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INTRODUCTION  Moving an entire business can be an arduous, frustrating process for all involved but with planning, it doesn’t have to be such a hassle.  Whether the move is a local or long distance one, there are numerous details to consider, from staff to furniture, records and inventory. Taking the time to make a solid plan of action a necessity.

INTRODUCTION  Making self storage part of that plan of action is a good idea that will help the move go as smoothly as possible.  Quality storage provides space for items being relocated while making them accessible to customers at all times.  When moving a business, quality storage can come in handy in many situations.

1.RELOCATING LOCALLY  If your business is relocating somewhere nearby, that can be both easier and more complicated in many ways.  By procuring quality and secure self storage for your company’s move, you can store equipment and records that are not needed at the new site until the office furniture and everything is all set up and ready to go.  This allows your business to empty out the old location, store files and other things in self storage while cleaning both the old location after moving out and the new location before moving things in and setting up the office.

2.CROSS COUNTRY MOVING  Moving a business over a long distance brings a whole other aspect to moving hassles and things to consider. With a good plan of action that includes personal storage in the new location, these hassles can be kept minimal or eradicated altogether.  A long distance move often means shipments will arrive before the new office space is ready or the employees have arrived to set things up.  By arranging for easy access storage near the new business location, you can easily set the office up bit by bit as the employees arrive on site and the space is set up for working efficiently.

3.EXTRA STORAGE SPACE  Extra storage space in the form of storage units while moving between old and new business locations can be a lifesaver in helping the entire project go smoothly.  This extra space can be used as the old office is emptied and cleaned and the new space is properly set up, without equipment and records having to be stacked all around in chaos.  Accessible storage space can be used only during the moving process, or it can be an ongoing situation where records and inventory are safely stored without taking up valuable business space.

CONCLUSION  Business moves can seem overwhelming but this does not have to be the case. When moving equipment, records, inventory and staff, there are a lot of things to consider.  With a plan of action that includes self storage, the entire project can be done relatively stress free.  Storage can go a long way towards helping your business move go as smooth as possible. The easier the move, the sooner your business can get back to doing what is most important—serving customers and making money.

Reasons To Use Self Storage When Moving  
Reasons To Use Self Storage When Moving  

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