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FINAL REMARKS The Obama administration’s new FOIA policies and early emphasis on open government has had an impact. However, the new emphasis on open government also seems to have encouraged a surge in the use of FOIA requests, after many years of steady decline during the Bush administration. Most agencies have been able to stay ahead of the increased requests, though some have struggled in individual years. However, although the number and timeliness of the FOIA requests processed has improved, fewer people are getting complete and full documents. Over the last four years, the proportion of FOIA releases that go out with redacted information has significantly increased. Well over half of all processed requests withhold some information. Agencies are increasingly using exemptions to limit the amount of information disclosed in response to FOIA requests. This is a troubling development for an administration with an avowed commitment to openness.


Freedom of Information Act Performance, 2012  
Freedom of Information Act Performance, 2012  

This report examines the processing of Freedom of Information Act requests from 25 major federal agencies in 2012 and reviews the processing...