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30 December 2018


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If you’re pour includes extreme slopes for drainage, multiple stickups, or precise FF/FL requirements then you need the #1 selling boom-operated laser guided screeds on the market. Your Ligchine ScreedSaver will help you get the job done faster with the industrie’s first zero turn drive system and the ability to cover 10,000 ft² per hour.*




Visit us at www.Ligchine.com *numbers based on the ScreedSaver BOSS 240 model

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December 2018 | Issue 7, Volume 18

WHAT’S INSIDE Cover Photo Credit: Robin Borne

Departments 4 Editor’s Letter 6 Legal Matters 8 Pre-World of Concrete Products 83 The Last Placement

What’s Online

Cover Story 24 Pushing the Boundaries of Artistic Concrete Transitioning from being a machinist to a concrete contractor.

30 Resurfacer to the Rescue

Features 14 Placing Concrete Smarter - Part 3 The third and final article in this series will discuss how to increase your organizational knowledge data base, define culture and improve your ability to place and finish slabs on grade.

The answer to concrete restoration.

36 Five Things to Demand from Your Concrete Supplier Concrete producers can — and should — deliver vital, real-time job information via mobile apps.

42 FAQ: Respirable Silica . Dust Protection, Phase II A reminder that every company that works with concrete, stone or other masonry materials must meet the OSHA requirements.

18 Most Common Mistakes in Foundation and Concrete Repair and How to Avoid Them When it comes to repairing cracks in concrete and foundations, it’s important to look beyond the visible damage at hand and approach repair with a multistep process to both seal and structurally reinforce the crack to prevent future failures.

Wireless Concrete Monitoring: Embedded vs. Non-embedded Bluetooth Transmitters Maturity testing addresses the guesswork and can prove if on-site concrete has achieved required strength and whether or not formwork removal and load application is feasible. Search: 21032159

5 Winter Construction Site Safety Tips Winter on a construction site comes with a whole host of hazards. From slips and trips to frozen fingers and damaged equipment, cold temperatures require specific countermeasures to ensure a safe and productive site during the winter months. Search: 21030586

44 Equipment Specification Guides: Dust Extraction A compilation of technical information when choosing your next dust extractor.

50 Revisiting Power Tool Batteries Run-time vs. weight vs. smallest size.

58 Cornering the Market BORIDE’s Corner Tool fills a niche in floor finishing.

64 Maintaining Polished . Concrete Floors The good, the bad and how to avoid the ugly.

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Will 2019 Be Another Successful Year for Contractors?


s 2018 comes to a close, I’d like to take this moment to reflect on the year. No doubt, it was a banner year for contractors. During my travels throughout the year, I continued to hear how busy contractors were. By most accounts, business was off the charts and I found several contractors who turned away business because they couldn’t take on any more. In other cases, contractors were seeking help from competing contractors and giving jobs away they otherwise would have completed themselves. Job growth and a high backlog suggests good news for the industry. While 2019 appears to be another great year for contractors, overcoming the workforce shortage continues to be a challenge. According to Associated Builders and Contractors Chief Economist Anirban Basu, the low unemployment has created a construction workforce shortage of an estimated 500,000 positions. Basu says, “As of July, there were a record-setting 6.94 million job openings in the United States, and construction unemployment reached a low of 3.6% in October.” According to Basu’s 2019 economic outlook he stressed that a recession is unlikely in 2019. “Indicators such as the Conference Board’s Leading Economic Index, which often signals an economic downturn, have continued to tick higher, implying current momentum will continue for at least two to three more quarters. In Facebook.com/ ConcreteContractor

Advisory Board

Ryan Olson, Publisher/ Editorial Director ROlson@ ACBusinessMedia.com (800) 538-5544

addition, ABC’s Construction Backlog Indicator, which reflects the amount of work that will be performed by commercial and industrial contractors in the months ahead, reported a record backlog of 9.9 months in the second quarter of 2018.” While his 2019 forecast suggests optimism next year, he notes, “Contractors should be aware that recessions often follow within two years of peak confidence. The average contractor is likely to be quite busy in 2019, but beyond that, the outlook is quite murky.” Basu’s economic forecast is just the first of many market forecasts to be released. It will be interesting to see what other economists are predicting in the future. One of the key economists we follow is Chief Economist for the Portland Cement Association, Edward Sullivan. His forecast is typically released at the World of Concrete next month. I’m hoping his forecast suggests brighter days beyond 2019. In the meantime, contractors should relish the success they’ve had in 2018 and prepare to be just as successful in 2019.

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Dennis Purinton Purinton Builders, Inc. East Granby, Conn. Craig Coppersmith, P.E. Nox-Crete Omaha, Neb.

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Recent Legal Developments Impacting Concrete Contractors


s of this writing, several congressional races and two governors races are still undecided, the overall count suggests that the Democrats will control the House of Representatives but the Republicans will maintain control over the US Senate. The new House majority will likely initiate several investigative panels focusing on the Trump administration federal agency actions, which could delay regulatory action on the new wage-hour overtime rule, the new joint-employer standard, as well as new OSHA guidelines. We can also expect the Democrat leadership to sponsor legislation banning compulsory arbitration agreements, increasing entitlement to overtime pay, raising the minimum wage,

promoting unionization, requiring mandatory paid sick leave, and making the NLRB keep the Obama-era joint-employer standard in place. With a Republican majority in the Senate, however, none of these legislative measures is likely to even reach the President’s desk. Of course, there, they almost certainly would be vetoed, and there is not a sufficient number of votes to override a Presidential veto. About the only issue that might get through the gridlock is improvement of the nation’s infrastructure. Here, Democrats and Republicans might find enough compromise to get something done. Although any infrastructure improvement legislation is unlikely to help residential concrete contractors, there is hope that commercial contractors will eventually benefit from an infrastructure bill.

The day after the midterm elections saw Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign amid pressure to do so. The Attorney General’s former Chief of Staff, Matthew Whittaker, will now be Acting Attorney General. It is unclear how or if this will affect Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Russian interference with the 2016 elections and Trump’s potential involvement. Trump plans on other changes after the disappointing Republican results in the midterm elections. Other top aides that may soon face the ax include White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, and possibly Robert Mueller himself, although that will undoubtedly cause much political concern. In any case, post-election changes in the Administration seem highly likely.

NOTABLE DEVELOPMENTS FOR CONCRETE CONTRACTORS First, there are new FMLA forms issued by the Department of Labor. While these forms are not required, as an employer you must use some form and why not use the ones that the government has prepared for free. You can access the new FMLA

6 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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forms here https://www.dol.gov/ whd/fmla/forms.htm. Because concrete contractors are part of the construction industry, they need to be particularly aware of ICE audits and I-9 compliance. ICE, or Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has radically increased the number of worksite audits. In one week this past July, ICE served 2,738 Notices of Inspection and made 32 arrests. That constitutes more NOIs than are usually served in a year. Since January, ICE has served more than 5,200 NOIs on US businesses. That could lead to a total of over 8,500 in 2018 more than double the highest amount previously – 3,100 in 2013. Failure to follow the I-9 compliance rules can result in civil and/or criminal penalties. For example, in fiscal year 2017 ICE made 139 criminal arrests

and 172 administrative arrests, and imposed penalties of $7.8 million in fines and $97 million in forfeitures. Contractors working on federal infrastructure projects face a “double whammy” of enforcement because they are in construction and because national infrastructure is the subject of intense ICE scrutiny.

SOME GOOD NEWS OSHA has clarified its position on post-accident drug testing and safety incentive programs, now taking the position that such programs can be lawfully implemented provided that the employer is not found to have retaliated against an employee unlawfully. Previously, OSHA was against such programs because of a perception that employees would be reluctant to report safety concerns. Contractors should note some new marijuana legislation. Recreational use is now lawful in Michigan and medical

David C. Whitlock has over 25 year’s experience in business immigration, compliance, employment counseling and training. He is the founding attorney of Whitlock Law LLC and can be reached at (404) 626-7011 or at davidcwhitlock@gmail.com.

use of marijuana is now permissible in Utah and Missouri. These changes should not impact employment or a contractor’s ability to preclude impairment at work. The key here is to focus upon impairment rather than use or possession of marijuana. And, it is always safest for an employer to have a third party expert – such as an occupational medicine clinic - make the impairment determination. Finally, #MeToo is now over a year old, and going stronger than ever. Make certain that you are well protected from a sexual harassment investigation and resulting negative publicity. If necessary, be proactive and take steps now to prevent future problems.


www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 7

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World of Concrete


A compilation of products from scheduled exhibiting companies. MBW ScreeDemon - Wet Screed Now with a 9/16 Wrench Attached

You asked and MBW Inc. listened. New, for the MBW ScreeDemon is a 9/16 wrench attached to the back of the powerhead. No need to go looking through your tool box, as it’s already provided for you. Making it even easier to attach boards to the most innovative wet screed on the market. ForConstructionPros.com/21019503 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #C4004

Cat Next Generation 1-, 2-ton Class Mini Excavators

Four new models in the Cat mini hydraulic excavator lineup incorporate industry-first standard features, such as joystick steering (Stick Steer) and a tilt-up canopy or cab, as well as new options, including air conditioning and expandable undercarriages across the range. The new range allows customers expanded choices for matching machine capabilities and machine features to the applications: 301.5 (1.5-ton class, standard tail swing, with canopy); 301.7 CR (1.7-ton class, compact radius, with canopy); 301.8 (1.8-ton class, standard tail swing, with either canopy or cab); 302 CR (2.0-ton class, compact radius, with either canopy or cab). The standard Stick Steer system allows the operator to switch (with the touch of a button) from conventional lever/foot-pedal steering controls to left-hand joystick control. • Minimum operating weights from 3,500 to 4,900 lbs. • Standard dig depths of 7 ft. 8 in. or 7 ft. 9 in. • 19.2-net-hp Cat C1.1 three-cylinder, Tier 4 Final diesel engine with engine idle control. • Load-sensing hydraulic system with electronically controlled variable displacement piston pump capable of oil flows to 17.4 gpm ForConstructionPros.com/21032764 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #C6061

Mapei Ultrabond ECO 977 Fast-set Adhesive over High-moisture Concrete

MAPEI recently introduced Ultrabond ECO 977, a fast-setting, 100%-solids, one-component, moisture-cured urethane adhesive specifically designed for the installation of domestic solid and engineered wood flooring. • Ultrabond ECO 977 is specifically formulated to quickly set in order to control the placement of interior wood flooring. It has been approved for use with domestic solid and engineered wood flooring of any width or length. • This adhesive has a low-odor formula with negligible volatile organic compound (VOC) content and is ideal for use in interior settings and can contribute to LEED v4 project points. • Ultrabond ECO 977 is also certified as CRI Green Label Plus (#GLP01002) by the Carpet and Rug Institute, and is Red List Free as verified by Living Building Challenge’s most current list. • Can also be used in elevated sub-floor moisture conditions of up to 12 lbs. (5,44 kg) MVER and 95% relative humidity when a specific installation method and trowel notch configurations are used. ForConstructionPros.com/21018163 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #S11127

Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) from Kryton International

Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) is a hydrophilic crystalline admixture used to create permanently waterproof concrete. KIM contains Krystol Technology, which when added to water, reacts with water and un-hydrated cement particles to form insoluble needle-shaped crystals. The crystals fill pores and micro-cracks to block the pathways of water. Any moisture introduced over the lifespan of concrete will initiate crystallization, ensuring permanent self-sealing. KIM is used in place of surface applied membranes because it stops the transmission of water through concrete. By eliminating exposure to waterborne contaminants, KIM protects concrete from chemical attack and prevents corrosion of reinforcing steel. KIM is also a LEED eligible additive that enhances the durability and longevity of a concrete structure. ForConstructionPros.com/21030707 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #S12445

8 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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COST SAVINGS The TwinTier’s Wire Pull-Back Mechanism dispenses the precise amount of wire needed to form a tie, r educing wire usage. SHORTER TIE HEIGHT The TwinTier’s Wire Bending Mechanism (Pat. Pending) produces a shorter tie height. Less concrete is needed to fully cover a wire tie.

Watch This Tool in Action

In 1993 MAX developed the World’s First battery powered rebar tying tool. Since then MAX Rebar Tying Tools have been revolutionizing rebar tying all around the world. The RB441T TwinTier is a 6th generation MAX Re-Bar-Tier. The TwinTier features 3 new innovative mechanisms that make it the most innovative and efficient rebar tying tool on the market. DOUBLE THE SPEED The TwinTier’s Dual Wire Feeding Mechanism (Pat. Pending) increases productivity.


WWW.MAXUSACORP.COM 800.223.4293 ForConstructionPros.com/10073812

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12/18/18 3:27 PM

PRODUCTS Kaeser M82 Compressor

The Kaeser M82 is the latest heavy-duty portable compressor in the Mobilair line, delivering up to 295 cfm at 100 psig, and designed for heavy-duty civil and commercial construction, demolition, sand-blasting and other site work applications. • 3-gal. fuel tank for 10 hours of uninterrupted operation • Rugged, powder-coated steel cabinet protects machine from harsh environments • Super-sound proofed to provide extremely low sound decibels • Large gull-wing doors make all maintenance points easily accessible • High capacity, cold-start battery ensures reliable operation even under extreme weather conditions • Sigma Control Smart controller • Kubota engine and diesel particulate filter make it compliant with Tier 4 EPA emission standards ForConstructionPros.com/21032668 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #C7359

Ameripolish 3D SP E Semi-penetrating/Semitopical sealer

Ameripolish 3D SP E is a breathable semipenetrating/ semi-topical sealer that helps to protect surfaces against stains and etching. 3D SP E creates a waterresistant barrier that prevents liquids from infiltrating the surface, protecting against staining and color dispersion. Since reformulating the original 3D SP formula, 3D SP E has better abrasion and chemical resistance, but maintains the same easy application methods you’ve become accustomed to using. Features: • Ameripolish 3D SP is a semi-penetrating stain protector specifically formulated to protect polished,dyed concrete from oil and water-based stains and acidic etching agents • Bonds with the other Ameripolish® components to protect color in slab • RTU = Ready to use • UV stabilizers help protect against fading • Creates water resistant barrier to prevent staining, etching, and protect color • 3D SP E™ is a color enhancer for polished concrete floors with dye • Provides “window of opportunity” to clean up spills before they stain or etch surface • Improved formula provides advanced chemical and abrasion resistance ForConstructionPros.com/21024650 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #O40835

W. R. Meadows PENTREAT 24440 Water Repellant Penetrating Sealer

One of the leading causes of scaling, spalling, and freeze-thaw damage on concrete and masonry structures is unwanted water and salt penetration. PENTREAT 244-40 water repellent penetrating sealer offers 40% active content silane to help reduce water and chloride ion infiltration. • This high performance, breathable, penetrating sealer is designed for use on horizontal and vertical, new and existing, concrete and masonry abovegrade surfaces. • Ideal for use on parking structures, driveways, plazas, stadiums, bridge decks, piers, ramps and many other residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal project locations. • PENTREAT 244-40 chemically bonds to the substrate, reducing liquid absorption while allowing vapor transmission. • Can help extend the life of treated surfaces while keeping the substrate cleaner. • For areas with strict VOC regulations, PENTREAT 244-40 OTC is available. ForConstructionPros.com/21027001 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #O40835/#S11307

Wagman Metal Products Metal Diamond Tooling for GHP System

New metal tooling with grit levels 40, 70, and 150 have been added to the Wagman Revolution GHP System. Wagman Metal Products Inc., a manufacturer of power trowel replacement blades, pans and innovative trowel attachments for scrubbing, stripping, and polishing, introduces new metal diamond tooling for the GHP System. • The metal tooling allows for faster and more economical removal of the top surface layer. • The durable metal bond is aggressive while lasting much longer than the hybrid tooling. • The 40 metals will help process to the medium to large aggregates while the 150 metals will stay more in the cream. • The metal tooling can be used on 36” and 46” walk-behinds as well as 6’ and 8’ ride-on power trowels. • The 11” size can be used on the Wagman LP230. ForConstructionPros.com/20999141 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #S10454

Diamond Products CC3700E

The CC3700E offers a large 40 HP electric motor that is a powerful multi-application saw. The saw can fit through a 30” door frame. Its forward-position motor put more weight on at the blade instead of the operator for easier maneuvering. The CC3700E is one of the largest electric walk behind saws in the industry. ForConstructionPros.com/21007191 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #C4880

10 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/18/18 3:27 PM

TAKE THE LEAD IN THE BATTLE AGAINST DUST AND SLURRY OUR MISSION IS TO CONTINUALLY PROVIDE THE BEST SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Keeping you and the surrounding area safer, all while maintaining or increasing productivity is our goal. That is why we have fully integrated our class-leading equipment to handle dust and slurry. WIth our high-performing systems of dust extractors, pre-separators, wet slurry vacuums and air scrubbers, you can be sure we have a solution to help you work safer and towards compliance of rules and regulations. Demonstrations are available nationwide.


