Church. So, all of these people, we call them are dancing people, were standing up.” After the show, the school was unsure what to do with the art pieces; resulting in their placement in the art hall. “We brought them back here, and what do you do with them?” Allan questioned. “They’re so cool and we don’t want to just stick them in a room. So when we moved down here in 2002 we decided it’d be really cool to line the hall with our dancing people.”

Crafts class gives students the ability to express themselves in a unique way

they could decide which kinds of things they would be working on throughout the semester. “It was a pretty even vote,” Filion said. “Everyone wanted to do the same thing.” t one point and time, as children, Filion also enjoys the laid back atmosphere crafts consisted of finger painting of the class. and drawing. Now, years later, FHC “We usually walk in and just get started on students can actually take a crafts class. Art whatever we’re working on,” Filion said. “It’s teacher Nevan Allan loves teaching the course. kind of an individual class because, in a way, “The crafts class works on functional art,” it’s student lead where everyone helps each Allan explained. “Functional art is art that can other and gives each other different be used for something. So, it’s not just art that ideas.” you view on a wall, or that matches your Senior Randi Block piggy couch, this is art that you can eat off backed Filion’s opinion on the third of, if it’s ceramics, or right now we hour class. are making jewelry, so it’s wearable “It’s very open ended,” Block explained. art. It’s a little bit of everything.” “You’re aloud to express yourself in a lot of The class does multiple units different ways. There’s a general outline, but a throughout the semester. So far, they typical day in class is very loose, it’s a lot more have done a textile unit, which includes independent.” tie-dying and wax batik. The class is very As independent as the class may be, Allan process oriented, Allan explained. still takes the time to work with each of her “The first thing we did was journals,” students. Allan said. “Which is book making and “In each unit there’s usually two or three book binding. Then we moved different projects,” Allan said. into the dying and that process. Senior Randi Block “So we don’t all do things Now, we are working in jewelry loves the creativty together. I will work individually unit. We are doing a combination she is able to express with the students on creative of fused glass and wire work and during ther arts and problem solving. How can you or clay to make jewelry. Then crafts class. take your first idea past the we are going to move into paper obvious? How can you play with making, paper casting, and print making. And it? How can you work with it?” from there we are going to move onto making Allan and Filion, alike, both see the great felt mittens.” opportunities generated from the class and In order to decide which units the class would encourage students to sign up. cover in the 18 week long course, Allan listed “It’s a really good chance to express your off a variety of project options and left it up creativity,” Filion said. “And it’s a good hour to to the class to vote on which ones they would get away from all of the stresses of other classes work on. Senior Emily Filion liked the fact that


Arts/Music/Drama Editor Mariah Otolski

3D printer combines technology with art N

Arts/Music/Drama Editor Mariah Otolski

estled in room 147 is an obscure piece of machinery. It stands nearly four feet tall and weighs around 85 pounds. The cost? A hefty $25,000. This piece of machinery is a printer; but not your average printer. Senior Jack Zieger has been using the engineering and graphics class 3-D printer for the past two years, and has become quite the master at it. “It’s a way to turn something that you made on the computer into an actual object,” Zieger said. “Like phone cases, or we actually have an Audi that we printed. Teacher Jeff Meidema taught me how to use the printer first and second years, and after that it kind of turned into a teach myself kind of thing.” Zieger has spent much of his high school years in the engineering and graphics room, a room many do not know about. “I’m in engineering and graphics five,” Zieger said. “I’ve been taking the class since freshman year, and at this point it turned into an

independent study.” the machine. “As it heats up, it exudes a roll of The class is a highlight during Zieger’s plastic through a nozzle and then it goes layer school day, where he by layer, real thin, and gets the opportunity to it slowly builds up do what he loves. that [designed on the “I find it as a computer]. You can really fun class,” print crazy designs.” Zieger said. “It’s very Zieger has made conceptual, like if you multiple phone cases can think it up you as well as a small can build it. To where car. He encourages I am, you can pretty others to take the much do whatever class whether it be you want.” for enjoyment or The class has a Senior Jack Zieger uses the 3-D printer the importance it unique set up, Zieger used in room 154 to create various objects, serves in today’s explained. Students like the car shown above society. start off with hand “You should drawings and then take it [the class] move towards 2-D drawings, like architecture, because the engineering field is becoming very and then onto 3-D objects. large in the industry,” Zieger said. “The class Zieger went on to explain the printer in more may be very hard for the first quarter, which is detail. all hand stuff, but after that the class gets really “If you look at it really closely, it sits on the fun. I love doing it.” bed right there,” Zeiger said, while pointing at

