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Personal Protection Kit Coveralls Shoe and Boot Covers Biohazard Disposable Bags Gloves and Goggles Face Masks Skin Protectant Odour Inhibiters Ozone Air Purifiers Body Bags Body Bag Identification

An investigator’s personal safety should always be paramount when entering a crime scene where blood borne pathogens or other hazardous materials may be present. This series of personal protection products will eliminate your concerns.



This complete Personal Protection Kit is packaged in a clear heat-sealed polyethylene pouch and can be stored in a cruiser trunk. The kit contains all the necessary components to insure officer protection in one convenient package.


Description Personal Protection Kit

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Tyvek® Coverall w/hood, elastic wrist, and ankle bands Pair of Anti-Skid Shoe/Boot Covers Pair of Nitrile Barrier Gloves Anti-Splash Safety Goggles Nuisance Odor/Dust Mask Biohazard Disposal Bag Anti-Microbial Wipe Exposure Incident Form Kit Instruction Sheet



BASIC COVERALLS These white, semi-impervious coveralls are made of Tyvek® and come with elastic wrist and ankle bands and a full front nylon zipper.


T: +44 (0)1827 312812

Description Basic Coverall, small Basic Coverall, medium Basic Coverall, Large Basic Coverall, X-Large Basic Coverall, XX-Large Basic Coverall, XXX-Large Basic Coverall, XXXX-Large

F: +44 (0)1827 312912




COVERALLS WITH HOOD AND BOOTS This white impervious, poly-coated Tyvek速 onepiece suit comes with hood, boots, and a full frontal nylon zipper and elastic wrist bands.


Description Coverall with Hood and Boots, Small Coverall with Hood and Boots, Medium Coverall with Hood and Boots, Large Coverall with Hood and Boots, X-Large Coverall with Hood and Boots, XX-Large Coverall with Hood and Boots, XXX-Large Coverall with Hood and Boots, XXXX-Large

ANTI-SKID SHOE COVERS These disposable Tyvek速 semiimpervious shoe covers have an elastic top band to keep them on your shoes and anti-skid bottoms to prevent sliding on wet surfaces.


Description Shoe Covers, Small/Medium, 50 pairs/case Shoe Covers, Large/X-Large, 50 pairs/case

HEAVY DUTY, ANTI-SKID SHOE/BOOT COVERS These mid-calf heavy duty impervious latex shoe/boot covers have sanded and grooved sole for extra traction on both dry and wet surfaces.


Description Heavy Duty Boots, medium, 10 pairs/case Heavy Duty Boots, Large, 10 pairs/case Heavy Duty Boots, X-Large, 10 pairs/case Heavy Duty Boots, XX-Large, 10 pairs/case

These economical polyethylene biohazard bags are printed in both in English and Spanish along with the international Biohazard symbol for an immediate warning of infectious waste

Reorder No. BAGBIO24X24 BAGBIO33X39

Description Biohazard Bags, 24” x 24”, 250/case Biohazard Bags, 33” x 39”, 150/case

ANTI-SPLASH SAFETY GOGGLES These vented, polycarbonate, anti-splash safety goggles can be worn with or without glasses and conform to OSHA and CDC recommended eye protection guidelines.

Reorder No. GOGGLES



Description Safety Goggles, 6/case

BARRIER GLOVES These disposable, particle free, Nitrile barrier gloves are far superior to latex gloves for protecting officers from blood-borne pathogens and other hazardous material.


T: +44 (0)1827 312812

Description Barrier Gloves, Small, 100/box Barrier Gloves, Medium, 100/box Barrier Gloves, Large, 100/box Barrier Gloves, X-Large, 100/box

F: +44 (0)1827 312912




GENERAL PURPOSE DISPOSABLE FACE MASK This one size fits all, cone-style mask comes with an elastic head band and an aluminium nose bridge clip to assure a good facial seal. These masks provide filtration protection greater than 95% BFE and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Reorder No. MASK

Description General Purpose Mask, 50/case

NIOSH AND CDCAPPROVED N95 RESPIRATOR This one size fits all respirator is made of polypropylene strips encased in the mask material to provide a comfortable breathing chamber. These masks have a high filtration efficiency with a BFE of over 99% at .1 micron.

