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‘Designed by Nature’


Forest 2 Furniture Made in Sherwood Forest

Images in the grain

As a cabinet maker, one of hardest decisions I have when making a piece of furniture is which side of the wood should be seen, as both sides will have interesting grain patterns or features. Equally difficult is what to do with the outer boards once the wood is dry. Whilst the wood is air-drying these boards are used to keep the rain off. However, these boards contain some of the most fascinating grain patterns ever to be seen, I hope you'll agree. Finished by hand with a coat of clear shelac and then pure beeswax polish, this brings out the natural colour and enhances the beauty of the wood. Every piece is unique either by its colour or grain pattern. What you can see in the grain is limited only by your imagination.

Polar Bear (Yew)

Stranded on the rocks as the last of the ice cap melts, a lonely Polar Bear looks out across the sea to a far off land he may never see again. 


11.5" high x 4.5" wide

Price: £65


Seal Pup

The piece of Yew below has been polished on both sides as I couldn't decide which was best!

10.75" high x 7" wide x 2" deep  

Price: ÂŁ75

Secret Colonel but there's also a dog to be seen in the grain of this piece of Yew

8.5" high x 2" wide

Price: ÂŁ35

Peacock? (Yew)

Photo below shows the top of the block which has been polished to show off the growth rings

9.5" high x 9" wide x 2" deep Price: ÂŁ85

I've had different suggestions as to what can be seen in this piece of Yew, from a man to his best friend, a dog. Maybe Winnie the Pooh! You make up your own mind

20.5" high x 7.5" wide

Price: ÂŁ85

All these piece’s can be seen on our main website together with the full Forest 2 Furniture collection.

See how we harvest the timber we use in an environmental way working with nature.

Š PJ Turk 2012

Designed by Nature by Forest 2 Furniture  

A new collection from Forest 2 Furniture, polished pieces of English Yew from trees grown in Sherwood Forest with interesting and unusual im...

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