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– a writer and journalist

– an entrepreneur


Jackson Zoe Jackson, who set up the Living the Dream performing arts company at the age of 16 in 2006 to help fund her own arts training and education. Read more about Zoe on page 22

Jolita began her writing career at the age of three when she announced to her mother that someday she would write books and that many people around the world would read them. Read more about Jolita on page 58



– a successful business woman

- relationship expert and speaker


Emma is not only a mum to her 3 wonderful kids and a loving wife to her husband Daniel, but also a successful business woman. Read more about Emma on page 8

Brummell Growing up in a small town in South East England Claire never thought that one day she would become an international expert and speaker. Read more about Claire on page 44

Did you know that April starts on the same day of the week as July every year, and January in leap years, and that April ends on the same day of the week as December every year? The Romans gave this month the Latin name Aprilis but the derivation of this name is uncertain, which definitely makes sense because April is a very uncertain month and can be very tricky. It can be very warm one day and completely opposite weather the next. This month we went to Greater London and you will be able to learn about four inspiring women Emma, Claire, Zoe and Jolita. We had a great day, great networking and we learned lots about each other. The weather was warm and very sunny and we created a proper garden party with pink drinks and cakes. I would love to mention and thank our make-up artist Alexandra Gorgan and hairstylist Marianna Faitos who really helped us out because two other girls just didn’t turn up. But we managed it

and got great results as always. I would just like to remind you that this month on the 20th April we are also celebrating Easter. We have put together some great info for you about Easter and what to do on the day - don’t forget to colour and eat some eggs! Do you know why we give and eat eggs? For Christians the custom of giving eggs at Easter celebrates new life and the more you give, the more you get. So it is a new beginning for something new and exciting. In the rest of the magazine we have put together four inspiring interviews with our lovely, inspirational models. There are some great tips in the fashion section on how to use make up this spring. Find out how to make work effective, when staying at home, check out five greatest holiday destinations for Easter, some useful relationship tips for this spring and how to find a new love and much more. I hope you have a great month, with

Photo by Arturs Gailis

some lovely, sunny weather. Make sure your garden is nice and tidy, maybe try out the first barbeque party with your family and friends and just keep going. Next time we talk it will be May already so not much longer until summer arrives. Enjoy reading! Datsa

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Cover shoot Photographer Arnis Usackis / Hairstylist Marianna Faitos MUA Alexandra Gorgan Cover girls Jolita Kelias, Zoe Jackson, Claire Brummell and Emma Burford Location: Thank you to Emma Burford and her family for the lovely garden party


Interview with Naomi Liston

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3 Editorial


Interview with Emma Burford

16 Spring is Pink

44 52 56 Interview with Claire Brummell


Make work effective, when staying at home

Quote of the month

Interview with Naomi Liston

22 30 36 Interview with Zoe Jackson

5 Things to Open Up to New Love

Open Up Your Mind

58 66 74 Interview with Jolita Kelias

What is Easter?


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Burford “Initially my family were my motivators and are still very supportive” 8 ////

Favourite technologies and devices

Author: Datsa Gaile

Interview with Emma Burford

Let’s meet our first cover girl of the month Emma Burford. Emma is not only a mum to her 3 wonderful kids and a loving wife to her husband Daniel, but also a successful business woman who currently runs two online businesses.

in business for 3 years, supporting small business owners. More recently I created a new app for the iTunes and Google Play App Store. ‘Business Rocks’ it’s a Digital Magazine for Women in Business... bringing you the latest bite size tips, videos and articles from our expert contributors. Want to check it out? Go here, add your email and Grab a Free Issue! Being the #BizRocks chief editor, I’m always on the lookout for informative business articles for the magazine and the website. Plus, shortly I’ll be adding a new Podcast to the mix and would love to interview other inspiring women in business, so Get in Touch!

Tell us a bit more about yourself. Who is Emma Burford?

I’m a Mum, chocoholic and online business women all wrapped up into one! I love to connect and support business women, helping them to market their expertise and services to the world.

I founded and oversee the Mums Business Directory - ‘The Place where Mums & Business Connect!’ which has now been

How did you start your first business? 6 years ago I started a small

“Working from home makes this a lot easier, although I do love to get out of the office when I can’’

chocolate business, I found myself drawn into the online and social media world. This led to me creating a new type of business directory to help support and target Mums using the power of Facebook and Twitter to get their marketing messages out to the world.

home makes this a lot easier, although I do love to get out of the office when I can, especially now the days are getting longer and the sunshine beckons! Creating a work/life balance is KEY.

What was most challenging about starting your own business?

Who motivated you?

Initially my family were my motivators and are still very supportive, I work smart and hard to be able to bring in extra income to allow us those extra little treats! I also rely on some close business friends as we help each build our businesses and this helps my motivation levels, having great people to bounce ideas around with. However I am my biggest motivator as I truly believe in what I can do and love to push myself and make things happen! 10 ////

Running 3 businesses is a serious job and you are also a busy mum how do you combine your work with children and family life?

Believing in yourself can be one of the hardest things to overcome, I’ve always been an extremely determined individual and so making the decision to branch out and nurture my entrepreneurial streak and take the leap into self-employment was not hard!

As in every business there I’m a good organiser and man- are sometimes ups and age my time well to incorporate downs. What would you family and fun alongside my say has been the hardest work schedule. Working from part in your business dur-


12 ////

Emma’s favourite Apps:

Interview with Naomi Liston

Business Rocks Magazine of course my digital iTunes App as a reminder of how far I’ve come - now I can say ’I am an app developer!’ DipTic for creative images on the go! Pocket for collecting those articles I want to catch up with later...

“In five years’ time I’d love to be looking back knowing that I’ve balanced bringing up 3 children and my businesses.’’

ing those years?

perseverance and patience When I was setting up my sec- from us all, life did get back on ond business the Mums Busi- track and I do believe for me ness Directory, nearly 4 years having a new baby to focus my ago my husband was ill and my attention on really helped me eldest boy had a really tough to keep going... time settling into secondary school. There were times when When things do get tough always remember that this point in your life is only a moment of time and you will look back with rose tinted spectacles and fond memories one day...

Who is your idol in Business? Who is the person you look up to?

it would’ve been really easy to throw everything in, but with 14 ////

How do you stay inspired?

That’s very easy as working online has opened up such a vast wealth of inspiration, from many fantastic blogs, magazines, podcasts and kindle books. I love sucking up all

That’s not difficult my idol right now would be the heart centred Mari Smith who personally coached me through 2013. I’ve been a member of Mari’s Inner Circle since October 2011 and she epitomises every- the amazing stories that motivate thing right about being a women and inspire me to put my best self in business and beyond! out there.

