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editor’s letter Hello there reader! If you are holding this issue of Forest Child Magazine you are truly in for a real treat. I believe this issue will most defintely be one of the biggest, if not the biggest issue that we will have here at Forest Child. The theme of this issue is “AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ADVENTURE”stemed from the ideal to have our first offical issue titled “introductions” and our second “adventures”. However if you are anything like me you realize that putting together a magazine such as this takes a lot more patience,time and commitment than many bargain for. Despite any minor difficulties we might have gone through we have made it here to this moment. The release of this first offical issue of our magazine.

itself,through its planning, organization and creation was an adventure of its own making.As you explore these pages I hope you will find the adventure that is you just waiting to be explored and expressed. all my love, Ariana Founding Editor-in-chief of Forest Child Magazine Enjoy!

Now for this issue as was previously mentioned we combined the introduction and adventure aspects. So I guess you could say this edition of the magazine is two issues in one.Here you will find vivid photos and artistic works introducing many of our members here at Forest Child. Along with me asking my creative team members to provide introductions of themselves in any way that they would like I also asked if they would pick or create works of their own they they felt reflected or rather represented their ideolgy of adventure.The feeling, the sense of an adventure of their own. I myself didn’t submit adventure works persay for this issue within



mithsuca berry

My name is Mithsuca Berry, a 15 year old teenager born in Canada and raised in MA. I am self taught and have been drawing since I was really young. I used to draw a lot to kind of shield myself from the harsh bullies in my school and it motivates me even more afterwards seeing as how it helped me. I was first introduced to digital art and mixed media in 7th grade when I took my first graphic design class and since then I’ve broadened my horizons and have been improving tremendously and it’s cool as heck. I think art is an amazing form of self expression that should never have limits and will last forever. Art is a huge part of my life and without it I wouldn’t have so many connections and opportunities coming my way. Art eases the mind and we as a society are lucky to have it.


MEET THE TEAM Oliver Craig photographer

Klae Brown artist

Shania Morain writer

Alexis Henry writer and head blogger for Forest Child Mag website

Danika photographer

Madge Yang photographer Ross writer

Starr Yon writer

Breet Cole Young photographer

Pryce Atkinson writer and photographer


Jamie Duke photographer

Mika photographer

Ariana Founding Editor-In-Chief

Hanna Oravecz writer

Ian Woods artist

Hey there! It’s Ariana the founder and editor-in-chief of Forest Child Magazine. I’m seventeen years old and from Texas. I contribute my writing, photography and so much more to this magazine.I’ve always wanted to create a platform for expression, art I’m hoping to make this magazine different from the rest.

In the 7th or 8th grade I co-ran a business selling hair accessories with a friend we did so well we even had our vice principal call us to her office so she could buy a few. (I still remember how terrified me and my friend Grace were at the time)

My music tastes is insanely varied. It ranges from Andrea Bocelli to the donnas, two door cinema club,walk the moon,the 1975,cherry glazerr,HAIM,Bombay Bicycle Club, Artic Monkeys,FKA Twigs,Frank Ocean,Beyonce, to even Biggie Smalls or any old school rap. To be honest it depends on my mood or just what the day feels like. guess you could say I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur. In the fourth grade towards the end of the school I opened up a little store selling posters and little trinkets and such.

I’m hoping that this project and platform I’ve created will allow for me to connect with and make friends from all over the world, to travel attend tons of events and so much more.

A lot of people think I’m shy but I’m really not. I probably either just don’t feel like talking or I don’t really I’ve always been one for being creative and being have anything to say.(Plus its more fun having people myself. Ever since I was little I’ve dressed in my own think you are quiet and then make a smart remark every what my family calls “unique” style. I just see it has once in awhile) It’s also fascinating to observe peovintage 80’s and 90’s. I’m all about those high waisted ple and their ways you can actually learn a lot about a jeans,crop tops and bodysuits. I’m probably a thrifting addict to be honest go whenever I can and when I person. Anyone who knows me really well knows that do 99.9% of the time end up finding some pretty neat I’m anything but quiet.They will probably give you the crazy-eyed look as if to say “you said what now??”. I love stuff. A lot of the time I end up going home with one or two big bags of clothing. My thrifting trips to me are to laugh and go around dancing and singing around the house and out in public I honestly don’t care. I don’t kind of like going on treasure hunts,you go in never knowing what you’re going to find and end up leaving think I never realized how much what other people thought of me never affected me. with multiple treasures.

I hope you guys will enjoy this adventure all you adventure-seekers out there who want to do more and see more . I think we all crave a little adventure in our lives every now and then hopefully you’ll get a little taste of that through this magazine. Twitter: @succxlents Instagram: @wellarentyouartsy


Hi, I'm Jamie. I'm a student at Utah State University. I love pizza, hammocking, Saturn, and photography.


