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Special points of interest:  Elan 310 The pocket Rocket!

 Top Ideas for Christmas

 Sail Training Discounts

Successful first year In our first year we attended over 9 Boat shows / events, and have maximized every opportunity to promote our clients vessels. Hopefully you will find something of interest in our new style News Sheet.

SAIL NI Boat Sales and Services WWW.SAILNI.CO.UK

 The story of a Delivery skipper

 Tom Conliffe Interview

 Why Survey  Mosaic Image  Olympic  Your stories Needed

Happy Birthday Sail NI At Sail NI our staff have at

CONTENTS Articles and features

least 30 combined years in the

3. The Marina Carrickfergus

brokerage industry. We pride

4. Helping you get the best start to boating

ourselves in taking good care of

5. First Time Buyers

our customers and thought as a

6. Now and Then - Carrick Marine Projects

thank you to all our clients

8. The Glory of the Old Made New

ongoing support and to celebrate

10. Sail NI going that step further

our first year of business Sail

11. Commercial Workboats

NI would come together with

12. The Lawnmower

some other marine companies and

13. Offshore cruisers

bring to our readers some great

14. Olympic

offers throughout our new style

15. Top 4 Nautical Gifts for Christmas

‘Foresail’ News sheet. These offers include discounts on RYA training courses and boat lift outs

16. Yachts for Sale 17. Power Boats & Commercial Work / Boats for Sale 18. Surveys WHY? 19. Marine Engine Specialist & Carrickfergus Sailing Club 20. Wanted your stories and articles 21. Elan 310 - The Pocket Rocket 22. Boats wanted for brokerage

Special Offers 3. Carrickfergus Marina 4. Ulster Cruising School 7. Carrick Marine Projects 13. Letters to the Boatyard

Interview & Reports 8. Interview with Tom Conliffe Author, Journalist and owner of The ‘Westernman’ 23. Report on the Kite Challenge 2009

FORESAIL News sheet

The Marina Carrickfergus - Haven for Seafaring pursuits and home to ‘Sail NI Boat Sales and Services’. Carrickfergus has long been a haven for seafaring pursuits. Carrickfergus Marina, a home from home A publication by

for all sailors, and holder of the prestigious 5 Gold

Sail NI Boat Sales and

Anchor and European Blue Flag status boasts


excellent amenities for berthing, setting sail and

Carrickfergus Marina

relaxing all year round.

3 Quayside

There's always a warm welcome from the staff at Carrickfergus Marina and the exclusive amenities provided in the Marina building will make your stay all the more enjoyable. No detail is

Carrickfergus Co. Antrim BT38 8BJ

overlooked in the exclusive berthholder facilities, including immaculately presented showers, and

T: +44 (0)28 9335 1141

personal laundry service, and a bespoke marine services area. The area

M: +44 (0)75 0066 1907

around the Marina is a hub of activity, with a modern complex that offers

M: +44 (0)75 0066 1908

restaurants, a childrens' play facility, a hotel, a multi screen cinema, convenient superstore and a vibrant sailing club. There are also inviting bar/restaurant facilities overlooking the marina and harbour - the ideal way to laze away a long summer evening or enjoy a hot drink on a winter's

SAIL NI readers benefit from a second


night complimentary


stay when booking a visitors berth in 2009

night. The customer service team, located at the marina local information point, will also be delighted to provide information about other activities and places of interest in the town and beyond. Over the years, Carrickfergus Marina has gained a world-wide reputation for the excellence of its on-shore facilities and for its friendly, knowledgeable staff.

For more details Contact: Carrickfergus Marina 3 Quayside Carrickfergus Co. Antrim BT38 8BJ

T: +44 (0)28 9336 6666 E: W:

Stay overnight in 2009 and make full use of all the facilities and your second night will be complimentary. We look forward to welcoming you!