Interview with Emma Burford Where would you like to be in 5 years?

through school and sent them out into the wide wide world. In five years’ time I’d love to be By then I will be able to follow my looking back knowing that I’ve bal- passion for travel, having travelled anced bringing up 3 children and the world pre kids and visited my businesses. I will have reached many amazing places. I still have a few on my bucket list so I plan to literally be sitting with my laptop on a sunny shore, whilst still supporting women in business around the world!

What would you like to suggest to our readers who are maybe thinking about their first online business?

Listen to your heart if you have an idea make it happen, as no one else will. Build a close circle of strategic business partners and friends who can support one and other. Make sure you invest in the my goals, one of which is taking the right tools and mentor to make kids to Florida in 2015, successful- it happen quickly and never look ly supported and navigated them back as life is just too short.


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PIN Text, layout, illustrations: Model: Polina ( ) Photo, make-up: Ieva Andrina


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Helena Rubinstein Mascara Lash Queen

18 ////


This season’s make-up colour palette is very broad and without any definite limits. It starts from soft apple bloom pink, peach pink up to bright coral pink, then orange and fuchsia, however it reaches a true color explosion with neon pink hues. There is one popular make-up technique that guarantees a perfect look for every occasion, especially if you wish to look stylish, and not vulgar. You simply choose your eye shadow, blusher and lipstick in the same color. It would be hard to manage if your favorite eye shadow color is blue... But it is completely possible if your make-up is in one color of pink, orange or light red tones. There is even an alternative: you can apply a single eye shadow to your eyes, cheeks and even on

your lips by using your fingertips. It’s not very tasty, but technically speaking its possible, an especially good idea if you’ve left

your lipstick at home! Alternatively, the other way round: you can use lipstick instead if it is the only make-up product right now in your bag. You can apply lip-

stick to your eyelids, cheeks and, of course, your lips with just your fingertips. Just think about special eye shadows and blushes with a creamy texture! Why wouldn’t you be able to the same with lipstick? Anything is possible as long as it doesn’t harm your health. Many brands offer mineral makeup as an alternative, which you can safely use in all three areas (eyes, cheeks, lips). You can even apply a transparent lip gloss over a mineral texture on the lips. Monochrome, or one color make-up, will always look elegant and not over the top. It’s a safe way to not make mistakes with various color combinations. The most risky look is where each of the aforementioned areas is in a separate color. In that case, you always can ask for an advice from a professional!


WWW.MAKEUPFOREVER.COM Highlighter Brush Medium 152, Highlighter Brush Small 140, Liquid Makeup Foundation Face&Body Matte Eye Shadow Fuchsia WWW.COWERGIRL.COM Trublend Minerals Blush WWW.MAKEUPSTORE.SE Eyes Microshadow “11.00GBP”

Using a finger from your free hand, gently pull your lid away from the eye. Then, using your choice of pencil (with a tip that’s not too sharp), apply a line to your upper inner rims, from corner to corner.

Using your black eye pencil, apply a line to the inside bottom rim of the eye lid, paying close attention to the lash line itself.


Apply neutral brown or light bronze eye shadow with a medium large eye shadow brush directly over the pencil and smudge. If you prefer, you can use your fingertip! 20 //// The shadow helps to set and further soften the look.

Interview with Naomi Liston


Advertise here FROM AS LITTLE AS 75.50 per month plus VAT! Contact us at FOR MORE INFORMATION

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JACKSON 22 ////

“I got into the National Youth Theatre and couldn’t afford the course fees, so I put on a showcase as a fundraiser”

Favourite technologies and devices

Author: Datsa Gaile Let’s meet our second cover girl this month, the award winning entrepreneur, Zoe Jackson, who set up the Living the Dream performing arts company at the age of 16 in 2006 to help fund her own arts training and education. Last year, Zoe set up a charity, the Dream Foundation, to help change the lives of disadvantaged young people and she is also about to launch the Living the Dream Talent Agency. She has received the support and endorsement of Sir Richard Branson and James Caan.

Interview with Zoe Jackson and psychology at A-Level and then went to the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) where I studied for a degree in dance and performing arts.

You started your business at 16, which is very unusual. Most young teenagers normally want to party with their friends and just go to school and enjoy life. Where did the idea come from and how did you manage to do it? fordable, but also youth led, so

I got into the National Youth Theatre and couldn’t afford the course fees, so I put on a showcase as a fundraiser and realised I had a viable business idea that Zoe, tell us a little bit more I put into action. I also saw that about yourself. young people in my area (includI was brought up and still live in St ing myself) couldn’t afford expenAlbans and had a wonderful edu- sive performing arts training. I cation. I studied dance, drama wanted to create something af-

that young people could express themselves and feel empowered. Living the Dream now has a school of performing arts, professional dance company, a talent agency and charity, and the Dream Foundation.

Did someone help you to set up the company? Who was

“I set up the company by myself and my first business mentor was my mum.’’

your first business mentor?

I set up the company by myself and my first business mentor was my mum.

How hard or easy was it to start the business at 16?

It felt easy, but there was a lot to learn. During my A-Levels and my

ing the Dream throughout with our projects taking place during school holidays. I have had to overcome a lot of problems, one of them was that, for the first few years, Living the Dream was funded by our local council so our activities were as affordable and accessible as possible. When I graduated from University, the Government cut a lot of arts funding, so we were no longer supported. I had to think differently about how we could continue and it was then I set up our school of performing arts, which is still affordable and accessible.

You have received the support and endorsement of Sir Richard Branson who you worked with to campaign for the Start Up Loans scheme, degree, I continued to run Liv- of which you are an ambas24 ////

sador for with James Caan. What obligations has it imposed on you and how did this offer help your business? I have been called upon to represent the Start Up Loan scheme by speaking at events, talking to the press and championing young entrepreneurs. Being involved in this has raised my profile significantly and my business has definitely benefitted.

Interview withyou? Zoe Jackson The top 5 things that inspire

Young people - The most inspiring thing for me is seeing the young people in our school grow in confidence, self-esteem and talent. Interview with Helena Jane Gomez Music Dance A fine piece of acting Words of wisdom - one of my favourite Richard Branson quotes is “do good, have fun and the business will come” – something I believe every company should stick by and continue to give back and make a difference.

“I see Living the Dream becoming the biggest and most successful performing arts company in the UK’’

Let’s move away from the business side and talk a bit more about the feminine side. As we know you are a dancer. What type of dance do you perform and how long have you been dancing? I have been dancing since I could walk! I’ve learned all types of dance as part of my training, but my strengths are street dance and contemporary.