Photos by: Abby McLaughlin




Cascade Shell Forest Hills Foods Ada Speedway T

Tori Kreuzer Interactive Editor

he first thing that caught my eye as I approached the Shell gas station off of Cascade Road near the I-96 interchange was the prices. Compared to other gas stations in the area, including the Speedway right across the street, Shell’s prices were noticeably higher; nevertheless, I parked my car at one of the eight pumps and started to make my way toward the entrance of the convenience store. As I walked with my wallet in hand, I noticed that the place appeared to be rather new and that it even offered a tunnel car wash and a Quiznos. Furthermore, as I opened the door that leads into the building labeled “food mart,” I was impressed by not only the size of the store, but the clean, well-organized appearance and wide variety of merchandise it had to offer. If you’re hungry or thirsty, the mart offers a larger than usual assortment of potato chips, candy and soft drinks. However, the store does not have a slushy machine, so if you happen to be craving one of these frozen treats, you’re out of luck. I grabbed a pink lemonade and a pack of Starbursts and headed up to the register to pay for these items, where I was greeted by a friendly attendant. Despite the high gas prices that I mentioned earlier, the candy and beverages I purchased were priced similarly to those at other nearby convenience stores. After I paid, I headed back outside to fill my car with gas. The pumps were new and worked quickly, which was nice since it was cold outside. I hopped back into my car and found that the parking lot was quite large and easy to pull out of-something that is not often the case at many gas stations. On the occasion you are in need of a restroom, you will find that the facilities at this Shell station very clean, well kept, and brightly lit, unlike those typically found at other filling stations.


Abbey McLaughlin Spotlight Editor

he most inconvenient component of the Forest Hills Foods gas station is the parking lot. Anyone lacking magical parking powers would consider the Forest Hills Foods parking lot a real life representation of the 80’s computer game Frogger. I pulled in with my stylish minivan and immediately slammed on the brakes as an SUV passed by, followed by a string of particularly slowpaced senior citizens. After that parking lot adventure, I arrived at the gas pump and proceeded to fill my tank. Every gas station struggles to keep prices down, but Forest Hills Foods maintained prices three cents higher than many other gas stations. The pump was easy to use, fully functioning, and clean. I also didn’t feel squished next to surrounding pumps which was nice. It is worth your while to visit the small gas station store for a fountain drink or bag of chips, as the route to the nearby grocery store is more difficult than the gas station. While cramped, the workers are very fast and friendly. There aren’t many options in the bedroom-sized shop, but they definitely use every inch of counter space, wall space, and refrigerator filling them with as many products as possible. As someone who has driven to California and back twice, I have witnessed a wide variety of horrifying and impressive gas station bathrooms. With this range of exposure in mind, I am slightly in favor of the Forest Hills Foods gas station restrooms. I disregarded the stray toilet paper shoved at the back of the toilet, sink, and walls, and decided it could be worse. They have a high traffic bathroom without the convenience of space which gives them a little leeway. The Forest Hills Foods gas station has room for improvement. Providing an easier parking lot system and more space inside the store would increase incentive for customers to use their fuel, as well as lower prices where possible.


Dara Cyranowski Opinion Editor

was halfway through the Speedway driveway when I was blocked by a huge semi-truck that took up more than half of the parking lot. I waited a minute for a car to pull forward so I could squeeze into a spot to put gas in my car. The parking lot is planned very poorly, as it causes a lot of unwanted commotion. I thanked the truck driver as he held the door open for me as I walked in. I gave the worker a twenty dollar bill and told her what pump I was at. “Regular unleaded?” she asked. I confirmed and continued out the door to fill my tank. The worker was nice to me and seemed like she was not completely miserable being there. I go to Speedway almost everyday, and every time, I forget my rewards card. Even though she already knew my answer, she asked me if I had it. She laughed as I said no, and put my things in a bag. As my car was filling up, I went back inside to grab a few snacks. I stood and stared in front of the candy for a while and decided on Twizzlers and a Diet Coke because who can go wrong with that? The selection was limited but satisfactory. I wished there was some fresh food I could choose from. I was very tempted by the slushy machine, but content with my decision I then went to the counter to pay. When I walked into the bathroom at Speedway, I was not surprised by the dirty, dark looking room. The floor was dirty, the counter was not clean, and the soap was almost empty. I was contemplating whether I should go here, or wait until I get home. The decision was not hard; I took one look and walked out. Overall, the store was not very clean, a little small, and had a minimal selection of groceries. The parking lot has a reputation of causing trouble, and hopefully will be reconstructed with the future plans for Ada. With that being said, being right in the middle of Ada makes for a very convenient location for the entire community.



