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Satellite Communications: For Coast-to-Coast Connections

For businesses that operate in remote locations with minimal mobile coverage, accurate fleet tracking is important to keep employees safe, meet the service level agreement, and fulfil the company’s due diligence. Navman Wireless’s fleet tracking via satellite communications provides global, secured, and multipoint communications. Both wireless and wired enhancements lack this ability to leap across oceans and continents, perhaps linking some of the world’s inaccessible spots.

HOW IT WORKS? Navman Wireless’sOnlineAVL2 typically connects to the cellular network, but when the fleet moves out of coverage, it will instantly connect through the Satellite Communications device. To control the costs of satellite communications, clients have the choice to limit which processes demand satellite network connection, whilst low priority processes remain on the traditional network.

Satellite communications benefit businesses by providing the following. 


Satellite networks provide a stable connectivity where traditional networks fail. With satellite communications, fleet operators can maintain business continuity with built-in redundancy and reliable back-up service.

 Quick distribution Satellite communication is an ideal solution to fleet tracking issues, as it is safe from challenges posed by difficult terrain, inaccessible locations, harsh weather, and heavy traffic. In this competitive world, satellite communications allow businesses to market quickly and effectively and provide stable connectivity whenever they need it.

 Cost effective Satellite technology can deliver a communication infrastructure to areas where traditional connection is unavailable, unreliable, or simply too costly. This allows businesses to ensure profitability and scalability, maintaining low operating expenses and improving fleet service. The Navman Wireless Satellite Communications device allows businesses to communicate and have full visibility with their clients and employees. They can employ the device with the Qube or OnlineAVL2 as a tracking tool, or add the two-way communication device, the M-Nav 800, for a complete fleet management solution. It is not enough to know where vehicles are. Clients will get a clear picture of their business by setting up Navman Wireless’s GPS device equipped with wireless satellite systems.


Satellite communications for coast to coast communications