Being so busy with so many business and social activities, do you have free time and what do you like to do with it? In my spare time, I love to party, shop, go to festivals, watch films and travel.

What are your future plans? Where would you like to be in 5 years? Business wise and in your personal life (family, children etc.)

raise lots of money for our charity, the Dream Foundation, to support young people who can’t afford access to the arts. Ultimately, I want to inspire and empower millions of young people worldwide to believe in themselves, their futures and their dreams.

I see Living the Dream becoming the biggest and most successful performing arts company in the UK and a household name. I want to open performing arts centres in major cities across the UK, take our professional dance company on tour, have talent in West End shows, TV and films, have a TV documentary and become a leading Having a family isn’t on the horidancewear brand. I also want to zon just yet!

26 ////

Interview with Zoe Jackson As a young and inspiring entrepreneur, what would you like to advise our readers who might be a bit scared to put themselves out there and start a business? 1. Do the right thing. No 3. matter what the costs of doing the right thing might be. Your integrity and reputation are all you have in business and in life – it’s forever. If you always choose to do the right thing, it won’t matter what the outcome is because you will be successful as a human being, which is true success.

2. Do some good. I’ve learned

from Richard Branson’s business philosophy, “Have fun, do good and the business will come”. I sincerely endorse his view that every business has a moral obligation to make a sig-

nificant positive difference in today’s world. The key is to help others selflessly in any way you can, and the karma will return to you when you need it most.

Network! The key to making

things happen is getting out there and talking to anyone and everyone. It’s not just about promoting your business, it’s about building and developing relationships with people and looking for opportunities to

help and connect with people - and although they might not be able to return the favour, unexpected opportunities may come from unexpected people. I have been fortunate to be nominated for and to win several business awards, including Shell’s Woman of the Future Award last year, which has been down to the opportunities that have come from my networking.

4. Ask for help when you need it. Have the confidence to ask

for advice or potential contacts, you never know, their help or connections could be valuable. Listen to family and friends and have the confidence to contact people that inspire you and ask them for advice too! When I first launched Living the Dream, I wrote to a hundred celebrities and ended up having

“Remember how important the little things are.’’

lunch with Alan Rickman, aka “Severus Snape” from Harry Potter! His advice was invaluable and we still stay in contact.

ideas, coach them to unlock their potential and empower them through generating awareness, ownership and responsibility. Most importantly, reward them and celebrate successes with them.

5. Set goals. I don’t believe that

the goals we set ourselves need to be “realistic” and “achievable.” Dreaming big and being unlimited in your thinking is necessary!

6. Remember how important the little things are. Random acts of generosity and kindness, under promising and over delivering with little extras has given us both loyal customers and a dedicated staff team.

7. It’s okay to fail. Entrepreneurs will typically fail three times before hitting success. Unfortunately, women, unlike men, externalise their success and tend to internalize failure

28 ////

9. Live your dream. You have

and struggle with recovering and moving on. In other words, they blame themselves for everything that goes wrong. I have learned that failure is an inherent part of the process. The key is to recognise the lessons learned, regroup and then move forward as a stronger and wiser leader.

8. Hire the best people. Believe in them, listen to their

to dream and believe you’re doing something unique and that you’re going to change the world. Unless you are focused on a dream that you are passionate about, it won’t work. The belief you have in yourself and your business idea is your most precious commodity and communicating your passion about your business will make people remember you. Stay passionate and inspired and remember that when you were a child, you imagined that anything was possible. It still is.

Interview with Naomi Liston

ng : ri er Sp v Fe

Things to Open Up to New Love

Interview with Naomi Liston

Author: Julie-Anne Shapiro International Love & Relationship Expert & Speaker

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, trees are turning green again, birds are building their nests and we all naturally become more interested in love, sex and romance. With longer, lighter and brighter days, you have a spring in your step as you start to think about new beginnings. Are you ready for new love? It may be you could do with a little “spring cleaning” to draw in the love you want. Take a look at how you can de-clutter and prepare YOU for new and true love now. 32 ////



Your Mind Are you wishing, dreaming, waiting and longing for love? You can go for years wishing and dreaming. Like most of us, you were probably brought up to believe in fairytales – that one day (if you wait long enough) your prince will come and you will live happily ever after! When looking for love, there is a call for a new mindset. Rather than wishing, you get on a mission to attract the love you want. To do this, you give up blaming anyone else for your plight and you take complete 100% re-

Spring Fever: 5 Things to Open Up to New Love sponsibility to create the relationship of your dreams. You become willing to do whatever it takes for love. So instead of passively waiting for love, decide to become your very best YOU and be on a mission to magnetize the love of your life now!



Your Confidence We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you believe you are.” Your beliefs actually run your love life. So if you are walking around thinking you’re not good enough, are not lovable or don’t deserve love, then guess what? You will prob-

ably meet men who don’t think you’re good enough, either. A confident, radiant woman who knows her worth is incredibly attractive to a man. Start to catch those negative voices and begin telling your self what you would like a man to tell you; that you’re beautiful, loveable and so worthy of love.



Your Heart Are you still pining over an ex? Is there someone in your life that you are calling a “friend,” but you are secretly hoping that you will get back together?

When you want to attract new love, but you are still thinking about an old love, you give out a confused love signal! It’s vital that you are freed up from any old loves so that your new love can come to you. You may also have an ex-love who is no longer in your life, but you still have feelings for him and secretly find yourself comparing him to new men you meet. It’s time to be honest with yourself, let the old love go if necessary, learn as much as possible from the experience and carry it forward into your new relationship. Get clear of that old energy now and go towards the love of your life.

34 ////



Your Body Do you think that you’re too old, too fat or not attractive enough to meet someone? Are you telling yourself that no one could ever love you because your hair is too frizzy, your stomach is too fat or your eyes are too small? Your true love will fall in love with all of YOU and will love and accept the whole package. But you have to love and accept yourself first. If there are things you want to change, do so because you love yourself, because you’re worth it, rather than because you think no one will love you if you don’t.

Start seeing yourself in the way that your soul mate will see you – as a beautiful, radiant and lovable woman!



Your Home Part of preparing for your true love is looking at your home and environment. That’s not to say that your new love is going to move in with you right away or that you need to rush into things before the time is right. Rather, what you are doing here is symbolic. By preparing yourself on every level, including your environment, you create an energy that says “I’m ready for my soul mate now!”

Spring Fever: 5 Things to Open Up to New Love You want to create a feeling of “togetherness” and a welcoming space for your true love, even if you don’t think you will continue to live where you are now once you meet him.