very generation is different, but one thing never changes: the average American teenager likes music. With each generation comes an interest in a different style of music - the 70s’ with disco, the 80s’ with arena rock, the 90s’ with grunge, and today’s generation: “indie” music. But what on earth is indie music? As you may have noticed, the


n order to discover music that’s truly underground, the first step is finding a legitimately independent record label. We’ll start with an example that may be painful for some: Mumford & Sons. The band is signed to Glassnote Records - a label that claims to be, and at first glance appears to be, independent. Upon closer inspection, one will quickly discover the ugly truth: Glassnote is owned by Sony Music, the world’s secondlargest record company. Conclusion: Mumford & Sons is no more “underground” or “indie” than Katy Perry. Actual independent labels are owned by people, not corporations. Examples: Plan-It-X Records, Asian Man Records, and QuoteUnquote Records. Each of these labels are small, unaffiliated with major record companies, and exist to promote independent artists rather than simply make money - wait, isn’t that what music is supposed to be about in the first place?


t’s no secret that major labels are known to do a number of detestable things: jacking up merchandise/ticket prices out of greed, forcing artists signed to their label to play certain styles of music in order to gain mass appeal, giving artists only a miniscule portion of the money that their music generated... The list goes on. It’s actions like these that spurred people to create their own record labels and spurred people to avoid supporting these major corporations. What differentiates independent labels most from corporate labels is DIY (do-it-yourself) ethic. DIY ethic is fueled by the desire to establish a direct, genuine connection between the artist and the listener without having a middleman obstructing this connection. DIY ethic encompasses practices like artists handling all recording and distribution of their music, artists making merchandise themselves (no $50 tour shirts here), and even artists distributing their music via online platforms like that allow fans to decide how much they will pay for an album. The spirit of DIY ethic is to give the listener the most genuine product possible at the lowest price possible, so that more people can enjoy an artist’s music. By purchasing music directly from the artist, listeners support the artist - not the corporation.


ive concerts are a crucial aspect of music; fans love hearing their favorite songs in person and artists love playing music face-to-face for their fans. Concerts, however, present yet another middleman: event organizers. Many venues set the price for tickets and merchandise, and every venue takes a cut of ticket/merch sales at the show. Despite facing this adversity, the DIY scene yet again found a way to beat it: basement shows. A basement show is exactly what it sounds like: a concert played to a small audience in the basement (or garage - wherever there’s space) of a residential house. As one could imagine, basement shows are incredibly personal - the audience small, everyone elbow-to-elbow, the artist literally close enough to touch. The prospect of attending such an intimate concert is tantalizing; fortunately for Grand Rapids, a group of people in the Eastown neighborhood have taken it upon themselves to bring the underground music scene here - enter the Waffle Haus and House of Pancakes. Although the names may be a tad confusing at first glance, make no mistake - these are two cutting-edge house venues. Both are typical (if

aforementioned musical taste of previous generations tends to be a genre. This is where, for today’s youth, the first red flag appears: “indie” is not, never has been, nor will ever be a genre. As the word suggests, “indie” music is defined as music released on an independent label. If this information changed your view of what defines an “indie” band, then you’ve fallen victim to one of corporate America’s most deadly predators: marketers.

You see, marketers have turned “indie” into nothing more than a buzzword - a word attached to something in order to generate interest. Band X might sell 10,000 records on its own, but when they’re toted as an indie group, band X could sell 100,000 records. By now, your trust in the genre labels on iTunes may be irrevocably shattered, but fear not - before you lies a beginner’s guide to exploring the world of underground music and finally beating the buzzword.

Record Labels


Right: While Epitaph,

Glassnote, and Victory Records all advertise as being “independent” record labels, they’re actually all owned by the same mammoth corporation: Sony Music, the world’s second-largest record company.

DIY Ethic photos courtesy of Google

Alec Juarez Community Relations Director

Unique, affordable goods like this sweater are commonly sold by independent artists.