My name is Alexis but every one calls me lex. ive been living all over california for 17 years now and as of writing this I’m about 3 months from graduating high school (class of 2015 woo!!) I’m (hopefully) going to Syracuse in the fall to major in journalism so writing for Forest Child will be good practice and I hope to stick around for awhile. I am an only child which causes me to be a little weird but there’s never anything wrong with that. I’m really into science, weird socks, dolphins, classical art, basquiat, social justice, chicken nuggets, music, photography, lowercase letters, adonis bosso, bad jokes and just about anything else under the sun. oh and I’m kinda obsessed with drake (sike I’m really obsessed with drake) Other than that I’m very uninteresting. (if you really need more info my personality type is intp) I hope you all enjoy what I hope to bring to Forest Child. yours truly, lex - Occasionally I catalog my life on the internet, you can follow my twitter ((thehomielex)) , tumblr ((hardboiledshawty))) and my instagram ((eyeamlex)) photography: com/photos/shawtea/


Oliver Craig

Introduction, n Pronunciation: Brit. [in-truh-duhk-shuh n] 1. a. a formal personal presentation of one person to another or others. I don't think myself to be very adept at introductions but I'll give it a go. I have a plan, it is similar to a five year plan but it goes way beyond that, I want to work on films. It's a traditional route: A-levels, University, work placements, networking and a whole lot of hard work in between. This all started when my mother bought a fairly cheap DSLR and left it lying around for my wandering hands to find. That’s the point at which I began, I taught myself the basics: the ins and outs of a camera, trial and error, lighting, sound and editing. The first video I made with that camera was (looking back) truly truly terrible, but to me at the time it was the best thing in the world. I had in my hands something that I could make stories with. And that’s exactly what I did, short sketches, vlogs and montages were what I did for years and continue to do. It really opened my mind, I believe it gave me a creative side and motivation to create. I have since been exploring artistic expression, I try to innovate and use the skills that I have learnt to make art I am proud of.

Hello! My name is Mya Goodman and this is a little bit about me! I’m a freshman in high school in Virginia, and I have two siblings. I really enjoy photography and I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. Even when I was younger, I had one of those little kid, drop proof camera that i took everywhere. Of course I’ve upgraded (and improved, thank goodness) since then, which I document on my instagram. My photography really varies with the days. I have so many different ideas and styles that I’m constantly trying and developing and that’s what I love about all artistic styles; you can change or develop them however you want. Besides photography, I love to paint, draw, write, exploring, and read. I also spend a lot (more than I’d like to admit) of time on instagram. I’ve been a girl scout since first grade and am now on the senior level. I spent quite a lot of my free (and not free) time listening to music. Some of my favorite artists are Ed Sheeran, 5 Seconds of Summer, Melanie Martinez, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Little Mix, Lana Del Rey, Hozier, and Taylor Swift.


Hey! im mika, i am 15 and i was born in the philippines but i moved to vancouver when i was 7. it was a big step in my life but honestly it’s one of the best things that’s happened to me, I’ve met so many people here and made lots of new friends that i can have a laugh with and life is just really good for me right now and I am forever grateful for that. i love photography, watching sports like basketball and football (soccer), meeting new people, exploring new things and just having a good time. just over a year ago i was extremely insecure about myself, I just hated the way I looked. then I realized that I shouldn’t be holding myself back because of my flaws, I should be more confident, try new things and stop being so hesitant and afraid when meeting new people. so as the year went on I tried my very best to love myself, to believe that I could do things, and to trust myself more and more, and it worked for me. i may not be super confident but I’m better than I used to be and I am extremely proud. well anyway, what I’m trying to say is, love yourself, no matter who you are you have to love yourself and trust yourself, you’ll be so much happier that way.

Name: Shania Morain Instagram: @l.o.mein Tumblr: Age : 16 Location : Columbia, SC I enjoy drawing and painting. I also have a deep love for music! (over 700 songs isn’t enough!) I was born in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida and relocated to South Carolina in 2013. My favorite animals are monkeys and bunnies. My favorite food is of course Lo-mein and fried rice! I am very proud to be involved in the production of this magazine! i hope we make you extremely happy.



Fox Academy



@analardradraws brandon staincell

Trinity Garnder

tay bassi @megandoods Hannah Levin



(INSTAGRAM: @bc.y).


Things are changing. Things to be remembered. Sit back and embrace the storm. Soltice is here. Things are changing. The solstice, the warm wind, and the red thunder. Overcast isn’t always a bad thing. Things are changing around here. (Models: Kelsey Hall, Aidan Doyle, and Danny Whaley.) All pics by Brett Cole Young

Teenage Royalty By Starr Yon

are true art forms and can sometimes affect us to a very large degree. I highly encourage you to often have movie marathons to cater to your motion picture needs. The next activity (which is my favorite) is pampering yourself! This means taking relaxing bubble baths, polishing your nails, visiting the spa, or even treating yourself to whatever your big heart desires! Pampering is all about focusing on you and doing the things that make you feel like royalty.

Throughout my days as a teenage girl I’ve come to realize I like to live as close to a princess lifestyle as possible. To carry out your day-to-day life in a royal manner, as a true princess would, requires you to fulfill simply darling and congenial tasks. This includes; loving and protecting Mother Nature, reading large amounts of literature, watching classic films, spending lots of time pampering yourself, singing, dancing, and most importantly, being yourself. From personal experience doing these activities lead me to having a lively, cheerful soul. Each of these tasks is essential and important in their own way. Taking care of your environment not only connects you to Mother Nature but makes you feel good and Singing and dancing are very much necessary! They can be the most beautiful form of self-expression. Blast benefits everyone! Reading is one of the greatest things you can do. Reading is fun, builds your vo- music in your room and dance your heart out. Shout cabulary, increases your knowledge, and stimulates your favorite lyrics at the top of your lungs and get lost your mind. Books can take you anywhere you want in the tune. Lastly to ensure your highest level of royalty, always to go (clichÊ quote but still very true)! Along with reading is watching movies, an extrava- be true to yourself. Embrace your personality and do not change who you are because of what anyone gant form of entertainment. Movies thinks. Always


be the best you can be, and people will admire you for your sincere character. Doing these things will make you feel like a princess, but there is more to actually being a princess. To be a princess is all about compassion, generosity, strength, and independence. Your kindness keeps you a loving soul and others will notice your positive attitude. In today’s world, holding a strong nature is very important! You have to remember to not let difficult circumstances keep you down. Continue to hold your own, while maintaining a positive outlook on life.

