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Posadas Grupo Posadas is a leading hotel company in Mexico, with seven brands comprising 150 properties and 24,000 beds.

This is how we took Grupo Posadas, Mexico’s leading hotel company, all the way to paradise, delivering results they had only dreamed of. Building Mexico’s biggest hotel empire is no small feat. Maintaining that leadership while continuing to grow and creating memorable guest experiences can seem almost impossible. But not to us. When we started working with Grupo Posadas, they already had it all. More than 130 hotels, 22,000 rooms, the most qualified staff, unique experiences, even top-of-the-line technology. Plus, they already had a plan to grow to 300 hotels in the next few years. How could anyone build on this incredible success? We used their state-of-the-art software to create a highly efficient operating model for the company. We helped them gather better data to understand guest expectations and deliver on them. Together, we reassessed their goals and set the bar even higher. The results were record-breaking. Posadas achieved a 17% increase in sales and 14% client reactivation. Plus, we helped them capitalize on trade agreements and the project generated an annualized ROI of 14 to 1. We expect this satisfied customer to keep coming back.


For more information please contact: Yvan Boniface, Business Development Director