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FOREIGN EXCHANGE August 2012 Volume 1 no. 1 design/curator/publisher Brandon Juhasz special thanks to Jennifer Doran editor extraordinaire Questions? Comments? foreignexchangeinfo<at> COVER PHOTO: Tara Sellios Untitled

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Foreign Exchange. In this first issue I

have focused on setting the tone for the mission of this fine magazine. My intent is to thoughtfully and unexpectedly bring together art from emerging and established artists in ways that allow the work to speak independently, while highlighting similarities or contrasts between pieces in the show. More to the point, this publication is a dialogue of art and practice in our contemporary culture.

In Issue No. 1 I have brought together five artists whose work, in my opinion,

explores feelings of sensuousness or corporality across multiple mediums. Artwork that is very conscious of how materials are selected and implemented can be a powerful conduit for message. I feel that all the works convey through surface and subject a powerful feeling of desire or loss. A viewer can, in his or her mind, pinpoint exactly what each work would and could feel like.

Tara Sellios for example uses photography to explore death and the body.

In her series Lessons of Impermanence, Sellios sets up still lifes that echo Dutch master works in light and composition and focus on vanitas. However, Sellios pulls no punches in her symbolism. Straight from Goya’s playbook, she uses carcasses and blood freely to great poetic effect. The works are never gory, but rather true and beautiful reminders of our temporal nature.

In the works by Christie Birchfield, dried flowers, dark charcoal, paint, and

silhouettes are mixed to create a crunchy, deep, tactile experience that, like Sellios’s work, explores the infinite and sublime. Birchfield’s stencil-like technique of spray painting or drawing around objects to represent what was once there is reminiscent of white tape around a dead body. These images remind us that nothing is permanent. The dark cavernous surfaces in works like Rebel resemble shadows. Whether this symbolizes our darkness within, or is merely representative of the unknown, the emptiness prompts viewers to examine the mysterious uncertainties that await each of us. Saori Moriizumi’s installations uses mundane everyday objects in cacophonous compositions that breathe with life and chaos like dreams or storybook tales. Saori

wields plastic, polyester batting, and paint, to name a few, to create multiple contrasting surfaces and chaotic moments of creation or destruction. Interpretations can comfortably rest upon either end of the spectrum.

Amy Stevens’s Confection Explorations are rooted in domesticity and

examine the age-old role of homemaker to reveal stories of desire. Perhaps in her work you will find a desperate housewife creating cakes as a way to express dreams and needs. Maybe you’ll find that her pieces emulate desires of the body or of self. Either way, these interpretations symbolize a need to break free from the mold of predetermined expectations. Stevens’s works evoke hunger and repulsion at the same time. They scrutinize the psychology of growing up in a world bound by schematic expectations and unchallenged patterns of behavior. Viewers will connect to these pieces because the human experience is defined by moments of nonconformity and a profound longing for something more. We have all felt these emotions; “Foreign Exchange” will help you to see them.

Brandon Juhasz

FOREIGN EXCHANGE Christi Birchfield Saori Moriizumi Tara Sellios Amy Stevens


Tara Sellios. Untitled, 40x30 inches, 2009, Digital C-print

Tara Sellios. Untitled, 60x40 inches, 2009, Digital C-print

Tara Sellios Untitled 40x30 inches, 2009 Digital C-print

Tara Sellios Untitled 60x40 inches, 2009 Digital C-print

Rebel Detail

Christ Birchfield Rebel Artificially Dyed Daisy, graphite, hair, and hologram on Paper 30â&#x20AC;?x27 2010

Christ Birchfield C6H1206 Bleach, Dye, and Spray Paint on Canvas 37â&#x20AC;?x30 2012

Christ Birchfield String Study 1 Spray Paint on Paper 13”x9” 2012

Christ Birchfield String Study 2 Spray Paint on Paper 12”x9.5” 2012

Throb Detail

Christ Birchfield Throb Artificially Dyed Daisy, collage on Paper 30â&#x20AC;?x27 2010

