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Sussex Pétanque Association English Pétanque Association

Crowborough Social Club Open Spring Doubles Sunday 9th May

Welcome to Sussex Pétanque’s first newsletter This is the first ever edition of Sussex Pétanque’s (SXP’s) Newsletter. The idea is to eventually publish our new regional newsletter on a quarterly basis. It will contain details of forthcoming fixtures for Regional & National competitions as well as Open competitions being held by Sussex clubs. Future editions will hopefully have reviews of recent competitions, results from Sussex competitions, photos and news from clubs across our region. Most importantly the newsletter should reflect what you (the SXP members) want to see included and are willing to contribute.

A brief history of Sussex Pétanque Before 2007 there was no SXP. There were two regions, Kent & Southern, which between them included clubs in Sussex. Clubs in East Sussex were mainly affiliated to the Kent Region and clubs in West Sussex were mainly affiliated to the Southern Region. However, this all changed in 2007 with the formation of SXP which was largely down to the hard work of Mike Thomas and a few others. Most of the clubs in Sussex joined the new region but there are still a number of clubs in the county that have chosen to remain with the other two regions. In 2007 when SXP was formed they immediately became the 5th largest of the EPA’s 15 regions. Mike Thomas (United PC) has been the SXP’s Chairman since it’s formation and at the AGM held in March this year was re-elected in this role. Jacky Broad (Hastings) is the SXP Secretary. Competition Organisers for SXP are Mick Lucioni and Jeff Mitchell (Welcome Stranger – Crowborough) and Tony Mann (Brighton & Hove PC) is the Communications & Publicity Officer. Therefore the main organisers represent the whole breadth of the region. In its first year (2007) SXP held two qualifying rounds for the EPA InterRegional Championships. These were held at Brighton in June and Fairlight Lodge in July. Up for grabs was the first ever opportunity to represent Sussex at the Inter-Regional Championships held in Brean Sands in September. With 8 teams able to represent Sussex it was a relief that a total of 8 teams competed at Brighton and 9 at Fairlight Lodge.

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Qtr 1 - 2010

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Sussex Pétanque

A brief history of Sussex Pétanque continued from page 1 Being a new region Sussex were automatically put into Division 2 at the Championships. Though we finished bottom of the table we were not humiliated and only just finished below Kernow/Devon who had historically been the bottom placed club. Our final position in 2007 was as follows :-

2007 Division 2 – Final Table 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

Isle of Wight London Anglia Thames Valley Great Western Combined Kernow/Devon Sussex

Wins 74 61 57 56 55 50 41 37

F 1230 1100 1143 1052 1071 1034 944 929

A 906 1062 1013 1048 1055 1068 1183 1168

2009 Division 2 – Final Table

Diff' +324 +38 +130 +4 +16 -34 -239 -239

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

In 2008 Sussex became the 4th largest of the EPA regions and held 3 regional qualifiers at Pett, Brighton & Crowborough with more teams entering than the previous year. We must have learned from our previous experience and had strengthened our squad as we improved greatly to finish 5th in Division 2, a great achievement in only our 2nd year. Our final position in 2008 was as follows :-

2008 Division 2 – Final Table 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

West Midlands Wales Anglia Thames Valley Sussex Great Western Combined Kernow/Devon

Wins 72 64 60 58 51 46 44 37

F 1185 1126 1083 1120 1055 969 931 913

A 900 943 1030 986 1111 1123 1118 1171

In 2009 Sussex once again held 3 regional qualifiers at Brighton, Crowborough & Fairlight Lodge. However this time with increased entry of teams Sussex were not only able to put forward the 8 teams for the Main Inter-Regional Championships but for the first time a further 4 teams for the Challenge Trophy. It was slightly disappointing that we did not continue our improvement from 2008 and dropped one place to finish 6th overall in Division 2.