Here are some tips:

• Your Bedroom should be a warm, romantic space, free from office equipment or old love-letters and gifts from your exes. • Create pairs of things: pairs of candles, a pair of night-lamps, a pair of coffee-mugs. • Clear out a drawer or cupboard to make some space for his belongings. • Put up a picture that represents something you would like you and your ideal partner to do together, for example, walking on the beach hand in hand. • Get rid of any pictures or orna-

ments that represent “aloneness” and replace them with happy people together. Julie-Anne Shapiro is an International Love & Relationship Expert, Speaker and Founder of Magnetizing Love. She has helped thousands of women around the world to find and keep the love

of their life through her one-onone coaching (can be taken from anywhere in world via Skype or phone), dynamic live events and home study programs. Sign up for her FREE ebook & Video Series: Your 7-Step Path to Mr. Extraordinary on her website:

Open up to love with these 5 things now and watch as new love magically comes to you – like a magnet.

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

Open Mind 36 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston

Up Your

to a Life of Brighter Life Colors! Author: Lorita Ivbule

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

Rome wasn’t built in a day! Even today this city is changeable, and so inspirational. How do you find the ideas to build, stone by stone the best version of yourself?! Grow, develop and enjoy your life! You will ask- why should I do it? I am ok with my life! But you can’t even begin to imagine what possibilities there can be when you become the best you that you can be! Start to “feed” your mind with new information, feelings and discoveries. As a result, your brain will start to generate new thoughts. You will see possibilities that you didn’t notice before. You will start to find that improving yourself is the best investment you can make! 38 ////

Here are 10 ways to enter into a world you haven’t been in before.

you can’t give anything positive to your family, friends and other people.

1. Understand what you like to do best.

2. Laugh-, long and hard!

Do it as often as possible because it is like fuel for you- it makes you happy and gives you power for your daily life. If you aren’t satisfied with yourself,

There is humour in every mistake and opportunity. It is the best medicine! When was the last time you laughed until you cried? Spend more time with your friends- they know you the best. They will know how to

Open up your mind toInterview a life of brighter with Naomi life colors! Liston

make you smile and laugh until your stomach aches.

3. Build an awesome network of people around you.

4. Never burn a bridge!

It is a small world we live in, you never know when and where you will need some help or advice. Even if you move to another city or country, it doesn’t mean that someday your past won’t catch up with you.

5. Start making notes - in diary or in a blog.

These people should be diverse and challenge the everyday status quo. Be with someone who brings out the best in you, not the stress in you. 40 ////

Buy a beautiful notebook that will inspire you to write. It is scientifically proven and many productivity experts and writers have agreed that writing helps to clarify thought, enables you to remember things better and helps you to reach your goals more surely. If you prefer a virtual environment, a blog is a great way to find and express yourself. A diary of any kind is better than a psychotherapist. You can follow your progress, feel-

ings, how your thoughts change and find out a lot of interesting things about yourself. The Internet is full of instructions on how to create a blog - it is really easy even without a serious knowledge of IT.

6. Wake up earlier. Enjoy the sunrise.

Start your day earlier and you will

Open up your mind toInterview a life of brighter with Naomi life colors! Liston less people around in the office.

7. Start to travel-

and evaluate your homeland.

8. Give more than you get.

you don’t need to spend a lot of money to discover, for example, your nearest neighborhood. Every place is interesting and unique with its cultural differences and history. Meet diverse people, see other ways of life

have some free time to spend on yourself- running, reading a book or a slow beginning to the day with cup of coffee and a quiet breakfast. It could be your energizer before your family wakes up. Recharge your batteries for the whole day. Mornings are also more productive for work- you are relaxed, your head is not full of thoughts yet and there are

It is like a beautiful non written agreement- by giving, you receive more back. No matter if it is money, advice, or just a smile. Sometimes it can save someone’s life. Do or give more than expected.

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

9. Learn from people who inspire you.

looking for information that the Internet can provide. More than likely, you can find these people on Facebook or Twitter, or via their blogs. These things can tell you a lot – read their posts, watch the videos and pictures they advise – you have to start to think like they think and see who they are to enjoy their full inspiration.

10. Let go of the past.

Firstly- find people you are interested in, who you admire or simply who you like. Observe them, notice what are the things that make them so interesting to you. Is it confidence? A stunning appearance? Success? Start 42 ////

Sometimes the past can be a good motivator to move on, you know exactly what to do or what not to do, how to continue to challenge yourself and how to succeed. You have experiences- good and bad- they are your learning lessons for life. Nevertheless, quite often our past is not that brilliant. Failures, bad experience and bitterness can be like barriers to stop us from

moving forward. These negative experiences don’t allow belief in yourself and enable good results. Cut the imagined thread in your mind and release your past! Leave only those memories that inspire you, ones that make you happy and give you positive feelings.

Open up your mind toInterview a life of brighter with Naomi life colors! Liston Some more ideas on how to enrich your inner world: • Learn a new language.

• Don’t waste your time playing computer games, social networking and mindlessly surfing the Internet. • Buy a camera and try to catch the best moments of your life. • Take up a sport. • Accept people for who they

• Learn to deal with difficult people. • Get a mentor or coach, or a person who inspires you. • Learn chess or any strategy game.

• Plan your weekends. • Give up smoking, junk food and alcohol. • Stop watching TV.

• Set goals. • Learn something new every day!

• • • • • •

are. Read books. Take up a new hobby. Overcome your fears. Skill up. Step out of your comfort zone. Avoid negative people.

It is hard to leave your computer desk or your cozy couch to step out of your daily comfortable life. Believe me- your real life is right behind your excuses and laziness. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the brightest colors of your life!

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’


“I thought that the only way to prove my worth was to be successful.”

Favourite technologies and devices

44 ////

Author: Datsa Gaile Let’s meet our third cover girl this month Claire Brummell. Growing up in a small town in South East England Claire never thought that one day she would become an international expert and speaker. Going through up and downs in her life and loves she understood that only she had the power to change her disastrous track record in relationships, and through transforming her own love life she learned how to help others with theirs. Today Claire has founded her own relationship websites: & Who is Claire Brummell? What is your story?

Interview with Claire Brummell termined to keep my heart safe at all costs. I didn’t realise how big that cost was going to be. I moved from relationship to relationship, determined to protect myself from being hurt by keeping control, trying to show my partners why my way was the right way, and not accepting any help or support. I was tough and independent, and although I really wanted a relation- were the safe option. ship I was determined to prove that I didn’t need a man. I went through relationship after relationship and it seemed that Funnily enough this strategy didn’t each one seemed to hurt more work out so well (!) than the last.