Offer subject to terms and conditions

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FORESAIL News sheet

SAILNI Helping you get the best start to boating Whether you are a first time

with the Ulster Sailing School

consideration when approached

buyer, returning to a childhood

to offer all our Foresail read-

by a first time buyer.

love of sailing or just feel that

ers a 10% discount on any

We specialise in matching you

you need to brush up on your

training courses.

to the boat of your dreams.

knowledge it is never to late to start. Sail NI have come together

Knowing the importance of feeling safe on the water is why we take so much into

If the boat you are looking for isn’t listed Sail NI can find it for you!

Ulster Sailing School is

They are situated in the

Northern Ireland’s first and

excellent location of

premier sailing school with

Carrickfergus, on the shores

The "Ulster Sailing School"

friendly, experienced

of Belfast Lough. This sets

Training Centre and Shop are

instructors and skippers

them apart from many other

located at :

offering an extensive wealth

sailing schools, as it broadens

77A Irish Quarter West

of knowledge.

their cruising area dramati-

Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim

cally, giving them a vast array

BT38 8AT

Allowing everyone to enjoy their time onboard and learn as much as possible, in a comfortable and safe environment. Choose from a full range of R.Y.A. courses to suit most peoples needs, including Sail Cruising, Seamanship and Navigation Theory courses or even an RYA Specialised Short Course such as the VHF Radio Course

of picturesque coastal areas

Mob: 078 03 901 364

around Northern Ireland,

Tel / Fax: 028 9332 6304

Scotland, The Isle of Man,


England and Wales to choose


from. So come and sail with the real

Principal: Alan Kelly RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Instructor

professionals at the 'Ulster

SAIL NI customers benefit from

Sailing School' as they con-

a 10% discount when they book

stantly strive to make their

any RYA course with Ulster

standards of tuition and en-

Sailing School.

joyment ever higher!

Just quote ref: Foresail Issue2 Offer subject to terms and conditions

Issue 2

Page 5

First Time Buyer Some great first time buyer boats under £8,000

Anderson 22 - £3,850

Nova 27 - £6,750

This story can fit 100-150 words. The subject matter that appears in newsletters is virtually endless. You can include stories that focus on current technologies or innovations in your field. You may also want to note business or economic trends, or make predictions for your customers or clients.

Nord Fisher 150 - £7,999

If the newsletter is distributed internally, you might comment upon new proce-

SAIL NI Clients benefit from a 10% discount when they book any RYA course with the Ulster Sailing School Hurley 24/70 - £7,250

Achilles 24 - £4,500

Cutlass 27 - £7,950

Sims Super V - £4,350

FORESAIL News sheet

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Carrick Marine Projects Carrick Marine Projects pride themselves on delivering personal, bespoke services. They are past masters at finding solutions to unsolvable problems in the marine field. There is more than a customer/contractor relationship, once you specify your requirements and agree instructions, they focus on delivering a friendly efficient and reliable service. The following are an example of the services available from Carrick Marine Projects: 

Gel Coat Finishing


Hull Polishing


Boat lifting and hardstanding


Cradle hire


Diesel fuel service


Antifoul removal

The yard in C.1896

Workforce of Carrickfergus Boatyard 2009 (Left to right) Yard Manager Rory Moore with his team - Phil, Jim and Robert • Wood, Steel and GRP boat repairs • Boat maintenance and cleaning • Shrink Wrapping

SAIL NI customers benefit from a 10% discount detailed on

Carrick Marine Projects

page 7

Alexandra Pier, The Harbour Carrickfergus, Co Antrim BT38 8BE Telephone 028 9335 5884

Just quote ref: Foresail Issue 2 Offer subject to terms and



Workforce of Carrickfergus Shipyard, Co. Antrim. C1896 Due to financial difficulties, Paul Rodgers was forced to sell the shipyard in 1892, but managed to repurchase it in 1895. However there was no demand for new schooners and the yard concentrated on ship repair. The much reduced workforce, mainly shipwrights, was photographed c.1896. Paul Rodgers, standing on the left, remained in active busi“Photograph; ULSTER FOLK & TRANSPORT MUSEUM: (National Museums Northern Ireland).

ness until his death in 1901.