“Yo, that’s $50 for a T-shirt...”

a bit large) residential homes, and host multiple Billy East, lead MC of the South Bend-based concerts every week in their basements. Local, experimental hip-hop group The B.E.A.T, regional, and even national touring acts play at attested to the event’s unique nature. the venues, ranging from incredibly obscure “Music started off as people just hanging out, artists to musicians that are widely known in getting together,” East said. “It was ‘Hey, let’s the underground scene. get together and bring our instruments.’ In our The venues’ intimate shows are beloved by culture, we always think of concerts as events performers and concertgoers alike - so beloved – and this is an event, it’s a great one – but it’s that, this past also organic in November a way as to “Music started off as people just such first, second, feel like it’s how out, getting together... music has always and third, the hanging two venues [Basement shows] feel like it’s how happened: in hosted an a community, music has always happened: in a with a bunch of event known as Lamp community, with a bunch of friends friends getting Light Music getting together and telling a story.” together and Festival 2013. telling a story.” More than 25 So, for - Billy East, lead MC of experimental anyone looking artists played at the threehip-hop group The B.E.A.T. to experience day event, the personal but despite music experience this being on a larger scale than is usual for the described by East, there’s no need to search venues, the houses managed to maintain their far and wide - they need only look to the two trademark air of intimacy. liveliest houses on Sigsbee street.

’ll never forget my first punk concert. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t intimidated: everyone around me had various facial piercings and tattoos, spiked mohawks of countless colors, and frayed denim jackets covered in patches and spikes. If the crowd was a powder keg, then the band was the fuse – and when they started playing, the room absolutely exploded. Fists began to swing, everyone started shoving, and I quickly found myself in the middle of a full-blown mosh pit. As would be expected of a fifteen-year-old with no prior experience with such violence, it wasn’t long until I was knocked to the ground by a man twice my size. Much to my surprise, I spent no more than three seconds lying there. He and two other people immediately helped me back up, asked me if I was OK, and patted me on back. It was in this moment that I realized I’d found my new home. While a mosh pit sounds (and in many ways, is) brutal, there’s a definite sense of camaraderie present in it. Everyone has their own pent-up aggression, and this is a safe place to express it. It’s a place to knock each other around a bit, but everyone trusts each other to not take the violence too far. The best way to explain it is this: at a punk show, you’re just as likely to see someone get punched in the face as you are to see a group of strangers put their arms over one another’s shoulders and sing along to lyrics that mean something important to each of them. Above fellowship, the most common motif found in punk music and its culture is passion: passion for the spirit of punk. To comprehend this, one must understand what punk truly is. Punk is not just a genre of music - it is an attitude. Punk is a refusal to sit quietly and watch as injustice ravages the world. Punk is a refusal to conform to what others think you should be. Punk is not how you look or sound - it is how you behave. Punk has never been accepted by the public. As the hardcore-punk band Black Flag put it, “They hate us, we hate them.” But despite this public disdain, everyone is finally accepted for who they are at these gatherings. No one will be shunned because of their piercings, their tattoos, or their refusal to remain quiet and fall in line. Art, in its purest form, is performed for neither recognition nor monetary gain. Punk, in more ways than most other genres, lives up to that definition of purity. To provide an example: one of my favorite punk artists, Jeff Rosenstock, puts all of his music online and lets the listener choose the price – whether the album costs $100 or $0 is entirely up to the individual. Jeff transports all of his own instruments, does his own sound checks, and sells the merchandise at his shows. He has no “roadies.” Jeff has stated that he works odd jobs for nine months out of every year, and then tours for three months – and loses money at it. Jeff doesn’t play music because he’s trying to make money; he plays music because he enjoys doing so. Punk, above anything else, is the biggest influence in my personal ideology. It’s empowerment of individual thought; it’s the spirit of rebellion against tyranny; it’s a denial to back down and compromise one’s integrity, even when backing down is the easier thing to do. To once again quote Black Flag, “We are tired of your abuse. Try to stop us; it’s no use. Rise above, we’re gonna rise above.”

Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball Last Year’s Record: 17-5 (shared league championship) First Game: December 6 @ Rockford Key Returners: Mya Udell, Allie Wittenbach, and Jessica Fuller Overall Outlook: “My overall expectation for this year is that we have to be tougher and stronger than we have ever had to be before, due to a much stronger non-conference schedule this year than in any of our past years. This year we really have put ourselves out there by scheduling games against some of the most Roxanne elite and successful programs in the area. The expectation is that we will need to Gallert be ready to play, and play our best every night. I am excited about this opportunity and what it could possibly do for us as we head into the postseason this year.” -Coach Gallert

Last Year’s Record: 10-11 Key Returners: Alex Dykema First Game: December 13 vs. Forest Hills Northern (Purple Game) Overall Outlook: “We have a lot of young guys who have worked very hard for their opportunity to leave their mark on the program. Now is their time to step up and lead us to a league championship. I love coaching them because they trust each other and play together so well. It should be an exciting year for our team, Ken George our students and our community.” -Coach George How would you describe your team?: “Young, excitable, lanky, athletic, and confident. As a group, the guys are committed to each other.” -Coach George


Wrestling Last Year’s Record: 22-8; currently state-ranked #5 in Division I Key Upperclassman Returners: Parker Tillman, Austin Tomko, John Leark, Magnus Alm, Andrew Fotis, Noah Kuhlmann, Nick Hughes, and Zach Love First match: Dec. 7, Calvin Christian Tournament @ Calvin Christian Overall Outlook: “A lot of our guys have worked very hard and I know they have high expectations of themselves and their teammates. It will come down Brad to how much our guys believe in themselves and their own ability to be great.” Anderson -Coach Anderson How would you describe your team?: “Our team is aggressively pursuing daily improvement. Collectively, it’s one of the best groups of young men I’ve ever been around - that includes my own competitive career. This is a special group of guys who have it in them to do some special things this season.” -Coach Anderson

Last Year’s Record: Girls- 1st in Conference, Boys- won last four conference matches First Match: December 5 vs. Mona Shores @ Eastbrook Lanes Key Returners: Girls- Elizabeth Smith, Jessica Rowland, Taylor Mackey, and Grace Armstrong. Boys- Steve McCullough, Grant DeCamp, Max Sunter, Cody Stacy, Matthew Peneycad, and Noah Glover Larry Overall Outlook: “High expectations, returning seniors, experience, and talent. Chilton FHC bowling teams are ready to hit the lanes and knock down the competition. December 5, the Rangers will have their hands full as they try to win their first match of the year against one of the best bowling high schools in Michigan -Mona Shores. See you there and wish us luck.” -Coach Chilton

Winter Sports Preview Poms

Toughest competitor: Byron Center Key Returners: Alex Smith and Mollie Mahoney. Next Competition: January 5 @ UDA Royal Oaks Overall Outlook: “My overall expectation is to build this team for Nationals next year. We have the largest team we’ve had in 5 years with 16, including a foreign exchange student from Sweden, a recovering injured dancer and 3 new members. It is a building year and we are on our way.” -Coach Bieber What are you looking forward to: “I look forward to the team finding more friendships and a bond on a personal level. We also want to increase our technical ability all around.” -Coach Bieber


Holly Bieber

Boys Hockey

Boys Swimming

Last year’s record: 11-11-1 Key Returners: Luke Johnson, Luke Easton, Luke Gaudette, and Max Meekhoff Next Game: November 27 @ East Grand Rapids Overall Outlook: “My overall expectation for this season is positive. We have many additions to the team including Nick Allen, Cullen Beaufait, and Noah Arent. These players will step in and contribute right away.” -Coach Janecyk How will the team perform as a whole: “Our team will be fast and smart. wWe have a good balance of upper and underclassmen, which will be beneficial for developing our younger players.” -Coach Janecyk

“It’s a Fake!”

Last Year’s Record: Girls finished 2nd in OK White. Boys finished 3rd. First Meet: January 7 @ Cannonsburg Key Returners: Girls- Ilze Vizulis, Lauren Weidenfeller, Kelsey Lefley, and Elsa Puerner. Boys- Ryan Whitlow, Eric DeJong, Daniel Knister, Keaton Averill, and Eric Krejci. Overall Outlook: “Last year we had a lot of injuries that had a big impact on the Alan Moore team’s results. If everyone stays healthy, I think both men’s and women’s teams have a good shot at winning overall in the conference.” -Coach Moore

Luke Easton

Last Year’s Record: 7-5 (Finished 3rd in OK White, 8th in the state) First Meet: December 7 @ Battle Creek Key Returners: Evan Blank, Noah Messner, Nate Peterson, Carter VanHouten, Will Sattler, Nick Samra, and Zack Hoiles. Overall Outlook: “Our expectations are the same this year as they are every year: to be competitive at every event, to give us a chance to be conference champions Evan Blank and to place in the top ten at the state finals. Historically, over the past ten years, Forest Hills has won five conference titles and placed in the top ten at the state meet in six of those years while finishing as high as 4th place twice.” -Coach Neat

