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Green Economy/Sustainable Business

Smart grid: IT can boost Green Growth Smart Grid is intelligent interaction between energy markets and energy infrastructure. Modern IT and communication technologies allow energy costumers to react quickly to price signals from energy producers and infrastructure companies. Smart grid will add value to increasing amounts of fluctuating wind power and drive electric transportation. Strong electric interconnectors combined with Smart Grid will allow energy markets to further integrate and create value for costumers and society. By going from "Hard Grid to Smart Grid" we can boost growth, welfare and sustainability. Lars Nørby Johansen, Chairman, Danish Growth Council

Chairman of the Danish Growth Council, member of Government's Growth Forum, Chairman of the Board of Falck A/S, Georg Jensen A/S and William Demant Holding A/S, Deputy Chairman of DONG Energy A/S. Former CEO of Falck A/S, Group4Falck A/S and G4S Ltd, and Chairman of The Danish Corporate Governance Committe. Born in 1949, master of political science, University of Aarhus in 1973

Smart Grid is intelligent interaction between customers and infrastructure.

Modern ModernITITand andcommunication communicationtechnologies technologies allow energy customers to react allow energy customers to reacttotosignals signals from energy markets and avoid bottlenecks from energy markets and avoid bottlenecks inininfrastructure infrastructure

Smart SmartGrid Gridleads leadstoto •new •newbusiness businessopportunities opportunities •better use of infrastructure •better use of infrastructure •lowering •loweringcosts costsofofgreening greeningeconomy economy

Modern Modernenergy energysystems systems •More •Moredecentralised decentralised •More •Moreunpredictable unpredictable generation generation •More •Moreinteraction interactionbetween between players players Power market

Decentralized production


High shares of variable wind power will require flexibility from demand

Smart SmartGrid Gridwill willenable enablecostumers costumers totoadjust demand to balance adjust demand to balance variable variablewind windpower power

Flexible Flexibledemand demandrequires requires •well-functioning markets •well-functioning markets •transparent •transparentprices prices •Smart •SmartGrid Gridinfrastructure infrastructure

Intelligent charging of electric vehicles can provide new flexibility Energy Intelligent charging during night time Consumption Wind power


Time of the day 23:59

Intelligent Intelligentcharging chargingofofelectric electricvehicles vehiclesrequires requiresintelligent intelligentcharge chargespots spotsand andSmart SmartGrid Grid infrastructure infrastructure

Launching the super grid to integrate off-shore wind power

Stepwise development of North Sea super grid Connecting markets

Ongoing and considered North Sea projects

UK-DK interconnector, 700 MW, EURbn Total benefit excl. project cost Project cost Total benefit for society

1.7 - 1.1 0.6


Balancing variable wind power – the wind does not blow at the same time across the region

Improved security of supply and reduced need for backup capacity

UK-DK interconnector could be a first leg in future super grid

Smart Grids - IT can boost green growth  

Lars Nørby Johansen: Chairman, Danish Growth Council

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