I chose men who needed me, those who cared about me more than I After going through a major heart- cared about them, or had low self break very early on in life, I was de- esteem themselves because they

Some relationships were filled with drama and arguments, and others were downright toxic. I couldn’t have been further from a healthy

“I was not always good with relationships. In fact I was a one-woman disaster zone!’’

relationship if I’d tried.

how to change my experience of in- relationships got, and the more timate relationships I was going to people sought me out to get help, I couldn’t see how my choices had end up as a lonely old cat lady and advice and support in their own rea part to play in what was happen- I don’t even like cats that much!! lationships. ing. I felt like the victim of these ‘awful men’. I decided to learn as much about Whether they were men or wommen, women, dating and relation- en, single or had been married Then I hit breaking point. ships as possible. for years, I was able to help them understand their partner better, I was deluding myself that the reand to understand how to create lationship that I was in was a ‘good the best relationship possible with one’ when at 11pm the night besome very simple steps. fore Valentine’s Day he walked out on me. When he left it wasn’t only Having followed my own tools and my boyfriend that walked out of techniques I was able to attract a the door…it was also my business quality of man and quality of relaadvisor, my friend, my confidant tionship that I had never experiand the majority of my savings acenced before, and my partner and count. I continue to deepen and improve our relationship every day. That was it. The difference this work has made Something had to change. to my life and to the lives of people around me led me to take my inI realised that if I didn’t figure out The more I learned, the better my sights and share them with others. 46 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston

“People can and often do hide behind the technology and can build up an idea of who someone is for weeks, if not months, before they actually meet.’’

Today I am an international relationship specialist, known as “The Relationist”. Once one of my greatest sources of pain, relationships are now my passion and my greatest joy in life, and I’m here to help others transform their relationships in the way I’ve transformed my own. 48 ////

I’d given up hope of. The more I How have you become an ex- learned the more I realised how pert in relationships? Have others could benefit from the unyou always been good with derstanding I was gaining from my them? What did you do be- own personal experiences and fore? Love Polarity & Passion was born. As I mentioned in my story, I was not always good with relationships, Why do people struggle with in fact I was a one-woman disaster relationships? zone! Unfortunately my education The main reason people struggle in relationships was acquired the so much is that no-one teaches us hard way. I know every relation- about them! We don’t ever learn ship mistake in the book, because how to find the right person, how I made them along the way, and to resolve challenges in relationsuffered the consequences. It was ships or how to avoid common after the very painful end of yet an- mistakes. We learn from watching other relationship that I realised the other people in our lives and that that the only person with the from the media…and unfortunately power to change things was me. So none of these sources know what I studied with the top relationship really works, and what doesn’t. experts around the world in order When you get two completely difto transform my own relationship ferent people with different values, experience…and boy did it change! needs and motivations coming toMy relationships went from train- gether to share life, you’re going to wrecks to being of the quality that have some challenges; We’re just

The top 5 things that inspire you? Love My family My soul family ...the friends around the world who are so dear to my heart The power of intention - it’s amazing what we’re capable of when we set our minds and hearts to it Random acts of kindness

“The biggest challenge for me was going from being part of a team to doing pretty much everything on my own.’’

not equipped to understand those challenges and to know how to navigate them in a way that brings us closer together rather than pushing us apart.

can build up an idea of who someone is for weeks, if not months, before they actually meet. The downside of this is that when they do meet they may not be what the other person expects. The other Has online dating changed thing that online dating has done the dating experience? is to make the experience more superficial. It’s like catalogue shopping and people forget about the qualities that make a good relationship (like honesty, integrity, respect) and make their decisions based purely on someone’s looks. I’m not saying that looks don’t matter, but it’s important to look deep- dating is to meet in person as soon er if you’re really looking for a long- as possible after establishing that term relationship. there’s an interest. You can only really know how you feel about What are the biggest mis- someone when you see them face takes that people make when to face, so connect in the real world dating online? as soon as you can (remembering It has totally transformed it, for two Well as I mentioned before, hiding to do it safely and in public for the main reasons. People can hide be- behind technology is a big mistake. first time). The other mistake peohind technology (and often do) and My advice to anyone using online ple make is not being themselves. 50 ////

Interview with Claire Brummell They portray who they think some- Become your own best friend, enone wants to date, rather than be- joy doing things you love to do and ing themselves, because they can really make the most of life. When ‘market themselves’ any way they want. If you’re looking for a longterm relationship you want someone who wants YOU, the real you, not someone who you’re pretending to be. So my advice is to be the real you, from the beginning. The people who don’t appreciate you as you are will do you the favour of moving on, and the ones who do connect with you are really interested in a relationship with YOU.

What would you like to say our readers who are maybe struggling and finding it hard to find the right partner?

I would encourage them to do three things. First create a really great relationship with yourself. It’s hard to create with someone else what you don’t have with yourself.

you do that you automatically become more attractive to the people around you. The second is to get some clarity over where you’re currently at, what it is you want and what you think is getting in the way of that. When you understand better what might be stopping you finding your ideal partner (Is it your beliefs? Is it that you don’t know where to meet them? Is it that you’re afraid of getting hurt?) you can begin to get some help in that specific area. …and finally I highly encourage them to take this opportunity to learn about men, women, dating and relationships. Doing this now will give you the best chance of creating the relationship that you desire and deserve when you find the partner who you want to build it with. I wish someone had given me this advice 15 years ago, because it has completely transformed my life.

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

52 ////

Make work effective, when

Interview with Naomi Liston

staying at home

Author: Ilze Baiza

Since computers have become an vital part of any household, working from home is considered an option for many businesses. Employers save on office energy bills and employees save on the cost of getting to work. However not all people find it easy. Some claim they find it hard to concentrate at home, some find themselves being lazier than at the office. Yes, indeed, there are so many distracting things around – the coffee jar, the fridge full of food, TV, other people in the house, sun shining outside the window, and birds singing….. Not long and you can imagine yourself, saying “Just another cup of tea in the garden would give me the energy I need to finish this job!”, but in the evening you 54 ////

find yourself feeling guilty at the amount of work you have done that day. Things can be different you know, here are a few tips on how to make the most of your day when working from home. 1. Wake up and dress exactly as you do when you are going to the office.

Many people choose to wear home clothes or even stay in pyjamas, when working from home. Some even skip their morning shower and choose to stay longer in bed. This however, makes them feel as if they are off work sick or on holiday. Remember, you are working today, so help your mind to settle ing to call you on Skype, and you for work, by dressing as if you are definitely don’t want him to see going into the office. Imagine, you you in your pyjamas and shaggy never know, that your boss is go- hair.

Make work effective, when staying at home 2. Make your own office at home.

5. Let others know, you are not off today, but working!

A separate room to work in is ideal, but even if you don’t have a spare room to set up a study, you still can make a nice office in the corner of your lounge or in the bedroom. Avoid staying in bed, or at the breakfast bar, as it is not ideal for working long hours.

