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What Are Calisthenics?

Okay, thus far most of my articles on this site have been about yoga and yoga-esque (or yoga looking) exercises and no doubt, I will always have a special preference for that particular physical culture of exercise. However, that's not to say that the exercises such as Jumping Jacks, Pull ups, Dips etc that have been introduced to us in gym class should be overlooked. No. They are great exercises as well, and the fact that they involve your own bodyweight makes them even more of an acceptable choice than using expensive and even unsafe equipments. Now as far as calisthenics are concerned, these wonderful exercises have the ability to loosen constitutional encumbrances through various kinds of vibrations and thermal differences. They are highly effective as well in helping to lose weight and detoxifying the human body and in conjunction with the afore mentioned Sun Salutations (or some of the other poses described in the text) can serve as great methods to tone and strengthen the body. They are divided into two groups: aerobic (meaning with oxygen) or anaerobic (without oxygen) Aerobic Exercises: Include such common exercises as jogging, long distance running, swimming, walking, and mild dancing. In all of these activities there is a constant supply of oxygen and thus can be performed for longer durations of time. They are great for increasing muscular endurance and toning the body. Anaerobic Exercises: These are intense exercises, which can only be endured for a few moments. They are short bursts of high-energy activities involving the use of muscle groups at high intensities that exceeds the body's capacity to use oxygen to supply energy thus creating an oxygen debt. Consequently the body has to rely on an internal metabolic process for oxygen that leads to a muscular explosion and an eventual increase in size and mass. Other examples of anaerobic exercises are lifting heavy weights, wrestling, rope climbing, speed cycling etc. So if using Calisthenics in your workouts is something that may be of interest to you it is my hope that with this article you have been well informed into exactly what they are. To Health,

Foras Aje


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What are Calisthenics?  
What are Calisthenics?  

This article goes over the definition and overview of what Calisthenics are.