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The UK, Nordic and Baltic Summit London 19 -20 January, 2011 19-20

Biotech Innovation Based on Arctic Marine Bioactive Compounds (Bioprospecting on Arctic M icroalgae) Microalgae) Trond Ø ørgensen, Professor, University of Ø.. JJørgensen, Troms ø, Norway Tromsø, ((

Aim at University of Troms ø: Tromsø: Marine bioprospecting: ““The The paramount objective is to find and develop high-value high-value bioactive products for scientific and commercial exploitation by screening compounds from Arctic organisms organisms””

Marine organisms from the Arctic...



Benthic organisms

Most of these organisms have : 9 Never experienced temperatures above 5ºC ! 9 Developed an “extreme” biochemistry with molecules active with low temperatures, which give opportunities for “novel” compounds and industrial applications / products

Microalgaebloom(April)andsamplinginthe BarentsSea


Arctic Microalgae: 9 Some grow at high densities in culture 9Some 9 High production at low light, low temperatures 9High 9 Flexible biochemistry 9 May contain up to 50 -60% lipids / oils 9May 50-60% and 20 -30 % proteins 20-30 9 Highly efficient CO22 binders 9Highly

Porosira glacialis

Cultivated -reactors) Cultivated microalgae microalgae (from (from bio bio-reactors) Bulk Bulk biomass biomass // processing processing

PUFA/lip PUFA/lip ids ids

Proteins Proteins /enzymes /enzymes

Metabolites Metabolites /drugs /drugs etc. etc.

Food Food // additives additives

Novel Novel // improved improved applications, applications, products, products, innovations ‌ innovations‌ Porosira Porosira glacialis glacialis

Bio Bio-fuel fuel

As the Arctic resources bring new opportunities for biotech innovation, we look for: Collaboration on exploitation of the Arctic marine resources, in particular Arctic microalgae; 9 Cultivation technology (photo-bio-reactors) (photo-bio-reactors) 9 Crop / species optimization 9 Refinement / utilisation / applications of the various (bioactive) compounds Skeletonema marinoi.

Thanks for listening !

Biotech Innovation  

Professor Trond Ø Jørgensen

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