If there are other people in your house, it won’t take long, until they come to you for a little chat. Tell everyone in advance, that you will be working and will have no time for anything else. Even they come in, make it clear that you will deal with them after working hours.

3. No extra coffee breaks!

Set up a routine for yourself, when working at home, and stick to it. Every extra break you take is just another temptation to get more distracted.

4. Plan your workload for the day!

It is very important that you have your own plan on how much work you want to complete that day.

Those 5 tips should help you to make your body and mind feel like you are at work, not home. Just a few simple things and your work will be as effective as working from the office. Good luck!

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”

Many of us have dreams. visions about the Some dreams are smaller place they really while some are bigger. Some want to work for. are about family and some a great lifestyle, but today we And when this opportunity comes, are going to focus on desires you just grab it and hope for the concerning your career. best, but what to do if you missed

The truth is, no one will answer those questions and all you can do is keep positive and move ahead.

they have secret

at it. If not, look

While it is good for you to reanalyse what you could have done better, don’t let it make you bitter. out? If you are an active working perLearn from it instead. Put it down son, it is just natural to aim higher Yes, this can be devastating to re- as experience and refocus. and set up a few personal goals. ceive a standard letter from your We all want to dream place or company, saying Depression, misbelieve that one “Thanks for your application….” ery and blaming day our hard work basically meaning – Thanks, but yourself isn’t gothanks! In this situation, many will pay off and no ing to help you of us feel a bit sad, and start to we will get some- question ourselves, what went to get that job where. The things wrong? Did I get too excited and either, so stop we wish to achieve rushed the application? Or did thinking about differ from per- they just want someone with a it negatively. Inson to person, but higher degree or a different lev- stead, if you almany people have el of experience? Every “what if” ready have a job, admitted that could be correct, but who knows work even harder for sure? 56 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston

for opportunities somewhere else. And after a day or two you might be surprised how well everything turns out.

then you will make sure that you are not going to lose out again!

First of all, it is impossible to predict in the working environment if something is really as good as it seemed to you when you first applied. Secondly, are you sure that it would offer everything you want? Last, but not least, the fact Quote of the month by you lost out might have opened other doors to something even better.

Mother Teresa

Refocusing might give you time to understand the things you truly value in life. After all, if your dream place to work for really is still the place, you can try again when the opportunity arises and

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

JOLITA KELIAS “I told my mum that someday London would become my home”

Favourite technologies 58 devices //// and

Author: Datsa Gaile

Interview with Jolita Kelias

Let’s meet our third cover girl of this month, Jolita Kelias. Jolita began her writing career at the age of three when she announced to her mother that someday she would write books and that many people around the world would read them. So there and then her journey began.

with my life. I always felt that I was being preparing myself for what was to come. So I studied patiently and with dedication at the school of life. My studies are continuous, they will never end, but I guess with time it gets a bit easier to handle things once you gain more experience and become more receptive to the realm of wisdom.

She was born in Lithuania, but from the age of 22 she has travelled around the world and lived in various countries. Her experiences have enriched her life in many ways. Currently, she lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

I am Lithuanian by origin; however, since childhood I have always felt that the world was my home. I knew the day would come when I would pack my small suitcase and go travelling. To add to this, at the age of five, I told my mum that someday London would become my home, although at that time I knew nothing about that part of the world. I simply liked the name of the place. Of course, my mum did not take me seri-

Jolita, tell us a bit more about yourself.

From an early age, deep down I knew I had something big to do

“Mum encouraged me to give it a try and if I did not like it, I could just turn around and leave.’’

ously then. Years passed and I proved myself to be right.

You are also an independent journalist who has built her own career from scratch. You received the Best Young Journalist’s Award in 1999 and 2000. At the time, you were just 17 and 18 years old. How did that happen?

I was fourteen years old when my mum told me that The Young Journalist’s club was opening in the area and she suggested that I join it. At the beginning, I was not very sure about it. The idea of attending weekly meetings put me off big time because all I wanted to do was to write, present my work and move on to the next task. Mum encouraged me to give it a try and if I did not like it, I could just turn around and leave. 60 ////

I listened to her. It was September 1996. I went along, participated in one of their meetings and got caught up in their activities. At that time, I knew nothing about journalism. All I knew was how to write short stories and poetry. So, I surrounded myself by magazines and newspapers and began learning how to write articles, do interviews and actively participate in everything. I enjoyed it all so much that I found I could not stop. Six months later, my teachers asked me to come to see them as they had some news for me. They told me that the club had decided to make me editor in chief starting immediately. Before then, we had three editors sharing all the tasks. They felt that I could handle it all and they had faith in me to do so. They did not give me any time to think about it or to con-

Interview with Jo Burns

“This is the only place where I open myself, express myself, inspire myself, encourage myself and counsel myself.”

sider, they wanted to see me in that role and that was it - end of story! I humbly agreed. I had no idea what was in store for me and I didn’t much care. I took to it like a fish to water. After that, I was nominated for and awarded the title of The Best Young Journalist for the years 1999 and 2000. I have been doing what I am doing now ever since.

Your goals and your writing are inspirational and I have seen you try to inspire other people. Where do you get all the ideas? How do you decide that today is the day to write about, for example, positive thinking? All the ideas flow from the depths of my inner soul. That special voice in me speaks its truths. It knocks on my door moment after moment, day after day and it will 62 ////

not stop until I let it out and give it form. I do not write about positive thinking or any other kind of thinking. I am just being me. In other words, my writing is my way to communicate with myself, with my inner angels and demons; there I find comfort and answers to my questions. The only thing I do differently is allow other people to look into my inner world because it becomes visible through my writing. This is the only place where I open myself, express myself, inspire myself, encourage myself and counsel myself. Consequently, I get to know people who resonate with my thoughts and feelings or, in other words, they find me. We are like one body – a human chain, expressing ourselves in many different ways using the same words ar-

with Claire Nana Seddon The top 5 things that Interview inspire you?

Sunrise and Sunset Mother Nature Human Kindness Loving Hug Human Nature

Interview with Helena Jane Gomez

“Know that I will achieve it, I am on my way!’’

ranged in the order that feels closest to us.

We know that you also have written 2 books. Your previous book, The Power of Gratitude, was released in paperback in limited edition in April 2009 in London, United Kingdom. It quickly sold out and you are planning to release it again sometime in the near future.

Yes, correct. The other work that I have published was a free ebook, Words From Within, compiled of short stories, poetry and quotes, which was also published in paperback by my late publisher Paul Mould in the UK. It was his surprise gift to me. He had amazing faith and trust in me. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. Words From Within was first released in Buenos Aires, Argentina in March 2012 with the help of my friend Gustavo Maluf and Visual Artist Michael Brooks from Los Angeles, California.