To give a tad bit more insight on the actuality of being a princess, I’ve asked cutie teen queen, Aurum, a few questions to help guide you to your inner queen ship. Instagram: @priiincessaurum

Withholding independence is also an excellent trait to possess. There is nothing wrong with leaning on others every once in a while, but you should not depend on others for love, success, or happiness. Work to find all of those things within yourself and construct your own world of positivity.

Starr: First, what does it mean to be a princess? Aurum: To be a princess is to represent strong women, who use their talents and courage to make life better for the people around her. She represents beauty, brains, and a positive presence. Starr: What makes you feel like a princess? Aurum: I guess I would say myself. I am self-proclaimed. Anyone can be, and I have really cute fuzzy shoes that make me feel like royalty. Starr: Speaking of, I am so in need of some more cute platforms and colorful sandals! Aurum: You can never have enough, they’re essential to every outfit.

Starr: Exactly! Next, what advice would you give to those who are having a hard time finding happiness? Aurum: Most importantly don’t look for happiness in others. You can only make yourself truly happy. Love yourself, and your aura of happiness will bring other happy people around you. Starr: Amazing! Those are all of the questions. Thank you so much for your input, Aurum. Hope you have a lovely day and stay fab! Aurum: Thank you for the opportunity! There you have it! Seems like being a princess is all about happiness, love, respect and of course FUN! To get you in more of a princessy mood, I’ve included a playlist below which is sure to make you embrace your inner princess. For proper listening you are advised to wear a crown and delightfully frolic aimlessly around your home.

Hugs and kisses, Starr Exploration – Coraline Soundtrack Troupeau bleu – Cortex Kitty’s Debut – Dario Marianelli Nocturna – Nicolas Errera Rogue Waves I – Boy Friend Landfill – Daughter Photograph – Arcade Fire Beast – Agnes Obel Underwater Secrets – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Waltz of the Flowers Tchaikovsky



Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to be able to interview the magnificent Janice Hillman. she is known for her blog on Tumblr ( ) and her famous Instagram account. We have chosen her for our magazine because she has somehow managed to work her way into everyone hearts and has recently started modeling. She has people and stores falling at her gracious feet, begging for her to be involved with them, but the poor girl is only fifteen! She has come such a long way in such a short time.



I knew about Janice before the interview, as I followed her through Tumblr as well as Instagram, and was so excited to get the opportunity to speak with someone who is classified as “Insta-Famous.” Being an average person, it’s hard to imagine famous people (shall we even say celebrities?) as real. You kind of blur out the fact that they are real and smart and thoughtful and human. Before the interview, I saw Janice as beautiful, talented and extremely lucky. Now that I’ve gotten to speak with her, my opinion still holds those characteristics, but I also know that she is smart beyond belief, very philosophical, and yet still a sweet young girl just wanting to fit in and make friends in this crazy, hectic, and spiteful world.

Below, you can read through our actual conversation and form your own opinions on the splendid and fabulous, young Miss Janice Hillman.


interviewe“First off, thank you for letting me interview you! All of us at Forest Child really appreciate your cooperation and fashion insight. So to start, how do you feel about fashion? And how has it changed your life for the better or worse?” Janice“I have loved fashion since I was practically a baby. I had a little notepad when I was five, and in it I would sketch outfits and pattern ideas! I have always found it fascinating how a single person could come up with an idea for a garment, manufacture it, and cause a frenzy of oohs and ahhs all over the world. But I feel that a lot of people view fashion through a narrow sighted lens; That it’s a petty business centered around materials that don’t make a difference. But fashion is so much more than that. It’s an art form that you live your life in; A chance to express yourself in a way words can’t. It can give someone confidence and inspiration, and even bring people together. The best part is, fashion keeps changing and revolutionizing - in a way you could define as opalescent. Personally, fashion has given me so many opportunities, especially through Instagram. So fashion has definitely changed my life for the better!”

interviewe“That was amazing! So how long have you been modeling and what are the biggest misconceptions?” Janice“I’ve been modeling and doing promotional work for a little less than a year (maybe 8 or 9 months?) and it’s so much fun, I love it! I guess I would say the biggest misconception most people have is that it’s very daunting and the people aren’t that friendly (which I thought as well) but I’ve been very fortunate because all the people I’ve worked with have been very sweet and approachable.”


interviewe“That’s so great! Now what are your opinions on social media? How has it helped you get to where you are today and what would you recommend to others striving for a modeling/fashion based career?” Janice“I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I think it’s great in terms of making information accessible and exchanging ideas or marketing strategies, like Instagram does for the fashion world, but sometimes I think people put too much emphasis on social media and forget to make time for other things. Like going out for a walk or writing a letter (I know email is basically the same, but there’s nothing like getting a letter in the mail and knowing whoever sent it put a lot of time and effort in it). The only forms of social media I use are Instagram and my blog ( ), and they have helped propel me into a world I could only dream about. I never once imagined having 30K+ followers on Instagram and stores that want me to model their merchandise... And sometimes is still can’t believe it! I would recommend to others to stay true to themselves and stay passionate! When you love who you are and what you do, others (and maybe even the world) will surely follow! <3”

interviewe“So I can already guess your answer for this one, but how do you feel about artistic expression and how do you express yours?” Janice“I believe artistic expression is extremely important and it can really verify what a person thinks, values, and has interest in. I feel that I show mine through fashion, as it enables me to experiment and ultimately create ensembles that reflect or translate who I am and what I mood I’m in. Fashion is like my other language!”

