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How To Do Yoga Back Bending Exercises

Welcome back to this series of performing the Sivananda Style of Yoga. At this stage, I would like to state that since in yoga, the body is gently and skillfully maneuvered in all directions, every muscle is stretched and toned. Moreover, the internal organs are massaged, squeezed, and expanded, improving their general function. At the same time, the skeletal system is flexed, extended, rotated, and twisted, creating greater joint mobility. Now that we have gone over forward bending yoga exercises, let's try out the backward bending poses. It is noteworthy of mention that owing to the direct movement in any asana, a counter pose must be performed to offset it. A counter pose is a yoga pose that stretches your spine in the opposite direction from a previous pose or returns your spine to a neutral position. So, since we have done forward bends with their direct counter poses (also in the case of the headstand/child's pose and Shoulder-stand/Bridge and Fish Poses), we would now to an overall back ward bending portion of the session. These powerful poses, invigorate and encourage deep breathing. In addition, they open and energize the body and mind; they develop courage and lift depression. They open the chest, stimulate the nervous system, strengthen the arms and shoulders and increase flexibility of the spine. Although there are several back bending exercises, presented here would be the two arguably most effective ones, for the sole reason that the yoga

experts say just as much and even from observation you can see that it is just the case. Bow Pose: (Dhanurasana) This pose is hailed as the best backward bending exercise. Technique: Lie Prone on the blanket. Relax the muscles. Now bend the legs over the thighs. Catch hold of the right ankle with the right hand and the left ankle with the left hand firmly. Raise the head, body and knees by tugging at the legs with the hands so the whole body rests on the abdomen.

Benefits of The Bow Pose: -It removes constipation. -It alleviates gastrointestinal disorders and increases sexual fitness. -It reduces fat, energizes digestion, invigorates appetite and relieves congestion of the blood in the abdominal viscera. -It aids in building upper body strength. Duration: 5 seconds to 3 minutes. Suggested Counterpose:

The Crocodile Corpse Pose Lie on your abdomen with your head tucked inward and down, your forehead resting on top of your folded forearms/or sideways. Stay in this pose for anywhere between 1-3 minutes. Wheel Pose or Chakrasana Now we would be going over the Wheel Pose. Folks as the name suggests, the ‘Wheel Pose’ or Chakrasana, involves body movements in the way so that the resulting posture resembles a semi-circle. This asana resembles the gymnastic back bend. However, it should be noted that the differentiating feature, is that during the ‘wheel pose’ the person lies straight on the ground, and then raises his body upwards however, while during the gymnastic back bends, the individual attains standing posture, and bends backward to keep palms to rest on the ground. Ideally, this asana is advised to be performed in the daytime (morning or afternoon). Now for the actual technique: Wheel Pose (Chakrasana) Lie down. Bend the arms and legs. Raise the body and rest on the hands and feet.

Tuck your head firmly in between your shoulders. This pose -Influences all hormonal secretions and relieves various gynecological disorders. -Strengthens the arms chest and wrists. -Keeps the body alert and supple. Duration: 15 seconds to 2 minutes At this stage, you would be basically positioned physiologically in an opposite to the bow pose; (sort of how the plough pose was a direct opposite of the forward bend, notice the link?) but at this juncture, instead of doing the restorative pose after executing this we would be going right into the next poses; the spinal twists. But that about covers the back bending exercises and the main essential ones. To Health,

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How to do yoga back bending exercises  
How to do yoga back bending exercises  

As their names suggests, in this article we will be going the Yoga back bending poses (e.g. Wheel, Bow, fish poses) and when, why and how to...