Issue 2

Page 7

Avoid the spring rush and benefit from 10% Discount with C.M.P. Images f rom the Y ard

Anderson 22 - For Sale ÂŁ3,850

Sadler 29 - For Sale ÂŁ26,750

FORESAIL News sheet

Page 8

The glory of old made new ‘Gloria prisca novatur’ The town motto of Carrickfergus is ‘the Glory of Old made New’ however Sail NI are delighted to have two beautiful ladies listed, that would be better described as the Glory of New Made Old! It’s hard to believe that neither of the Gaff Cutters pictured on the right have reached their teenage years! I am delighted to say that Tom Cunliffe has taken some time out of his busy schedule (he

The Original Westernman 40

is currently involved in the filming of a 6-part

For Y seult— 0 †175,00

series for BBC4 TV about maritime heritage) to answer some questions regarding Gaff ‘Tom Cunliffe’


Cutters’ and in particular ‘Westernman’

Q & A with Mr Tom Cunliffe Author, Journalist and owner of ‘Westernman’ 1. Can you dispel some of the Myths surrounding Gaff Cutters? That they are -

High maintenance ANS: A common remark when passing the boat is ‘Looks like a lot of work’. I was always told that if you enjoy something, it isn’t hard work and it’s certainly a lot more satisfying a medium than plastic. My special pleasure is attending to the rig and every 3 years we take the mast out whether we need to or not – just to check all is well and to varnish. Westernman’s brightwork is not varnish, however, but Varnol – a Norwegian oil which is much easier to apply and to keep up to scratch than varnish. It looks good too. She has just had a complete refit

down below and so the accommodation won’t need attention for a few years yet. Apart from that, we paint the topsides every couple of years, or when they need it, and the bottom is the same as any boat. Westernman For Sale †210,000

‘Westernman is easier to sail than a

Martin Heard -

lot of gaffers

St Malo Pilot Cutter

because the rig is based on the original pilot boats which were designed to be sailed short-handed.’

Issue 2

Need lots of crew ANS: Westernman is easier to sail than a lot of gaffers because the rig is based on the original pilot boats which were designed to be sailed shorthanded. For example, there are no runners to drive you nuts. Ros and I have sailed many miles just two-up – the longest passages being from Arctic Norway to the English Channel and from Morocco to the UK. We’ve also made many passages four-up and the boat just swallows an extra couple. For racing we often have up to ten on board, especially if it’s light weather and we can put on our party dress; the big jackyard topsail and jib top. Hard to sail needing specialist knowledge ANS: People are often fazed by the amount of running rigging on board a gaffer, but it is in fact very logical and if you can sail, you’ll enjoy playing tunes on this rig. Lacking in interior space ANS: The first gaffer I lived on had 5ft 8in headroom under the skylight only. Everywhere else it was a crouching or sitting job. We lived on her for five years, but we were young and in love! Westernman has full standing headroom (I am 6ft 6in and not as flexible as I was!). We often spend 3 months on

Page 9

board. The boat has massive storage space and with her 3 large (13Kg) propane bottles and a ton of fresh water, you don’t have to keep thinking about stocking up. We designed the accommodation so that there are three main areas for milling about in. Aft, folk always gather around the galley. The saloon is separate and can seat 10 around the table. Up forward there’s a handy seat in the sleeping cabin. The shower/loo is big enough to read a broadsheet in and there’s a private area outside to change in, so you don’t get soggy clothing. 2. Your previous yacht ‘Hirta’ was a 1911 wooden pilot cutter, when you decided to replace this vessel you had ‘Westernman’ The Original Westernman 40 designed by Nigel Irens to a very tight specification set out by you and your wife. What do you feel are the main advantages of the modern materials used in the building of this Gaff Cutter? ANS: It’s great having an epoxy boat as she doesn’t leak and is ridiculously strong, but the rest of the boat looks, feels and smells like the real thing. 3. In our experience as brokers there are more 1st time buyers purchasing 40’ plus modern style yachts, what