interviewe“Well it’s been such a pleasure talking with you Janice! The last little questions are about you. Like what kinda of food do you like, biggest fears, favorite color, etc.” Janice“My favorite foods are cherries, sushi (the vegetable kind since I’m vegetarian), cake, and soufflés! My biggest fears are being buried alive, the ocean (like deep DEEP down in the ocean), and that I won’t end up living my dreams. My favorite colors are dove grey, candy floss pink, and yellow. My style icons/role models are my mom (Grace), Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Jane Birkin, and Brigitte Bardot.”


interviewe“Thank you so much for speaking with us Janice! We really appreciate your time and willingness to work with us. Are there any questions you have for me or the magazine?” Janice“I guess not! I had such a fun time talking with you! <3”

schelesey 36






Hey there readers! I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Chloe Hendrix a young, aspiring music artist about performing her VERY FIRST GIG. I felt very honored that I got to chat with her about the experince and get to know a bit more about her along the way. I am also glad to call Chloe a new and good friend of mine. Hope you stay tuned to learn more about Chloe and whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to come for her in the next few pages. ENJOY, Ariana

when did you start and what do you hope to do with your passion and talent for music? -My dad taught me the most simplistic of simplistic guitar chords when I was 9 in the trunk of his pickup truck while we were waiting for the 4th of July fireworks show, and I’ve been playing ever since. Although, I don’t know as much as I should (like the letters of the strings) considering how long I’ve been playing for haha. I hope to make people feel something, give them goosebumps, make them think, cry, get them angry, make them feel any type of emotion. But, also get that certain message across

what inspires you to perform,make music? -Everything inspires me honestly. On my ride to and from Denver this past week, I wrote down tons of lyrics for some songs I have in mind, and I’ve been thinking about changing my groove for my music and which direction I want to go in this past month also. And I love performing because you just get to express everything you have in you through a song or two and to see the reaction and to hear the claps is just amazing. Words can’t describe the feeling.


do you do many gigs like singing at places like banter often? -Actually, playing at Banter was my first performance in front of a crowd!! It was intoxicatingly amazing. Awesome so you are just starting out. What finally made you decide to perform in from of a ton of people? -Banter is closing in about 2 weeks, and I just fought the devil on one shoulder and went up on the stage and gave it everything I had.

what a rush! Do you have any other singing gigs planned in the near future? -Right!! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s incredible. And I do! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m planning this summer to host an instameet/concert and jam with some cool people and put on a little show in Dallas and/or Denton.


That sounds incredible!I’m 100% positive you’ll get a lot of interest in that! I’m sure it will be a big hit!Music and Instagram friends a great combo! -I know right! So much unheard and unseen talent that I can’t wait to watch and hear come to life in person :)

inspired!:) truly inspired.For those of us out there who love your music but can’t come out to see one of your shows is there anywhere we can find clips or videos of some of your music? -Shhh shhh I’m making an EP in the time span of these months until summertime and I’ll release all the songs that I’ll be playing! But also, I’m sure my mom will record it and post it everywhere, but I’ll also make sure to upload it to YouTube or soundcloud :)


Haha well we can’t wait!:) and your mom sounds super supportive and sweet we’ll be keeping an eye out for all the awesome things you’ve got going on the next couple of months:)It was absolutely wonderful talking to you Chloe I wish you all the best on your musical journey!! -She’s the total dude :) And thank youuuuuu!!! x

to keep up with what’s going on with chloe check her out on instagram:@clxii





Adventure, n

Pronunciation: Brit. [ədˈvɛntʃə] 1.

a. an exciting or very unusual experience.

I for one am not much of an adventurer, I am comfortable with my usual surroundings and rarely stray too far from home. Going to new places or doing new things is definitely, to me, an adventure. Prompted by being able to write this article I decide to first go exploring around an abandoned hotel. The decrepit building looked quite sad when we arrived, a massive courtyard enclosed on three sides with cracked tarmac and dry over grown grass. Derelict since 2006 due to a new motorway being built the hotel was an absolute wreck inside, there was graffiti on almost every surface and no surviving panes of glass. After about an hour of wandering though identical rooms in different states of decay we came to an impressive ballroom, the wooden floor was warped by water damage but had the resonance that it was once danced on many times. It was a fantastic experience and I would recommend urban exploring to anyone with a sense of adventure, being in a place that once had massive human contact is a bit like stepping into a post apocalyptic world. I feel like these few picture show unusuality in their appearance, sometimes for scientific purposes a dead human body is permanently embalmed and then cut into 1 mm thick strips so that scientists are able to explore and experiment on the body. This is not a very normal topic of conversation I know, but it was a vital part of the second set of images I have created here. I think that just as much as going out to a new place or participating in a thrilling experience there are many ways to adventure with nothing more that a computer. Looking into the abnormal and the different is something I consider to be an adventure, to discover and create is an adventure to me. So by looking into this method of embalming and experimentation by the scientists I came across a photographer who takes the images scientists have of these dissected bodies and creates a video that simulates traveling from top to bottom of the body. ending up with creating these images using only those videos and a camera. I think of this as an adventure possibly more of knowledge and discovery than traveling.




these images are an experiment, I had quite recently prior to the pictures being taken challenged myself to take a number of different and diverse picture. I would get inspiration for these images by looking at other artists and taking the skills that they used to take their photographs and use them to create my own images. I would recommend this process to anyone wanting to find their own style in photography or if you are just starting out and don't know what you want to do. Take inspiration from all around you and put it into your photography because the more you learn about how to take a picture the more art you can create and the depth of meaning in your photographs will increase massively. A photograph is a very powerful thing and everyone has something they want to say to the world, by learning everything necessary about how to take a picture then you can take pictures that send a message and make a difference.