Reorder No. MASK95

Description N95 Respirator, 35/case

NUISANCE ODOUR/ DUST MASK This mask protects against dusts and mists and contains a chemical absorbent material to provide relief from nuisance odours.

Reorder No. MASK8210

Description Nuisance Odour Mask, 10/case


BIO-SAFE® SKIN PROTECTANT Bio-Safe® Antibacterial Skin Protectant is an exclusive, patented formula that provides up to four hours of antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal protection. When used under protective gloves or in pre-glove situations, Bio-Safe® forms a protective polymer coating that not only kills many pathogens (including Staph, Strep, E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA, and VRE) but also blocks chemical compounds (Mace spray, latex proteins), bodily fluids (urine, saliva, feces, semen, blood), and drugs (cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, cannabis) from direct contact or from penetrating the skin. In addition, the manufacturer has stated that lab tests have found Bio-Safe® Skin Protectant inactivated HIV-1 virus 99.9% within thirty seconds of exposure. Bio-Safe® is orally non-toxic and is colour and fragrance free. It will not irritate sensitive skin, will not was or rub off, and can be applied to the hands, face, neck, arms and legs for biological and chemical protection. At five cents per application, Bio-Safe® is the most complete and affordable protection on the market today. You cant afford to be without it! Reorder No. SKINPROT8 SKINPROT4 SKINPROT2

Description Bio-Safe® Skin Protectant, 8 oz. Bio-Safe® Skin Protectant, 4 oz. Bio-Safe® Skin Protectant, 2 oz.

CARRY-ON ODOUR PERCEPTION INHIBITOR No matter how seasoned an investigator you may be, the smell of a decomposing or burned body is never “pleasant”. Simply tear open the Carry-On foil packet and rub the gel on your upper lip to mask odours. Carry-On is a non-toxic gel and has a mild vanilla scent.

Reorder No. ODORINH

T: +44 (0)1827 312812

Description Carry-On Odour Inhibitor, 50/case

F: +44 (0)1827 312912




OZONE GENERATING AIR PURIFIERS This series of Ozone Generating Air Purifiers are used by hundreds of crime labs, police and sheriff departments and correction facilities for: Evidence Rooms - for eliminating the odours from soiled clothing, marijuana, and other drugs Autopsy Labs - for eliminating odours from decomposing tissue and formaldehyde fumes Laboratories - for eliminating odours associated with urine specimens for drug analysis, clothing containing body fluids, and the fumes from chemicals used in labs Crime Scenes - for eliminating decaying body or body fluid odours and even pepper spray Ozone Generating Air Purifiers produce a safe, controlled level of ozone by electronically

converting molecules of oxygen (O2) into molecules of ozone (O3). During this conversion, ozone casts off its extra atom. That atom combines with the molecule of the odour’s source and destroys the odour by oxidation. In doing so, ozone’s extra atom is consumed, destroying noxious odours and fumes at their source and leaving behind only a “fresh air” smell. These Ozone Generating Air Purifiers come with a full 5-year warranty. The disposable Sporax antimicrobial filter protects the internal components of the instrument and provides a broad range of control for a number of moulds, mildew, algae, and bacteria present in the environment (list available upon request).

Reorder No.: Ap10-120 Designed to remove noxious odours and reduce harmful fumes in small to medium size laboratories/rooms up to 10,000 cubic feet on a continuous basis. • Adjustable ozone output control provides from 3 to 300mg/hr • Baked grey enamel metal cabinet • Size: 10½” L x 6½” W x 8” H – weight: 9lbs • 57 cfm (cubic feet per minute) fan

Reorder No.: Ap40-120 Designed for laboratories/rooms up to 40,000 cubic feet and has an adjustable ozone output control, multiple option timer, and a continuous running mode. • Adjustable ozone output control provides from 190 to 625 mg/hr. • Multiple option timer: 15 mins., 30 mins., 1 hr., 2 hr., 4 hr. and continuous operation settings • Baked grey enamel metal cabinet • Size: 113/4” L x 7½” W x 8¾” H – Weight: 11 lbs. • 102 cfm (cubic feet per minute) fan