more do you think they could gain from ‘Westernman’ or a similar style of vessel and is a Gaff Cutter a realistic option to consider? ANS: My wife always says that when she’s at sea and it’s horrible, it’s nice to go below into a space that you are comfortable in. Westernman has a homely feel. Folk often remark she is like a country cottage and if that’s what you like, you won’t find a better example anywhere else. In addition, the motion is smoother and you know she’ll look after you whatever the weather. Above image ‘Westernman’ Bow shot photo by Lester McCarthy

If this article has wetted your appetite for more - Tom Cunliffe’s book ‘Hand, Reef and Steer’ is a beautifully illustrated text book on sailing gaff-rigged craft. Buy from

FORESAIL News sheet

Page 10

Sail NI Boat Sales and Services going that step further We have always believed

viewing and photographing

of the vessel and can

that the only way to

each vessel ourselves when-

genuinely describe its condi-

properly promote all our

ever possible. Its important

tion. When we say its in

brokerage listings is to take

for two reasons it means we

good condition its because

a hands on approach by

have a first hand experience

Sail NI have seen it!

Issue 2

Page 11

Mosaic Image of ‘Barrow Sand’ a Missipissi Mud Hopper - It took over

At Sail NI we have

700 images to create

introduced a success-

this mosaic and every

ful section to the

one of these

photographs was taken by Sail NI Brokers at

website it is called Commercial / Work Boats for Sale.

the River Clyde Boat Yard in Glasgow.

If you are interested in placing your vessel

Image created using

on brokerage with us

Andrea Mosaic

please contact us for

our very competitive


brokerage rates.

‘Barrow Sand’ Missipppissi Mud Hopper -

Check out our Commercial / Work Boat Listings on

For Sale ‚175,000 Office and on their Closely working with our

our listings are displayed website.

Elan sub agent in Kinsale Co.

not only on our websites and

All this is at no extra cost

Cork means that we can

in our office in the marina

to our clients.

cover all of Ireland. The

Building in Carrickfergus

Please call in we look

other advantage is that all

but also in the Kinsale

forward to welcoming you!

FORESAIL News sheet

Page 12

The Lawnmower The life of a Delivery Skipper is

wooden lighthouse without a

varied. Craft come in all shapes and

light but an acceptable bar and

sizes – some good, some bad, some


indifferent. Deliveries follow the same pattern – the North Channel in mid winter from Scotland to Ireland – and no icing in iceland as good as the forecast gets - Portugal and a landfall in sunshine with tapas in Northern Spain - boarding the Troon ferry carrying an anchor and liferaft with the rest of the passengers looking on starting to show doubt in the safety measures taken by P&O.

You learn to take the good with the bad and then the phone rings ‘ my name’s Fred would you take a boat to Norway?’ - No hesitation ‘YES’ If you are not happy you can always hesitate later. Now it seems Fred was a retired vet who was called back into service because of Mad Cow disease. His parish was Ullapool, the wife was Norwegian and they had decided to spend their autumn years back in the land of her birth. I just had to bring the boat. Son Neill was signed on as crew, I had agreed terms and gave a price based on mileage so we could cruise the boat and arrive eventually as there was no rush. The destination was Tredge, a small port with an imitation

Meanwhile back in Ullapool the yacht the name of which escapes me was lying to a mooring – a Bowman 38’ designed for the oceans. We climbed on board and the decks were covered with cardboard boxes full I know – but it was a delivof bits and pieces to be trans- ery and you take what ported to Scandanavia. “Neill stick that lot in the forepeak, I’ll check down below’

comes. If Fred’s grass needed cut, who was I to deny him. ‘it won’t fit.’ Now as you