photography by Oliver Craig

photography by danika


2foxacademy interview

I had the pleasure of getting to chat with the two super cool dudes who make up the Fox Academy duo, Michael and Christian. We talked about music , life and about just havin’ fun: What inspired you guys to start making music? -vampires, old movies, fun How did the vibe that you guys have about your music come about? It’s sound and styling. - we usually try to create colorful visual atmospheres with sound. making movies with music Do you have a favorite out of all of the songs you guys have written? - christian- salem or bridges. michael- i guess im not dead yet or this new song we just did called goodbye my love

Do you understand the internet? What’s you guys favorite social media sites/communities? (tumblr,twitter,YouTube) - we have no idea how this thing works. rap genius and club penguin are our favorite social media sites this evening What do you like most about your music? - it doesn’t sound like anything ! What do you find the most enjoyable about making music? - when it finally ends!!


What do you like the most about having meetups with fans? - we’ve never done one! they’re not even real! just like everything else! What do you guys like to do besides making tunes and YouTube videos? - sports(all of em), cooking, gardening videos, wearing a lid on the dome, the opera, culture If you guys could play at events would you?(concert,music fest etc)or would you feel that it wouldn’t be the same dynamic? - it would be very beautiful but christian is too shy sorry!

If you could meet and hang out with two people for a whole day- one currently alive and one deceased, famous musician,actor,celeb etc who would they be?? -we would want to hang out with kylie jenner (the live one) and probably any dead person would be nice to hang out with bc they r, well, dead What kinds of music do you both like? - only rap music rn what is one word each of you would use to describe the other? - christian to describe michael: woof. michael to describe christian: brunch

why is your super cool band called fox academy? where did the name come from? -random word generator who would you want to collaborate on music with? write/make a song with them or maybe have a jam sess -young thug or father or kanye what is one thing right now you'd each like to do? doesn't matter when you do it..the far future, the next couple of months,days,tomorrow it can be ANYTHING -christian: I want to make a magazine and a cooking show. Also movie and a million new albums! -michael: make a feature length film, buy a mansion on the oregon coast, make lots of things do you see life as an adventure? -no we see life as a beautiful hilarious joke

Well thank you guys so much for taking the time to chat with us and get to know a little bit more about the both of you!! -Ariana










interview with @ellietheloser

For a good first impression can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m a 17 slightly chubby girl from the uk who likes to drown herself in chocolate and occasionally cry because I’m not helon melon. What would you describe your art style/aesthetic like? I don’t really know, I’m forever trying to develop my style but it’s hard when I have a lot of course work to do, I don’t really get a chance to make things for myself, however I’d say I’m very messy and colourful, my work always includes colored pens and pro markers. Hobbies? Over indulging in chocolate and going to clubbercise (exercise in a club) so I can eat more chocolate. Who’s the most important person in your life at the moment? I’d have to say my mum (cringe) because she birthed me and drives me places when I can’t be bothered to get the bus, for example one time I needed a wee so bad walking home she drove round to the bus stop, picked me up and took me home if that’s not love I don’t know what is. If you were to be stranded on an island with 3 artists or photographers who would you choose? Probably James Nachtwey because he’s so brave. Hussein Chalayan he’s so clever and can think outside the box, Cindy Sherman because from her work she seems like she’d be a laugh and we’d need someone to lighten the mood. Tell me about what motivates and inspires you the most. The thought of being able to complete something, there’s nothing more satisfying to me than actually being able to see all the hard work you’ve put into something whether the outcome is good or not.

Who is your favorite author? I bet I’m going to get bricks thrown at me for this but I don't really read books, but please don't take me for one of those people who are like ‘I don't read lol’ because if I had the time or patience I would. What has been your biggest success up until now? Probably leaving school with having got something out of it because for a long time I thought I wouldn’t. If you were to create an art piece right now, what would the subject be? At the moment I’m just about to start a project loosely based on on journeys, either physical, spiritual, or metaphorical, I’m not too sure what the outcomes going to be yet that comes with the development of the project but the subject would definitely be journeys. Which decade do you wish to be brought up in? Honestly this one, the world is only just starting to try and get up on its feet and I think it’s amazing to witness it and join in with the discussion. How would your friends describe you? Messy, ‘a bit of a nutter’, clumsy University or life experience, which do you feel would prepare you most for your dreams and life in general. Explain why please. I’m already at a uni (however I’m taking a pre-degree course) I think life experience is so important, being surrounded by different cultures, environments, creative practices I feel like can really hinder a person, this will teach you skills and gain you understanding but if you want to move up in the world stereotypically you need to either get lucky or have a uni education, and










had an interest for drawing illustrations since I was a little kid. I've only recently taken professional art classes, as I started attending art college 8 months ago. I've always wanted to have my designs on a t-shirt after seeing cool merchandise in public shops. Maybe one day I can have my own physical shop, who knows :-) I hope I can contribute to the magazine by inspiring other people to follow their aspirations, even small ones, & continue to enjoy what you do. Random hobbies other than painting: dancing, writing, playing the guitar, making short videos, rapping, exploring cool places, playing video games (i'm a huge video game nerd), eating. I'm really looking forward to the launch of the magazine! All the best of luck, much love<3â&#x20AC;?


