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Mike Perlis

Dr. Tahir

5TH ANNIVERSARY PRIVATE DINNER · SEPTEMBER 22, 2015 Forbes Indonesia’s Fifth Anniversary Private Dinner was held on September 22 in the Dharmawangsa hotel in Jakarta. Some 100 guests including cover story subjects, tycoons and corporate leaders gathered for cocktails, photo sessions and a dinner party to celebrate five years of Forbes Indonesia. Also present were three Businessmen of the Year – Boy Garibaldi Thohir, Boenjamin Setiawan and Iwan Lukminto, members of the rich list – Chairul Tanjung and Kuncoro Wibowo, as well as cover story subjects – Emirsyah Satar and Jahja Setiaatmadja. The evening’s festivities were co-hosted by Dr. Tahir, Chairman of Mayapada Group, Co-owner of Forbes Indonesia License and Maria Lukito, Vice President Commissioner of Forbes Indonesia with special guests Mike Perlis, President & CEO of Forbes Media, and William Adamopoulos, CEO/Asia of Forbes Media.

Chairul Tanjung

Jusuf Halimi and Eddy William Katuari.

Raam Punjabi, Emirsyah Satar, Muki Hamami, Mr and Mrs Stanley Setia Atmadja.

Helman Sitohang, Boenjamin Setiawan and Erik Ridwan Santoso.

Iwan Lukminto

Boy Garibaldi Thohir, Kuncoro Wibowo, Dr. Tahir, Benny Santoso and Jonathan Tahir.

Anne Patricia Sutanto, Christina Lim, William Adamopoulos and Noni Purnomo.

Candra Ciputra and Soegiarto Adikoesoemo.

Jahja Setiaatmadja

Mien Uno and Maria Lukito.

Forbes Indonesia 5th Anniversary Private Dinner  
Forbes Indonesia 5th Anniversary Private Dinner