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GET A CAREER MENTOR Danish people employed by companies in and around Copenhagen have volunteered their time to mentoring citizens with international backgrounds, who wish to find employment or start an education in Denmark. A career mentor can guide you in your job application process and help you clarify your possibilities on the Danish job market. The career mentor can also help you improve your resume and applications, expand your professional network in Denmark and tell you about norms and unwritten rules on the Danish job market. You meet with your mentor 1 – 2 times every month, and a mentor relation often lasts 4 – 6 months. Participation by both mentor and mentee is voluntary, and the relation is based on active participation from both sides. Speak with your job centre about how you can get a career mentor! WHO WILL I BE MATCHED UP WITH? You will be introduced to a career mentor, who suits your background in regards to education, previous experience and work field the best. We cannot guarantee you a mentor, who will meet all of your demands, but we are certain that you will benefit greatly from the mentoring we provide. The mentors are part of Foreningen Nydansker’s (Association New Dane) Career Mentor Corps and have all been trained by Foreningen Nydansker. Your mentor cannot find a job for you, but can help you with ideas and advice about how you can find a job. HOW MUCH TIME WILL I HAVE TO SPEND? You meet with your mentor at his/her place of work for about an hour every other week. Together you will work out a plan of action for your time together, agree on future meetings and what you should work on in between meetings. Participation in a mentorship is voluntary, and it does not replace other activities at the job centre.

WHAT IS A MENTOR? A mentor is a person employed in a Danish company, who through his or her job and career will be able to pull from past experiences to help you in your journey onto the Danish job market or into the educational system. WHAT DOES THE MENTORSHIP INVOLVE? A mentorship lasts app. 4 – 6 months with 1 – 2 meetings every month. In between the meetings it is important that you work actively with your job hunt. WHAT CAN A MENTOR HELP ME WITH? • Answering questions about the job hunt, different job fields and educations • Which rules – spoken and unspoken – apply in the Danish workplace? • Knowledge about the Danish job market and work culture • Clarification of qualifications and inspiration with regard to career and education. • What are the “dos and don’ts” of applying for a job in Denmark? How do you write ‘the perfect’ job application and resume? • Inspiration with regards to how to expand and use your professional network in Denmark • Sharing own experiences from current and previous jobs Your mentor cannot offer you a job, but will be able to provide an abundance of information and inspiration you can use in your job hunt.