Mab Ulrich-Neureuter is a 15 year old artist living in Pennsylvania. She has been cre ating art ever since she could pick up a pencil. Mab has always felt a strong connection to space and that is incorporated and inspired in most of her art. She loves all mediums of visual art pretty equally but her most used medium is pen and paper, she carries around a notebook wherever she goes and brings it out as soon as inspiration hits. Mab has sold artwork at craft shows and art fairs as well as donated a painting to the Music For Everyone donation.

For All of the Boys Who Tell Girls They Like it Better When They Go "Natural" Why do you tell us you like us natural, when the natural state of our bodies are too much for you to handle? When we reveal what lies behind the closed doors of our bodies, You tell us to close them back up. When you learn that our bodies do something other than look pretty for you, you tell us to hide. So next time, don't say you want us to simply go "natural" when you are really asking is for us to be naturally "perfect." -Eden-Soleil Johnson instagram: @aphroditegurl


Being nice to yourself ig:l.o.mein Everyone has their ups and downs. Especially being a Teen forced to go to a giant hell hole called school and be surrounded by monsters who call you weird! Also, you have to do assignments by certain dates! And then there are boys who will break your heart and leave you to glue the pieces back together. All of these horrible things pile up and causes stress and depression. A lot of adults say that teens are “dramatic” and that were “just going through a phase”, But its way more than that. Never believe that horse poo because you have feelings just like any other human. Always take your mental health into consideration because, your mind and soul will suffer. Here are ways to take care of your mind and soul. 1. Find comfort in solitude/never lose contact with yourself A lot of times we find ourselves feeling lonely and it can really bother us a bit. That one guy that won’t text you back, when your friend is better friends with someone else, your other friend is murdering her story with pics of her cuddling with “Bae”. All of these things will make you wonder why you even do what you do. It will make you question your importance in this messed up world. But fear not! You have yourself to worry about. We don’t need anyone to make us feel loved for we have Wifi and Lush bath bombs! Buy yourself a big tub of chocolate chip gelato and get naked! Take a walk to a coffee shop and get that assignment done! Work on you while everyone else is gone. Never feel sad about being stuck with the most awesome person ever! 2. Stop Procrastinating/Focus on the more important things Procrastinating will be the end of you if you don’t fix it. As much as we love Tumblr we know that it won’t be there for long if we keep this up. The best way to stop procrastinating is to literally drag yourself away from the computer screen and just do it. Another way is to trick yourself into doing your work. convince yourself that you’re excited about solving math problems and answering questions. Buy a lot of snacks and play some good music to get you excited about doing homework. it’s really hard but you’re not going to care when you have an A In your math class. Better grades = less stress. 3. Focus Focus FOCUS! This is the most serious thing out of all things. When we were younger and began to gain interest in boys, we used to roll our eyes at our parents when they would tell us to leave them alone. But as we get older and begin to experiment with love, we realized that it’s harder than it seems. Finding the difference between love and lust and experiencing heartbreak will tie your insides into knots and make your brain explode and goooie! Your mind is free and clear when you’re not stressing about Sam from French class! Don’t rush it. EVER. 4. Love yourself. Loving yourself is one of the hardest things. The stretch marks on your butt and the fuzz above your lip shouldn’t make you feel any less than Kim Kardashian (I heard she’s a wooly mammoth without laser hair removal!). there’s hair on my stomach, hair on my back, hair under my arms, hair above my lip, stretch marks on my boobs and butt, my sideburns devour my jaw, and my butt is near non-existent. Many guys will probably cringe reading this but I think I’m perfectly fine! Happiness is when you stop beating yourself up for being you!

Spring follies Playlist 1. Guster//”Simple Machine” 2. Lorde//”Ribs” 3. Kanye West//”Bound 2” 4. Lorde// “Team” 5. Full Crate X Mar// “Nobody Else” 6. Miguel// “Where’s the fun in forever?” 7. Miguel//”the thrill” 8. Tyler, the creator// “Analog 2” 9. Frank Ocean//”Monks” 10. 11.

Casey Veggies// “She in my car” Pharrell Williams//”Come get it bae”


THE INSTAGRAM GENERATION In today's time you can get paid for posting a picture, Literally. People nowadays are living though a computer screen, but we don't see one thing; were being influenced by what we see on the screen. Clothing for example, online stores are giving people free clothing and telling them to take a selfie with the clothing on; it's not free always and people BUY the clothing for followers... What the heck! I mean, I see if you like it but, if you're buying clothing just to be advertising yourself all over social media. That's pretty pathetic. We see famous people on Instagram like Joanna Kutcha, Charlie Barker, etc.... We see these people though as "role models", Though they're normal people like me and you. It's funny that we lookup to people that don't really do anything life changing, they just take a selfie. We see something that's trendy over an iPhone screen and think "That's Cool" or "I Need That". That's what many shops do now. That's how they promote a small item that's not selling enough to get it off the shelf. I was a Gullible person who had a same mindset on these things and would constantly try and get the newest thing that was out on the market. It feels good getting what you want. When you look back at it you think why was I this stupid to buy a $40 T-shirt? That's when you finally realize the offset that you've been tricked by a marketing campaign that wants your money. So the next time you want that $30 Japanese Milk T-Shirt, do yourself a favor by not buying a Chinese wholesale item that you could actually get for $12 on another site. - Pryce Atkinson

RAGE Like a caged animal in a rattled cage locked in by many many years of bottled rage, hoping to finally let it all go free into the air so carelessly. Hoping to prey upon the next unsuspecting victim who no one will realize has gone missing, who's full of the rage that draws the beast from the caves of the forests and towards the cities. -By :Ariana