Diff' +285 +183 +53 +134 -56 -154 -187 -258

Isle of Wight London Combined Thames Valley Anglia Sussex Kernow/Devon Great Western

Wins 68 68 61 50 45 42 41 0

F 1189 1146 1104 1070 1048 951 1004 0

A 947 982 1017 1116 1093 1192 1165 0

Diff' +242 +164 +87 -46 -47 -241 -161 0

In the Challenge Trophy the Sussex region finished last with 14 wins and a point’s difference of –138 points. Only just above them were the Isle of Wight with 15 wins and –163. However Sussex took Brean Sands by storm when Tony Mann accompanied by Pat Connolly, Terry Gibbons & Alan Issler with support from Hilary Lindsay and Paul Turner put on a pétanque karaoke special. To the music of These Boots are made for Walking they performed their own pétanque inspired version These Boules are made for Shooting. The video of this is available on the following YouTube link Warning !! not for the fainthearted !! In August 2009 Sussex also held it’s first Regional Doubles competition at Crowborough. The winners were Herbie Edwards & Mick Lucioni with runners-up being David Alfred & Tony Mann.

The Sussex Petanque squad at Brean Sands in 2009 (well most of them !)

Qtr 1 - 2010

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Sussex Pétanque

Inter-Regional Qualifiers Round 1 – Brighton & Hove PC Sunday 25th April The Sunday for the first of three Inter-Regional Qualifiers was forecasted to be warm and sunny so it came as no surprise that it was actually cold, overcast and windy ! Thirteen teams registered for the competition. The great news was that this was the highest number of teams for a Sussex qualifier. The bad news (and you could hear the groans from the competition organiser’s table) was that this was the organiser’s worst nightmare in terms of league formats.

Trumpeteers – Tim Andrews, Martin Gordon & Norman Hazelden

It had been pre-decided that with 13 teams there would be two leagues of 4 teams and one league with 5 teams. A random draw was held to form the 3 leagues. In League A three Hasting’s teams were drawn together along with a team from Crowborough. The teams were :-

The Wanderers – Paul Astell, Steve Mortimer, Mark Thomas & Lisa Turner The results were as follows :The Trolls 9 - 13 Trumpeteers 7 - 13 The Trolls 13 - 9 United 13 - 1 The Trolls 13 - 10 United 13 - 6

The Trolls – Jacky Broad, Debbie Gillett, Graham Gillett & Andy Pettitt

United The Wanders Trumpeteers The Wanderers The Wanderers Trumpeteers

League A 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

United The Trolls The Wanderers Trumpeteers

W 3 2 1 0

F 39 35 24 22

A 16 32 33 39

Diff +23 +3 -9 -17

In League B three Brighton teams were drawn together along with a Crowborough team. The results were as follows :1664s 13 - 7 Saddam 13 - 6 1664s 2 - 13 The Randalls 13 - 6 1664s 5 - 13 Saddam 4 - 13

United – David Cover, Alex Hutchinson, David Leigh & Wayne Wells

The Randalls BN1 Saddam BN1 BN1 The Randalls

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Qtr 1 - 2010

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Sussex Pétanque

Inter-Regional Qualifiers Round 1 – Brighton & Hove PC continued from page 3 The teams were :-

BN1 – Ray Ager, Fergal Hogan, Alan Issler & Tony Mann

League B

1664s – Daniel Mac Donnell, Lindsey MacDonnell & Les MacDonnell

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

The Randalls Saddam BN1 1664s

W 2 2 1 1

F 33 30 25 20

A 23 21 31 33

Diff +10 +9 -6 -13

In League C there were 5 teams and three of them came from Crowborough, one from Hastings and one from Brighton. The Teams were :-

The Randalls – Andrew Randall, Barbara Randall & David Randall Welcome Stranger – Herbie Edwards, Mick Lucioni & Jeff Mitchell

Saddam – David Alfred, Stephan Alfred & Pat Connolly Spitfires – Alan Constable, Dawn Constable & Bert Doo

Qtr 1 - 2010

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Sussex Pétanque

Inter-Regional Qualifiers Round 1 – Brighton & Hove PC

The results were as follows :Wel’ Stranger 8 - 13 Ticklers 13 - 7 Wel’ Stranger 13 - 6 Spitfires 13 - 3 Wel’ Stranger 13 - 1 Ticklers 13 - 8 Wel’ Stranger 13 - 5 Spitfires 1 - 13 Bricklayers 13 - 12 Spitfires 9 - 13