It was the second overtime, and the entire student body was waiting for David Riser to kick the extra point and send the Rangers into a third overtime against East Grand Rapids. But then, the unthinkable happened. In potentially the most surprising call in FHC football history, the Rangers faked the extra point and scored on a 2-point conversion, sending the Ranger sideline and student section into a frenzy. The win knocked East Grand Rapids out of the playoffs and sent the senior football players off in an unforgettable way. Here is each player’s reaction.

Home Varsity Games Spotlights

Home Varsity Schedule

November 22nd - December 20th Wednesday, November 27 Boys Varsity Ice Hockey vs. East Grand Rapids Thursday, December 5 Boys Varsity Bowling vs. Mona Shores Girls Varsity Bowling vs. Mona Shores Friday, December 6 Boys Varsity Ice Hockey vs. Grand Rapids Christian Friday, December 10 Boys Varsity Bowling vs. G.R. West Catholic Girls Varsity Bowling vs. G.R. West Catholic Friday, December 13 Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Forest Hills Northern - Purple Game Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Forest Hills Northern - Purple Game Saturday, December 14 Boys Varsity Ice Hockey vs. Grandville Monday, December 16 Boys Varsity Bowling vs. Forest Hills Northern Girls Varsity Bowling vs. FHN

Friday, December 6 Boys Varsity Ice Hockey vs. Grand “It should be a great game. [EGR] is a very talented team, but I think we have Rapids Christian the edge this year. Everyone should come


ednesday November 27, the Ranger’s hockey team will be facing off with conference rivals the East Grand Rapids Pioneers. Last season proved to be a good match up, as the Rangers held a 1-1 record with the Pioneers. However, this year junior Bryce Verpoort is expecting a much different result. “I think that we’re going to win against them this year,” Verpoort said. “We’re a young and fast team so we should be able to beat them.” Junior Luke Easton agrees with Verpoort. “I think we’ll do well” Easton said. “They’ve got a couple of good kids but I think we have more talent then them and we should definitely win.” Easton and Verpoort both added that the Pioneers have some big players this year, but the Rangers have a much faster team. “East has always been a big rivalry for us,” Verpoort said. “So, it’ll be an exciting game. Everyone should come out to the game and support [the team].”

Friday, December 13 Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Forest Hills Northern - Purple Game


Friday, December 20 Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Grand Rapids ChristianCornerstone Holiday Tournament Boys Varsity Wrestling vs. Multiple Opponents

Jordan George

and support the team, it’s a big game.” -Jordan Root, senior

“East has always been a big rivalry for us, so it’ll an exciting game. Everyone should come out to the game and support the team.” -Luke Easton, junior “Christian is one of the best teams around and it’s going to be a great game. We really need all the support we can get for that game.” -Trent Vanwagoner, senior “The fact that we play FHN makes it even better because it’s a huge game for both the boys and girls and a lot of people will be there.” -Mya Udell, senior

Sports Editor

or the girls basketball team, there is a lot to look forward to on December 13. A packed student section, a rivalry game against Forest Hills Northern, and one hundred thousand dollars for cancer research. While the gymnasium will be packed to the rafters and decked out in purple on December 13, it won’t just be for the game itself. It will be to support all people affected by cancer. The Purple Game has become a tradition at FHC, and it is now entering its third year as an annual basketball game with all proceeds going to cancer research. This game will have an added sense of importance for the Lady Rangers basketball team, as they play their rival in a matchup that is sure to be intense. Senior Mya Udell realizes the importance of the event as a whole. “The fact that we play FHN makes it even better because it’s a huge game for both the boys and girls and a lot of people will be there,” Udell said. “It will be intense, but all in all we will be playing for a great cause.” The Purple Game has become an incredibly special event for so many reasons, but it is made extra unique by the fact that the Rangers wear purple uniforms for the games. It is sure to be a special night for many people. Udell realizes that the game will be important on so many different levels. “The purple game means a lot to me, just being able to play for those people who are suffering with any types of cancer,” Udell said.