I started on the engine checks

can appreciate my temper

and worked my way through

was short. What with an

the rest of the boat systems.

old boat, the North Sea to

‘Dad what will I do with the lawnmower’ ‘Pardon?’ ‘the lawnmower’ ‘stick it down below’

cross, an engine that needed bled, with charts that dated back to the Norse Sagas… ‘Take it to bits and put along with the rest in the forepeak’

The Old Man of Hoy

Issue 2

Page 13

Offshore cruisers available

Image below is of ‘Caelan of Strangford’ going


through the Warming Island passage off East Greenland this summer, the first small boat, as far as we know, to do so. The full account of this historic voyage, when Caelan not only circumnavigated the first island in the world to be created as a result of global warming but charted several previously unknown

‘Marchwind’ Tradewind 33 - This is the same model as ’Breakaway’

anchorages as well, will be featured Cheoy Lee Clipper 36

in the Dec issue of Yachting Monthly

The Lawnmower (continued)

Anyhow, we eventually rounded

We used passage time to tidy

‘ I must say Bob, the boat’s in

Cape Wrath in half a gale and

the boat. It is important to

better condition than I ex-

freshening and pulled into the

hand the owner’s ‘dreams’ over

pected – you have worked hard

first loch on the right – the

as you would like to receive

at it.’ I was suitably modest.

anchor dragged and was re-laid


After a long pause Fred que-

and we shared a glass. The next day was the ‘Old Man of Hoy’ - the strong tides of the Orkneys - but a safe harbour wall in Kirkwall and a fish supper fit for a King. The North Sea was crossed without drama with the flames of the oil rigs as waypoints to the lighthouse without a light. ‘Letters to the Boatyard’ Ulster Tatler Book of the Month and 1st print run sold out within two months. Christmas Gift Offer. A unique present for Christmas - A signed copy of 'Letters to the Boatyard' posted on your behalf for †20 in the UK area or †25 overseas. Please contact for more details Offer subject to terms and conditions

The next morning Fred turned up, climbed on board and started to run his eye over the

ried ‘who does the lawnmower belong to?’

yacht. I could hear him foraging about in the forepeak before eventually appearing on deck.

Me and Neill went home via Preswick.

Article written by Bob Harper Delivery Skipper for Sail NI Boat sales and Services and co author of ‘Letters to the Boatyard’

FORESAIL News sheet

Page 14

Olympic - Titanic’s sister ship Much has been written about the Titanic but very little about her sister ship the Olympic. The Olympic class ocean liners were built by Harland and Wolff for the White Star Line. The first to be launched was the Olympic followed by the Titanic and the Britannic. The class was designed to compete with Cundard’s largest ships the Lusitania and the Mauretania.

The Olympic’s maiden voyage was on 14 June 1911 with Thomas Andrews her designer on board for the trip to and from New York.

She was powered by reciprocating engines with a low pressure turbine as opposed to steam turbines used on the Lusitania and Mauretania. The type of engine arrangement proved to be more economical with a consumption of 650 tons of coal per 24 hours against the Cunarders’ 1000 tons per 24 hours.

Olympic had a very successful 24 year career from 1911 to 1935. During this time from 1915 to 1919 she was converted for use as a fast troop transport and armed with 12 pounder and 4.7 inch guns.

Olympic was withdrawn from service and returned to Belfast in 1912 for a refit to incorporate lessons learnt from the Titanic disaster.

One of the attractions of the Olympic was the fact that she was almost identical to the Titanic and many passengers sailed on her as a way of vicariously experiencing the voyage of her ill fated sister ‘converted for use as a fast troop transport & armed with 12 pounder and 4.7 inch ‘guns.