In September 2013, your story “Do Nothing” was short listed for the 3rd Eyelands International Short Story contest. What does that mean?

The short list means that my story was included in the book Stories 64 ////

of Dreams and Escape, which was released in November 2013 (from Strange Days Books publications in collaboration with Eyelands). I also received a certificate and a free copy of the anthology. I am continuing to enter a variety of literary contests worldwide as I have one dream, one aim – I aspire to be published by a traditional publisher. I know that I will achieve it, I am on my way!

Interview with Jolita Kelias Are you planning to stay in England or keep travelling?

Travelling is in my nature. I will never stay still, wherever I stop, it becomes my home. However, right now England is my home, it has been like this for the past ten years. How long will that last? Time will tell.


I have been running this page since January 2010. This growth did not happen overnight. It has developed through consistent effort, belief, and enjoyment, wanting to share and grow as a person. I have had so much fun working with my readers that right now I look at them as my friends, my family. My fans write to me daily - with some I communicate more, with some less, but they all are in my heart and mind journeying together with me on this path of life. My work, my writing, my fans, my readers are my allies – the greatest supporters and believers of all.

dare to do so, tend to be excluded from the circle of ‘normal’ society. However, what is normal? And is that normal truly normal? All I wish to say is dare to be you, to express yourself, to stand by what you are and believe yourself to be regardless of how people react. Find your voice, make it heard and embrace yourself. For Your Facebook fan page, example, what you think of me Dreams That Came True, has What would you like to say truly is none of my business and reached a quarter of a mil- to our readers? yet if you still wish to voice your lion followers. How do you Nowadays, or probably for cen- thoughts about me – fine, do so. engage with your readers turies, people have been afraid Will I care about it? Perhaps I will and how did you grow this to be themselves. The ones who or perhaps I will not.

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

Author: Mandy Barrow,,

What is Easter

66 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston

Thursday (the Last supper leading to the Eucharist), Good Friday (the day on which Jesus was crucified) and Easter Day (the day on which Jesus came back to life). It is a sad story because Jesus was killed. But the story has a very happy ending, because Jesus came back to life and visited his friends and followers once more. He did not die at all, but went back up to Heaven to be with God, his father.

What is Easter?

Easter is the time for holidays, festivals and a time for giving chocolate Easter eggs. But Easter means much more.... Easter is the oldest and the most important Christian Festival, the celebration of the death and coming to life again of Jesus Christ. For Christians, the dawn of Easter Sunday with its message of new life is the high point of the Christian year.

What is the Easter story?

Easter is the story of Jesus’ last days in Jerusalem before his death. The Easter story includes Maundy 68 ////

Where does the name ‘Easter’ come from?

Pagan traditions give us the English word “Easter” which comes from the word “Eostre”. The AngloSaxon word for April was “Eostremonath” (the month of openings). However, it should be remembered that Christians celebrated the resurrection of Christ long before the word “Easter” was used, and the word they used for the celebration was “Pascha”, which is derived from and linked to the Jewish festival of Passover. According to Bede, the English monastic historian, the English word Easter comes from the Anglo-Saxon name for the month of April, which was known as “Eostremonath” in the Anglo-Saxon tongue

and since Pascha was most often celebrated in Eostremonath, the English Christians began calling it “Easter”. Bede also notes that the month was named after the AngloSaxon goddess Esostre. Rituals related to the goddess Eostre focus on new beginnings, symbolized by the Easter egg, and fertility, which is symbolized by the hare (or Easter bunny).

When is Easter?

Easter usually comes in the month of April. However, Easter can fall as early as March 22 or as late as April 25. Easter Day in 2014 falls on Sunday 20 April. Why does the date of Easter

move? What has Passover got Easter is called a moveable feast to do with Easter? because the date of Easter chang- Easter and Passover always fall es every year. Easter Sunday can close to each other but they are fall on any date from 22 March to not always at exactly the same 25 April. time. The reason for this variation in the date of Easter is based on the lunar calendar (moon) rather than our more well-known solar one. Easter always falls on the first Sunday following the full Moon (the Paschal Full Moon) after 21 March. If the Full Moon falls on a Sunday then Easter is the next Sunday.

When is the Easter Season?

The Easter Season begins on Easter Day and lasts 50 days, ending on Pentecost.

For many centuries before Jesus’ What happened on birth, the Jewish people had their Easter Sunday? own special spring festival, called It was on Easter Sunday that Jesus Passover (Pesach). rose from death. Jesus had told Passover commemorates the time his disciples before he was ar- when God rescued the people of rested that he would be crucified Israel from slavery and Moses led and on the third day he would rise them out of Egypt. It is the Israelfrom the dead. Sunday was the ite’s liberation from Egypt that led third day from Good Friday (Good to the beginning of Judaism. Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Jesus, a Jew, was crucified during Day). The second day after Good Passover time and it is said that the Friday. Last Supper was a Passover Seder

(a ritual meal that commemorates the Biblical accounting of the Jews escape from Egyptian slavery). It is Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection that led to the start of Christianity. Both Easter and Passover revolve around the idea of rebirth. Jesus is resurrected, or born again, and the slaves are reborn into freedom. Both festivals draw in the idea of birth or rebirth with Easter eggs and the hard-boiled eggs served on Passover.

What are the different names for Easter? In many European languages the name Easter comes from the word Passover. Pascha in Greek and Latin, Pasqua in Italian, Paques in French, Pascua in Spanish

Why do we have eggs at Easter?

Eggs are a forbidden food during Lent, making them a welcome return to the menu on Easter Day.

Why do we give eggs at Easter?

Easter is a Christian festival. For

ed in bright colours to give them further meaning as a gift. We still paint bird eggs today but usually only chicken eggs.

An Anglo-Saxon legend - the Easter bunny and eggs An Anglo-Saxon legend tells how the Saxon goddess Eostre found a wounded bird and transformed it into a hare, so that it could survive the winter. The hare found it could lay eggs, so it decorated these each spring and left them as offering to the goddess.