Saori Moriizumi Floating World Mixed Media 4 ft x 6 ft 2012

Previous page: Saori Moriizumi Grow Mixed Media, 7 ft x 8 ft, 2011

Floating World (detail)

Bubble (detail)

Saori Moriizumi Bubble Mixed Media 4 ft x 4 ft 2012

Saori Moriizumi Untitled Mixed Media 6 ft x 6 ft 2012

Previous Page Amy Stevens Confections (adorned) #1, 2008 Archival Pigment print

Amy Stevens. Confections (abroad) #6, 2010, Archival Pigment print

Amy Stevens Confections (adorned) #27 Archival Pigment print 2012

Amy Stevens. Confections (adorned) #24, 2012, Archival Pigment print


Tara Sellios is a Boston based artist working in large format photography. She

graduated from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in 2010. Since then, she has been awarded an Artist Fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and a Curator’s prize at the Griffin Museum of Photography. Art New England Magazine named her one of New England’s “Seven Emerging Photographers”, and she received an international award from Flash Forward 2011 by the Magenta Foundation in Toronto. She has participated in two solo exhibitions, “Lessons of Impermanence” at Suffolk University Art Gallery in Boston, and more recently, “Of the Flesh”, at Gallery Kayafas in Boston. Sellios currently teaches color photography in the pre-college program at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University.

tarasellios <dot>com

Amy STEVENS Amy Stevens (b. 1975) grew up in the Southwestern part of the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Arizona State University and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Stevens has participated in both group and solo shows in major US cities as well as Canada, Ireland and China. Stevens has notably shown in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Delaware Art Museum, Photo LA, Photographic Center Northwest, Philadelphia International Airport, The Center for Photography at Woodstock and Jen Bekman Gallery in New York. Amyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work is part of the permanent photography collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Indie Photobook Library, numerous corporate collections and The Beaverbrook Art Gallery in New Brunswick, Canada. In November 2011, Amy was invited to China to exhibit in the Lishui International Photography Festival where her work received an Excellence in Photography Award. Stevens was recently awarded a travel grant for a photography and video exhibition she is curating this July of seven American photographers to be held at Broadstone Studios Gallery in Dublin, as part of the PhotoIreland Festival 2012 Open Programme. In August, Stevens will be traveling back to China for a solo show in Beijing. Amy currently lives in Reading, Pennsylvania where she is a studio artist at Goggleworks Center for the Arts and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Albright College.

amystevensart <dot>com

Christi BIRCHFIELD Christi Birchfield was born in 1983 in Cleveland, Ohio. She received her BFA in printmaking from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2006. In 2010, Birchfield received her MFA in visual art from Columbia University. That following summer, she attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Birchfield’s work is part of the permanent print and drawing collection at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Clinic Contemporary Art Collection. She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally in cities such as New York, New Orleans, and Qijiang, China. Recently, she’s had solo exhibitions at William Busta and SPACES gallery in Cleveland. In a recent review in Art Papers Douglas Max Utter compared the Cleveland exhibitions stating: “Birchfield’s objects defy the limits of everyday perception and deliberately unsettle proportions…as a wry, messily celebratory rite of spring it did it’s own thing with glad abandon, embracing the chaos that she corrals at William Busta Gallery.”

christibirchfield <dot>com

Saori MORIIZUMI Saori Moriizumi is a multidisciplinary artist working in animation, collage, installation, drawing and painting. Half of her life she lived in Japan, and the other half in the U.S. She recently received her interdisciplinary MFA from the University of Pennsylvania.

saorimoriizumi <dot>com

FOREIGN EXCHANGE 2012 volume 1 issue 1 Special thanks to the participating artists. Thank you for sharing your incredible and inspiring art.

Foreign Exchange  
Foreign Exchange  

A curatorial endeavor that showcases 4 artists in a group show style format. Each artist deals poetically in themes of life, death and domes...