WWW.HUSQVARNACP.COM/US/CONTACT-US ForConstructionPros.com/10073334


hcpcustomer.service@husqvarnagroup.com Phone: 800-288-5040 Copyright © 2018 Husqvarna AB (publ.). All rights reserved. Husqvarna is a registered trademark of Husqvarna AB (publ.).

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12/18/18 3:27 PM

PRODUCTS Aquajet Systems Ergo System

Aquajet Systems AB, recently acquired by Brokk AB, will launch the Ergo System in the United States at World of Concrete 2019. The robot offers four times the power of a hand lance in a compact footprint that contractors can easily move around the jobsite. It is ideal for work on floors, walls and ceilings. The Ergo System incorporates: the controller unit, which powers and controls the hydraulics, the Ergo Power Head, which manipulates the high pressure lance, and either the spine or the climber, unique systems used to support and maneuver the power head, based on project needs. • The climber attaches to any standard scaffolding pipes and robotically moves along it to deliver powerful hydrodemolition forces for vertical concrete removal and repair, such as high-rise construction. • The system exerts an impressive 1,000 newtons of reaction force, which is about half of the force employed by Aquajet’s largest hydrodemolition robot, the Aqua Cutter 710V. • The robot can handle higher volumes of water, as much as four times greater reaction force than a human operator with a hand lance. This means the machine can remove concrete faster and easier. • Hydrodemolition robots, such as the Ergo System, remove concrete to a preset depth consistently. Alternatively, a hand lance will likely leave inconsistent depths due to being held by an operator. This means contractors may have to do another pass with hand-held breakers to even out the surface. • Contractors can easily move the 271-pound (123-kilogram) Ergo Controller unit around the jobsite and over soft or rough surfaces due to the wide wheels and low ground pressure. At just 44 inches tall and 17 inches wide, the Ergo transports easily on a pallet. • Additionally, the system is also service friendly with hydraulic hose multi-connectors that are 100 percent sealed from moisture to virtually eliminate the risk of leaks during transportation. • The Ergo System requires a high-pressure pump to operate. Aquajet offers a compact Power Pack ideal for the purpose, featuring a high-pressure Hammelmann pump, diesel engine and an integrated control system. ForConstructionPros.com/21027811 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #C4249

Find our Products at

Booth O32140 Show Dates: January 22-26, 2019

Precision Diamond Tools for Construction SHOWROOM: 20650 N 29th Pl • Suite #102, Phoenix, AZ 85050 Phone: 623-465-4572 • Fax: 623-465-4576 info@rdtusa.com • www.rdtusa.com ForConstructionPros.com/20993277

12 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/18/18 3:27 PM

Bosch GBH18V-26D 18V EC Brushless 1 In. SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer

The GBH18V-26D 18V EC Brushless 1 In. SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer with CORE18V battery, combines corded-like performance with next-generation Lithium-ion 21700 cell technology. The Bosch GBH18V-26D Bulldog Rotary Hammer features a D-handle hammer design that incorporates an efficient EC Brushless motor. The advanced Bosch motor drives 50 percent more impact energy and greater runtime than conventional cordless hammers. The hammer kit (GBH18V-26DK15) includes a CORE18V 4 Ah battery. This GBH18V-26D cordless Bulldog is engineered with Bosch's KickBack Control technology, which reduces the risk of sudden tool reactions in bit bind-up situations. An integrated acceleration sensor automatically shuts the tool off to help prevent potential user injury. • The Bosch GBH18V-26D is a lightweight hammer at only 5.2 Lbs. (tool only), but provides an outstanding power-to-weight ratio because the efficient EC Brushless motor furnishes 1.9 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy • In addition, the Bulldog cordless rotary hammer features a variable-speed reversing trigger for accurate bit starting, and a Bosch-exclusive rotating brush plate to ensure equal power in forward and reverse. • The Bosch cordless Bulldog rotary hammer is compatible with Bosch PRO+GUARD dust solutions, options that provide end-to-end dust collection that helps users move toward OSHA silica dust compliance. • The Bosch CORE18V battery that powers the hammer relies on 21700 cell technology for a lightweight, high-power battery with allday performance. Bosch exclusive CoolPack 2.0 technology helps to draw heat away from battery, increasing runtime and lifetime. The result is a CORE18V battery with greater power. All Bosch batteries provide cold weather performance to -4°F. Each battery includes a fuel gauge. • Bosch Electronic Cell Protection safeguards the battery against overload, overheating and depth discharge for longer runtime. Likewise, Bosch Electronic Motor Protection shields the motor against overload with integrated temperature management. • The GBH18V-26DK15 rotary hammer comes with a CORE18V 4.0 Ah battery, an 18V charger, an auxiliary handle, a depth gauge and a carrying case. ForConstructionPros.com/21030597 World of Concrete 2019 Booth #O30200

See us at booth C4249 at World of Concrete 2019.

Distributed by:

Brokk Inc. | Monroe WA | 1-360-794-1277 | info@brokkinc.com | www.brokk.com ForConstructionPros.com/10072268

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12/18/18 3:27 PM


By Chad S. White

Figure 1: An example of Best Practice. Overlap of the screed head for high tolerance floor. Photo Credit: Chad S. White

Placing Concrete


Part 3 How to Get Smarter The third and final article in this series will discuss how to increase your organizational knowledge data base, define culture and improve your ability to place and finish slabs on grade.


est Practices can be described as commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective. Identify Best Practices to standardize means and methods based on efficiency, quality and measured results. Lessons Learned and innovation are key components. Strive to learn from your mistakes and constantly be improving. A few bedrock beliefs that you will or will not do placing concrete must be chiseled in stone. Prize innovation and communication within your team and recognize your champions.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices constitute the core of your concrete library or data base. There is many options for how you collect, archive and disseminate information. Web pages, printed material and storytelling all have a place.

MEASURING SUCCESS Measuring Success and developing standards should be discussed often and changed as required after careful thought. As long as there is core values in place and a positive feedback loop, progress can be measured. Objectives will be different but here are some key metrics that should be considered for daily concrete placements:

14 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_14-17_Flatwork.indd 14

12/7/18 8:23 AM

The Leaders in Roller Screed




Elevated Deck

High FF-FL#



In order to GROW a business, you need to become as versatile as possible, so you can bid on a wide range of projects. This means that when it comes to concrete placement, the screed system you choose, must be able to take on any project imaginable. If your screed can’t take on every pour out there, “you have the wrong screed”. No other screed on the market today offers all the versatility that the Lura screed system can. See for yourself and, “Compromise Somewhere Else”.

Visit us at WOC Booth #O32017

Trolley System

Phone: 701-281-8989 Fax: 701-281-8995 Email: mailto:sales@luraconcretescreed.com

http://www.lurascreed.com ForConstructionPros.com/10075533

CONC1218_14-17_Flatwork.indd 15

12/7/18 8:23 AM


Figure 2: Best Practice strikeoff at the wall. Photo Credit: Chad S. White

• Specification compliance including FF/FL. To clarify this means overall compliance to project specifications and details. • Place/Finish discipline is adherence to Best Practices and elimination of non-conforming means, methods and products. Examples of non conforming issues would be slump and temperature variance, applying water to surface as a finishing aid, improper vibration techniques. • Rework and repairs should be cataloged and analyzed for root causes. • Production rate baselines should be established and monitored.

DRIVE THE SCHEDULE BY OWNING IT In order to get the schedule you want you must do the work and accept the responsibility for meshing the placement schedule into the overall project schedule. This is one way to insure that you are not forced by others to make placements under unfavorable conditions that impact productivity and quality. It is important that at

least one key member of your team understands scheduling logic and has a working knowledge of scheduling software. You must insure field input into scheduling via pre-construction reviews and look ahead schedules during construction. Assess the variables that may impact your ability to install slab placements within the allotted time. Site conditions, weather and sequencing of other trades are generally the biggest factors to consider. Weather delay allowed by contract, schedule float and project milestones should be reviewed. Slab installation is usually tied to steel erection, roof completion and machinery/equipment/racking delivery dates. Stick to your guns. A year later nobody remembers that we shaved two days off the schedule but everyone remembers the slab that suffered rain damage or the cracking caused by a rutted sub-base. Site conditions are often predicated by who is paying for it. Clarify upfront exactly what the conditions for placing concrete will be and who the responsible parties are.

• Means and methods to be utilized. • Manpower and equipment required. • Concrete service rates and timing. • Contingencies and fall back options. There is an old military saying “Two is one and one is none” that is very applicable to construction activities. The gist of the idea is that you should have multiple methods to accomplish certain goals and tasks. Develop alternate plans based on known variables such as weather and site conditions, breakdowns and delays. Mix design review, test placements, mock-ups are all key factors in the planning process. Placement lay-outs and work flow schedules often times must be established prior to a majority of the field personnel being assigned. It is critical that team members be brought up to speed as they are brought on. I have found that a very basic placement plan communicated daily helps get everyone on the same page. To communicate effectively requires interaction between parties. One half of the equation is listening. Concrete peoPLANNING AND ple come from diverse backgrounds and COMMUNICATION IS can be strong willed and opinionated, WHAT MAKES THINGS so leave the ego at home. Communicate CLICK with respect, promptness and be Planning without concise. One way commucommunication nications works fine for does nothing to posting information enlighten and and results. communication Feedback is without what completes planning the information is chaotic. loop and it is Planning is important to plotting the gather data from path forward and as many different communication sources as possible shines the light. Try external as well as to make processes as internal. Testing lab, Ready transparent as possible, Mix QC personnel and Figure 3: Prep work easier to disseminate. third party inspectors being done in less than The degree of planning are excellent sources of optimum conditions. Photo Credit: Chad S. White will obviously be dictated hard data regarding the by size of project and scope placement that is often of work. Some basic planning required under utilized. Getting quality data for a concrete placement includes: back from the field requires asking the • Placement size and configuration. right questions and identifying what is

16 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_14-17_Flatwork.indd 16

12/7/18 8:23 AM

pertinent. Relaying information back to the team as quickly as possible for review and action is critical. Daily reports, slab inspections, post reviews and worker feedback are all excellent sources to be utilized.


Talking with the other contractors can be okay. You need to stay abreast of how the rest of the world is doing things. Trade conventions and seminars are great meeting places and forums to discuss issues relevant to the entire industry. The biggest roadblocks to a successful training and education program are cultural. I am a firm believer that nothing

remains static in the construction industry and you are either moving forward or backward. Continuing education and advanced training will insure your team is moving in the right direction. Technology is rapidly changing how we place and finish concrete slabs and you will either keep up or be left behind.

Training and education of your personnel is a force multiplier allowing you to get more done with the same effort. When initiating a program focus more on training than education, bring everyone up to established standards. ACI certifications, equipment and product certification and software training are all good examples of first steps. Education is ongoing and should be tailored to team objectives and individual aptitude and should be wide ranging.

Resources for training and education need not be expensive. Mentoring and cross Photo Credit: training can be Chad S. White accomplished in house and many vendors and suppliers offer training at minimal or no cost. Crew enhancement training can be either general or project specific and is a great way to hone your Best Practices and stay up to date. Trade associations offer seminars and work shops often times at discounted prices. Figure 4: The start of a 1,300 cu.yd. slab placement.


www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 17

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12/7/18 8:23 AM


By Bryan Baeumler

Most Common Mistakes in Foundation and Concrete Repair and How to Avoid Them

The most common mistakes in foundation and concrete repair happen at the get-go, when the problem itself isn’t analyzed as whole. Photo Credit: Rhino Carbon Fiber

When it comes to repairing cracks in concrete and foundations, it’s important to look beyond the visible damage at hand and approach repair with a multi-step process to both seal and structurally reinforce the crack to prevent future failures.


here are many factors that lead to concrete cracks and foundation cracks. Homeowners may only be focused on the damage they can see, while it’s the contractors’ responsibility to go several steps further to ensure the repair is reinforced and done correctly the first time. The most common mistakes in foundation and concrete repair happen at the get-go, when the problem itself isn’t analyzed as whole. Proper diagnosis of the crack and understanding the cause of the failure, asking the homeowner the right questions, and preparation for the repair are all steps that are missed or overlooked in the repair process. Oftentimes, cracks in foundation are only addressed with polyurethane or epoxy injections and many contractors focus solely on filling the crack and

18 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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CONC1218_18-23_FoundationsWalls.indd 19

12/7/18 8:25 AM


Using a solution like Rhino® Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock®, permanently locks both sides of the crack together and prevents any further movement. It also maximizes the tensile strength of the carbon fiber. Photo Credit: Rhino Carbon Fiber

stopping any leaks and water. What they’re not looking at is what caused the crack to form in the first place. Cracks cannot be repaired permanently with just a polyurethane or epoxy injection, as a lot of the time the injection will eventually fail. A common problem for a crack that’s been injected is not that the epoxy tends to fail in the injection, it fails where it bonds to the concrete itself. As the epoxy is significantly stronger than the concrete, the epoxy itself isn’t going to fail, it is the area where the injection bonds to the concrete that will give up. The bond of the epoxy will eventually break as poured walls move and shift. Most repair methods don’t address the weak zone, the area outside of the main crack that is sometimes invisible to the eye. If analyzed closely, small hairline fractures often appear to spiral off the main crack – this is considered the weak zone, as these tiny cracks are difficult to inject because they are hard to see. If the weak zone is not addressed, the polyurethane or epoxy will cause the crack to further open and fail.

Address the entire area of the crack and use the right tools and solutions to help bond the concrete back and structurally reinforce the concrete so that the crack can’t reopen and start leaking again. Photo Credit: Rhino Carbon Fiber

The Rhino Carbon Fiber Crack Lock, as well as the carbon fiber fabric, are ideal solutions to permanently stop any crack from reopening in a basement. It also works for cracks that have been previously injected and have failed. Photo Credit: Rhino Carbon Fiber

20 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/7/18 8:25 AM

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CONC1218_18-23_FoundationsWalls.indd 21

12/7/18 8:25 AM


Ignoring the weak zone, misdiagnosing a crack as just a small water intrusion and not addressing the fact that there may be movement in that wall are common mistakes when it comes to foundation and concrete repair. To better address the problem the first time and avoid call-backs, the focus should not just be filling the crack but also structurally reinforcing the repair to ensure it doesn’t fail again. Ask the homeowners the right questions; How long have they seen that crack? Have they seen that crack close up and then re-open depending on the season? Does this crack reappear at certain times of the year? Has there been exterior excavation or disruption to the foundation? Were there any modifications or changes that would change the stress load of the house, such as egress windows? Address the entire area of the crack and use the right tools and solutions to

Some contractors make the common mistake of repairing concrete with more concrete. help bond the concrete back and structurally reinforce the concrete so that the crack can’t reopen and start leaking again. Using a solution like Rhino® Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock®, permanently locks both sides of the crack together and prevents any further movement. It also maximizes the tensile strength of the carbon fiber. Another approach is to install Rhino carbon fiber fabric on top of the crack as it works as a secondary barrier against water intrusion and provides 6” of reinforcement on either side of the crack to address the weak zone. The Rhino Carbon Fiber Crack Lock, as well as the carbon fiber fabric, are ideal solutions to permanently stop any crack from reopening in a basement. It also works for cracks that have been previously injected and have failed. As cracks that have been previously injected are extremely difficult to re-inject, applying this crack repair fabric over top is permanent and fail-safe. Contractors should also look for solutions that can be applied from the interior and exterior of the house. With block walls it is important to understand the basement environment first, understanding the cause of the problem and how that foundation was built and waterproofed is critical to developing a solution. When it comes to block walls, bowing is the most common problem. Similar to cracks or damage in poured walls, it’s important to take a look at the whole picture. For example, looking at the soil type on the exterior of the foundation. The type of soil as well as expansion can cause small hairline cracks in the foundation. These hairline cracks often increase and cause severe inward pressure and movement to Another common problem in block walls are stair step cracks. Contractors should look for a solution that strengthens the whole area with carbon fiber crack repair that will reinforce the stair step crack in all directions. Photo Credit: Rhino Carbon Fiber

the point where the wall bows inward. Another common problem in block walls are stair step cracks. It’s often repaired by just filling the crack with hydraulic cement, but to ensure it doesn’t fail again, contractors should look for a solution that goes one step further and strengthen the whole area with carbon fiber crack repair that will reinforce the stair step crack in all directions. Some contractors make the common mistake of repairing concrete with more concrete. They will repair damaged concrete by only applying hydraulic cement over that area or only applying epoxy, but it’s important to stress the importance of using materials that are stronger than concrete like carbon fiber which is the only true solution that will stop the concrete from re-breaking. Given its strength, carbon fiber is being used more and more in residential construction and has long been used to repair and reinforce aging civil and commercial structures. While the construction industry is beginning to embrace the material, many are still unaware of how versatile carbon fiber really is. The cost of carbon fiber has also decreased over the years, making it an overall cost-effective solution as prices are low and it offers a permanent solution to concrete cracks and foundation damage resulting in less call-backs, less time used for installation and repairs and long-term cost savings for the homeowners. While there are common cracks and damage found in concrete and foundation not all problems can be resolved with the same solution repeatedly. For contractors to get the repair right the first time, the best solution is to find one unique to the problem at hand, using the right tools and materials and focusing on not just the crack itself, but the overall environment where the damage is found.

