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The Joint PhD Program in Public Policy is a collaborative effort between the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy and the departments of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology.


The Joint PhD Program follows a “discipline plus” structure. The “discipline” means that all

Total number of students: 38

students complete a PhD in a basic social science, and the “plus” means that they apply social

Number of applicants in 2013: 172

science theory and knowledge to public policy problems. Joint PhD students will be awarded

Average age: 24.73

doctoral degrees in Economics and Public Policy, Political Science and Public Policy, or

Female: 63.16%

Sociology and Public Policy. These titles reflect a fundamental characteristic of the program:

Male: 36.84%

students are simultaneously full members of their disciplinary departments and participants

Underrepresented (U.S. only): 40%

in an interdisciplinary public policy community. The program is designed to appeal to students who want to pursue research careers in a traditional social science discipline but who also see themselves as committed to the study of public policy. Our goal is for joint PhD students to bring the most rigorous tools of social science to bear on fundamental public policy questions. Recent recipients of the Joint PhD degree have taken academic positions at Brown University, Cornell University, Duke University, Harvard University, Penn State University, Princeton University, University of Maryland, University of North Carolina, University of

PHD JOBS BY SECTOR Other 6.89% Postdoc Fellowship 17.2%

Virginia, WestPoint, Williams College, and Yale University. Other recent graduates have accepted research positions with the

Government/ National Lab Research 20.68% Research: Other 10.34%

Faculty 44.82%

World Bank, the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve Board, the U.S. State Department, Rand, Mathematica, the International Food Policy Research Institute, the Gates Foundation, and McKinsey.


Dissertation: “Do African

Current job: Associate

Americans Really Resist

professor of sociology and


School: An In-Depth

African American studies at

Examination of the

Princeton University

Oppositional Culture Theory”


PhD program:

Designed to give students a tool box of research,

Designed to give students extensive expertise in a specialized field that will

analytical, and management skills that qualify students

qualify them for jobs in academia, research institutions and government.

for a wide range of government, non-profit, and private

Most candidates spend five to six years earning their doctoral degree. Doctoral

sector careers.

study offers a unique opportunity for an individual to conduct intensive and prolonged research on a specific topic.

FINANCIAL AID New PhD students will receive five years of funding which covers tuition, health insurance, and a stipend contingent upon satisfactory performance. Support may be in the form of fellowships, research assistantships, and/or teaching assistantships. Students are strongly encouraged to seek both teaching and research experience.

APPLICATION AND ADMISSION Students must apply directly to the Ford School of Public Policy to be considered for the joint degree PhD program. The application files of those recommended for admission by the Ford School are simultaneously reviewed by the appropriate social science department for consideration. Students must designate one of the three social sciences, Economics, Political Science, or Sociology, for the joint PhD at the time of application. In addition, applicants for the joint PhD in Sociology and Public Policy must also designate a primary topic of research in Sociology. Please submit the following with your online application: 1. Three letters of recommendation 2. Official transcripts 3. Official test score report(s) (GRE and TOEFL) 4. Academic statement of purpose 5. Personal statement

ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS Applicants will begin the application process by following the instructions found on the following link: Applications close December 15.

CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy Student and Academic Services Joan and Sanford Weill Hall, Suite 2245 Ann Arbor, MI 48109-3091 734 764 7508

Joint PhD Program  
Joint PhD Program  

The Joint PhD Program in Public Policy is a collaborative effort between the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy and the departments of E...