Sail NI Boat Sales and Services would like to thank the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum for allowing the reproduction of images from their Photographic archive for our News Sheet. There is a huge collection of images available from the website. And they are not Olympic

just of boats! my personal favorite is the "High St,

Port Bow 3/4 Profile of ‘Olympic’ at Sea “Photograph; ULSTER FOLK & TRANSPORT MUSEUM: (National Museums Northern Ireland).

Belfast" elevated view with trams, horse vehicles, motor cars and people.

Issue 2

Page 15

Christmas inspiration Gifts for the Sailor Top 4 Nautical Gifts for Christmas


Titanic in Belfast


The Built In Belfast Website offers some great images of Titanic, Olympic, Belfast City and other industries we think this is a great gift for any boating enthusiast. At you can view the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum's Online Titanic Photographic Archive Here you can browse through and purchase online, a specially-selected range of photographs.


Letters to the Boatyard


You don’t have to win the lottery to sail round the world; you just have to sell everything you own. From Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland this is a story of a middle aged couple who did just that. This book is available from Sail NI Please email for more details and to take advantage of offer as detailed on page 13.


Ulster Sailing School


Take advantage of the special offer mentioned on page 5 & 6 and buy some Vouchers for Ulster Sailing School. Give that extra special gift and help your loved one gain that bit more confidence and knowledge.


New Boat


Look at Sail NI Boat Sales and Services many listings and sail of into the sunset with the boat of your dreams! Whether it be power boat / yacht or even if you have always had your eye on a fishing boat! Contact Sail NI Boat Sales and Services for more details Email or tel: +44(0)28 335 1141

Sail NI Boat Sales and Services - ‘Our focus is excellence’

FORESAIL News sheet

Page 16

Images of all boats on the

Yachts for Sale


In this issue we featured Boats under ÂŁ10,000, Ocean cruisers and Gaff Cutters.

Next issue our focus will be on our Flybridge cruisers and Performance Cruising Yachts. If you have a special story or article about your boat please let us know and we will add it to our next issue

FORESAIL News sheet

Page 17

Power Boats for Sale

Commercial / Work Boats for Sale

For details on how to put your boat on brokerage with us please contact E:

T: +44(0)28 9335 1141

M: +44(0)75 0066 1907/8

FORESAIL News sheet

Page 18

Surveys - WHY? Those of us who own or manage a vessel, will at some time be required to have a survey carried out. Boats like houses and cars require surveys at regular intervals to ensure their continuing fitness for purpose. We would not buy a property without investigating its condition and the annual ritual of the MOT is familiar to all who own a vehicle. Surveys, which are applicable to most leisure and small working craft fall into the following categories: Pre -purchase, Damage and Condition Surveys. Codes of Practice Compliance Examinations. Tonnage Surveys.

Pre-purchase or condition surveys, as the name suggests are carried out on second hand vessels prior to purchase and will make the potential purchaser and the insurance underwriter aware of the vessel's general condition and equipment levels. It will also highlight defects of a structural or safety nature, which will influence the vessel's sea-going capability. Damage surveys, as the name would suggest, are required to assess and cost repairs.

Condition surveys will be required by insurance underwriters to make them aware of what they are insuring. Generally, when a vessel reaches the age of 15 to 20 years the underwriters will request a survey and there after every five years. The responsible owner regards these surveys as an opportunity to record the ongoing maintenance routines, replacement of components and the upgrading of equipment, which the vessel has had. Valuations are not normally included in a pre-purchase or a condition survey and should be specifically requested, as they will normally attract an additional fee. Codes of Practice Compliance Examinations are relevant to vessel's in commercial use only and are carried out in accordance with the MCA's Small Commercial Vessel Code. The Code is applicable to vessels up to 24 metres in length, which carry no more than 12 passengers. The Code covers the activities of sea angling boats, charter and sailing school craft and small workboats. Examinations are carried out by accredited