22 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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Flat-out better! Wacker Neuson makes a full range of professional concrete trowels ranging from the 24-inch edger to the 10-foot hydraulic rider. But that’s not all, we go the extra mile. With over 25 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, a team of North American product specialists and a technical training academy, Wacker Neuson is the brand you can trust and your partner for the long run.




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By Joe Nasvik

Pushing on the Boundaries of

Artistic Concrete

His ng

Keefe Duhon started as a machinist but became intrigued with decorative concrete and ended up starting his own decorative contracting company. His love for creative expression was a strong motivating factor. Photo Credit: Robin Borne

24 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_24-29_CoverStory.indd 24

12/7/18 8:26 AM

Duhon has expanded his company’s offerings to include both horizontal and vertical finishes, including the rock feature shown here and referred to as “The Grotto” located at his home. Photo Credit: Robin Borne

Transitioning from being a machinist to a decorative concrete contractor.


eefe Duhon was a machinist in New Iberia, La. He says it was all he really ever wanted to be and he got a job working for a company owned by a friend, working long and late hours. There were some creative aspects to his work and he enjoyed that part of his job the most. Then he went on a family vacation to Florida and while his family was waiting for service at a restaurant and he happened to notice all the decorative concrete there, particularly a stamped wood plank patterned floor. He was intrigued by what he saw and decorative concrete stayed in his thoughts. When they returned home he began experimenting with concrete in his backyard, especially with wood grain patterning. He gradually discovered ways to use a pool trowel to create unique textures and wood graining effects and he liked the creative results much more than just stamping patterns in concrete. This led to doing small projects in the area and he started getting calls from people who had seen his work, wanting him to install work for them. As he started getting more decorative concrete work he began to realize that he had to make an occupational decision—continue to be a machinist or become a full time decorative concrete contractor. He said his wife was terrified at the thought of his leaving a secure job with health insurance and benefits, especially at a time when they had a baby on the way. His said he kept thinking “I can do this” and finally based his decision on that thought. He gave his two weeks’ notice to his friend and he started his own contracting company which he called “Concrete Revolution.”

From that point on “We never looked back,” he says and he has always been blessed with a lot of work.

WOOD GRAIN PATTERNING From the beginning the centerpiece of his work was wood-grain patterning using a trowel and other readily available tools to produce work with no repeat patterning and a wide range of colors and textures. “No one was doing concrete wood patterning in my area and people around New Iberia really liked the look, so from the beginning I had plenty of work,” he says. It also appealed to his creative spirit. “I am at heart an artist,” he says, “It’s in my blood.” His R&D work continued. He experimented with ways to achieve new wood patterns, coloring techniques

and materials. He photographed one of his installations and put the photos on Facebook. In the first day he got over 50,000 “hits” he says and it made him realize there was a lot of interest in what he was doing. Next, he began to experiment with overlay cement systems, especially liking products that used white portland cement in their mix because added coloring was more vibrant. Discovering overlay cements and thin toppings was a game-changer for him and it is mostly what his company does now. His products of choice are SureCrete, Kingdom Products and Stone Edge. Here are the basic steps in his process: Substrate preparation. Installing overlay cement starts with

www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 25

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12/7/18 8:26 AM


Duhon’s company, Concrete Revolution, focused on wood textured finishes in its early years. Texturing is done primarily with pool trowels with coloring added after the concrete is hard. Photo Credit: Robin Borne

properly preparing the base. Duhon always grinds the base concrete using diamond tooling as the first step. Base concrete must be clean, open concrete with no dust present. Cracks. Base concrete should be free of cracks and potholes. When a slab has cracks Duhon uses a poly urea product to close cracks. Depressions and holes are mended with overlay patch material. Base coat. A first application of overlay cement is applied with a Magic Trowel. Top coat. After placing the white overlay cement Duhon uses 14-inch pool trowels to begin the process of creating wood textures. Final troweling. As the concrete begins to tighten up finishers apply final trowel effects to provide wood finishes. Cutting pattern lines. Duhon cuts the lines between planks with a diamond saw. Sanding. The entire surface of the work is sanded to remove any unwanted projections of overlay cement and the work is carefully vacuumed.

Coloring. Duhon always applies multi-colors after the overlay cement is hard. He applies several water based coloring materials to achieve the desired look. He says he doesn’t use acid-etch stains because he wants to see what the colors will look like as he applies them. He starts with light colors and finishes with the application of dark colors.


Because most of his company’s product focus is more on overlay decorative concrete work now, substrate preparation became an important issue and in 2016 Duhon decided to introduce his own line of polishing and floor preparation grinding equipment. He called this new company Maverick Surface Preparation. Because he personally has had a lot of experience using the equipment he was able to design machines with the features he personally wanted. It was also an opportunity for him to use his machinist skills during the R&D process and he thinks the results are

cutting edge and cost efficient. His company makes equipment that serves the 18 to 30 inch diameter market and he says the current market is about 50-50 wet and dry applications. His company has established a national sales and rental distribution network and he says they will have a booth at the World of Concrete coming up. Duhon has also developed their own diamond tooling products.


Approximately two years ago Duhon decided to start a website dedicated to training people who wanted to learn more about decorative concrete techniques—especially the techniques that he has worked out with his own company. After his first year he decided to include his friend Bob Harris and his wife Lee Ann as partners in the business. The name of this new business is Behind the Trowels and its website has product manufacturer sponsors. Decorative contractors who wish to learn new techniques can purchase

26 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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COVER STORY More recently Concrete Revolution started offering finishes that can look like other natural materials or something unique. These are referred to as CR Heritage products by the company. Photo Credit: Robin Borne

programs from the websites video archive, sign up for training videos, or pay to take live online classes in real time where there is also the opportunity to ask questions. Participants can get training help from anywhere in the world. Their website also has an archive of all their training sessions so people can purchase videos on selected topics. Duhon says he prefers to focus on techniques and finishes for installing a wide variety of work.


Duhon describes himself as a restless soul, always working on new floor finishes and spending significant time on research and development. His goal is to design cutting edge new finishes. To this end his company offers customers “CR Heritage” coloring and finish techniques. It expands the companies decorative product line well beyond wood finishes. He says his goal as an artisan for CR Heritage was to develop finishes that others can install. Duhon sees a bright future for his Maverick Surface Preparation company as diamond polishing continues to grow in popularity. Polishing is currently about half of his Concrete Revolution companies business.

Low Viscosity Structural Concrete Repair Product Repair surface defects such as popouts, bolt holes, narrow cracks.

Rapid-Set Surface Restoration Polymer Fill/repair concrete floor surface imperfections such as air holes, popouts, surface pitting, scratches and gouges, etc.

Given Duhon’s desire to focus on research and development and the creative exploration to develop new finishes, he has had to place trusted employees in positions of leadership to handle the organization and day-to-day details of running his businesses. He recognizes that they provide him with the freedom to follow his creative passions. As his businesses grow and get more complicated Duhon says one of his significant accomplishments has been not to stress or freak-out about all that is going on, he is more able to take things in stride now. His current most creative project is one he is doing for himself. He calls it the Grotto and it includes a large concrete rock display next to a swimming pool. He designed and built it with the help of other known decorative artisans which included Troy Lemon, Warren Neff, Joshua Russell, and Mark Hodges. The idea started with a clay model, followed by engineering to secure a permit to build it. The finished work includes a swimming pool with a tanning area at the top of the rock structure, a waterfall to the bottom pool, a grotto that features a hot tub and a TV room, a below water level fire pit, and water spillways. After many months of work the project is now complete.


28 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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WWW.MULTIVIBE.COM TOLL FREE 1.877.220.6652 PHONE: 1.270.554.2615 FAX: 1.270.554.0631 ForConstructionPros.com/10073475

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By Dr. Ojas Chaudhari

Resurfacer to the


The answer to concrete restoration.


s all contractors know, there are three undisputable facts about concrete: it’s gray, it gets hard and unfortunately it will deteriorate over time. There are a variety of culprits including freeze thaw cycles, vehicle traffic or every day wear-and-tear that cause driveways, patio, sidewalks and other concrete surfaces to crack, chip, spall and flake. When the inevitable happens, call on contractors to address the problem quickly,

effectively and affordably. Now before a contractor brings in a big crew and ready mix trucks to remove and replace the concrete, they should consider resurfacing it instead. Resurfacing is a proven method of restoring the durability and appearance of dilapidated concrete by applying a thin layer of pre-blended, polymer-modified flowable mortar on top of an existing surface. Resurfacing concrete rather than replacing it is a significantly less expensive. It costs between $3.50 and $5.50 per square foot to break up, haul off and pour a new slab of concrete compared to only about 25 cents per square foot to resurface concrete. In addition, the resurfacing process is less labor

Today, contractors are getting newly restored concrete open to foot traffic in eight hours and vehicle traffic in 24 hours at a fraction of the cost of replacing the surface. Yes, concrete will deteriorate, but contractors can bring it back to life by resurfacing. Photo Credit: The QUIKRETE Companies

intensive and less disruptive than replacing concrete. Ultimately, resurfacing can produce a high-volume of profitable concrete restoration jobs for contractors.

WHY RESURFACE? Contractor experience has shown that high-quality, well-formulated and properly applied resurfacers can extended the life of concrete for years. While a variety of factors contribute to

30 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/7/18 8:28 AM








CONC1218_30-35_ConcreteRepair.indd 31

12/7/18 8:28 AM


the successful restoration of concrete, including proper surface preparation and application (both addressed later in this article), resurfacing gives contractors several clear and distinct advantages: • Resurfacers eliminate the time, labor and expense to remove an existing concrete and pour a new slab. • No special skills or training is required to apply a resurfacer. • Concrete restored with resurfacer can be open to vehicle traffic in one to two days. • Resurfacers can be applied in a variety of thicknesses making it viable for many types restoration repairs. • Beyond repair and restoration, resurfacers protect concrete to help minimize maintenance moving forward. • Concrete restored with a resurfacer can be colored, stamped and/or

One of Thomas Werline's most recent projects was to renew an uneven, heavily soiled and unattractive concrete deck utilized for a large waste container holding area at a Central Florida school. Photo Credit: The QUIKRETE Companies

stained for added aesthetic value. Veteran contractor, finisher and mason, Thomas Werline of Orlando, Fla. has resurfaced concrete on residential and commercial jobs of all sizes across the U.S. from New Jersey to California during the past 45 years. “In general, the ability to make simple cosmetic improvements or perform full-scale restorations, depending on how thick the material is applied, makes resurfacing concrete invaluable. The use of a concrete resurfacer like the one from QUIKRETE has proven very beneficial to contractors like me, especially during the construction downturn ten years ago,” according to Werline.







The long-term viability of the restored concrete is only as good as the resurfacer used for the job. Fortunately, new state-of-the-art polymer resin technology found in next-generation concrete resurfacers has established improved standards for bond strength, workability and working time. For example, tensile pull tests found that concrete will actually break before its bond to QUIKRETE Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer, which features a proprietary combination of additives that stabilize the polymer film to from a stable bond with the concrete surface. As a result, premium resurfacers allow contractors to finish more concrete restoration jobs faster and without worry of time consuming and costly callbacks. Some other attributes contractors should consider when selecting a resurfacer include: • The resurfacer should have a compressive strength at least equal to the concrete surface being restored (at minimum 4,000 psi at 28 days).


32 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/7/18 8:28 AM

LevMix Mobile Mixer

The new LevMix unites three steps in one operation: • • •

mixing transporting pouring

The new LevMix mobile mixer combines the attributes „FAST and EASY“. • The resurfacer should be enhanced with polymers additives to increase tensile bond strength to at least 400 psi in seven days. • The resurfacer should have highearly strength exceeding 1,200 psi in one day so the concrete can be open to traffic quickly.

Surface preparation is the most critical step in successfully resurfacing concrete. Thoroughly cleaning the surface with 3,500 psi pressure washer to remove any deteriorated concrete opens up the pours in the concrete, which help creates a strong bond with the resurfacer.

Mix several bags in the shortest time.

Photo Credit: The QUIKRETE Companies

www.collomixna.com ForConstructionPros.com/10840732

www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 33

CONC1218_30-35_ConcreteRepair.indd 33

12/7/18 8:28 AM


• The resurfacer should have minimal plastic and drying shrinkage to prevent cracking.


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Surface Preparation: Start by confirming that the concrete surface is structurally sound, void of cracks larger than ¼”deep or wide and that any necessary surface repairs are made. Surface preparation is the most critical step in successfully resurfacing concrete. It requires thoroughly cleaning the surface to include removing oil, grease and other materials with acid, detergent or bleach solution. That is followed by thoroughly cleaning the surface with 3,500 psi pressure washer to remove any deteriorated concrete and to open up the pours in the concrete, which help create a strong bond with the resurfacer. It is essential that control joints and expansion joints be maintained while preparing the surface with weather-stripping tape. Mixing, Application and Curing: The workability and long-term durability of a resurfacer depends on the water content, so follow the ratios recommended by the manufacture. A standard commercial-grade drill and paddle mixer is sufficient to mix a 40-pound bag of resurfacer with water in a five gallon bucket for three to four minutes. In this quantity, a premium resurfacer has about 20 minutes of working time, which is plenty to cover 20 square-feet at 1/4 inches thick or 90 square-feet as skim coat. For larger jobs, six to eight bags of resurfacer can be mixed in a mechanical mortar mixer, but a three to five person crew will have to get it poured and finished in less than 30 minutes. Before placing the resurfacer, saturate the concrete with water and remove any standing water. Pour the resurfacer onto the concrete in one-foot wide strips and scrub the material around the surface with a long-handled squeegee. Use sufficient pressure to work the material into the surface pores and build to a nominal 1/8” thickness. For hard-to-reach corners and edges apply the resurfacer with a masonry brush. Avoid overworking the resurfacer. Five minutes after applying the resurfacer, pull a concrete finishing broom across the restored concrete perpendicular to traffic to provide a textured, non-skid surface. Most of the time, first coat of resurfacer is sufficient to cover existing concrete surface however, if second coat is required then allow the first coat to remain undisturbed until it can hold light foot traffic (for exact waiting time, refer to data sheet of the product) and then apply the second coat. Once the restored concrete has hardened, spray with a gentle mist for 24 to 48 hours after applying the resurfacer to prevent plastic shrinkage cracks and premature stressing during the curing process. The appearance and durability of restored concrete surface is sensitive to external environmental conditions especially to the rain thus protect the resurfaced area from rain for at least 8 hours after application. One of Werline's most recent projects was to renew an uneven, heavily soiled and unattractive concrete deck utilized for a large waste container holding area at a Central Florida school. “When it was suggested to paint or stain the deck, I immediately recommended resurfacing the concrete. After aggressively cleaning off the heavily soiled areas to prepare the deck's surface, the resurfacer went down fast and smooth. The final touch was finishing with a textured


34 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_30-35_ConcreteRepair.indd 34

12/7/18 8:28 AM

figure eight-swirl pattern to provide an attractive non-skid surface.