Playing in the purple game means a lot. It’s the game I look forward to most every year. It’s a great opportunity to play for those who can’t and to raise money for cancer research. -Sophia Sanfilippo, junior “To me, it means supporting a cause that truly needs help. We get to do something we love that they may not be strong enough to do. It’s a great feeling. -Rhea Thorton, sophomore For me, the purple game isn’t only about winning, it’s about bringing people together to fight for something more important than basketball. -Jessica Fuller, freshman

Friday, December 20 “Everyone should come out and watch Boys Varsity Wrestling vs. Multiple the team because wrestling is an exciting Opponents sport to watch, and the team really

Tuesday, December 17 Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Grand Haven High School

Mariah Otolski Arts/Music/Drama Editor


Bailey Baas Sports Editor

hen the Ranger Wrestling team hits the mats on December 20th, it will be for the first time in the 2013-2014 season. The first home meet is crucial: a chance for the team to show off their new members- and their new moves. “The year’s first home meet is always fun, it’s a time to wrestle hard in front of the school, and to show the community what kind of a team we are,” junior Alex Girgis said. The team this year is a diverse mixture of new members along with returning wrestlers like Parker Tillman, who got 2nd at states. The first home meet is the perfect stage for the wrestlers to show to the school what they have been working on and to debut a team that, according to Girgis, continues to improve season after season. “Everyone should come out and watch the team because wrestling is an exciting sport to watch, and the team really benefits from the cheers of a large home crowd. Many guys have been working hard and our home meets will definitely be a sight worth seeing,” Girgis said.

benefits from the cheers of a large home crowd. Many guys have been working hard and our home meets will definitely be a sight worth seeing.” -Alex Girgis, junior

“This is definitely the most excited I’ve ever been for a wrestling season. Between the inspiration provided by what is considered to be the best coaching staff in Michigan and our lineup’s talent and work ethic, any FHC wrestling match should be something to mark on your calendar.” -Hans Dessureault, senior

Till – MEN

Senior Parker Tillman and younger brother freshman Xavier are simultaneously being recruited by division one colleges game and get noticed by colleges. Multiple universities have taken interest in the brothers ollege letters pack the mailbox daily at and college visits have taken up most of the Tillman household. The phone will Parker’s free time. “Ferris State unofficial visit, Saginaw periodically ring, with some college coach asking to talk to a prospective student athlete. Valley unofficial visit, Central Michigan But which Tillman will the coaches be unofficial visit, University of Michigan interested in now: senior Parker Tillman official, Michigan State unofficial visit was last week, Siena Heights or freshman Xavier Tillman? “It is very busy at the Tillman unofficial visit was sometime last household,” mother Tanya Tillman week,” Parker said losing count explained. “It has been busy like with a chuckle. “I mean, just that for years. I think they started a lot of time just gone, no to play sports when they were in weekends.” Despite the urging from fifth grade, but now it is taken to a whole other level, ‘like who’s his mom, Xavier has tagged calling? Where do you want to along to only one of the go visit?’ All that stuff just takes college visits. “I’m trying to get him it to another dimension.” Parker is currently being to go to Michigan,” Tanya recruited for football and said, “but he is more of wrestling and is unsure the social butterfly and of which one he would rather hang will participate in out with his friends.” Although Xavier while in college. only visited Xavier, however, is has being recruited for his Ferris State, that exceptional basketball single visit had a positive outcome. abilities. Tanya is no stranger The coaching staff to college sports and said that they were what it takes to be a highly interested intercollegiate competitor in Xavier and some at the college level. Tanya of his fellow AAU was a key player on the teammates. But Ferris Ottawa Hills women’s is not the only college basketball team and was that has their eye on later inducted into the him. “Indiana, Iowa, and University of Michigan hall of fame for her basketball abilities. During Detroit University have all sent me a her four years as a Wolverine, Tanya proved to letter,” Xavier said. “Then I had Virginia Tech and University of Dayton come in the gym and be an important asset to the team. This has had a giant impact on Xavier’s they asked me to do some drill work.” Xavier uses his brother as a tool of motivation basketball career. “I honestly didn’t know my mom was a to work hard on the court to get the same University of Michigan Hall of famer until recognition that Parker has now. “It’s fun [being recruited at the same I was about eight or nine,” Xavier said. “I remember I saw her plaque at Van Andel, I was time],” Xavier said. “I mean when my like ‘I want that to be me one day. I want to play brother gets recruited it gives me more energy. I want to play better basketball.’” Parker agrees with his brother about how the so I can be like him, getting phone status of their mother gives them motivation to calls from colleges and stuff. try to earn the same reputation as her. Parker, When it comes to wrestling, Parker is a really hard worker. however, was not given the basketball gene. “Oh no, oh God no, I would never [play If I watch him practice, basketball],” Parker said, smiling at his brother. he doesn’t quit. When “In middle school, I made the seventh grade everyone else stops, he tries recreational team. I was like ‘oh no, I got to to get his partner to keep on change something.’ So that’s when I started going, no matter what, just to get better.” Parker shares the same sense of pride in his wrestling, and I did a lot better at that, so I stuck younger brother. with it.” “Personally, I am proud of Xavier for getting Parker’s choice to stick to wrestling seems to have been a wise one. His performance at recruited this early,” Parker said, smiling the state meet was outstanding; so outstanding at Xavier. “I remember I didn’t have any colleges looking at me that he caught the attention of coaches at the “When my brother gets my freshman year, so seeing my little brother Disney Duel wrestling recruited it gives me more take a step past me, competition. They invite the best in the country to energy. I want to play better at least freshman year wise, that’s exciting. compete in Florida on a so I can be like him.” I’d like to point out national level tournament. that Xavier’s basketball “I was in Florida for a week,” Parker said. -Xavier Tillman, freshman ability surpasses his grade. So that makes him “Then I went right to an intense wrestling camp and I was there for even more special of a player because he can another week. I rested for a day then got right play with the big boys at any time and still win, which is really impressive. It is a good start for back into it.” While Parker was down in Florida, he left his high school career.” For a mother, having both of her sons Xavier back in the mitten. However, Xavier was busy on the court, putting in his own work competing as varsity-level athletes is something to be proud of. But for Tanya, having two of her to get some colleges’ attention. “Parker was gone for a long time, he left sons recruited by division one schools at the me home,” Xavier said, shooting a look at his same time is such a surreal feeling. “It’s a dream come true,” Tanya said, shaking brother. “Then I had a whole bunch of AAU basketball tournaments, and I think that is when her head. “I know what it’s like, and what it I started to get recognized. Colleges would be takes to be a student athlete. They have both there to look at certain players, then they would worked really hard and it is really cool to see see me play, and then I would get looked at them both get this opportunity. They are great kids who put family first and work hard at what too.” Both the brothers put in up to fourteen they enjoy doing. It’s great to see them benefit hours of hard work per week to improve their from all their hard work.”