surveyors, working on behalf of Certifying Authorities appointed by the MCA. Those owners wishing to register their vessels can do so under Part 1 or Part 3 of the Registry of Shipping and Seamen. This is operated by the MCA and located at Cardiff. Part 1 registration provides the vessel with a “passport� detailing proof of ownership, date of build and compliance with the EU Recreational Craft Directive etc. The documentation will also provide for the services of British Consuls and access to foreign ports. Registration as a British Ship is generally a pre-requisite to the taking out of a marine mortgage. Registration under Part 1 requires a Tonnage Measurement or Survey to be carried out by an accredited surveyor, prior to the application. Further information on the Code and Registration requirements may be found on the MCA website. C

Compiled by Ken Walsh

FORESAIL News sheet

Page 19

Marine Engine Specialist—Philip Robinson Marine

Philip Robinson Marine 128 LaurelGrove Dale Belfast BT8 6ZF

Approved service dealer

Northern Ireland Tel: 07714850450

Engine maintenance

Repairs Spare parts

Winter servicing. All marine engines should be serviced at least once a year. It is also

Engine sales

important to winterize your engine to protect it from frost damage.

Bow thrusters

To book in for a winter service you can contact me on the above number or email.

In today’s current economic climate we have found that the sale of new engines have increased this year, for a competitive price for re-engine package’s please contact us by phone or email.

Carrickfergus Sailing Club—Under New Catering Management Liberty Catering - Chef Phil McCleery: We offer fresh Bar Food and an extensive Restaurant Menu at very competitive prices. Our opening hours are from Fri 12.00pm through to Sun at 8pm. Our Menu’s varied and is changed every 2-3 weeks and specials are available and change week to week. Our offer of a meal for two for †25.00 is available on Saturdays. We are also available to cater for Private functions anytime of the week, Menu available on request. We are now taking bookings for Christmas Parties, no party too big or small!! Menu available from Carrickfergus Sailing club or email and a copy will be forwarded to you.

Liberty Catering For all bookings or other enquires please contact Phil McCleery on 07816665920 or after 5pm Jacqui on 07761599760

FORESAIL News sheet

Page 20

Wanted - Your articles, stories and pictures We would love your stories, photographs or drawings for our next issue.

Chinook II was Sail NI Yacht Broker ‘Kirstie Harper’s’ boat and although you may not tell from the drawing she had fine lines and safely carried Kirstie back from Australia to Belfast Lough.

In our next issue we would

Chinook II - Drawn by ‘Alasdair’ aged 7

like to feature Boat Names Chinook II was named after the "chinook winds" active throughout most of western North America, particularly the Rocky Mountain region. The Rocky Mountain was where the first owner met and proposed to his wife, he was quite a romantic, he built the boat, painted her red and white after the flag of his true loves country and sailed off into the sunset with her.

The ‘Owl Tug’ One of our other features will be on boats histories. This cute little tug was built to turn the famous ‘Waverly’ a 693 tonne paddle steamer. If your boat has an interesting background we would love to hear about it! Please email your articles or pictures to and if possible we will publish them

Disclaimer Whilst care is taken to ensure that the Sail NI Boat Sales and Services website is as up-to-date and accurate as possible, no responsibility can be taken by Sail NI for any errors or omissions contained herein. Furthermore, responsibility for any loss, damage or distress resulting from adherence to any advice, suggestions or recommendations made available through this Foresail New Sheet or through the Sail NI itself, howsoever caused, is equally disclaimed by Sail NI Boat Sales and Services. The opinions expressed in Foresail News Sheet do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, publishers or their agents

FORESAIL News sheet

Page 21

Elan 310 -The pocket Rocket Elan launched their new 31ft yacht E310 at Southampton Boat Show in September 09. Already christened the ‘Pocket Rocket’ by the yachting press this stunning new model looks set to be at least as big a success as her predecessor the Elan 31. Designed by Rob Humphreys she undoubtedly has the pedigree of the existing models in the Elan performance range.

