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Location: Riga, Latvia 5 min. City center, 5 min. Airport Time: Year 2002 - 2010 History: Derelict district with wooden houses People: Two brothers with private initiative and a team of architects, professionals with expertise in historic territories and buildings, IT and PR support. The Kalnciema Quarter - an island of unique local historic character without fences. Tradition and innovation (respect for historic value, reconciliation with modern utilities)

The idea and opportunity combined with flexibility of institutions The positive interest and support of the public

A choice between fast, carnivorous business or gradual approach with a vision of sustainability Enjoyable process - motivation, seeing one’s future in the community and a feeling of identity

Market, concerts, restaurant, exhibitions, presentations Attracting and stimulating creative businesses Criteria for value mapping: how to measure the public attitude

Business – a voluntary organisation?

Entrepreneurship & challenge of cultural heritage  

Kārlis Dambergs, MBA: Managing director and co-owner, Kalnciema Quarter, Riga, Latvia

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