Xavier Year: Freshman Height: 6’6 Weight: 220 lbs Sports: Basketball and Football Years Playing: Basketball: 9 Football: 6 Top Colleges: University of Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Dayton, Virginia Tech

Katlynn Emaus Sports Editor

Photos by Veronica Clay

Parker Year: Senior Height: 6’2 Weight: 260 lbs Sports: Football, Rugby, and Wrestling Years Playing: Football: 8 Wrestling: 6 Top Colleges: Grand Valley State University, University of Michigan, Ferris State University

FHC Tweets Overheard in the hallway “I’ve never seen a real life prisoner before.”

“I heard that Panera pays you in bread.”

“My pencil was abducted yesterday, and I’m very upset.” “The fact that I have belly button hair is freaky.”

“My dictionary is my only friend that’s still there for me.”

“My brother sells turtles “I used to groom my on the black market.” cats by licking them. “I don’t get nervous, Now my mom won’t I just poop a lot.” leave me alone with them.” “My hands are registered weapons.” “Woah, this bathroom has a bedet.” “I just really like cats, that’s all.”

That awkward moment when...

TFE shares some of their most awkward Thanksgiving stories 1.) ...your family has to cook the turkey in the dishwasher because the oven is broken, and it actually works.

2.) ...the house almost burns down because your family completely forgets

the fact that there are two pumpkin pies baking in the oven while they are at a play.

3.) have your entire family and extended family over for dinner, and despite being 18, voting, driving, and going on the occasional date, you are forced to sit at the dilapidated card table next to your four cousins - ages 2, 4, 5, and 9. Nothing like spending your entire life at the dreaded kids table.

4.)’re sitting at the table ready to eat with both your mom and dad’s side of the family and you realize that you are the only single one.

5.) ...your younger brother tries mashed potatoes for the first time and ends up throwing them up all over his plate for the whole family to see.

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Blake Lively

Austin Collins

& Logan Lerman

Sarah Gage

Kiersten Van Belkum



Harry Styles

Victoria Beckham

Brad Anderson & Mr. Clean

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