DROWNING is it too early for things to go back to normal? too early to talk about my day too easy to slide into my fitting place talking about the evergreens, the dying species, politics & etc i take you in like the sunshine that is dragged through a tube during dusk in the summertime i swear some part of it has woven itself into me like i am made of it you are addiction in the best way the drink for the non-drinker the drug for the non-user and abuser the thought for the empty-minded you’ve flooded my mind before couldn’t you tell i thought you would notice the trauma hasn’t hit me yet i’m back for more i know you won’t hold back the tide so why am i suddenly afraid of drowning? Hanna Oravecz instagram: @hannaoravecz

Rain It's raining like crazy out and all I can think of is that day in the summer when we got caught in a storm. You hid under a picnic table to get out of the rain, but I stayed out because I loved how it felt on my face. We were so in love, but looking back I realize that while I thought we were only caught in a storm, I was actually caught in your lies and you only ever loved me as much as you love the rain. Hanna Oravecz instagram: @hannaoravecz


I wish I knew the difference between living and dying because we waste away in both. The sun still shines, the moon still glows, and our bones dissolve into the floor like the dreams we had when we were children. The monster's still under the bed, we've just stopped looking for it. It's only just begun looking for us. Golden eyes no longer peer through closet doors or dresser drawers, but through umbrellas in the rain & in the mouths of the people we trust. Shadows of being cloud my vision so I cannot see them pursuing me. I am I am I am and I want to tear the I am-ness out of my rib cage. I am breathing in stars, I am a dragonfly drowning in the paint on the windowsill, I am. I am not wanting to be anymore. I want to tear the I am out of your chest and replace it with flowers because oh god you are too beautiful to waste away with me. You are you are you are and I am I am I am and I don't I don't I don't. We are dying while we are living. I no longer wish to know the difference. -By: Jesse

CACTUS It gives off a strange kind of cconfident vibe the kind that causes all types of birds to wonder, but as they draw near they become peculiarly aware of its needles pointing out in unexplained anger, all the other plants selfishly believe cactus' needles are simply to keep them at a distance little do they know that each of cactus' neddles represent her pain they become her shield to keep it all within. By: Ariana






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art by Klae Brown



photos and works by kiyomi






-So you guys band name is "The Older Girls" I've noticed that on your band instagram page you say that you sing sad songs about girls..Is that true? Are all of your songs and music about and inspired by girls?? How did all of this come about? The band name and the inspiration behind your music? ----We met at high school and started jamming when our rock cover band in which cam played drums and ben played bass split up. Benji uploaded a few low fi originals onto his personal soundcloud and i (cam) instantly caught on to the style and depth of Benji's songwriting and asked straight away to add some drums and backing vocals to the tracks. We have stuck with the two piece concept as we believe it helps boost productivity as there's only two different opinions to be heard instead of four or five. This is probably the key to successfully producing songs on a regular basis. The name has no particularly deep meaning to be totally honest. We knew we wanted a name that would stand out. People sometimes joke and say 'you're not girls' and my reply is always the fact that the rolling stones aren't literally Rolling stones. We love our name. Our original name was 'the dog sh*t brogues' because i (cam) got dog shit on my new shoes on the day of our first practice but we later were advised by a local record label to change it otherwise we'll never get Radio Air time. I guess the older girls has a better story . The name came around when we both had experiences with people older than ourselves. Negative and positive experiences. We found older girls tend to treat you differently once they know they're older. We think it's unfair that age should be a problem in a relationship (obviously its a problem when one's 85 and the others 11 or something but a few years shouldn't mean anything). ---All of our tracks are based on true experiences we've had while growing up. Each song means something different and we have a strong attachment to them. It helps when playing live as we know the stories behind the tracks and we can present the feelings we felt at the time. We often write the morning after a party so the events are fresh in our memory. Our friends also enjoy and relate to the songs too as they often know who or what they're about. Our writing process normally involves benji writing the lyrics and guitar then he comes over to mine and demos the track and and i give my input in the form of lyrical editing and the rhythmic side of the song. I sometimes suggest changes if ben is not 100% sure with a certain element in the track. We then record using a studio mic in the corner of my bedroom, usually in one or two takes. Because we've been the rhythm section in our previous band we play tightly and know the different changes almost through instinct. ---Our main inspirations differ between us. I (cam) find drumming inspiration from the likes of Thom Green from alt J and Mike Joyce from the smiths. Joyce’s heavy beats help add a whole different dimension to the smiths sound and being in a two piece it is vital that i fill the missing elements that would usually be seen in your usual four piece indie band. benji takes his inspiration from artists such as fellow southerner newton faulkner and bands such as you me at six, stereophonics and nirvana. nirvana played a big part in our lives during the early recordings. You can really hear the musical influences in an original from the first demos called ‘Happy’. And benji’s story telling echos that of Kelley Jones in the early years of stereophonics. Despite benji and i having different music tastes Stereophonics is where we meet in the middle as they were the soundtrack of both of our childhoods.


