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YANKEE NEWSLETTER January 6th, 2012 | Issue 9


TINSLEY ISLAND 2011 Although there was not opportunity for the usual summer break at Tinsley, she made the annual Stag Cruise trip upriver one Thursday, in light air but, thanks to the new prop generously donated by Jon & Betsy Price, made as good speed as the Islander 36 which sailed alongside for most of the journey. With that prop, our iron genny well matched their spinnaker for pace. It was very pleasing to finally be able to keep up with the Stag fleet. Yankee remained at Tinsley for the following Women's Cruise, and provided the ladies with a home for the weekend and a place in the Women's Boat Show as part of their event schedule. Yankee continues to be an active part of our family and an icon for St Francis Yacht Club! By the way, the trip back was a record in just over eight hours as that new prop took advantage of smooth waters and favorable currents. It was probably the first time the return trip was actually a pleasure.

It was an active and successful racing season for the Yankee. We participated in the Master Mariners, and Leukemia Cup, took second in the Great Schooner Regatta, and took first place with a pair of bullets in the Jessica Cup regatta. We were pleased to be out on the bay, and feel as though our crew has really gotten good! Below enjoy some photos from the various races.

CRUISING NEWS The 17th annual Holiday Lighted Boat Parade in mid December showed Yankee in her glory as the boat was beautifully decorated with a thousand lights in the rigging, a lighted tree suspended off the boom end, and the housetop circled with sparkling colors. She was a sight, passing along the city front in parade, occupying the premiere spot right behind the San Francisco Fireboat. Best of all, it was a clear and not too cold evening, and the lights stayed on for the entire trip (unlike earlier water short-circuited years) If you passed the marina one evening during the season, you should have seen her in her mid-marina berth, with the lights blazing every night, a grand sight for the holidays.

Top Left: Master Mariners, Top Right: Jessica Cup Second Row: Jessica Cup Bottom: Leukemia Cup Regatta CONTENTS RACING AND CRUISING NEWS








YANKEE WINS JESSICA CUP AGAIN! Sunday, October 15, 2011 was a day of fulfillment for Yankee and her crew, after some years of hard work and practice, as she recaptured the Yankee Cup for the first time in decades. This traditional StFYC regatta, of two races on a single day, ran this year in moderate breeze and a nice flood tide for flat waters. Although it wasn‟t a „Yankee Day‟ (blowing at least 20 kts! – rail down you know) we seemed to move quite well, even overcoming the Brigadoon‟s usual light air advantage. The first start put us directly behind Brigadoon on starboard headed for the beach at Anita Rock. By keeping right on her tail and slightly to windward, we had her pinned and unable to tack, until she called searoom. Brigadoon then had rights to tack, and soon began, while we rolled through a slow tack to stay clear, and gain the ahead windward position. Once both yachts were filled on port Brigadoon, with a bit more speed, closed on our stern, at one point nearly tapping our boom end with her sprit, but then narrowly ducked under to clear. Once up to speed we then sailed away. That was a very close call, but one in which all did the right thing, as Brigadoon‟s rights disappeared once she was overtaking boat. We sailed on, trimming sails well and hitting our marks to take the first race by nearly fifteen minutes over the second place, Makani Kai. The second race began under similar conditions, except the entire fleet had gathered at the pin end of the line for a starboard start. Somehow, we navigated our sixteen foot girth through the crowd for a clear and timely start, quickly tacking away and off to the next mark, never looking back, and finishing clear of all comers by a similar advantage. As the sailing press put it that week, “Yankee swept their division with double bullets!”

LEUKEMIA MATTY IHLE It was with a heavyCUP heart AND that Yankee sailed the Leukemia Cup Regatta this year. Our good friend and committed crew member Matt Ihle was stricken by a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia right before the regatta. Only 40 years old Matty passed away on August 24, 2011 leaving behind his wonderful wife Andrea Todd Ihle. For those of you who knew Matt- you will remember him as a jovial soul who enjoyed getting out in the fresh air to sand, varnish, or sail. He was a great guy who always had a smile or a good story to share. Matt and his wife Andrea were the very first crew members to earn their “40 hours of work sail”. They spent so much time helping on the Yankee and a couple of years ago we enjoyed entertaining a few of their friends on board. Matty will long be remembered by the Yankee and our crew. I know that I will be sure to tip some scotch in the bay each time we are out to remember his wonderful spirit.

Left: Marc Herrenbruck and Matt Ihle on Yankee Right: Matt and Andrea Ihle running the foredeck Below: 1931 Stockton Regatta Crew

This one was very special, as the Yankee Cup, donated by Yankee many years ago and seldom held by her in recent decades, is that trophy won by Yankee in the 1931 Stockton Regatta. It is right that her name should appear there as often as possible.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM……BLURBS ON THE YANKEE COMMUNITY! John and Samantha Collins are expecting their second son in January! Danielle and Jeff Lawson welcomed a healthy baby boy Felix into the world. Alex and Maggie Mehran had a healthy baby boy named Alex the day before Thanksgiving!

Left: Mehran Family at Christmas Right: Kristy, Jonathan and Ashley Rubenstein

Kristy and Neil Rubenstein welcomed their second child and first daughter Ashley Elizabeth Rubenstein

Yankee LLC 358 Skyline Dr. Daly City, CA 94015 415-902-7339 www Do you have some fun updates on friends or family of Yankee? Email them to and they will be included in the next letter!

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