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SUBMISSION GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS For Beginners, publishers of documentary comic books, welcomes unsolicited submissions from published and unpublished writers. Before you contact us, we suggest that you review our already published books through your local library, a well-stocked bookstore, or an online bookseller to get a sense of what kind of books we publish and what topics we find appropriate for readers. On our Web site ( you will find all of our current titles. Your submission as well as all materials that are submitted to us are kept on file and reviewed as new projects arise however due to the large number of submissions, we are unable to acknowledge their receipt. If you would like your manuscript returned, it must be sent with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Below are our basic guidelines for submissions. Types of Submission Nonfiction Books Please submit a proposal which must include an Outline of all of the books’ chapters and a sample chapter of approximately 10 to 15 pages. We will request the balance of the manuscript if we are interested. General Guidelines Material must be original, accurate, and in the Chicago style editorially. The manuscript should be informative, summarizing the basic facts and conclusions, and maintaining coherence and unity of thought. Controversial topics should be treated in a factually sound and reasonably unbiased manner. Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and the mechanical elements of arrangements, spacing, length, and consistency of usage in form and descriptions should be studied before submission. Originality All manuscripts must be original. All references must be cited throughout the work. No manuscript will be considered which has already been published or is being considered by another publisher. Submission of a manuscript represents certification by the author that the book is not being considered nor has been published elsewhere. Proposals • Most of our For Beginners® books have between 150 and 180 pages of text, and generally the following calculations apply: • • •

200 words/page x 150 pages = 30,000 words 200 words/page x 180 pages = 36,000 words

Every proposal should have an Outline and a Table of Contents so that we may see the book as a whole in a single glance as well as see the logical structure of the proposed book.

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For Beginners® books are built on these principles: ● Great ideas and formidable thinkers are too important to be left to intellectuals. ● We publish simple, interesting, informative, and often humorous books on complex subjects through an easy to understand, graphic format presentation. ● Many subjects lend themselves to better understanding if presented in illustrative form. ● We look to serve a community of readers that desire to educate themselves and others through our books to achieve a greater understanding of major ideas, concepts and historical individuals

Personal Biography or Resume You must also include a detailed bibliography with your submission. We highly recommend including a detailed explanation of the books in the marketplace that are similar to the one you propose as well as relevant group and organizations that would benefit from this book and information. Where to Send Your Submission Please submit your manuscript with a cover letter of relevant information, including your own experience with writing and publishing. Label the package “MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION” and include an SASE if you would like the manuscript returned. All submissions should be sent to: Attn: Acquisitions Manager For Beginners LLC 62 East Starrs Plain Road Danbury, CT 06810

F:\DOC_WIN\FOR BEGINNERS\Author Guidelines.doc

For Beginners Submission Guidelines for Authors  

For Beginners, publishers of documentary comic books, welcomes unsolicited submissions from published and unpublished writers. Before you...

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