Reorder No.: AP60-120 The largest of our three models, ideal for large laboratories up to 60,000 cubic feet or where you would find your worst odours, such as decaying bodies in a closed area. • Adjustable ozone output control provides from 340 to 1250 mg/hr • Multiple option timer: 15 mins., 30 mins., 1 hr., 2 hr., 4 hr. and continuous operation settings • Baked grey enamel metal cabinet • Size: 113/4” L x 7½ W x 8¾” H – Weight 11 lbs.

Reorder No. AP10-120 AP10-230 AP40-120 AP40-230 AP60-120 AP60-230 AP-FILTER

Description Small Ozone Generating Air Purifier (120V/60Hz) Small Ozone Generating Air Purifier (230V/50Hz) Medium Ozone Generating Air Purifier (120V/60Hz) Medium Ozone Generating Air Purifier (230V/50Hz) Large Ozone Generating Air Purifier(120V/60Hz) Large Ozone Generating Air Purifier (230V/50Hz) Replacement Sporax Filters, 6/pkg, (one size fits all)

Note The rate of replacement for the Sporax filter depends on the density of odours and fumes where the unit is operating. Check the filter every 30 days and replace if visibly dirty.

These white bags are made of 2 layers of a 3 mil polyethylene film laminated to 100 denier scrim reinforcement material (equivalent strength to 12 mil vinyl material). This material remains flexible down to -70° F. In addition, the chlorinefree polyethylene material used in Reorder No. BBMD-22X30 BBMD-36X60 BBMD-36X96 BBMD-48X100

this bag and our Heavy-Duty Bag shown below does not release chlorine gas and therefore eliminates the disposal problems associated with vinyl material. Each body bag is supplied with a Body Bag Identification Tag Kit which is described on the next page.

Description Infant size, 22” x 30”, 12/case Child size, 36” x 60”, 12/case Adult size, 36” x 96”, 12/case X-Large Adult size, 48” x 100” 6/case


These white bags are made of a silver coloured, non vinyl, chlorinefree, 12 mil polyethylene material which has a long shelf life, stays flexible to -70° F and has a lifting capacity of 450 lbs. Due to a heat sealed inner bag liner design, they Reorder No. BBHD-36X96/6 BBHD-36X96/10 BBHD-48X100/10

T: +44 (0)1827 312812



comply with OSHA regulation 3130 for Universal Precautions involving containment of body fluids and protection from blood borne pathogens. Each bag is supplied with carrying handles and a Body Bag Identification Tag Kit.

Description 6 Handle Bag, 36” x 96”, 5/case 10 Handle Bag, 36” x 96”, 5/case X-Large 10 Handle Bag (up to 1,200 lbs), 48” x 100”, 3/case

F: +44 (0)1827 312912





These 10 handle body bags are made from a high visibility orange coloured, vinyl-coated polyester scrim mesh which drains quickly when taken out of water. These bags have a calm-shell perimeter zipper on three sides which allows for easy body recovery in water and each bag is supplied with carrying handles and a Body Bag Identification Tag Kit. Reorder No. BBWR-38X96

Description Vinyl Mesh Body Bag, 39” x 96”, 3/case

REPLACEMENT BODY BAG IDENTIFICATION TAG KIT The body bags shown on the previous page come with this Identification Tag Kit. This kit is designed for use each time body bags are used. The sealable paperwork pouch is adhesive backed for easy attachment to the exterior of our body bags.

KIT COMPONENTS 1 1 1 1 1 1

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Paperwork Ziplock® Pouch with biohazard symbol Orange Tyvek® Biohazard Tag Yellow Tyvek® Contamination Tag White Tyvek® Toe Tag White Tyvek® Exterior Pouch Tag White Tyvek® Personal Effects Tag

Reorder No. BB-ID

Description Replacement Body Bag Identification Kit, 10 kits/case

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