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Spitfires Team Taylor Ticklers Bricklayers Team Taylor Bricklayers Bricklayers Team Taylor Team Taylor Ticklers

League C 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Welcome Stranger Ticklers Spitfires Team Taylor Bricklayers

W 3 3 2 1 1

F 47 45 36 34 29

A 25 37 37 40 51

Diff +22 +8 -1 -7 -22

The top 8 teams went through to a Main Rolling Knock-out in the next stage whilst the bottom 5 teams competed in a Plate competition. To bring parity between all three leagues each team in Leagues A & B had an additional bye win of 13-7 awarded. The top 2 teams in each league went through to the Main plus the next 2 best performing teams. The teams finishing 1st in their leagues took the top 3 seeded positions according to wins & points difference. The teams finishing 2nd in their leagues were seeded 4th to 6th according to wins & points difference. The next best 2 performing teams were seeded 7th & 8th according to wins & points difference.

Ticklers – Chris Mills, Maddy Mills, Martin Pry & Paul Turner

Therefore the final positional seedings were as follows :-

Team Taylor – Daniel Taylor, Jeff Taylor & Trish Taylor

League Pos Wins Diff United A 1st 4 +29 Welcome Stranger C 1st 3 +22 The Randalls B 1st 3 +16 Saddam B 2nd 3 +15 The Trolls A 2nd 3 +9 Ticklers C 2nd 3 +8 BN1 B 3rd 2 0 Spitfires C 3rd 2 -1

9th 10th 11th 12th 13th

The Wanderers 1664s Team Taylor Trumpeteers Bricklayers


3rd 4th 4th 4th 5th

2 2 1 1 1

-3 -7 -6 -11 -22

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Bricklayers – Chris Faithfull, Julie Kemp, Lee Kemp & Hilary Lindsay

Qtr 1 - 2010

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

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Sussex Pétanque

Inter-Regional Qualifiers Round 1 – Brighton & Hove PC

The 3rd round draw was as follows :Game 9 Winner Game 5 v Winner Game 6 Game 10 Loser Game 5 v Loser Game 6 Game 11 Winner Game 7 v Winner Game 8 Game 12 Loser Game 7 v Loser Game 8

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Plate Competition (seeds 9 to 13) With 5 teams in the plate there was a play-off between the 12th & 13th placed teams.


Game 9 12 - 13 Ticklers

This meant that the Bricklayers finished in 13th position overall. The 9th seeds then played the Trumpeteers whilst the 10th seeds played the 11th seeds.


Game 10 4 - 13 Wel’ Stranger


Game 11 2 - 13 BN1

9th The Wanderers 11th Team Taylor

The Trolls

Game 12 8 - 13 The Randalls


beat Bricklayers

beat 12th Trumpeteers beat 10th 1664s

The winners then played the winners to decide 9th & 10th positions while the losers played the losers to decide 11th & 12th. The Wanderers

beat Team Taylor


beat 1664s

Main Competition – Rolling Seeded Knockout

The final was a close fought affair between the Ticklers and Saddam and went to 12-12 in the penultimate end. Pat Connolly pointed for Saddam and then Chris Mills pointed for the Ticklers resting his boule right on the jack. Stephan shot twice but failed to hit the opponent’s boule. So David also shot twice with the same result leaving Pat with a difficult last shot and the Ticklers won the game.