Easter Egg Customs

In the UK, we have many Easter Customs involving eggs: Christians the custom of giving • Pace Egging eggs at Easter celebrates new • Egg rolling life. Christians remember that Je- • Egg Jarping sus, after dying on the cross, rose • Egg giving (see Easter Day) from the dead. They believe that, • Easter egg hunts (see Easter through his resurrection, Jesus Day) defeated death and sin and offers people the promise of eternal life Pace Egging if they follow his teachings. What are Pace Eggs? Pace Eggs are hard boiled eggs What were the first with patterned shells, they are traEaster eggs like? ditional in northern parts of EngThe first eggs given at Easter were land at Easter, with local variants bird’s eggs. These eggs were paint- in the name, such as Paste Eggs. 70 ////

Where does the name Pace Egg come from? The name is derived from Pesach (Passover). The design The background colour is provided by onion skins with designs created by leaves and flowers placed next to the shell. All kinds of fun can be had with the hard-boiled decorated pace eggs.

Origins of Colouring Eggs at Easter

The winner’s egg may be the one that rolls the farthest, survives the Decorating and colouring eggs for most rolls, or is rolled between Easter was a common custom in two pegs. England in the Middle Ages. Eggs were brightly coloured to mimic “I was brought up to believe that the new, fresh colours of spring. egg rolling represented the rolling The practice of decorating eggs of the stone from the tomb of Jewas made even more famous by sus.” King Edward I of England who or- Pete from Lancashire, England dered 450 eggs to be gold-leafed and coloured for Easter gifts in Egg Jarping (Egg Tap1290. ping) Another activity that takes place on Egg rolling Easter Day is the playing of a game with the eggs known as “jarping”, it’s a bit like playing conkers, with players tapping their opponents’ eggs until one breaks. The winner goes through to the next round,

Egg rolling is very popular in England and is an Easter Monday sport. Hard-boiled eggs are rolled down a hill. Customs differ from place to place.

and so on until there is only one egg left unbroken. A good hit by a jarper is called a “dunch”. The game is popular in County Durham, where it is played on Easter Sunday.

“In Cumbria, it is traditional to have ‘jarping’, except we call it ‘ egg dumping’. There are strict rules surrounding the competitions, which take place in houses and pubs. Some larger egg dumps can take all day or evening, and quite a bit of money can change hands. In our family, our extended family gather on Easter Sunday to have an egg dumping competition. It gets very competitive, with friendly rivalry between different families.” Judith Smith


72 ////

EASTER Holiday

DESTINATIONS Easter 2014 falls on 20th April - exactly one month after the first day of spring. Gone are the days when the weather is in doubt, is it going to be wintery or warm? We can all now get out of our “too-cold-for-fun� shells and book our first holiday this spring. Here are some suggestions among the huge list of destinations this Easter.

Author: Deyana Spasova

1. At last – the time to make the trip you’ve always dreamt about has now come. Whether you decide to stay in a chateau in the countryside or have a lively vacation in a big city, you will not regret a second of it. Central France has it all – beautiful scenery, peace and quiet, the wine. However, if you are looking for something more urban, then why not pay Paris a visit? It is about time, isn’t it? There are plenty of things to do in Paris, but even if you spend your whole holiday wandering the streets of this magical city, you will have a great time. What better time to visit the city of love than during the season of love? The weather in April is mild and steady. And let’s be honest – springtime is perfect for long walks around the city and you 74 ////


won’t have to spend half of your budget on deodorants or cooling creams for burnt skin. Hotels in the city centre may be expensive, but the outskirts offer some quite reasonable ones. There is convenient transport and the underground will take you as far as at the foot of the Eiffel Tower itself. Plane ticket prices start from £118pp.

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

Advertise here FROM AS LITTLE AS 75.50 per month plus VAT! Contact us at FOR MORE INFORMATION

76 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston

2. If you are looking for a pure pampering experience that doesn’t involve the hassle of travelling too much, than why not try one of the many lovely holiday cottages around the UK? Two things are guaranteed to amaze you - the scenery and the price. Since all of them are in the British countryside and most are independent family businesses, you will be surprised how relaxing such a holiday can be. The thing that makes so many people choose this as their getaway is the “feel at home, be away” side of it. Ideal for both families and singles, it is the perfect way to escape the daily routine and become one with nature, even if it is just for a weekend. You can also book a whole cottage and enjoy a fun holiday with friends, undisturbed by anyone. What is more, many of the cottages are pet-free or have a swimming pool, adding 78 ////

UK Cottages

to the holiday spirit. And if you live in the UK, then there is a huge chance that the nearest holiday cottage is just a short drive away. Like the city of Newport – a medieval fairytale-like Welsh city less than 3h away from London. Take your car and it will make it easier for you to explore the city’s fascinating landmarks and surroundings, or even a day trip to Cardiff.

3. If Italy seems like far too expensive a destination this Easter, then just fly over it! You will land in Croatia, which is conveniently situated on the other side of the Adriatic Sea. The climate is either Mediterranean or continental and the country itself is very reminiscent of its Italian neighbour (with the difference that it’s cheaper). What is more, one of the most visited places in the Mediterranean - Dubrovnik – is there and waits for its many visitors this spring. With its medieval fortresses and hundreds of red brick rooftops, the Old City of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as a popular destination among Europeans. Most of the hotels possess 4 or 5 stars, but prices are surprisingly low. However, most spring offers this year are for the Croatian Hvar Island – with its budget 80 ////


accommodation and cheap family holidays. Don’t worry if you can’t find anything that suits you at first – Croatia’s Adriatic Sea coast contains more than 1000 islands, so you have a wider range of choice than you think. Plane ticket prices start from £231.

4. This sun-kissed country is getting more and more popular among Brits. It is most definitely the warm weather, golden beaches and the relaxing experience that drive so many people to holiday in Spain. A fabulous destination for your Easter celebrations is Malaga – the home city of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas. Also named “the capital of the Costa del Sol”, the city attracts tourists with its average high temperature of 21C in April and unique Spanish cuisine. It is also highly recommended for families, looking for a fun holiday. Easter celebrations include The Holy Week of Malaga, which has been an event for the past five centuries. It starts on Palm Sunday and continues until

82 ////


Easter Sunday with people playing music on the streets and depicting scenes from the Passion. Plane ticket prices start from an amazing £117pp.

5. The African kingdom of Morocco is ideal for families and couples looking for more than just a break. An adventure is a good way to describe a holiday in exotic Morocco. The country has both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines and as you can imagine - great temperatures. Its multiple terrain will make for a unique holiday - a part of the country’s south east is occupied by the Sahara Desert. Now tell me - how many people can actually say they were in a desert at Easter? A lovely place to visit in Morocco is its biggest city Casablanca – which will provide a lively holiday for you and your family. You will get your relaxation, but not laziness. Casablanca is a busy city. There is a lot to explore and a lot to see. Of

84 ////


course it has its beautiful golden beaches and quality hotels with suitable prices... So it will be a holiday after all! Plane ticket prices start from £238pp.

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

DesignED by GRAPHIC DESIGNER Ervins Ellins 86 ////

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