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Robert Kirkman

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Jose mari Flores

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Katie Scott, Kassandra Heller starkings.


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Howdy Folks!

Now on to the Fan letters!

Thanks again for joining us for another month of the Reed Gunther Letters page! if you have any questions, comments, or silly things you have always wanted to see in print, feel free to email us at:

Hi Chris and Shane, I am a 6th grader and I love Reed Gunther! I have the first 4 issues and I am asking for the 5th and 6th issues for Christmas. My favorite issue so far is #2 because the nasty cave creatures are hilarious. I was wondering, will Reed Gunther ever get engaged to Starla or do they just stay friends? Also, will you be adding some cool new characters? Thanks,! What do you think of that reverse werewolf?! Normally, a fun and friendly werewolf who turns into a frightening MAN once a month?! I thought of this idea when I was driving in my car listening to the How To Train Your Dragon score and thought it would make for a really interesting Reed story. That was over a year ago! Man... sometimes it takes a while for good ideas to get fully realized. But I’m glad we finally got it out there because I think it turned out really well! You may have noticed a different look to the lettering in this issue. We decided to have Chris hand draw the word balloons and sound effects directly on to the page with his other artwork instead of having me lay down digital word balloons and sfx over his artwork. I think it makes for a pretty interesting look! What do you guys think of the new lettering style? Here is an alternate title for this story that we did not end up using: “Spurs of the Moment”

- Michael F. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Reed Gunther so much, michael! We love those goofy looking mole creatures too! This issue will hit the stands just after christmas so hopefully there will have been a few issues of Reed under your tree. Will reed and starla get engaged?! Oh man, i don’t know... I bet reed would love to get married to starla, but I’m not sure if starla feels the same way. if you like starla, You’ll have to check out issue #8 where starla is the main character! As for adding cool new characters, you can bet all your pickles on that! Shane and Chris, I went back and read the first five issues and said what the heck was I thinking buying this book. No just kidding. I first picked this book up when it was a B&W independent book from Chris and Shane and was bowled over by the story and art. Chris’s artwork is simply amazing. it’s obviously a “classic” animation style on the surface but it really is so much more. One thing that really stands out is the way he conveys expressions on the characters faces. it really reminds me of the way Chuck Jones was able to get so much story across without a line of dialog. I was worried that the color would not work because of the type of artwork that Chris does needs much more than a normal “flat” comic color. Again I was not disappointed. As good as the art is you have to have a great story to go with it. Shane’s script’s hit the bullseye every time. Not only is the stories well thought out but the humor is so spot on that the gags are some of the best I have ever seen in a comic. it reminds me of classic Warner Bros shorts. No matter how goofy the book gets it never loses sight of the most important thing, heart. Reed and Sterling are always there for each other. The only problem that I have that this book will be perceived as a “kids” book and most people will shy away


from it. I can’t blame them because face it most “kids” comics are pretty bad. This book reminds me of other classic all age’s books such as Bone, Sugar and Spike, ‘Mazing Man, and Carl Barks Duck books. it’s a book for all ages. Simply put this is a book to cherish for both young and old. Most comic nowadays only wish they could be this good. Do me a favor if you are reading this buy an extra copy and give it to a kid to read. I have been and they have fallen in love with it as much as I have. - Steven H. Wow! Thanks for all the support steven! We’re glad you stuck around for the new colored advenuters. Our black and white run was pretty special, but I’m a huge fan of the work our amazing colorists bring to the stories. We’re honored you categorize us with such amazing comic book legend company! We’ll keep doing our best to make the most fun and exciting books we can! Dear Shane and Chris, I’ve been an avid RG reader since your indie days and I was excited to see your new letters page! I suspect an awesome mustache and a strong father figure powerfully influenced you. Where did your inspiration originate? Sincerely, - D.A.D. P.S. I’ve included a picture of me.

Hmmmm... that ‘stache looks awfully familiar... What is the happiest moment of Reed's life so far?

BONUS Stuff! As a bonus in this issue, we’ve got two incredible pinups that were done in a

single panel gag style!

The first is by Dead Duck creator, Jay Fosgitt! Jay’s a little bit older than me and I first saw his work my freshman year in college at Central Michigan. Jay had a comic strip that ran in the campus paper and his strips helped me renew my love for comics during college. (Comics and I had a falling out in high school-back when I thought I was “too cool”.) The second is by Chris Brandt, a cartoonist and filmmaker, who directed the amazing comic book documentary called, independents! it’s on Netflix and you should totally check it out if you like indie comics. Chris and I met at a film festival when I was touring around with a film I made in college, and both Chris and I were in a bar with Bruce Campbell. Chris and I started talking about how we should approach Bruce and what we should say to him. However, Chris and I hit it off so well that we ended up chatting and joking around for a really long time... and before we knew it, Bruce Campbell had left the bar! So we ordered another round and kept chatting. When you turn the page, you’ll find a twopage comic press release we made a few months ago to promote the book. We really wanted folks and retailers to know that Reed Gunther is not a “kiddie” book and should be treated like an adventure book that both kids and adults can enjoy. This press release made quite the little splash on the internet and we’re thankful to all the fine sites that posted it, especially Lastly, Chris schweizer did a great pin-up for us! Reed Gunther in “Thunderbird?” Sounds cool to us! Chris is the author and artist of the great graphic novel series, The Crogan Adventures, published by oni press. Book 3, Crogan’s Loyalty, will be out this summer and is going to be very, very cool.

- Cassandra S. Reed is most happy when he’s eaten so much food he can barely move. He’s reached this goal a few times in his life, but he’s always looking for that next boiled egg steak to stuff in his face. Thanks for all the great letters folks! Happy reading! - Shane

Next issue: Be sure to join us next month for a Starla story entitled, “Real Ladies Punch Harder!” Reed takes a backseat while Starla has an identity crisis! Oh yeah, and there’s mummies too! You’re gonna love it!

Oakland COnventiOn Center February 24-26, 2012

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#7#7 $2.99$2.99

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