RESURFACER TIPS It’s not possible to control external elements like rain, temperature and humidity during a concrete restoration project using a resurfacer. However, steps can be taken to help achieve optimal workability, durability, color consistency, bond strength and other performance characteristics. • Mix, apply and finish resurfacer when the ambient and surface temperature is between 50 degrees and 90 degrees. • Do not apply resurfacer in direct sunlight, or early in morning or late in afternoon. • In hot temperatures saturate the concrete with cold water and cold temperatures saturate the concrete with hot water. • Resurfacer applied in the cold conditions will cure darker due to longer retention of moisture. Homeowners in suburban residential communities don’t want to be held hostage to ready mix trucks clogging up traffic while 300 concrete driveways are being removed and re-poured. Property managers at the local town center don’t want to explain to tenants why the parking lot can’t be used for a month because the new concrete has to fully cure. Today, contractors are getting newly restored concrete open to foot traffic in eight hours and vehicle traffic in 24 hours at a fraction of the cost of replacing the surface. Yes, concrete will deteriorate, but contractors can bring it back to life by resurfacing. Werline adds, “I’ve also found that having a few bags (of resurfacer) on the truck can come in handy with unexpected jobsite concrete issues that need to be handled quickly. It’s definitely helped me keep clients happy on more than one occasion.” Ed. Note: Dr. Ojas Chaudhari is a Research Scientist in the Product Development group at The QUIKRETE Companies. He received

his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Pune University, India and MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering in the area of Concrete Admixtures from Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tenn. His research interest include sustainable concrete repair products, concrete admixtures and hydration chemistry of Portland cement and alternative cementitious binders.



Grind wet or dry and polish in 24 HOURS

Premier INDOOR/OUTDOOR self-leveling topping for all flooring applications

The POLISHED CONCRETE LOOK with no additional cost with TRU® PC

CEMENT GRAY self-leveling topping to match existing polished floors with TRU® Gray

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www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 35

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By Craig Yeack

Five Things to Demand From Your Concrete Supplier Concrete producers can—and should— deliver vital, realtime job information via mobile apps.


oncrete construction is a real-time industry. Contractors must make immediate decisions about project work all day long, day after day. After all, only so much time can pass before concrete hardens. Up until recently, contractors haven’t always had access to real-time tools. Without the most up-to-date information about material deliveries and project details, things can go wrong fast, increasing stress and cost. The good news is cloud-based business management software and mobile technology are changing the way we communicate on the jobsite, so contractors can work smarter. These solutions give instant access to the most updated project information, from change orders to material-delivery statuses to incoming weather, so more informed decisions can be made about the job at hand. In fact, 77 percent of contractors use mobile technology when working on projects, according to KPMG’s 2016 Global Construction Survey[VS1] . And according to the 2017 Construction Technology Report by JBKnowledge, 77 percent of construction professionals are using smart phones on the job and more than half (53 percent) are using tablets. Since the majority of contractors are now equipped with mobile devices, concrete suppliers should be delivering more than just concrete. Through mobile apps, producers can supply the real-time

information needed to reduce costs, making projects run smoother and workdays less stressful. “The mobile app provided by our ready-mix supplier (Irving Materials Inc.) allows me to monitor pours throughout the day and helps me to understand what upcoming work we have scheduled,” says Tim Brogan, a project executive with contractor Shiel Sexton, headquartered in Indianapolis. “I also use the app for job costing—bridging the gap of work in place versus what’s billed to date.”

ASK FOR THESE DELIVERABLES Based on currently available technology, concrete producers can deliver the following information straight to the jobsite—or wherever the contractor is. 1. Are loads really “on the way”? For years, many concrete contractors have suspected that some dispatchers bend the truth when they say a load of concrete is “on the way.” Is the truck really on the road or is it still being loaded? Or perhaps it is not even scheduled? Mobile apps are enabling concrete producers to give contractors the transparency needed for peace of mind. When producers provide customers with mobile apps to track their orders, contractors can see where trucks are at any given moment and what’s on them—including the exact mix, the amount and the age of concrete. Contractors, in turn, can prep for pours and schedule work more efficiently.

BCMI Corp.’s Material Now app provides contractors with all they need to know about their concrete orders and can be used as a virtual filing cabinet that houses past ticket data. Pictured here is an order timeline for a concrete finisher. Photo Credit: BCMI Corp.

2. Proof of work/what went wrong on the job When concrete cracks, chips, spalls or worse, project owners demand to know why, it is up to the contractor to investigate and provide answers. Did the finisher add too much water to make the concrete easier to work with? Was too much water added to the mix at the plant or by the driver? Were weather

36 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_36-40_ConcreteBusiness.indd 36

12/7/18 10:35 AM


AT WORLD OF CONCRETE J A N U ARY 22– 25, 2019 Our customer-focused displays will show you new ways to enhance your jobsites. Learn about our: •

Longer-lasting, better-performing parts and accessories — our large on-demand inventory keeps you up and running

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Pro-Tech certified pre-owned equipment — legendary reliability and service for an affordable price

Putzmeister Experts App — videos, detailed equipment information and maintenance tips now available in one convenient location

Plus, We’ve listened to our customers and improved our product line with new equipment based on your needs:

VSP 70 No CDL required — more versatility for your staff

51Z-Meter Boom Pump (Coming Fall 2019) Boom configuration and size driven by customer feedback

We’ll see you at BOOTH C5726


CONC1218_36-40_ConcreteBusiness.indd 37

12/7/18 10:35 AM


conditions unsuitable, but the owner wanted to proceed with work anyway? These questions and more can be answered by viewing the delivery ticket, which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time via mobile device. Producers who use metered sources, sensors and truck-tracking systems that automatically feed into cloudbased databases can make information immediately accessible in the field. The process of pulling data from the database and into the delivery ticket is automated to ensure information is available in real time. As a result, contractors can see everything about the mix including how much water has been added, from the plant to the chute, and can reject loads if they see the watercement ratio (WCR) is too high. “It’s nice to have an app that allows me to track deliveries and activities— and ensure the correct mix designs and quantities were ordered,” says Rich Dawson, a superintendent at Shiel

Sexton. “These apps keep me from having to take the time to call sales reps or batch plants to find information.” Contractors also can easily determine the age of concrete online through ticket time stamps. For example, depending on the additives used, the lifecycle of fresh concrete is typically three hours maximum. Through recorded status updates on each ticket, contractors know when each truck was loaded and how long the concrete has been on the truck. They can leverage that information to ensure they are unloading the oldest trucks first and rejecting loads that are too old— and look up old tickets to review time stamps on previous jobs. Additionally, producers can digitally attach weather stamps to each ticket based on information from the nearest weather station. For instance, BCMI Corp.’s Material Now app logs the windspeed, temperature, rainfall and humidity at the time of the pour (all of which can affect surface cracking). The weather

stamp validates that information by providing the distance to the weather station from which the data was collected. The app is available to contractors through various concrete producers. Some mobile apps allow contractors to show proof (and quality) of work, by using smart phones or tablets to take

Built for power, designed for agility these articulating loaders supply higher breakout force, quick attachment change out, cabs designed for maximum operator efficiency with excellent ergonomics and intuitive controls, 360° visibility and simple operation to every job.

OSHA Compliant Silica Dust Collection for Hand Tools


Dust Collection Products San Diego, CA 92107 877 223-2154 www.dustmuzzle.com sales@dustmuzzle.com


Ask us what these loaders can do for you!

Dealer opportunities.

803-327-4949 / info@appliedmach.com / ams-venieri.com ForConstructionPros.com/10240691

38 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/7/18 10:35 AM

Concrete contractor Shiel Sexton uses a mobile app supplied by producer Irving Materials Inc. to track trucks, monitor pours and easily access delivery tickets for projects such as this pavement installation. Photo Credit: Irving Materials Inc.

pictures at the jobsite and attach those images to delivery tickets. These stay with the corresponding tickets and can be accessed as needed. 3. On-demand project status and details Imagine using a mobile app to view a history of all your jobs and being able to

cross-check those jobs against invoices to ensure all work has been logged and invoiced. Concrete suppliers equipped with the right technology can provide that information. When concrete contractors use mobile apps to access job orders and the associated delivery tickets (current, past and future), they have a virtual filing cabinet in their pocket that they can pull out at a moment’s notice. They can review details from completed jobs, view a summary of the day’s work and see what’s scheduled for the next day. Producers also can email daily or weekly work summary reports in PDF form. Mobile apps are also useful for scheduling future jobs. They can be set up to send project status alerts

reminding users of upcoming concrete deliveries as well as “will call” orders that need to be changed to “active” status—which can be done through the app. Contractors who confirm job orders to active status with ample notice enable producers to better schedule trucks, which ultimately results in contractors receiving better service. 4. Alternatives to calling a dispatcher Although dispatchers are always a phone call away, alternatives should be available to make placing and updating orders more convenient for contractors who are always on the move. Mobile apps give contractors 24/7 access to their job orders, allowing them to make changes even when the dispatch office is closed. This is especially helpful for contractors whose “office” hours do not match dispatch hours, or when morning deliveries need to be put on hold or sped up due to an approaching storm or other unforeseen jobsite issue.


www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 39

CONC1218_36-40_ConcreteBusiness.indd 39

12/7/18 10:35 AM


5. Up-to-date account and ticket data Cash flow is a serious issue for many small-business contractors who get paid only after work is completed. Most producers give their customers a credit line, which allows contractors to pay for orders once they get paid. However, when the credit limit is reached, the contractor is restricted from starting new job orders until sufficient credit is restored. Contractors equipped with mobile apps can manage their accounts and track what they owe. They can make bank transfers via the app when they see they are approaching their credit limit. This ensures material deliveries—and projects—are not delayed.

NO MORE COMMUNICATION DELAYS With the technology available on mobile devices, there is no excuse for delays in any part of the communication chain.

Concrete contractor Shiel Sexton uses a mobile app supplied by producer Irving Materials Inc. to track trucks, monitor pours and easily access delivery tickets for projects such as this slab on deck installation. Photo Credit: Irving Materials Inc.

Pertinent information should be available on cell phones and tablets via cloudbased business management software, so contractors can handle their day-to-day responsibilities quickly and accurately. Nowadays, every contractor should be able to say to their producer: “I want to know where the next truck is and what’s in it. I want details of work that’s been done and what’s next for tomorrow. And I want that digital file cabinet so I can view all my job orders and tickets!”

Modern materials producers who value strong customer relationships are providing these tools as a standard service. Those who don’t are facing contractors’ growing demands for technology—and seeing their customers gravitate toward producers who make life easier with mobile tools. Ed. Note: Craig Yeack has held leadership positions with both construction materials producers and software providers. He is co-founder of BCMI Corp. (the Bulk Construction Materials Initiative), which is dedicated to reinventing the construction materials business with modern mobile and cloudbased tools. Contact Yeack at Craig. Yeack@bcmicorp.com.

WE CAN HELP! Lavina Concrete Grinders and Polishers and DiamaPro UV coatings give you the ultimate protected concrete floor.


The combination of Lavina equipment and DiamaPro UV-HS coatings have proven to produce a floor that can undergo extreme physical and chemical wear. This floor system cures instantly, will not chip, and is easy to install.

Make your floors shine, call www.niagaramachine.com ForConstructionPros.com/10896948


40 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/7/18 8:31 AM


by Mitch Burdick, Product Manager, Bosch Power Tools


Respirable Silica Dust Protection, Phase II

he OSHA regulation outlining requirements for exposure to respirable silica dust has been in place for months. But not every organization has taken the steps necessary to meet the guidelines. This is a reminder that every company that works with concrete, stone or other masonry materials must meet the OSHA requirements. 1. What if you’re working in a small area where the dust suction attachment won’t fit? If the tools identified in Table 1 cannot be used as noted in Table 1 or the employer cannot fully and properly implement controls and protections described in Table 1 controls, then “Alternative exposure control methods” must be established as specified in paragraph D. This will require the employer to conduct independent testing or provide objective data and specifically document exposure levels and what steps a worker must take to stay below the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) (0.5µg/ m3: 50 micrograms per cubic meter) over a time-weighted eight-hour day. 2. Can you use tools from one brand and an attachment from a different brand? We’re talking about the actual dust collection attachments that fit directly onto power tools, such as drilling attachments that fit onto rotary hammers or surface grinding shrouds; cutting guards that fit directly onto small or large angle grinders. These types of attachments have specific mounting collars and/or clamping bands that make them dedicated to their specific tool for their specific brand. In these situations tools from one brand cannot be used with attachments from another brand. There are also dust collection attachments that can fit a variety of brands

such as chiseling and demolition attachments for SDS-max®, Spline or 1-1/8 In. breaker hammers. Finally, there are a few dust collection attachments that are independent of the tool. An example of these types of attachments would be wall suction units for large diameter drilling in concrete. These attachments use the suction power from the dust extractor to be secured to the wall or work surface. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the actual use of these attachments. Regardless of the combination of tool, attachment (and/or brand) being used, the system chosen can be used as long as they meet the OSHA PEL (0.5µg/m3: 50 micrograms per cubic meter) over a timeweighted eight-hour day. Many power tool companies provide objective data sheets that are valid only for the specific tool combination(s) tested. When using such objective data sheets to show compliance employers users need to ensure use of the exact tool combination shown in the data sheets. 3. Can a dust extractor (vacuum) from one brand be used with another brand of tools and attachments? Yes, but the configuration must meet Table 1 specifications. For example, when using a grinder the user needs to be sure that the vacuum is capable of providing a minimum of 25 CFM (cubic feet per minute) per 1” of grinder wheel, the vacuum has a filter cleaning system (automatic or semi-automatic) and the filter has 99% efficiency (HEPA is preferred). Always be sure to use the vacuum according to instructions provided by its manufacturer.

4. What is the proper disposal procedure for concrete dust? Use of a fleece bag is highly recommended. These are usually multi-ply fabric bags that help manage air equilibrium in the vacuum and collect .3 microns or larger dust particles. It also contains a port-closing mechanism for dust containment after removing the bag from the vacuum canister’s port. Finally, fleece bags are strong enough to withstand the weight of dust collected and is more resistant to tearing than paper bags. 5. Will there be a special place for users to dispose of a full dust collection bag separate from a regular dumpster? Collected silica dust can be disposed of in a regular dumpster after taking special precautions to properly contain it and avoid any leaks. Users can simply take the vacuum collection bag that’s about 80% full and place it in a standard garbage dumpster. Be careful that it’s not going to be exposed to potential damage if other items are placed in the same dumpster on top of it. 6. Are HEPA filers required in Table 1? HEPA filters are required for some applications specified in Table 1. Dust

42 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_42-43_DustCollection.indd 42

12/7/18 1:50 PM

extractors with “HEPA” filters offer the most practical solution with the best overall performance on the job. 7. Is there a limit for length of a vacuum hose? The longer the hose, the greater the decrease in the dust extractor’s ability to collect dust. It is recommended to use the shortest hose length practical for a given job and to always follow directions of the dust extractor manufacturer. Bosch dust extractors can be used with either a 10 Ft. hose (which comes with the unit) or with a 16 Ft. hose (sold separately). 8. What about jobsite dust from surrounding work areas? How can this be distinguished from cutting/grinding operations? At many jobsites, there can be more than one contractor or more than one subcontractor working at any given time that may be creating airborne dust and/ or silica dust. In addition, there can be another construction site lose by that also can influence the exposure levels of these airborne particles. The OSHA Silica Dust Regulation states that construction companies must reduce their employees’ exposure to silica dust to meet the PEL (permissible exposure limit). See OSHA Silica Dust Regulation for details. This means that the applications identified in the Regulation must be controlled (per OSHA Silica Table 1) and that the construction companies must have a work plan that takes into consideration airborne silica dust created from the surrounding work areas, including construction sites nearby. from exposure. Ed. Note: All information cited was prepared by Robert Bosch Tool Corporation on December 1, 2018, which is to serve as a basic summary helping users generally understand the OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Rule for the construction industry. This is not an official, legal, safety-related or comprehensive interpretation of the rule; you should always rely on your own review and evaluation of the applicable rules and regulations and understand

that it is the individual’s and/or employer’s obligation to comply with such rules. Also, there may be additional OSHA standards and OSHA-approved state programs that apply. When using the equipment shown in this guide as you strive to meet your required compliances, always use the tools in accordance

with the owner’s manual and OSHA regulations. For official information, please go to https://www.osha.gov/silica/ and for the complete rule (including Table 1), please see https://www.osha.gov/ silica/SilicaConstructionRegText.pdf.


Manufactured by SOLOMON COLORS, INC.

