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How To Really Target The Lower Abmuscles

Which guy wouldn’t like to be able to lift up their shirts and show off the chiseled “V” at the bottom of the abs, right at the beginning of the groin? I remember Usher once stating on a VH1documentary that while pointing in that area that …”if you can’t see these cuts in your abs, you ain’t doing nothing...” Well, true as that is, the more obvious truth is that the lower abdominal muscles are the ones that are perhaps most encumbered by excess fat and pounds, However, that shouldn’t be a huge concern, that region can be properly targeted and you too can tone that area with these tips below. 1. If you use the ab-wheel (hands down one of the best, yet most inexpensive exercise equipments on the market-it’s only $9.95-), go slower on the push and pull and hold the final position for 2-3 seconds looking up. You would feel a subtle yet firm tension in the lower abdominal region. 2. The Gorilla Chin-up: it emphasizes your biceps and your abs since it’s like performing a Chin-up and a Crunch at the same time. You begin by simultaneously pulling yourself up with your arms, Chin-up style, and bringing your knees up toward your chest. When you reach the final position you will have finished the Chin and the Crunch at the same time. 3. Another good exercise for working the lower abs is leg lifts. You can do these lying down on a flat bench or any other bench-like surface. -Lie down flat on your back on a bench -Lift your legs (straight out) about 45 degrees in the air -Then return them slowly to the resting position (without touching the ground) Now, for yours truly I do personally I include other basic calisthenics like the Hindu-Push Ups, Yoga, windmills etc. to offer a bit of variety occasionally, and I always watch what I eat with dedicated precision (albeit a non-obsessive approach…); why? Because a healthy colon is almost always reflected in a flat stomach (and-not to gross you out-odorless feces) So, use these tips on exercises for the lower abs to get the chiseled cuts you may have always wanted…they are right there if you reach for them.

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How to really target the lower abs  
How to really target the lower abs  

In this article, we shall cover the steps needed to properly tone and trim the lower region of the abdomen to get the streamlined “cuts” tha...