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Joshua D. Ford


“Design is everybody’s business: we live in it, we eat in it, we pray in it and play in it.” -Paul Jacques Grillo, Form, Function and Design.


Art Foundation



9 Toy Propeller 10 Hokusai Interpretation 12

Sophomore Studio

Junior Studio


Nature as Teacher

23 E-Cycle

Senior Studio

33 Cafe Critique

3D Studio Max

45 Rotary Desk


Experience Design Management Group, LLC

January 2009 - Design Intern Hanover St. Residence Specified, prepared estimates, and placed orders for: steam generator and control unit and stone tile for bathroom. Designed vanity. Met with contractor to coordinate aspects of design. Prepared detailed plan and elevations for hand painted wallpaper estimates.

INOVA Health Systems - Digestive Disease, Grants Management Office Drew scaled floorplans from raster images or site measurements. Created furniture plans for client review and for installation. Virginia Commonwealth University Student Commons and Activities

July 2008 - Promoted to Senior Student Manager Assisted Event and Conference Services with technical expertise by rewriting online training for all student organizations, drawing room templates to be used in future event planning and standard lobby furniture layouts using MeetingMatrix diagramming software. Trained Student Managers while demonstrating leadership among existing managers and all Student Assistants.

January 2007 - Promoted to Student Manager Manager on duty of the 156,000 sq. ft. VCU Student Commons. Supervised workforce of 60 Student Assistants ensuring customer satisfaction from all interactions and services. Delegated tasks to Student Assistants, Maintenance and Housekeeping staff to retain clear emergency egress, safety standards, and physical appearance of public and private spaces. Directly trained 15-20 Facility Assistants who set up all event spaces.

October 2006 - Promoted to Assistant Student Manager Completed training modules to begin taking on roles of Student Manager

January 2006 - Facility Assistant Set up event spaces according to a high personal standard while taking initiative to organize my shifts and seek out additional work. Cultivated effective communication with other Facility Assistants and Student Managers.


Skills Autodesk: Architectural Desktop 2007, Viz 2007, 3D Studio Max 2008. Knowledge of Revit Architecture. Google Sketchup. Adobe: Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Professional. Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook. Intuit Quickbooks. Carpentry, model building and woodshop experience.

Awards Buffy Davis Award for Continued Dedicated Service, 2008 - 2009, USC&A Benjamin Bundens Jr. Award, Student Employee of the Year, 2007 - 2008, USC&A Selected to represent VCUArts at Tasmeem 2007, in Doha, Qatar Student Graduation Speaker, Dabney S. Lancaster, 2005 Gary Lee Miller Outstanding Graduate Award, Dabney S. Lancaster, 2005

Education Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA Bachelor of Fine Arts, May 2009 Interior Design, CIDA accredited program

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, Clifton Forge VA Associates Degree in Arts and Science, May 2005


Art Foundation 99


Art Foundation

Art Foundation Drawing Studio Assignment: draw an object which possesses personal meaning. Response: my grandfather was a woodcarver. When I was young he made this toy propeller for my brothers and I. Graphite on bristol pad 2005


Art Foundation

Art Foundation Studio Assignment: Choose a classic piece of art and reinterpret it in a contemporary style. Response: I chose Hokusai’s The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, a Polychrome woodblock print. A fan of Will Eisner, I emulated his high contrast style using the dimensions of a comic book page. Rapidograph pens, brush, and ink on illustration board 2006



Line Shape

Form Scale









Nature as Teacher 15


Nature as Teacher

Sophomore Studio Assignment: select a natural object (leaf, fruit, seedpod, etc) to study. Complete a series of drawings observing the elements of design (scale, hierarchy, rhythm, etc). From representational drawings, create abstract ones; from abstract drawings create three dimensional models; from the models create a space. Response: focusing smaller and smaller, a magnifying glass was used to draw individual flower buds. After breaking it down into a single 3D model I began building relationships in a unit composition. From those relationships I created three separate spaces, joined by an open air courtyard. Graphite, trace paper, bristol board, chipboard, glue 2006



Nature as Teacher



Nature as Teacher

Abstracted, a broccoli bud becomes a chapel. Sharpened lines point towards the heavens. The petals become shelter for an individual seeking meditation, reflection and connection with a higher power.




23 23

Junior Studio I - Commercial Office Space Assist E-Cycle in reducing a 12,000 sq. ft. office to 10,500 so they will fit into their new site — part of one floor in the historic Edgeworth building. E-Cycle is an electric bicycle, moped and motorcycle manufacturer wishing to expand from its base in Canada to all of North America. Richmond is an example of the urban environment they design for and serves as a great way to stay grounded to their design ideals and concepts.



Block diagram

Noli Plan

Interpretation of Noli Plan — Built offices as private areas, open plan areas as public spaces.


Creative Services Lounge

Creative Services

Conference Rooms


Acc. Admin. and Administrative Offices

Exec. Office









Cafe Critique


34 Cafe Critique

Cafe Critique — Construction Documents Studio Assignment: design a restaurant booth, construct a 1” = 1’ - 0” model; design a cafe for the booth on the site of the Pollak building courtyard, Harrison St. side; create construction documents for both. Graphite, pen, wood, tracing paper, glue, AutoCAD, Sketchup, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop 2008


36 Cafe Critique

Curved beams undulate through the negative space created by existing brutalist style concrete structural elements, drawing the eye of pedestrians and motorists traveling along Harrison Street. The food/drink preparation is visible from the street and reveals function of the space for draw of new customers.


38 Cafe Critique

Food Prep. Main Cafe

Critique Space


40 Cafe Critique

Bar stool seating for individuals along the window looks out onto Harrison Street. Booth seating for groups is to the right, spaced between the existing columns.


42 Cafe Critique

The critique space is to the back of the cafe. Pinup panels adjacent to glazing above and below maintains a connection with the pedestrian traffic of the courtyard and allows for a sense of time and space. The space is reservable for critiques and gallery shows by VCUArts students and faculty; priority is given to those based in the Pollak building


3D Studio Max Final






Interior Design Portfolio  
Interior Design Portfolio  

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