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How To Adhere To The Mucusfree Diet: A Diet For A New America

With the increase of obesity on the rise with our children, 1 out of 3 adults being overweight, overcrowded hospitals and dreaded diseases increasing by the day, it may be time to revise one factor to improving and restoring our health. The factor is diet and the choice is the Mucus-free one. Most practitioners of drug-free healing believe that MOST diseases regardless of their Medical Diagnosis are a result of one thing: Improper Diet. This theory brings to mind two straightforward quotes: “You are what you eat” And “Let Your Foods Be your Medicine and you medicines your food” Now friends, balanced body chemistry is of utmost importance for the maintenance of health and correction of disease. Acidosis, or over-acidity in the body tissues, is one of the basic causes of many diseases, and is of course introduced into the body via one way, eating. All foods are "burned" in the body--more commonly called "digested"-- leaving an ash as the result of the "burning", or the digestion. This food ash can be neutral, acid or alkaline, depending largely on the mineral composition of the foods. Some foods leave an acid residue or ash, some alkaline. The acid ash (acidosis) results when there is a depletion of the alkali reserve or the diminution in the reserve supply of fixed bases in the blood and the tissues of the body. It is, therefore, vitally important that there is a proper ratio between acid and alkaline foods in the diet. For optimum health and maximum resistance to disease, it is imperative that your diet is slightly over-alkaline. The ideal ratio, according to the world's foremost authority on the relationship between the acid-alkaline ratio in the diet in health and disease, Dr. Ragnar Berg, is about 80% alkali-producing foods and 20% acid-producing foods. Now, if you are thinking of which choices of food items to consume more of, the answer lies in the produce aisle of the grocery store, open-air markets or if you are so inclined your garden. Friends, I’m talking about fruits, leaves, herbs and perhaps Roots and some permissible whole grains. (the latter choice being more of a transitional item.) These besides nourishing the body, will see to it that the intestinal canal is kept clean owing to their broom-like qualities and are the optimal choices for keeping the body fit, healthy and in shape. So, if there is a diet for a new America, Let it be the Mucus-Less Diet. Here’s to health and Happiness. In Friendship.

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and author of “Fitness: Inside and Out”, a book on improving physical and mental health naturally with a Bible-Based Diet and Exercise. For more information on this book or other natural health tips, visit his site at

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How to adhere to the mucus free diet  

This article goes over how the Mucus-free (aka vegan) diet can be used and implemented for improved and proper health.

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