---We try to make sure we don't rip off other bands because there's nothing worse than a rip off but we believe it's okay to be influenced by the musical greats from the past and present day. We are currently in the process of recording our follow up EP to 'Malibu'. This time round we are experimenting more with tonality and rhythm. The local studio we are using to record the second EP is full of effects pedals that we will use to their full capability. We are also using an Orange amp that was previously owned by Noel Gallagher of Oasis. We can't wait for people to hear what we have been working on and we hope that our fans will accept the change up. ---We are arranging a set of gigs to road test the new material. Our ultimate dream would be an american tour as The united states seems to be where it's all happening. Everyone seems a lot more appreciative of new music, especially British music. We have a few fans from the states and recently sent out our EPs to listeners from across the pond. We hope to break through soon and become a serious contender on the music scene. -I have another question..of all of your favorite music if you guys had the chance to open for only one of your favorite bands in your lifetime who would it be?:) -If you don’t mind me asking how old are both you and Benji? ---Ah thats great, we’re 17. To pick one would almost be impossible but we would probably say Warpaint. We saw them at reading festival and they were mesmerising. Also we both have a major crush on the Bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg. We’ve always said supporting them would be great as we could imagine them being really cool to hang out with on tour, whenever i’ve seen interviews they’ve always seemed really genuine and in it for the music and we hope we come across like that too. ---Our new stuff that is yet to be released would fit in supporting the garage rock band The Orwells. They’re another band that we both enjoy listening to, we were left literally breathless after their reading set, we had to sit down for a while because we felt like we were going to have heart attacks, it was crazy. After we finished the demo for one of our new tracks we both said it sounds like the orwells, which was odd as it wasn’t intentional. We also think that they would be a laugh on tour. We both have the frontman on facebook so you never know... -I truly love the vibe of you guys music I’ve begun to listen to quite a few of your tracks on SoundCloud. Your music is warm and enjoyable I can see you guys already playing music festivals and touring:)In many of your songs I hear a bunch of your friends in the bakground.Do you play for your friends often?.I remember you mentioning how many of your friends even know what some of your music is about. ---Thankyou! Yeah we have a group that follow us to wherever we play. Its really nice to know we have some solid support. Also it means we can party afterwards. We sometimes start playing randomly when there’s a guitar at a party (yes we are those kind of embarrassing people). They help share our stuff online too which is very handy


Your friends seem extremely supportive a fine bunch ,if you toured around would you want them to tag along and see a few shows? ---Yeah if we could we would take them all with us. It wouldn't be the same without them. They'd have to be on their best behaviour in some of the more prestigious venues otherwise we'll never get invited back.

-Seems like lots of good memories to be had and stories to be told once you guys hit the road with your crew:) Awesome! well thanks so much for your time! Hope to see you guys on the road and touring soon hopefully we can even catch one of your shows!;)














April 2, 2015 This was such a crazy night omg. Everyone in the venue was beautiful. Everyone. The local teens in the crowd were beautiful! Sunflower Beam was beautiful! The ButtertoneS were beautiful! Cherry Glazerr was beautiful! The bands all performed so effortlessly and the vibes in the room were euphoric. Running down the street at midnight mid concert to a convenience store. Moshing hard and falling down over and over. Singing along with everyone in the crowd. Smoking in an alley late at night with my closest friends. Having deep conversations outside the venue. Everything about this night was perfect. -Madge





hannah levin feature Hello! My name is Kitty and I’m a Fine Art Photographer. Born and raised in California I’ve had a lot of opportunities to grow in my art. Along with Fine Art, I’ve also began expanding into Fashion, Portraits, and Dance Photography. The main purpose of my art is to allow others to feel any emotion as well as inspired to go out and create their passion too I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you.




@Analauradraws feature








photography by Jamie Duke




go to to see more of her wonderful work!!



1. Your new album, Lava Pal, is arguably one of your best; your vocals have heavily improved & your lyrics are not only cute, but also heavily meaningful in lots of ways. How long have you been working on this album, & what outside influences helped inspire you through it? I loved making LAVA PAL. It took about 6-7 months which is way more time than I have ever spent on an album. It was neat to actually work on a song for a few weeks rather than having it done in a day or two. I have loved working on LAVA PAL but feel like I want to go into another direction for my next album. Got some influences basically from all my old music. I love making music for me. 2. A few months back, you released a new Zine of yours. What is the special meaning behind these, & are you planning on creating any more? Yep! 2RAD! It was a zine continuation of RADDDDD. It has a lot of neat stuff in it but I feel a lot of people skipped out on it for some reason. I love hand making things but would rather write a new book. So any new zines in the future? Maybe, but the next thing is going to be a new book. 3. You’ve also been having a few meetups more recently. Is this just because you’ve been traveling a lot, or because you desire to strengthen the bond between you & your fans? Yes! I have been traveling around for different reasons. Not specifically the meetups but whenever I am in a new city I also arrange a meetup to meet people. It’s really neat how I can go to any city and have a meetup and people actually show up! It’s a fun thing to do for people to meet an artist they look up to and I love doing it free just to thank everyone for supporting me online! 4. Alright, here’s a question you receive constantly: how do you stay so upbeat & posi tive most of the time? Lots of practice, love, and patience. I’m not happy 24/7 because that is impossible and I am only human. But I try the best I can and that’s all that matters. ++++ 5. Although most of your songs are about love & positivity, on a few of your older EPs, you had a few spoken word pieces & electronic stuff. Are you planning on opening up more to this genre, or still sticking with ukulele ballads? After LAVA PAL I feel I have done all I wanted to do with ukulele songs. I want to go back to instrumental music and yes bringing back the synth to make some rap songs. And, lastly: 6. What is the message you are trying to send into the world; with your music, writing, words? What is the main thing are you trying to say? I wrote a huge post about this topic. You can read it here -> http://snckpck.tumblr. com/post/110637646953/on-the-topic-of-my-work








photography by mya goodman


My name is Brandon Stanciell “The Man Who Loved Flowers” I am a 21 year old photographer from Los Angeles California. I’ve been shooting photos for quite sometime now. I typically shoot both digital and film photography. A lot of my work reflects my love for flowers and this beautiful city.

Photos from my very first shoot that involved flowers. The day itself was an adventure of its own.







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Forest child magazine issue #1  

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Forest child magazine issue #1  

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