An Employee Owned Company 4050 Color Plant Road, Springfield, IL 62704 • 1371 Laurel Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376 (800) 624-0261 | www.solomoncolors.com | Made in USA a


www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 43

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Dust Extraction

A compilation of technical information when choosing your next dust extractor. 1. PULSE-BAC HPLM 3690 What is HPLM? Put simply, it’s the highest power to weight ratio you’ll find in a vacuum today. With 690CFM, they weigh in at just 208 lbs. HPLM vacuums supply all the power you need in a portable package that saves time and trouble. HPLM vacuums are ideal for work involving dust from concrete and many other materials and is compliant with OSHA’s Silica Dust Rule. ForConstructionPros.com/12109625

World of Concrete 2018 Booth #S12645


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

Pulse-Bac HPLM 3690

35” x 35” x 71.5”

208 lbs.




690 cfm

110” Water Lift


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

Pulse-Bac 1250

25” x 25” x 37”

30 lbs.


110V / 220V


311 cfm

70” lift


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

Pulse-Bac 550

17” x 17” x 26”

30 lbs.


110V / 220V


150 cfm

87” lift

2. CPS CAT-5 EXTRACTOR VACUUM Go cordless with Concrete Polishing Solutions CAT5Pro Extractor Vacuum. If you’ve ever imagined being able to grind or polish without generators, electric hookups, or coordination problems, look no further than our propane powered vacuum. The system features a pleated primary filter, with non-stick coatings to allow excellent dust release and a HEPA filter with three times the surface area of comparable models. Easy clean up allows you to save time and earn more. ForConstructionPros.com/12140173

World of Concrete Booth #O41035


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

CPS CAT-5 Extractor Vacuum

49.5” x 22” x 65”

600 lbs.

17 hp

N/A - Propane powered


425 cfm


3. HTC D60 DUST EXTRACTOR The new HTC D60 dust extractor has been especially designed for floor grinding and in particular with HTC DURATIQ grinders. Unique and innovative functions such as DURATIQ remote connection, automatic filter cleaning and integrated pre-separation produce unbeatable synergistic effects in the form of increased productivity and grinding capacity. •  •  •  • 

Other benefits are the extremely compact dimensions, smart features for ergonomic handling and high safety standard with HEPA H13 filters. The HTC D60 is equipped with a digital control panel (HMI) for monitoring the essential functions of the extractor. The HTC D60 is a very compact dust extractor that is just 68 cm wide and 140 cm high in the transport position. The HTC D60 is recommended for floor grinders with a grinding width of 600–700 mm.


World of Concrete Booth #O30650


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)


1235 x 680 x 1400 mm

395 lbs.

7.4 hp

3x200 / 3 /480460 V


365 cfm


44 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_44-49_SpecGuideA.indd 44

12/7/18 8:34 AM

4. BW MANUFACTURING A-101 PULSE VAC The A-101 Pulse Vac is unlike any other vacuum on the market today. The built in air pulsation system continuously cleans the air filter, making it ideal for the removal of fine dust powders without clogging. The A-101 Pulse Vac houses a two stage vacuum motor, making it one of the most powerful vacuums that operates on 120V. Your reduction in filter cleaning labor combined with its adaptability to all shrouded equipment, the A-101 Pulse Vac is the most essential and recommended vacuum by contractors today. ForConstructionPros.com/12281215 World of Concrete Booth #S11927 Model

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)


29” x 15” x 36”

115 lbs.

13 amp



110 cfm (1-1/2”); 127 cfm (2”)



Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)


34” x 28” x 59”

375 lbs.

5 hp (elec. or gas)



710 cfm


5. OZTEC CG-12 CEILING GRINDER AVAILABLE WITH DUST COLLECTION SYSTEM The Oztec ceiling grinder features a robust welded steel frame that is fully configurable to any ceiling grinding requirement from seven to 12 feet high and a self-aligning, grinding head which allows full surface contact requiring no adjusting. The Oztec Ceiling Grinder is available with a Dust Collection System for job-site compliance and the power options of the CG-12E Electric Model with a two hp, thermal overload protected Baldor motor or the CG-12G Gas Model with a three hp Honda engine. ForConstructionPros.com/10082994

World of Concrete Booth #N2236


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)


15-3/4” x 15-3/4” x 22”

28 lbs.

1.8 hp

110 VAC


130 cfm

3.59694 psi (248 milibars)



800.333.9274 ForConstructionPros.com/10075179


www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 45

CONC1218_44-49_SpecGuideA.indd 45

12/7/18 8:34 AM


6. DUSTCONTROL INC. DC 2900 According to the company, the DC 2900 is their most popular dust extractor. It is suitable for vacuum cleaning and source extraction from hand-held power tools (with up to 5” inch suction casing) and small table saws. It is light weight and portable with large wheels and a sturdy steel chassis. ForConstructionPros.com/12281036

World of Concrete Booth #S11907


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

DC Storm 600 -L

45’ x 30” x 69”

375 lbs.

10 hp



371 cfm at the inlet



Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

DC 2900 C

21” x 17” x 43”

30.8 lbs.

1300 Watts

115 V


114 cfm at the inlet


7. HILTI VC-300-17 The Hilti universal vacuum cleaner VC 300-17 X is built with an impressive 300 cfm of power delivered by two turbines. It’s protected by a tough, field-tested casing that can pack in 17 gallons of debris. It can be used as a wet or dry vacuum and is equipped with an automatic filter cleaning system. It tackles the most demanding jobs with 99 percent filter efficiency enabling OSHA 1926.1153 table 1 compliance and is HEPA ready. ForConstructionPros.com/20983601 World of Concrete Booth #C4840/#O30699/#O30700 Model

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

VC 300-17 X

19.3” x 19.3” x 34.6”

54 lbs.


120 V


313.6 cfm

3.68 psi


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

VC 150-6 XE

15” x 15” x 19.7”

28.7 lbs.


120 V


152.6 cfm

3.51 psi



BLOOM MANUFACTURING, INC. Custom Engineered Solutions Since 1910 Independence, IA 50644, USA | bloommfg.com P: 319-827-1139 | 800-394-1139 | F: 319-827-1140



46 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_44-49_SpecGuideA.indd 46

12/7/18 8:34 AM

8. HUSQVARNA S 36 PROPANE DUST EXTRACTOR The S 36 Propane is a powerful, HEPA dust extractor made to be used with propane grinders and the company’s Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry saws. •  Suited for use when an electric power outlet is hard to come by on the jobsite •  Equipped with three independently tested and certified HEPA filters and a cone-shaped pre-filter with over 50 sq. ft. of media •  Provides high-level dust collection, even of fine sanding and gypsum dust ForConstructionPros.com/21033226 World of Concrete Booth #O30166 Model

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

Husqvarna S 36

33” x 24.5” x 60”

190 lbs.

11 hp



285 cfm



Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

Husqvarna S 26

26” x 21.5” x 50.2”

105 lbs.

3.2 hp

120 V


258 cfm

24 kPa


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

Husqvarna S 13

26” x 15.8” x 43.3”

66 lbs.

1.6 hp

120 V


129 cfm

24 kPa

9. GENERAL EQUIPMENT VS220 DUST-COLLECT-R SYSTEM The VS220 portable vacuum system offers an effective dust control system for use with surface grinders, planers and other surface preparation solutions. •  Features a 99% efficient at 0.5 micron pre-filter and a 99.7% at 0.3 micro HEPA secondary filter •  Two 115-VAC, 60-Hz single-speed electric motors produce a peak of 2.6 hp, air flow volume of 220 cfm and water lift suction of 110 in. •  Separate 2- and 3-in.-diameter dust port connections for simultaneous or independent operation ForConstructionPros.com/20974042 World of Concrete Booth #S12145 Model

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)


34.5” x 19” x 35.3”

100 lbs.

2.6 peak hp (2 motors)

115 VAC, 60Hz


220 cfm



www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 47

CONC1218_44-49_SpecGuideA.indd 47

12/7/18 8:34 AM



The Blastrac BDC-22 is equipped with a Longopac bagging system, which is easy to mount and handle. Thanks to this system, the operators have no more contact with the dust in their direct vicinity. The Blastrac BDC-22 dust collection system is equipped with a M-class star filter and it is highly versatile. Comes standard with a HEPA filter and Longopac. The BDC-22 is ideally suited for use with medium shot blasting, grinding and scarifying machines.

ForConstructionPros.com/21033217 World of Concrete Booth #S10314 Model

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)


24” x 24” x 48.25”

110 lbs.




244 cfm



Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)


31” x 24” x 62”

157 lbs.


110V & 230V


330 cfm


11. SCANMASKIN SCAN DUST 2900 ScanDust 2900 gives you high operational reliability and efficient performance. The dust collector is equipped with: •  Hepa 13 filters - takes care of insanitary particles •  Longopac – Easy and dust free changes ForConstructionPros.com/20983622 World of Concrete Booth #S11639/#O32144 Model

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

ScanDust 2900

22” x 31.5” x 51”

119 lbs.

3.8 hp

220-240V or 115V

10 amp or 15 amp

420 cfm

3.34 psi


Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

ScanDust 3600

38”x 23” x 54 “

198 lbs.

5.1 hp

230 V

15 amp

500 cfm

4.35 psi

Visit$365 us atEZ Screed World of Pro Two Concrete $434 EZ Screed Tool Booth Complete Set N2949!



The EZ Screed Tool is designed to be used in an upright position in place of the traditional “bent over method”. It is faster and more effective in the leveling of concrete, resulting in a more precise professional finish to your





48 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/7/18 8:34 AM

12. LAVINA INTRODUCES TWO NEW PROPANE DUST EXTRACTORS V25G-X AND V20G-X Superabrasive, the manufacturer of LAVINA, introduces two new propane dust extractors V25G-X and V20G-X, all offering new features for improved productivity, performance and safety on the jobsite. With the addition of the new propane dust extractors, contractors can be completely independent from the electrical specs on the job site. No cords, no generators, no hassle. The new Lavina V25G-X is a powerful and efficient vacuum with automatic filter cleaning and integrated pre-separator. It features adjustable cleaning interval, easy access to the filters with quick locking mechanism, a conical main filter, and a Hepa H13 filter, rated at 99.99% at 0.3 microns. It is powered by Kawasaki FS481V engine with our Lavina Fuel Minder engine kit with closed loop fuel management which provides better performance and lower emissions, beating the EPA and CARB emission standards and earning Blue Sky recognition. With 294 CFM and 120 inch of water lift, V25G-X is the strongest in its class. Other features include: Longopac bagging system for easier and safer dust disposal, non-marking rubber tires with brakes, two separate anti-static hoses (one for the grinder and another one for the wand), and a floor tool kit. The V20G-X model is a bit smaller unit, suitable for small grinders and edgers. It is very easy to use and maintain. Powered by Kawasaki FS491V engine, it offers 212 CFM and 112.5 inches of water lift. It has a conical filter and Hepa H13 filter with manual filter cleaning. It comes equipped with Longopac bagging system for easier and safer dust disposal, non-marking rubber tires with brakes, an anti-static hose, and a floor tool kit. ForConstructionPros.com/21033223 World of Concrete Booth #O30950/#O31046/#S10539 Model

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

Lavina 25GX

55” x 26” x 64”

628 lbs.




294 cfm



Dimensions (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)

Power Output (hp)



Air Flow (cfm)

Max vacuum (psi)

Lavina V20G-X

51” x 26” x 56”

441 lbs.




212 cfm


World of Concrete Booth #N2147 Jan. 22-25

Now Available!

Screed Support System

NEW from Spin Screed, the ScreedSupport System reduces fill volume by 85% compared to a pipe screed.

Please visit our website


to see videos & our complete product line.

888-329-6039 ForConstructionPros.com/12045583

Complete Rugged 22’ Wide Screed




*prices subject to change


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By Joe Nasvik

Revisiting Power Tool


Run-time vs. weight vs. smallest size.


ithium-ion batteries (LI) changed everything in the world of power tools because they made it possible to store much more energy in a smaller-sized battery. They concentrate enormous amounts of energy in smaller and smaller spaces, which also means there’s more potential for problems when they aren’t handled properly. With increasing battery energy density, experienced tool manufacturers are addressing the increased safety risks too and that’s why it’s wise to buy from companies that are recognized leaders in the industry. The first Li-ion battery powered tools appeared around 2005. The first Li-ion battery tools were drill/drivers, although Hilti’s first lithium battery tool entry was a hammer drill. The transition has been so fast that today it’s hard to find corded tools on the store shelf anymore and they are replacing increasing numbers of tools once thought to be safe from batteries: corded, gasoline powered, and compressed air-powered tools. From the first drill/drivers tool manufacturers have sought to broaden the

range of cordless tools and today there are battery powered tools such as chain saws, table saws, circular saws, chipping hammers and grinders that are more productive than their corded cousins. Batteries continue to grow in energy capacity while getting smaller, making one wonder where this will all end. At the same time, on national news, the public has been scared by the introduction of low-cost, low-quality Li-on battery-powered toys that occasionally cause fires and damage. Lithium-ion batteries power our phones, computers, games and cars, and are in every facet of our lives. Marketers sometimes tell us their brand’s battery has the highest voltage or the biggest battery on the market but does this really mean they are the best?

BATTERY BASICS Here are some basic terms that help to understand how batteries operate and perform: Voltage. The most recognizable term to describe batteries is volts, a measure of electrical force. We think it as a constant number, but voltage changes with power demand. In the case of a battery-operated tool the maximum voltage instantly drops to a typical operating voltage as soon as the tool is powered. People used to think

volts equaled battery As batteries get bigger and better strength (a 12 volt they are powering battery is better tools never before thought possible. than a 6 volt one). The 12 amp-hour Amps. Amps battery powering this chain saw can are defined as the cut down a 15” amount of electridiameter tree and then buck it up into cal current going firewood lengths all through a circuit at on one charge. one time. Photo Credit: Joe Nasvik Watts. Watts equals volts times amps. Watt-hours. Watt hours is equal to the voltage rating of the battery times its capacity. An 18-volt 4 Ah battery has 72 watt hours. Amp-hour. Amp hour is the amount of current that a battery can provide consistently for one hour. It isn’t the time needed for a battery to reach discharge. Because volts x amps = watts you can change volts and amps to achieve the same wattage. Increasing the volts in a battery and decreasing the amps can mean that a battery can deliver more power with less heat development in the battery. This can be a big plus because maintaining low battery heat is very important. Sean Fitzgibbons, Senior Product Manager for DEWALT, Towson, Md., says the most precise measure of battery capacity is watt-hours, but in practice

50 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_50-57_BatteryUpdate.indd 50

12/7/18 10:58 AM


CONC1218_50-57_BatteryUpdate.indd 51

12/7/18 10:58 AM


amp-hours are stated for each voltage and that’s what you see advertised on batteries. Tool manufacturers rate their batteries voltage either by “maximum voltage” or by “operating voltage” while a tool is being used. The moment a tool is turned on the maximum voltage drops down to the battery’s operating voltage. To maintain this constant power level amperage (energy output) is increased. When

calculating amp-hours and watt-hours the way voltage is reported changes these numbers. Users need to be aware of how the battery manufacturer reports its batteries’ voltage. Tool batteries consist of battery cells that are connected either in series or parallel or both. When cells are joined in series the voltage in a battery increases while the amperage remains

the same. When they are joined in parallel voltages remain the same while the amperage increases. Typical 18-volt batteries have both parallel and series arrangements of cells inside the battery housing. Most 18 Volt batteries with a capacity of 3 amp-hours or less have cells in series and none in parallel.

BATTERY CELLS There are several world-class companies with names such as Samsung, Panasonic and LG that manufacture the Lithium-ion cells (they look like an AA battery) that are assembled in the battery pack that powers a tool. Tool manufactures do not manufacture their own cells. Cell manufacturers are constantly developing and advancing the technology so they offer a wide variety of latest technology cells for use in every industry that uses Li-ion batteries. Paul Fry, Milwaukee Tool’s Senior Vice President of Product Marketing for Power Tools, Brookfield, Wis., says tool companies usually tell the manufacturers what qualities they are looking for in a battery—not all tool manufacturers want the same qualities. They want different balances between cell capacity or energy storage, size and weight, power available, run time, and safety. All tool companies maintain their own research labs to extensively test these cutting edge cells and their research helps them make final cell choices. Theron Sherrod, Product Manager for Drill Drivers, Batteries, Chargers and Impactors for Bosch Tools US, Mount Prospect, Ill., says the current state-of-the-art battery cell is rated at approximately 3.6 volts and 4 amphours yielding 14.4 watt-hours. When used together in a power tool battery configuration, these cells can provide up to 160 watts.