The 1st round draw for the Main Seeded Rolling Knockout was as follows :Game 1 Seed 1 v Seed 8 Game 2 Seed 4 v Seed 5 Game 3 Seed 3 v Seed 6 Game 4 Seed 2 v Seed 7 United (1st)

Game 1 10 - 13 Spitfires (8th)

Saddam (4th)

Game 2 13 - 4 The Trolls (5th)

The Randalls (3rd)

Game 3 6 - 13 Ticklers (6th)

BN1 (7th)

Game 4 7 - 13 Wel’ Stranger (2nd)

The top 2 Sussex teams- Ticklers & Saddam all friends after a close fought final

The 2nd round draw was as follows :Game 5 Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 2 Game 6 Winner Game 3 v Winner Game 4 Game 7 Loser Game 1 v Loser Game 2 Game 8 Loser Game 3 v Loser Game 4 Spitfires

Game 5 10 - 13 Saddam


Game 6 13 - 4 Wel’ Stranger


Game 7 13 - 7 The Trolls

The Randalls

Game 8 8 - 13 BN1

Qtr 1 - 2010

The top 8 places were determined as follows :1st - Winner of Game 9 2nd - Loser of Game 9 3rd - Winner of Game 10 4th - Loser of Game 10 5th - Winner of Game 11 6th - Loser of Game 11 7th - Winner of Game 12 8th - Loser of Game 12

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Sussex Pétanque

Inter-Regional Qualifiers Round 1 – Brighton & Hove PC

Inter-Regional Championships Brean Sands – 18th/19th September

continued from page 6

With 13 teams competing in our qualifiers it gives us an opportunity for the 2nd year running to have our top 8 teams to compete at the InterRegional Championships and a further 4 teams to compete in the Challenge Trophy.

Table after Round 1 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th

Ticklers Saddam Welcome Stranger Spitfires BN1 United The Randalls The Trolls The Wanderers Team Taylor Trumpeteers 1664s Bricklayers


24 21 18 16 14 13 12 11 8 7 6 5 4

The teams that played for Sussex in the Challenge Trophy last year will be the first to tell you that it is a tough competition as you are competing against all the regions and not just those in the 2nd Division. So every team has something to play for in our 3 qualifying rounds. Good luck to everyone taking part.

Open Spring Doubles Crowborough Social Club

Congratulations to the Ticklers for finishing first and special mention to The Trolls (8th) and Team Taylor (10th) in their first outing for the Sussex qualifiers.

Inter-Regional Qualifiers Round 2 – Crowborough Social Club The 2nd round of Sussex’s Inter-regional qualifiers will be held at the Crowborough Social Club on Sunday 16th May. The Social Club is in Croft Road, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 1DL. Registration will be from 9.30 to 9.50am for a 10am start.

Crowborough Social Club is hosting an Open Spring Doubles on Sunday 9th May. As well as being a great event in it’s own right it can also be used as an opportunity for the Inter-Regional Qualifier teams to get in some practice on the very terrain they’ll be playing at the following week. Registration is from 9.30am for a 10am start. Cost is £5 per person.

The format will be similar to that of the 1st round but the competition organisers may distribute the top 3 teams from Round 1 into each league with the remaining teams being randomly drawn into the remaining league places. Points will be awarded according to the final positions in the 2nd round and will then be accumulated with the 1st round points to give the total points and positions before the 3rd and last round.

Inter-Regional Qualifiers Round 3 – Hastings tbc The 3rd round of Sussex’s Inter-regional qualifiers will be held at a venue in Hastings on Sunday 18th July. At the time of going to press with the newsletter the venue had not yet been confirmed. President Mike Thomas is currently negotiating with a potential new venue in Hastings to host the 3rd and final round. Previous Hastings venues have been Fairlight Lodge and Pett Village.

Qtr 1 - 2010

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Sussex Pétanque

Forthcoming Events MAY Open SXP EPA EPA EPA EPA

Sun 9th Sun 16th Sun 23rd Sat 29th Sun 30th Mon 31st

Spring Doubles Sussex Regional Qualifier 2 EPA Men’s & Ladies GP 2 English Singles English Doubles English Mixed Doubles

Crowborough Social Club Crowborough Social Club The Swan, HR3 6DH Sandown & Shanklin RFC, IoW Sandown & Shanklin RFC, IoW Sandown & Shanklin RFC, IoW

Doubles Triples Triples Singles Doubles Doubles

EPA Open  EPA Open EPA

Sun 6th Sun 13th Sun 20th Sun 20th Sun 27th

EPA Men’s & Ladies GP 3 Mick Broad Trophy Open Ladies Top 8 & Men’s Top 16 Ron Easton Charity Doubles Men’s Top 16