At first glance the boat in many ways resembles a scaled down Open 60. As well as her sporty look the wide stern, open transom, twin rudders and deep bulb keel make her look every inch a class winner.

a steady 6.5 knots with neutral helm and a 20 degree heel. Downwind with asymmetric set she achieves an easy 10 – 11 knots.

There is no doubt that this Elan should follow in the successful footsteps of the 340, 380, 410 and 450 performance cruisers. Contact: for more details

Boat tests carried out to date have commended her performance. Upwind in 15-20 knots of breeze the Elan 310 clocks

Downwind with asymmetric set she achieves an easy 10 – 11 knots.

Sail NI Boat Sales and Services - All Ireland Dealers for Elan and Feeling lifting keel yachts. Sail NI are the all Ireland agents for Elan and Feeling Yachts. Our sub agent in the south of the country is Mr

We continue to offer an after sales service for Elan on warranty spares and technical advice

James Lyons Sovereign Yacht Sales, Kinsale, Co. Cork.

Feeling 39 - Lifting keel yacht dried out on beach

Issue 2

Page 22

Boats urgently needed for brokerage We are looking for 

38’/40’ yacht with 3 sleeping cabins and two heads. Year 2004 >



30’/32’ deck saloon yacht.


Commercial tugs


Yachts of any size


in good condition

Due to recent sales success we now urgently require



more boats for brokerage listings! 

New & Used boat sales

Brokerage Boats are Selling and prices are holding 

Commercial / Work Boats brokerage

Even in the current economic climate boat prices are holding up quite well, they are probably a better


Sail brokerage


Power brokerage


Competitive brokerage rates

investment than money in the bank


15% VAT


Commercial Workboat Charter

Sell your boat with us No Sale no Fee and free to list


Finance & Insurance

SAIL NI Boat Sales and Services WWW.SAILNI.CO.UK

Advertise with us! If you are interested in advertising in our next

Carrickfergus Marina


+44 (0)28 9335 1141

Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim



N. Ireland BT38 8BJ


+44 (0)75 0066 1907

Please email for a rate card

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Kite Challenge 2009 Sunday 11th October 2009 ‘The Kite Challenge’ In the words of the Event project manager Today we attempted our crossing and we have very important news this evening to tell you. One kitesurfer made it out of the group so thumbs up "we did it" We got one kitesurfer across to Scotland The kitechallenge happened today and to be honest we launched in very light winds hoping that we would get far enough out to sea to get into the stronger wind zone of the Irish Sea and make it to Scotland. I would have preferred to wait until 12.30 but then Scotland was showing winds up to 40 mph and the boats would have called it off half way through for sure, so it was better to try early. So we took the safer option and took a risk to try and do the challenge earlier and well this is what happened: Fact: To view the full report by the successful kiter Stephen Anderson You can still donate online to the four worthwhile charities

One kitesurfer only made it to Portlogan in Scotland, Congratulations to Stephen Anderson (Stevo) who made it to Portlogan... and to Sean Brennan (Sean B), Paul Scott (Scotty), Ian, Rab, Bruce, and

David Thompson in support. They returned in force 7 winds (so they say but we reckon force 6 lol) and puked their guts up on the way home, except Scotty cause he is RAW I am sure Stevo will write a blog or news when he regains his strength. Okay a lot of us never made it for our own personal achievement, but together as a team effort we have raised so far over †5,500 plus another †1,800 on top of this and we have kites to sell to add to these totals. We set out to do something mad and off the wall to raise money for charity and we can hold our heads up high and proudly say that we got a kitesurfer across and everyone is home safe. We have done something this year as a first and raised money for charity, built friendships and achieved it. If nobody would have achieved the journey then I would have been gutted and very upset but folks this would never have been possible if it wasn’t for all of our hard work and dedication to this 2009 kitechallenge so give yourself a bit shout! well done! Jase

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