BUILDING A POWER-TOOL BATTERY Sherrod says that all power tool companies want their batteries to have more power, more run-time, with the smallest battery size and weight possible. “It’s possible to get two out of the three most of the time,” he says, “But getting all three is difficult.” ForConstructionPros.com/10615779

52 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_50-57_BatteryUpdate.indd 52

12/7/18 10:58 AM

Generally speaking, contractors want the most run time they can get, with a minimum of battery swaps during working hours says Eric Hollister, the Senior Director of Electric Tools and Accessories for Hilti, Plano, Texas. There is no one battery to satisfy all needs. Tool companies develop batteries for the tools they are intended for and the job application. If a tool is used for overhead tasks for long periods of time, customers want the lightest weight possible so manufacturers reduce size and weight and work to increase run time. Tools that work on a 12-volt platform are a good choice for this — both the tool and the battery are light and can easily fit in a worker’s pouch. On the other end of the continuum converting corded, gas engine, or compressed air powered tools requires batteries with increased capacity, battery size and weight aren’t as important. All tool manufacturers are introducing

cordless tools that were once thought to be more power hungry than a battery could provide such as large batterypowered concrete chipping hammers, chain saws and circular saws. Tool companies are also focused on voltage platforms, providing improved batteries for platforms where they sell the most tools. The most popular voltage right now is the 18-22 volt market so introducing a new 18-or 22 volt battery will support the greatest number of tools. Exploring 36 volt platforms and beyond would be for solving the most challenging applications.

SOFTWARE Software wasn’t needed to support NiCad batteries but it is for Lithiumion batteries. There is software inside a battery, in the tool, and in the charging station. The different software packages communicate with each other. Each tool manufacturer develops its own

software to manage safety issues and the overall performance of a tool. Hollister says that when a tool requires power, software manages how fast and how much power is taken from the battery. Fry adds that software also protects the tool from receiving too much power and it shuts down a battery when there is little power left in a battery (Li-ion batteries may not recharge if they are completely drained). Software ensures that equal amounts of power are taken from each cell in the battery, it keeps batteries in safe condition, and it monitors battery temperature and shuts it down if it gets too hot—heat degrades batteries over time and is the ultimate enemy. Communication between the software in the battery and the tool is all important too.

SAFETY Due to the high energy density of Li-ion batteries there are certain risks,


www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 53

CONC1218_50-57_BatteryUpdate.indd 53

12/7/18 10:58 AM

POWER TOOLS The Li-ion battery cells that power a tool battery are made by large manufacturers. They look like AA batteries but have very special properties Photo Credit: Bosch

which users need to keep in mind. Lithium-ion batteries can be unsafe because their energy density is so high. Fry says, “As the capacity of a battery increases, so do safety risks.” Good companies build their batteries with safety in mind; they look for cells that are safer, develop sophisticated software to prevent their batteries from getting too hot, and they build robust housings. But safety also depends on how users handle batteries. • You should only use batteries from the same manufacturer as your tool, don’t replace them with after-market products. As mentioned above, the battery needs to “talk” to the tool and the charger. • Avoid storing batteries where small metal pieces such as nails or screws can make contact with the

terminals and cause a short. • Don’t expose batteries to any liquid. • Keep them away from direct sunlight, store batteries within the temperature limits stated by the manufacturer. • Keep the terminals clean. • Don’t drop them or use them as a hammer!

Nimble and compact, Merlo’s Roto offers a 360° slewing turret, independent jacking stabilizers, no flex boom, Tac-Lock quick release for attachments, and a capacity to lift and move loads and personnel at height. Plus, two real time safety systems and a cab designed for operator efficiency and comfort are standard. Learn more about Merlo Rotos and telehandlers.

803-327-4949 / info@appliedmach.com / ams-merlo.com

• For long-term storage, batteries should be stored at 50 percent capacity. • Batteries should only be charged to 80 percent of capacity, which extends battery lifetime • If batteries are being transported, they should only be charged to 30 percent of capacity

Ultra- Vac 1250G

Honda GX240 Powered Dust Collector • 450 CFM, 115” Lift • 12.5 Gallon Capacity • Dust Bagging System Available • Heavy Duty Construction • For use with Early Entry Saws, Scarifiers, Grinders and Joint Saws

sales / service / rentals / dealer opportunities ForConstructionPros.com/10240691

www.ussaws.com 877-817-6687 ForConstructionPros.com/12025468

54 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/7/18 10:58 AM

LATEST TECHNOLOGIES Here are some of the latest battery offerings from the companies interviewed for this article. Bosch. Their latest offering in the small battery market is a 1.15-pound 18-volt battery with a 4.0 amp-hour rating in a smaller, lighter package. It is based on latest cell technology that puts 10-15 percent more power into a cell with a small increase in volume. Bosch says this battery will make tasks such as repetitive work and overhead jobs less tiring. Sherrod says the goal is to “Keep the power but lose the weight.”

WHAT YOU SHOULD LOOK FOR • “Try before you buy.” See how a tool feels in your hand, you will use it for a long time and it should feel comfortable. • Buy the right tool and battery for your application. If you need more power buy a larger voltage class. If you are running an application all day look for higher “run time” or amp-hours. • Consider the weight of the tool and battery. Choose lightweight tools for overhead applications. • Purchase batteries that are part of a system the manufacturer intends to continue making investments in for a long time • Consider your application when buying batteries • Buy from trusted tool manufacturers to ensure that your tool has safety built into it. • Buy tools on the same voltage platform as the ones you already own so that you can share batteries • For tools requiring a lot of power buy batteries with high amp-hours to get more run time. • Consider the amount of time you are using a tool per day to decide which battery will provide the right balance of run time and ergonomic benefit (lighter weight). Bosch’s new 18v battery weighs only 1.1 pounds with 4 amp-hours of power. It is designed for tiring repetitive work applications where light weight is important. Photo Credit: Bosch


www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 55

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12/7/18 10:58 AM


DEWALT. Recently introduced, FLEXVOLT® batteries can serve different voltage platforms. It automatically switches voltage when it is coupled to tools that work on different voltages. A FLEXVOLT® battery can be used for 20, 60, and 120 volt (two batteries) tools. The batteries come in 6, 9, and 12 amp-hour sizes.

Hilti’s latest 36 volt, 9 amp-hour battery will be used to power tools that require much higher energy levels such as hammer drills and worm-drive circular saws. Photo Credit: Hilti

Hilti. Hilti is focused on batteries that provide the right power and run time for an application. Their newest innovation to be released is the 36 volt, 9 amp-hour battery designed to power through the toughest applications including their newest SDS Max hammer drill and worm drive style circular saw. Milwaukee Tool. Their latest battery introduction is an 18 volt 12 amp-hour high output battery weighing 3.5 pounds capable of delivering 15 amp corded power to new brushless motor tools such as circular saws, chain saws,

and table saws for extended periods of time. Fry says their new battery provides 50% more power, runs 50% cooler, and delivers 20% more run time than their previous 9 amp-hour battery. Their chain saw can cut down a 15-inch diameter tree and buck it up into fireplace length pieces on one charge. Any updated 12 or 18 volt battery is backwards compatible and will fit on any existing tool.

One of DEWALT’s latest batteries is this FLEXVOLT 12 amp-hour battery capable of changing voltage platforms when connected to different voltage tools. Photo Credit: DeWalt


HIGH R.O.I. The Lo Riser Inclining Platform Trailer is a versatile tool that will help increase your efficiencies and lower costs to deliver a higher return on your investment. With a Lo Riser you'll see:

✔ ✔ ✔

Lower labor costs - one man loading/unloading offers more deliveries per day

Lower specialized equipment costs - no rollback truck required, just a pickup truck - no crown point, equipment can be driven up the built-in ramp

4 Degree Load Angle

Lower worker's comp claims - enhanced safety features eliminate most opportunities for injuries - no more dangerous, slanted ramp boards

Stop, Drop and Load your way to maximum profits.

*shown with optional paint color

Inclining Platform Trailers




Manufactured by: The Advance Metalworking Company, Inc.



56 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/7/18 10:58 AM

With their new 18v 12 amp-hour battery Milwaukee Tool is powering new tools such as chainsaws, table saws, and circular saws. Photo Credit: Milwaukee Tool

WHERE THE TECHNOLOGY IS HEADED There is constant research to find energy sources that perform better than Lithium-ion batteries but there appears to be nothing in the immediate future. In the meantime, research is focused on developing Li-ion batteries that are smaller, lighter, and capable of storing

more energy. In the long term, solid state technology is being considered. The power tool industry is constantly introducing tools that require higher levels of power from a battery. Manufacturers want to help you make your tools more portable by eliminating power cords, gasoline engines, and compressed air for powering tools.

Looking from the top down: the top of the battery case with electronics, The metal power transfer frame designed to transmit large currents that connects some cells in series and others in parallel, the cells and rack designed to hold them in position, and a rugged case to protect the cells from physical damage. Photo Credit: Milwaukee Tool


www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor 57

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12/7/18 10:58 AM

BORIDE Engineered Abrasives’ new BSD Corner Tool, available in 5 grits. Photo Credit: BORIDE Engineered Abrasives

Cornering the Market BORIDE’s Corner Tool fills a niche in floor finishing. by Carla Nickodemus


s consumer demand for polished concrete has increased, so has the need for high quality finishes – even in the corners, edges, stairs and door jambs, places that had been ignored before the traditionally industrial flooring got hot. The tight spaces presented a problem to contractors, who were left to jury-rig their equipment to finish the job right, often with subpar results.

Customer demand prompted engineers at BORIDE Engineered Abrasives – creator of the Blue Star Diamond (BSD) abrasive – to develop a tool that was not only durable but could deliver a professional finish to hard-to-reach areas. The BSD Corner Tool was born. “Bedrock [Contractor Supplies and Rental] had several contractors that were interested in a product like this,” says Mark Listermann, sales and accounts manager for BORIDE’s floor finishing products. “We put together a prototype; the contractors liked the way the diamonds cut and the quality finish.” The launch of the BSD Corner Tool filled a gap in the floor finishing industry, says Matt Tetrault, operations manager for the Rhode Island-based Bedrock, which services

contractors on the East Coast. “Prior to the corner tool, [contractors] would be cutting out resin pads or using electroplated,” Tetrault explains. “They’d literally be cutting and fitting their own tooling. It was a Band-Aid for the problem. So now there’s finally a solution.” The feedback from Tetrault’s customers was that they were saving time and happy with the result, he said. “The corner tool stays relatively cool and keeps them cutting longer,” notes Tetrault, whose employees run deliveries from Maine to Long Island, N.Y. and ship nationwide. “The feedback we’re getting is they’re happy with the speed. It gives them fewer problems. There isn’t much on the market for corners so it’s innovative in that way.”

58 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_58-63_PCLeadFeature.indd 58

12/7/18 8:39 AM


Ultra-compact DURATIQ™ technology

Power meets versatility The DURATIQ 5 is a floor grinder with unmatched versatility for professional users. With its ultra-compact size, it’s a powerful tool for all types of grinding jobs in various environments, but without compromising on DURATIQ’s high performance technology.

Whether the job requires grinding away a stubborn coating, smoothing a wood parquet floor or transforming a concrete floor into a high-gloss HTC Superfloor™, The DURATIQ 5 is up to the task. With a grinding width of 22.4 in (515 mm) it is best suited for small to mid-size projects. Experience a machine that combines power and versatility with unmatched ergonomics. htc-floorsystems.com

ForConstructionPros.com/10073334 order@htc-america.com

Phone: 865-689-2311

© 2018 HTC, Inc. All rights reserved.

CONC1218_58-63_PCLeadFeature.indd 59

12/7/18 8:39 AM






888-512-7339 www.ardexamericas.com

Tetrault says he has noticed contractors that traditionally wouldn’t touch concrete floor finishing are now coming on board because of better education and consumer demand. “This is an industry that’s probably doubled in growth because architects and contractors are understanding the product and using it,” he says. “Consumers are saying they want polished concrete and the contractor is now able to give them a better finished product with tools like the corner tool.” Corners, edges, stairs and door jambs can present a tough challenge, especially on a project where the floor is anything but an afterthought, says Meghan Littlefield, vice president of Polished Concrete of New England in Sanford, Maine. “I think [polished concrete] absolutely can be an art form,” says Littlefield, whose contractors finish up to four projects a week. “There’s a broad range from the industrial side

of concrete polishThe BSD Corner ing – which is utili- Tool easily fits in to the hard to reach tarian – all the way areas like corners up to high-end faband door jambs. rications with color, Photo Credit: BORIDE Engineered Abrasives which is more on the artistic side.” Polishing a concrete floor takes skill, especially in decorative application, Littlefield says. “In general, edges – and corners especially – in a decorative application are critical aesthetically. If you do not do a good job, it will stand out and ruin the aesthetics of the job,” she explains. “You’ll have an unhappy customer and won’t get paid.” After working with BORIDE engineers on the corner tool, Littlefield says that switching to the triangular-shaped tool helped simplify the tooling and keep the polishing process consistent. “The tool is critical for getting into the corners so you can feather out into the floor and achieve a


60 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

CONC1218_58-63_PCLeadFeature.indd 60

12/7/18 8:39 AM




Kawasaki FS481V Conical Main Filter + HEPA H13 MANUAL CLEANING 212 CFM, 112.5 in/H2O


Kawasaki FS481V Conical Main Filter + HEPA H13 AUTOMATIC CLEANING 294 CFM, 120 in/H2O


Kawasaki FX600V 15 Sock Filters + 2 HEPA H13 AUTOMATIC CLEANING 410 CFM, 120 in/H2O


www.superabrasive.com ForConstructionPros.com/10076302

CONC1218_58-63_PCLeadFeature.indd 61

12/7/18 8:39 AM

consistent look,” she says. “A lot of contractors will try to get in there with a cup wheel, but you’ll always miss that corner and that will stand out visually.” The feedback from the field has been “good,” Littlefield notes. “[The corner tools] work well; they last a long time,” she says. “We love the rest of the BORIDE line; it’s helpful to be utilizing the same tool or bond whether you’re doing the corners, the edges or you’re feathering things out.” The BSD Corner Tool is handcrafted several at a time at BORIDE’s Traverse City, Mich. headquarters. In the plant, an operator layers the company’s proprietary diamond grit mixture over a mesh backing, which is placed on a resin core in a steel mold. The molds are pressed, then baked in a specially designed oven. The bond technology that BORIDE developed is known for its superb

finish on soft to very hard surfaces and for its ability to withstand aggressive grinding, wet or dry. By using the company’s Blue Star Diamond formulation, the corner tool helps save users time and money, says Carla Nickodemus, business development and product manager for BORIDE’s floor finishing products.









Ph: (215) 723-6051 | (800) 523-6688 | pecora.com

“The Blue Star The BSD Corner Tool was Diamond line is the designed to fit result of more than most multi-tools 40 years of research with a velcro attachment. and development in Photo Credit: abrasive products,” BORIDE she explains. “This Engineered Abrasives means corner tool users will get an outstanding concrete finish in fewer steps – and therefore at a lower cost – than with traditional finishing methods.” The pad’s design is compatible with most oscillating multi-tools, including Fein, DeWalt, Dremel and Makita, and needs only occasional misting to keep the heat in check. The corner tools are sold in packs of two, ranging from 30 to 400 grit. A fivequantity starter pack that includes the full range of grits is also available. Sold as a private label product through distributors in the U.S., Canada and Europe, the sales numbers so far are positive, Nickodemus reports. “After the initial launch in August 2017, the first six months of 2018 show the corner tool increasing sales by five percent,” she notes. And it’s no wonder. Beyond its innovative product line and responsive customer service, BORIDE’s team has “got your back,” says Tetrault. “They’ve got a great group, they are smart … I’ve got not a complaint about those guys,” he says. “Anything you need, they’ve got your back.”


62 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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12/7/18 8:40 AM

Lavina V20G-X Propane Dust Extraction Systems ®

No cables, No generators, No hassle. Lavina’s NEW V20G-X is a propane-powered dust extractor that is ideal for use with small grinders and edgers.


Conical main filter + H13 HEPA filter rated at 99.99% @ 0.3 Microns.

Quick, easy access to filters with simple locking mechanism.

Large handle in front for improved maneuverability.