Crondall PC, GU10 5PH Victoria, Hastings Rayne Swan, CM77 6RQ Crowborough Social Club Letchworth OC, SG6 1AZ

Triples Singles Triples Doubles Triples

EPA Open Open Open SXP EPA

Sun 4th Sun 4th Sun 4th Sun 11th Sun 18th Sat 25th

JULY Home Nations Qualifier Kings Head Unique Doubles Brighton Open Doubles by-the-sea Bastille Day Doubles Sussex Regional Qualifier 3 Triples Championship

Luton OC, Stopsley Kings Head Brighton – Peace Statue Terrain Crowborough Social Club Hastings - venue tbc British Sugar S&SC, IP32 6PD

Triples Doubles Doubles Doubles Triples Triples

SXP Other Open Open Other

Sun 1st 7th - 8th Sun 15th Sun 15th 19th/22nd

AUGUST Sussex Doubles & Shooting Comp’ Home Nations Championship Summer Doubles John Goodsell Mixed Pairs Open European Ladies Championship

Crowborough Social Club Inverness, Scotland Crowborough Social Club Slovenia

Doubles Triples Doubles Doubles Triples


Sun 5th Sun 12th 18th/19th

SEPTEMBER Over 50s Doubles Intra League Doubles Inter Regional Championships

Brighton – Peace Statue Terrain Crowborough Social Club Pontins Brean Sands

Doubles Doubles Triples

tbc tbc

Doubles Triples



Sat 2nd Sun 3rd

Champion of Champions Champion of Champions

Sussex Pétanque Contacts Sussex Pétanque President

Mike Thomas

01424 436630 07957 612437


Jacky Broad

01797 253228


Mick Lucioni

01323 849403 07817 933015


Jeff Mitchell

01825 733728 07973 795442


Tony Mann

01273 273543 07917 108117

Qtr 1 - 2010

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Sussex Pétanque

Sussex Pétanque Clubs Bricklayers Arms PC - Bricklayers Arms, Whitehill Road, Crowborough, TN6 1JT President Secretary

Chris Faithfull Peter Comer

01892 665067 01892 653576

Brighton & Hove PC – Peace Statue Terrain, Kings Road, Brighton President Secretary

Ray Ager Pat Connolly

01273 673637 07707 275964 01273 441325 07985 308569

Coopers Arms – The Coopers Arms, Coopers Lane, Crowborough, TN6 1SN President

David Quinney

01892 654796

Crowborough Social Club – Crowborough Social Club, Croft Road, Crowborough, TN6 2TJ President Secretary

Richard Crowe 01892 653180 Lindsey MacDonnell 01892 668832

Swans – Swan Pub, The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, President Secretary

John Smith Rita Wooton

01892 770871 01892 685242

Pétanque de Uckfield PC – The Uckfield Club, Bell Lane, Uckfield, TN22 1AE President Secretary Contact

David Ritchie Amanda Ritchie Jenny Morton

01825 765297 01825 765297 01825 765164

The Welcome Stranger – 2 Crowborough Hill, Jarvis Brook, Crowborough, TN6 2JL President Secretary

William Groombridge 01892 653297 Mick Lucioni 01323 849403 07817 933015

The Wheatsheaf – The Wheatsheaf, Mount Pleasant, Jarvis Brook, Crowborough, TN6 2NF President Secretary Contact

Peter Errey Trevor Allen Maggie Hirst

01892 663102 01634 712876 01892 663102

Other SXP clubs include 1066 and United. If you can be a contact for either of these clubs then please let Tony Mann know. If any details above are incorrect or incomplete then please let Tony Mann know.

Got a SXP story to tell or an event to promote ? Then get in touch with Tony Mann to get it included in the next SXP Newsletter or sent out to each of the SXP club contacts.

Your Sussex Pétanque Newsletter has been produced by Tony Mann.

Qtr 1 - 2010

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Sussex Pétanque

Sussex Petanque News Quarter One 2010  

Sussex Petanque News Quarter One 2010. Compiled and edited by Tony Mann