Longopack bagging system for fast and convenient waste disposal.

Visit Our Booth in Las Vegas, Jan. 22-25, 2019! • GranQuartz #O 40744 ForConstructionPros.com/11076760

Visit Our Stores! Atlanta, Anaheim, Boston, Chantilly (VA), Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Pompano Beach, St. Cloud, S. Salt Lake, San Leandro & Seattle.

The Partner That Helps You SHINE!

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1-800-458-6222 • GranQuartz.com

12/7/18 8:40 AM

Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors The good, the bad, and how to avoid the ugly. by C.T. (Chip) Marshall


verything looks great when it’s new. Everything. Flooring is no exception, and polished concrete floor systems glow as owners take over their buildings. However, time passes, and that initial glow begins to fade leaving building owners everywhere scratching their collective heads and questioning what happened to that glowing floor. Usually those questions lead down dozens of rabbit holes, but the reality is that the most likely suspect is simply a dis-organized or non-existent ongoing maintenance program. While the maintenance program may be the guilty suspect, the polished concrete industry could be prosecuted as accessories to the crime. As polished concrete floor systems gained a foothold in the realm of commercial flooring, all too often “no maintenance” or “worry free” were terms used in the sales process by manufacturers and polished contractors alike. The term no maintenance was never intended to be truly no maintenance. After all, if you have a commercial carpeted floor certainly you need to vacuum or a commercial tiled floor certainly you need to mop and wax. However, many owners took the term at face value and bought


Installed Cost

Annual Mainten. Cost

Expected Life

10-Yr Life Cycle Cost

Acrylic Coating



6-12 mo

$5.10 (min)

Epoxy Coating



1-5 yrs


Urethane Coating



2-9 yrs


Sheet Vinyl



9 yrs










5-10 yrs


Ceramic Tile










Polished Concrete





into an ideology that while not completely un-true was misleading. At some point, the polished concrete industry changed the vocabulary. Today’s reputable polished contractors and manufacturers speak in terms of “low maintenance” flooring, and polished concrete floors are truly a low maintenance alternative in commercial flooring.

WHAT DOES “LOW MAINTENANCE” MEAN? “Low” anything can be misleading as well, though. In considering floor systems it’s important to analyze the annual maintenance costs of multiple types of commercial flooring to determine polished concrete as the “low maintenance” alternative. According to www.buildinggreen. com, polished concrete has the least expensive annual maintenance cost of any commercial flooring system. Per their chart, polished concrete’s

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annual cost is $0.25/sq. ft. in contrast to several other systems which have higher annual costs solidifying polished concrete as the “low maintenance” alternative. Where polished concrete really shines is the life-cycle cost category of a given floor. A floor system’s life cycle is based on the installed cost plus the annualized maintenance at the expected life of the floor. Traditionally designers, architects, and engineers consider the floor in 5, 10 or 20 year blocks to establish the actual expense related to a given floor system. As a function of having the lowest annual maintenance cost, polished concrete also has the lowest 10-year life cycle cost of any commercial flooring.

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A brand new system for rapidly polishing large concrete floors with any ride-on trowel. Advanced Husqvarna technology in the driver and diamond tools ensure a homogenous floor finish and smooth operation. Contact your Husqvarna Hipertrowel System Specialist or visit www.husqvarnacp.com for more details. Demonstrations available nationwide, 800-288-5040

HUSQVARNA HIPERTROWEL™ – NEW !  Up to 7 times faster than traditional grinding  For projects 5,000 ft² and up  Satin or Salt & Pepper finish  Produce up to 10,000 ft² finished floor per day

Hipertrowel Floor Polishing system by Husqvarna husqvarnacp.com Copyright © 2018 Husqvarna AB (publ.) All rights reserved. Husqvarna is a registered trademark of Husqvarna AB (publ.)


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THE REALITIES BEHIND LOW MAINTENANCE POLISHED CONCRETE FLOORS While the number crunchers of the world can shout these and other cost advantages from the rooftops, the reality lies in means and methods of maintaining the floor itself. The devil, as they say, is in the details. As a large-scale commercial

polishing contractor, Industrial Caulk and Seal has polished and helped owners to maintain polished systems over millions of square feet of concrete for nearly two decades. In 2017 by popular demand from their customer base, Industrial Caulk and Seal released their Polished Concrete Best Practices and Polished Concrete Assurance Program. These initiatives have become the

INTRODUCING THE NEW CORNER TOOL. Manufactured by BORIDE Engineered Abrasives, the Blue Star Diamond Corner Tool is specifically designed as an accessory to the Easy Edge line to grind and polish those hard to reach areas like corners and door jams. Offered in grits 30, 50, 100, 200 and 400. The corner tool can be used for wet or dry grinding.

BSDDiamond.com ¡ 800.662.0336 ¡ TRAVERSE CITY, MI

Before Pictured here is a shot of the floor at the National Aquarium in Baltimore before a maintenance program was implemented. Photo Credit: Industrial Caulk and Seal

benchmark in ongoing polished concrete floor maintenance allowing builders and building owners to truly recognize the long-term benefits of polished concrete and develop a step-by-step road-map to that end. Polished concrete floor maintenance starts with immediately addressing spills and stains. The traditional sealers associated with polished concrete are not topical in nature; they are penetrating sealers designed to fill the pores in the concrete surface. The great thing about these sealers or concrete densifiers is that they cannot be walked off a floor surface allowing the concrete to be sealed in perpetuity, however the fact that these sealers do not form a membrane on the floor surface makes the concrete susceptible to stains and spills. Those stains and spills need to be cleaned up immediately using a neutral cleaning agent. Simple soap and water may not be adequate particularly if there are heavy oils present in the spill or stain. Industrial Caulk and Seal recommends Oil and Grease


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the surface over time, and should be re-applied at regular intervals depending on the traffic on a given floor. Some manufacturers have taken stain prevention to the next level and offer sealers/densifiers that have stain preventive characteristics as an integral component without the use of a traditional guard product.

SR2 by Ameripolish and SPR3 by the SASE Company are both relatively new products that fall into this category and that minimize the need for repeated re-application. The next step in a polished concrete maintenance program lies in mapping out a specific daily cleaning program. That daily maintenance

After Pictured here is a shot of the floor at the National Aquarium in Baltimore after a maintenance program was implemented. Photo Credit: Industrial Caulk and Seal

Stain Remover by Prosoco. This is a poultice style cleaning agent that pours on wet but forms an instant poultice on the surface and draws the oils out of floor surface. To minimize the effects of spills and stains to the polished concrete floor, guard products from a variety of manufacturers have become the industry standard. Though different manufacturer’s have a variety of guard products available and each has its own specific chemistry the common bond lies in the guard product being a topical solution and subsequently forming a membrane over the polished concrete floor. These products are traditionally applied during the final stage of the polishing process. Several manufacturers have created innovative products designed specifically to address spills and stains regardless of the makeup of those spills and stains. The two products most recommended by Industrial Caulk and Seal are ProtectSelect or ProtectPlus by the SASE Company. Though guards will help protect the polished concrete floor surface, these products are topical, can be walked off

• • • •

Add Value to Residential Concrete Attractive Hardscapes of All Kinds Improve Your Margins & Reach New Clients Stamping Tools, Stains, Stencils, Color, and Overlays

myconcretecontractor ForConstructionPros.com/10072255

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should include daily dust mopping and weekly, if not daily, wet cleaning. The goal behind frequent dust mopping is to remove dust and dirt particles before those particles are ground into the surface as a function of foot or wheel traffic. Soil is abrasive in nature and will eventually erode the concrete surface if not removed. Wet cleaning can include either wet mopping or the use of an auto-scrubber depending on the size and scope of the facility. It is imperative that wet cleaning only uses non-abrasive PH neutral cleaning agents. The key being in the non-abrasive PH neutral part of the equation. Abrasive cleaners that are acidic or too alkaline in nature could deteriorate the concrete surface and most definitely will dull the surface with repeated use. From the daily cleaning forward, Industrial Caulk and Seal recommends two additional steps in maintaining concrete floors. The first of these steps is to refresh the polish. The refreshing process entails burnishing the floor surface twice annually with high speed concrete burnishers equipped with diamond impregnated burnishing pads. These pads will remove light scratches and slight imperfections to the concrete surface that are bound to occur with daily use. The second process that is recommended is to rejuvenate the concrete floor system. The rejuvenating process includes a re-application of the manufacturer’s specific protective treatment to the floor and a high-speed burnish of that protective treatment to weld the protection to the floor surface. Industrial Caulk and Seal is confident that the use of this system will produce a polished concrete floor that will last a lifetime. As part of the Best Practices and Assurance Program which they released last year Industrial Caulk and Seal began to issue a Lifetime Warranty on their polished concrete floor systems provided that the polished concrete has been maintained as required. Industrial Caulk and Seal’s Assurance Program is available to builders and building owners. It includes regular visits for both the Refresh and the Rejuvenate parts of the maintenance process. Regular maintenance is critical to a long lasting polished concrete floor and cannot be overlooked or underestimated. Though polished concrete is not a “no maintenance” commercial flooring alternative, it is definitely a low maintenance solution in commercial and industrial flooring. Polished concrete has become the floor of the future over the past decade, and with regular maintenance should become, not only the floor of the future, but the floor that will last thru the future. Ed. Note: C.T. “Chip” Marshall is the executive vice president of Industrial Caulk and Seal Inc., large scale decorative concrete and concrete repair contractor operating throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Both Chip and Industrial Caulk and Seal can be reached through their website www.industrialcaulkandseal.com.


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DURATIQ 5 The HTC DURATIQ™ 5 has a grinding width of 20 in (515 mm) and is available in two models – one with a motor rated at 3 hp (2.2 kW) and the other at 5 hp (4.0 kW). The DURATIQ™ 5 is suitable for both small and medium-sized grinding projects. Below are just some of the 75 new features on the DURATIQ™ 5: • • • • • • •

Digital control panel provides full control of the DURATIQ™ 5’s capacity and functions, unmatched by any other grinder of this size New grinding head, hermetically sealed and dustproof for maximum reliability Effective and energy-efficient motors for higher grinding performance Modular chassis and grinding head with quick couplers for easy transport and optimal handling Mist Cooler System increases grinding and polishing productivity by 78% Easy-to-handle weights enable three different grinding pressures 20 different handle settings for optimal ergonomics

WWW.HTC-FLOORSYSTEMS.COM www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor

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WOC Idea File The Pearl Reactor™ Concrete/Masonry blade is designed to cut concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, brick, block, paver bricks, soft stone and much more. It is engineered with Pearl’s ADM™ (Advanced Diamond Matrix) diamond pattern and layering technology. The Pearl Reactor™ provides a fast cut and long life when used on concrete and masonry applications. It is ideal for use on stationary saws, hand held saws and walk-behind saws. • 12mm rim • Engineered with ADM™ (Advanced Diamond Matrix) diamond patterning and layering technology. • Extra long life. • Laser welded diamond segments. • High tensile steel core prevents blade wobble and improves durability. • Carbide inserts to reduce undercutting on abrasive materials. • Designed to be used on a variety of materials. • Wet or dry cutting. 20 HP Max.

Applications: For Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Masonry, Brick, Block, Paver Bricks, Hard Brick, Refractory Material, Soft Stone, Sand Stone.

1-800-458-6222 | GranQuartz.com

Oztec’s winning combination for consistently superior consolidated concrete is the Oztec BP-50a backpack and patented RubberHead®. The BP-50a backpack with a powerful Honda engine and a patented, totally enclosed rotary throttle, eliminates improper setting of the engine speed and ensures optimum consolidation. A clog-preventing kill switch is also conveniently located on the same handle. Combining the BP-50a and the RubberHead is a natural! The patented Oztec RubberHead®, originally developed to protect-epoxy coated rebar immediately displayed other significant advantages. The unique design, with large openings, allows the wet concrete to cool the inner shell while acting as suction cups keeping the concrete in contact with the entire length of the head which creates a stronger radius of action along its entire length, eliminating voids and producing a more dense concrete with a better cosmetic finish. Contact Oztec at: 1-800-533-9055 or visit us at World of Concrete, booth #N2236

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WOC Idea File In 1993 MAX developed the World’s First battery powered rebar tying tool. Since then MAX rebar tying tools have been revolutionizing rebar tying all around the world. The TwinTier RB441T is a 6th generation MAX Re-Bar-Tier. The RB441T is the ONLY dual-wire feeding battery operated rebar tying tool on the market, world-wide. The TwinTier's name is derived from its innovative wire feeding mechanism which simultaneously releases two strands of 19ga. tie wire. TOOL BENEFITS DOUBLE THE SPEED The TwinTier’s Dual Wire Feeding Mechanism™ increases productivity COST SAVINGS The TwinTier’s Wire Pull-Back Mechanism dispenses the precise amount of wire needed to form a tie, reducing wire usage. It also pulls the wire back to securely tie rebar. BOOTHS: C3019 AND O31454




SHORTER TIE HEIGHT The TwinTier’s Wire Bending Mechanism™produces a shorter tie height. Less concrete is needed to fully cover a wire tie. HEALTH BENEFITS Use of the TwinTier reduces the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and other muscular skeletal disorders APPLICATIONS


Commercial Buildings, Foundations, Road Construction, Bridges, Precast Plants, Radiant Heating Tubes, Electrical Conduits, Tilt-up Construction, Pools, Basements, and Sandbags

For the toughest jobs in concrete and masonry, we are your solution. Getting the most performance out of your power tools, our products work with every electric rotary hammer. German quality in durability and engineering make for the optimal drilling experience on the operator.

il dr




With 34 years in business, we have the expertise to add value to your company. We are a small company that focuses on the highest quality and personal customer service. We believe in partnership and appreciate the opportunity to work with you.









ho nc

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WOC Idea File Concrete Pump Supply announces new Envirogel, construction waste water solidifier. This powdered product can be used to instantly turn any wastewater or slurry into a disposable solid. One two pound bag of Envirogel can solidify roughly 20 gallons of liquid. Please call us at 877-434-7867 or go to ConcretePumpSupply. com to order.

Pour concrete up to 60% faster and with less labor! Powered by 12 horsepower gasoline engines, the Line Dragon will easily maneuver over rebar grid, radiant heat lines, nelson studs, floor decking or other prepared surfaces. Weighing in at about 1,000 pounds means less weight per square inch of footprint than most manual laborers. The ‘Placer’ is attached to the end of the delivery line and places concrete where you need it while the ‘Dragger’ is 20’ away keeping the excess line out of the pouring area. Our machines move forward, backward, left, right or oblique. The placing boom swings 360 degrees making all areas accessible to the Placer. Both machines are radiocontrolled with fully hydrostatic controls for easy operation at a safe distance making your employees more efficient with huge savings.

717-875-1153 www.linedragon.com 72 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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Booth #C5303

Elevating your business with the World’s 1st Knuckle Boom Laser Screed® machine.

NEW 2019

Vote for Somero for

Save labor

Improve Floor Quality

Improve Productivity

239.210.6519 somero.com

BUILT FOR YOU! From the occasional finisher to the large concrete professional, Wacker Neuson has the walk-behind trowel to meet your needs. • Built for easy operation: Patented dynamically-balanced trowels offer nearly effortless operation and maximum control at all speeds with all types of blades, including pans. • Built with productivity and safety in mind: A gyroscopic sensor and gearbox brake detects the motion of the handle and stops the engine and handle rotation, providing added protection from the operator being struck by a runaway handle. • Built with a variety of choices to complete any type of job: 24-inch edging model, 36-inch and 48-inch diameters, horsepower options, variable speeds and handle configurations to provide versatility to meet individual preferences and job site conditions.

www.wackerneuson.com www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor

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WOC Idea File Take it to Dock Height with Advance Metalworking’s

Lift-a-Load Elevating Platform Trailer. Need to go to dock height? The Lift-a-Load Elevating Platform Trailer is a unique hydraulic elevating trailer designed to make your deliveries safer, easier and more efficient — and it will elevate to dock height or approx. 52 inches high. Essentially a portable loading dock, the Lift-a-Load can also be hydraulically lowered to ground height providing a minimum loading angle for fast, drive-on access. These trailers are available with straight tongue to gooseneck hitch, single or dual axle with capacities from 4,400 to 15,000 lbs. All trailers are custom built to order and can be modified to suit your specific requirements.

BSD CORNER TOOL Made with Blue Star Diamond Technology™, the BSD Corner Tool is an extension to the Easy Edge product line. Now you can easily blend your corners to match the edges and floor. Works great on stairs, door jambs and counter-tops too!

PRODUCT FEATURES • Aggressive grind with superb finish • Blends the corners to match the floor and edges • Long life and superior performance • Available in 30-400 grit

BSDDiamond.com 800.662.0336 • TRAVERSE CITY, MI BSD products are proudly Made in the USA

Achieve high-gloss polished concrete floors with more clarity with the TRU® Flooring System. Formulated with Rapid Set® Cement, TRU is ideal for floors that are stained, integrally colored, and decorative embedded aggregate flooring. Grind wet or dry, and polish in 24 hours.

Call 888-314-3653 or visit CTScement.com.

1-800-369-5365 www.advancemetalworking.com






WWW.MULTIVIBE.COM TOLL FREE 1.877.220.6652 PHONE: 1.270.554.2615 FAX: 1.270.554.0631

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Lythic Polished Concrete Products offer a complete flooring solution with unique colloidal silica technology.


100% reactive silica ensures the concrete is chemically hardened prior to mechanical polishing. Use Lythic Densfiers, Protectors, and Cleaners for long lasting performance.

The Model FS-600 portable rebar bender/cutter will both bend and cut up to #6 rebar. • Plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet • 180 lbs. • Fabricate stirrups, hooks and 3-D bends and cut bars to length • Convenient carrying handles for on-site or at the shop

For more information, visit www.lythic.com


www.solomoncolors.com • www.lythic.com 800.624.0261


SUPERHERO What Evil Lurks in Clouds of Dust?

Pulse-Bac Knows. Have no fear, Pulse-Bac is the vacuum that makes OSHA Silica Compliance Easy. We fend off fines with our dynamic duo of patented Automatic Filter-Cleaning Technology and HEPA Certified Filtration. This means you’re covered for Table 1 tasks and beyond. Plus you never have to stop work to clean a filter. Check out the pulsebac.com to see which superhero you want on your team.

• 100% Automatic. No Manual Filter Cleaning. • HEPA Certified Filtration • 15 years of Proven Jobsite Performance.


• Design & Built in America.

www.pulsebac.com 9384 Ridgeview Tulsa,OK 74131 • 866-954-9700

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American Technical Publishers (ATP) develops high-quality instructional materials used in industry and workforce development programs. ATP serves the industry by focusing on relevant content, practical applications, traditional and digital delivery systems, and current technologies to enhance workplace skills and training.


The Aqua Cutter 410V hydrodemolition robot is perfect for efficient concrete removal in a wide variety of jobs, including bridge and road repair.  Maximum horizontal, vertical or overhead reach  Compact size  15,000 - 40,000-psi water jets


The newest addition to the Ligchine International laser guided screed family of product is the ScreedSaver PRO 220. The PRO 220 combines the classic durability and accuracy of the original ScreedSaver MAX 200, with the technological advancements and customer requested design changes already present on the top-of-line ScreedSaver BOSS 240. The PRO 220 can screed up to 220 sq. ft. per pass and comes equipped with a touchscreen diagnostic display, 360-degree hydraulic turn table and undercarriage for unrivaled machine navigation, LED lighting, concrete additive screed head spray system, and a fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engine. The compact design, coupled with its ability to turn out the same square-footage as other larger, mega-size boom-operated screeds, puts the PRO 220 in a class of its own.

www.ligchine.com 76 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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WOC Idea File Beautifully color flatwork, vertical concrete surfaces, and stamped concrete with Brickform Cem-Coat. Ideal for restoration, color repair, and customization, roll or spray Cem-Coat for durable, brilliant color with fast turnaround times. Combine with stencils, tape, or stains for BEFORE custom designs.

In 2000, Reliable Diamond Tool, Inc. established sole representation for Precision Metallurgy. We bring you 60+ years of manufacturing experience in Diamond Tooling. RDTI stocks a wide variety of specifications for use in Concrete Construction.


www.brickform.com 800-624-0261


K 535i Experience battery-powered convenience with excellent cutting performance with the new Husqvarna K 535i power cutter, launching at World of Concrete 2019! Based on Husqvarna’s well-established battery motor platform, this lightweight 36 V, 9” (229 mm) power cutter provides you with reliable quick starts and delivers a cutting option when gas or electric aren’t available. The machine is easy to maneuver and control, due to the blade’s placement closer to the center of the machine. It features an integrated water kit, side-fed battery placement, and a new selection of blades designed specifically for the K 535i. As an added bonus, you can cut without worrying about emissions. The K 535i is the ideal machine for cutting landscape pavers, bricks, block, concrete roof tile, rebar and up to 3” deep in concrete.

WWW.HUSQVARNACP.COM www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor

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WOC Idea File Collomix LevMixMobile Mixing Machine. Mixing and Transporting in one operation. For selfleveling and leveling compounds. Ideal for floors and subfloors. Highly effective mixing paddle prevents the formation of lumps; all material is mixed thoroughly.


The Merlo Roto. Nimble and flexible. It offers independent jacking stabilizers, no flex boom, and Tac-Lock quick release for attachments. It has the capacity to safely lift and place loads and personnel at height. It has two real time safety systems. The comfortable cab Nimble is designed operatorMerlo’s efficiency. andfor compact, Roto offers a 360° turret, independent jacking stabilizers, no flex Learn more about Merlo Rotos Tac-Lock quick release for attachments, and a c and telehandlers.

to lift and move loads and personnel at heigh

two real time safety systems and a cab desig Website: ams-merlo.com. operator efficiency and Meet Merlo telehandlers andcomfort Rotos are standard. Learn about Merlo Rotos and telehand at our World of more Concrete19 803-327-4949 / info@appliedmach.com / ams-mer Booth# C6661. NEW LOCATION.

803-327-4949 info@appliedmach.com sales / service / rentals / dealer opportunities

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Spin Screed has introduced a new plastic chair screed support system that permits contractors to install flatter concrete faster. The plastic chairs, set on rebar, are used to support vertically a narrow 2-inch tall steel bar instead of a pipe commonly used by contractors when finishing concrete. Unlike a pipe, the narrow steel bar leaves only a small void in the concrete when it is removed thus saving the contractor time required to fill the void and thus producing a flatter concrete surface. Please visit www.spinscreed.com to see a video of this new screed support system.

SPIN SCREED, INC. Toll Free: 888-329-6039 www.spinscreed.com

Does your concrete, tile, terrazzo or hardwood floor require extreme protection from machinery and foot traffic? SkudoBoard offers significantly improved protection compared to hardboard or plywood. • Impervious to water • Resists warping and curling • Extremely high impact protection • Lightweight, rigid 4’ x 8’ high density plastic • Also available with a fabric back


Oneida Air Systems CC500 Dust Extractor The new CC500 is a portable cyclonic dust extractor with an adjustable height stand, HEPA rated filter media, and large capacity containment options. With three onboard motors and exceptionally high CFM, the CC500 can power through grinding, cutting, and drilling to safely remove silica dust, including terrazzo. Made in USA. Learn more at oneida-air.com/concrete. Booth #S13549




Elevated Deck

High FF-FL#



at h us oot t 7 si B 1 Vi OC 20 3 W #O

The Leaders in Roller Screed

Trolley System

In order to GROW a business, you need to become as versatile as possible, so you can bid on a wide range of projects. This means that when it comes to concrete placement, the screed system you choose, must be able to take on any project imaginable. If your screed can’t take on every pour out there, “you have the wrong screed”. No other screed on the market today offers all the versatility that the Lura screed system can. See for yourself and, “Compromise Somewhere Else”.

Phone: 701-281-8989 Fax: 701-281-8995 Email: mailto:sales@luraconcretescreed.com http://www.lurascreed.com www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor

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WOC Idea File

VF-Venieri earthmoving equipment are built for power and designed for agility. These simple to operate articulating loaders and backhoes bring to every job a higher Built for power, designed for agility these breakout force and quick attachment change articulating loaders supply higher breakout force, out. The cabs provide excellent ergonomics with 360° visibility, and intuitive controls for out, cabs designed for quick attachment change maximum operator efficiency and control.




with excellent 360° visibility

For the full line of available loaders and ergonomics and intuitive backhoes visit: ams-venieri.com. VF-Venieri controls, loadersand are available dealers to every job. simplethrough operation and Applied Machinery Sales (AMS). See VF-Venieri earthmoving equipment at Ask us what these loaders can World of Concrete19, Booth# C6039.

do for you!

Dealer info@appliedmach.com opportunities. 803-327-4949

803-327-4949 / info@appliedmach.com / ams-venieri.com

S 36 P DUST EXTRACTOR The Husqvarna S 36 Propane is a powerful, HEPA dust extractor made to be used with propane grinders and Husqvarna Soff-Cut® Ultra Early Entry™ saws. The propane dust extractor is ideal to use when an electric power outlet is hard to come by on the job site. It is equipped with three independently tested and certified HEPA filters and a massive cone-shaped pre-filter with over 50 square feet of filtering media. This design results in superior dust collection, even of fine sanding and gypsum dust. Features include Jet Pulse pre-filter cleaning, hour meter and vacuum meter for filter monitoring. The non-marking wheels are puncture free and include locking front casters. The dust extractor is also equipped with the Longopac® bag system, which ensures simple, dust-free bag changes. WWW.HUSQVARNACP.COM 80 Concrete Contractor | December 2018 | www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete

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WOC Idea File Developed to fill/repair concrete floor surface imperfections such as air holes, popouts, surface pitting, scratches and gouges, etc.

NEW FOR 2019


605-882-3888 info@terrco.com WWW.TERRCO.COM

L13G-X FEATURES 13-inch grinding head; Multi-point leveling; Tilt adjustment to dial in perfect head pitch; New adjustable handle bar; New splash shield; Rollers to prevent wall damage;

Available in 7 colors to best camouflage floor surface pitting and surface imperfections.

Rapid-set formula allows for quick access to floor areas and grinding as early as 1 hour after application.

Low viscosity allows for penetration into very small surface pits and imperfections.

Yields a smoother, denser floor surface.

Economical, hand mix formula.



the leader in propane grinding & polishing equipment

After 800.223.MM80 www.metzgermcguire.com


Variable speed: 525-900 rpm; Kawasaki FJ180V.

www.superabrasive.com www.forconstructionpros.com/concrete | December 2018 | Concrete Contractor

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INDEX ADVERTISER............................... PAGE

ADVERTISER............................... PAGE

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Husqvarna Construction Products...........11, 65, 77, 80 Jlin Corp.............................................................29, 74 Kingdom Products.............................................49, 77 Ligchine International Corp................................2, 76 Line Dragon, LLC...............................................27, 72 Lura Enterprises, Inc..........................................15, 79 Max USA Corp.....................................................9, 71 Metzger/McGuire..............................................28, 81 Niagara Machine Inc...............................................40 Oneida Air Systems.............................................7, 79 Oztec Industries Inc...........................................70, 84 Pecora Corporation...........................................62, 75 Pulse-Bac Vacuum Systems LLC.......................21, 75 Putzmeister America.........................................37, 69 Reliable Diamond Tools....................................12, 77 Skudo USA Inc...................................................52, 79 Solomon Colors.................................................43, 75 Somero Enterprises...........................................19, 73 Spin Screed........................................................49, 79 Stego Industries.................................................31, 78 Superabrasive Inc..............................................61, 81 Terrco Inc............................................................55, 81 Transhield.................................................................32 Trinic..........................................................................68 US Saws....................................................................54 VoidForm Products, Inc...........................................45 Wacker Neuson Corporation............................23, 73 Water Cannon..........................................................45

WOC Idea File

UNIVERSAL FLEXIBLE DUST MUZZLE Convertible for Grinding Close to the Wall

From flatwork to custom shapes, it’s no wonder we are the world leader in shaped concrete roller screeds! Stop by booth B50906 at WOC 2019 in Las Vegas to see how we can save you time and money.


The new universal Dust Muzzle HD is made from ¼” flexible vinyl. It is available in 4-5” ($89.95) and 7-8” ($99.95) models and will fit any grinder. The leading edge of the skirt can be lifted so the operator can grind close to the wall. The Dust Muzzle accepts both 1 ¼” and 1 ½” vacuum hoses and has a unique adjustable airflow feature. DUST COLLECTION PRODUCTS San Diego, CA www.dustmuzzle.com sales@dustmuzzle.com 877 223-2154

BACKSAVER is a revolutionized way to drill, it attaches to a hammer drill and allows you to stand during dowel drilling. It attaches to Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, and Hilti hammer drills.

Purchase online at www. hammerdrillattachment.com

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12/7/18 11:28 AM

By Brad Humphrey



Holiday Cheers for Customer Service “Plus”

t is in the spirit of Christmas that I would like to encourage you in yet one last customer service tip, let’s call it, Customer Service “Plus.” What’s the “Plus”? It’s giving all of your customers this year a special gift — an incentive really — to do more work with you next year. What might a “Plus” incentive look like? Consider a few ideas for something you might yet have time to do before the big gift-giving day.

PLUS #1: A $100 COUPON TOWARD ANY OF YOUR SERVICES You may not think this is of interest to some of your customers, especially if you have commercial customers, but even condo managers enjoy receiving from their contractors. The coupon might include a list of service options that they can select from. Contractors have often found just providing this coupon will initiate a reminder by the customer to call you about some need of theirs of higher dollar value.

PLUS #2: TICKETS TO LOCAL HOLIDAY SHOW OR THEATER Depending on where you’re located, there are an abundance of holiday shows, especially at local dinner theaters or high schools looking to raise money for a worthy cause. This gift sends a strong message to your customers that you are community minded and enjoy sharing some Yuletide cheer!

PLUS #3: 3% - 10% DISCOUNT OFF OF THEIR NEXT PROJECT OK, call me selfish but I can’t let even the gift-giving season prevent me from helping to seed some work for the new year. What percent discount

to give completely depends on what you can afford, of course, but I would recommend at least a 3% to 5% starting point. You might combine this discount with some other offer or perhaps allow the amount of discount to be determined by the amount of work that a customer has completed (and paid) this year. The often-repeat customer perhaps might receive a 5% to 10% discount incentive where a first time customer might receive the 3% to 5% discount range.

PLUS #4: GIVE AWAY ENDOF-YEAR SITE REVIEWS This “gift” is actually a great way to get reacquainted with customers who have not done much work in the past year or so. Develop your own “12Point Inspection” that you could easily complete in checking out the property of the customer. You may actually be involved with doing an inspection of work that a competitor completed. Don’t overlook this little “Christmas Treat” as many customers are often interested in not only what they may need to do to keep their building, site or investment up-to-par but may also enjoy you giving them your perspective on your competitor’s workmanship. Be careful — don’t bad mouth your competition, but be quick to offer what your company would have done different…and better!

PLUS #5: A SIMPLE AND SINCERE “THANK YOU” Everyone likes to get a “thank you” in the mail or in person. Your customers spent money with your company and telling them “thank you” one more time should not be a problem. Besides, it fits the giving spirit of Christmas to provide such a gift. Dress up a nice “thank you” card that has the touch of Christmas spirit

about it. Maybe stick in a candy cane or a small package of hot chocolate or apple cider, but let you customers know, one more time, that you are thankful this holiday season for having served them. OK, enough of the gifting. Let me briefly address a few end-of-year closeout tips that you should include in your year close out. • Review all of your outstanding Accounts Receivables and put together a plan for collecting. While this is not always positive energy to complete, it must be done and you should be bold and clear in your action steps involving the contacting of those customers with dated amounts of money owed. • Take a complete inventory of every piece of equipment and tool in your company. It is amazing how many contractors don’t do this and then wonder, come the new season, why they can’t find some tools or even equipment they thought they had in their inventory. • Develop and execute a preventive maintenance program for all of your equipment and tools. Like most contractors, we’re so busy during the year that we often delay good maintenance of equipment and we’re way too quick to just buy more tools late in the year. But such oversight is really a sign of either laziness or poor planning. Trust me; contractors who are disciplined in their equipment and tool maintenance are also disciplined when it comes to completing work right the first time. That’s about all the holiday cheer I can generate so I hope you will put to work some of the ideas shared here this Christmas season. “Tis the season to be jolly” and I sincerely hope that you have a great Holiday Season.

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Concrete Contractor delivers original content to help concrete contractors build their projects and run their businesses more efficiently an...

Concrete Contractor December 2018  

Concrete Contractor delivers original content to help concrete contractors build their projects and run their businesses more efficiently an...

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