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February, 2014 #2 (7)

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Ozolina - MA Play-writing

Bailey - a singer and vocal

Maya Ozolina is one of our beloved contributors for the FAW magazine. She enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and sharing tips with you, our readers. In addition to health and beauty, Maya enjoys acting and dancing. Read more about Maya on a page 8

A talented singer and vocal coach based in Blackburn, generously decided to let us in on some of the goings on in her life. Read more about Faye on a page 54

Jack Charlesworth – an artist, an actress, and a singer

Jack lives in Preston and works teaching a variety of subjects including French and Mathematics. In addition to teaching, Jack is also an artist, an actress, and a singer. Jack’s story shows us that we can pursue more than one interest in our lives and still have the time to give each one our best. Read more about Jack on a page 84


Marie Thomas

- runs her own interpreting business

Dionne is a professional, highly educated interpreter who runs her own interpreting business. When Dionne is not working, she enjoys spending time with her partner, Neil, and her two children Isaac and Saffron. Read more about Dionne on a page 72

Another month is gone and we have strength, power, determination as well successfully finished our February is- as passion, desire, and love. Light red sue. The weather is still cold here in represents joy, sexuality, passion, senthe UK, but we have tried to warm up sitivity, and love. Dark red is associated this month’s issue with the color of with vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadLOVE. We choose 4 women who are ership, courage, longing, malice, and living examples of success and inspi- wrath. Red is a powerful color that can ration and introduce them to you, our bring excitement to your life. readers, to show you that dreams can come true. We are slowly expending This month we added a bit of Valenour topics and contributors for the tine’s theme since the day of love is in magazine to bring you interesting and February. Many people think that it is a fresh content. In January, we added commercialised event by Americans 2 new team members. The first is a and that you should celebrate love evlovely international fashion journalist, ery day. This is true, but knowing how Ieva, from Sweden. She will bring the we all are, I think it’s nice to have that a latetst fashion tips to you in our Fash- special day to remind your loved ones ion section of the magazine. The sec- that you really love and appreciate ond new face is Lorita, who will share them. So we put a little something exher motivational tips and experiences tra in the magazine to dress it up and with you. make it nice for Valentine’s Day for the people that we love, our readers. Each month, we try to show our women leaders in the united theme Enjoy the magazine because it is not so that you can see that no matter only about love and Valentine’s Day what nationality, size, career, or this month. We have prepared some social status you have, you all can career tips, fashion suggestions, and look nice and be great role models travel ideas, w e hope to inspire you for others. and motivate you. You definitely don’t want to miss the competition for the This month we focused on red be- makeover. We will be choosing anothcause red is the color of love. Red er one of our readers on Facebook to is the color of fire and blood, so it is get a free makeover and be featured associated with energy, war, danger, in our magazine!

Interview with Naomi Liston

Photo by 1st studio

Enjoy the reading, ladies! Don’t forget to e-mail me your ideas, stories, and photos. I can’t wait to work with you and show everyone how great your are! With Love, Datsa


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Datsa Gaile / info@foranywoman.com


Ilze Baiza Dean Ridley Deyana Spasova Arnis Usackis Lorita Ivbule Ieva Andrina Julie-Anne Shapiro Verity Slattery Tina Cole Shelley Pearson Emma Sargent Lindsey Wilder

Magazine Designer

Ervins Elins / ervins@freakart.lv

Cover shoot Photographer Arnis Usackis / facebook.com/ArnisUsackisPhotography Hairstylist Courtney Grice. / Melissa Hardman Venue:

Samlesbury Hall / www.samlesburyhall.co.uk  ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


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Interview with Maya Ozolina, I do not want to lose my quality of life. I want to be healthy, strong and look good...

14 22 Fashion tips by Ieva Andrina, There are those that love red and those that are scared of such a bold color.

The 5 Top Interview with Naomi Liston Things You Can Do to Attract Your 2014 Valentine, International relationship expert Julie-Anne Shapiro

66 72 78 Let women regulate the traffic by Lorita Ivbule


Interview with Dionne Marie Thomas, In total, I have studied 8 years at Uclan gaining the skills and qualifications for my career

Lost out on your dream job? - There is no ti me for sorrows, learn your lesson and move ahead

Interview with Naomi Liston

28 54 60 MAKEOVER Winner TINA COLE

Interview with Faye Bailey, At school, I knew I had a talent for singing, but none of my teachers encouraged it.

See Your Goals by Lorita Ivbule

82 84 88 Quote of the month

Interview with Jack Charlesworth, Art is my passion and a way for me to unwind and relax

Are you looking for something more than the typical candlelight dinner this Valentine’s? foranywoman.com

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“I do not want to lose my quality of life. I want to be healthy, strong and look good...”


Author: Ilze Baiza Maya Ozolina is one of our beloved contributors for the FAW magazine. She enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and sharing tips with you, our readers. In addition to health and beauty, Maya enjoys acting and dancing.

Interview with Maya Ozolina that I do not have anything to share with you or a wish to do so; I just started a new job and need to adjust to a very loaded and difficult regime. It is only temporary, though.

Our FAW readers know you as a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Each of your articles expresses an inspiring vitality and reveals useful tips on how to stay fit and healthy, but what is the secret what keeps you going? Many would choose not do exercises every morning, but grow old in front of the What motivates me to follow a TV instead.

Thank you for praising my con- healthy and active lifestyle? It tribution! I want to start with an is very simple: I do not want to apology to the FAW readers for lose my quality of life. I want to my “silence.” It does not mean be healthy, strong and look good,

thus I have to take care of myself. The only way to achieve this is to exercise and eat well. Honestly, I do enjoy this kind of journey. I worked in senior domiciliary care for five months and have seen cases when people’s lifestyles had created a self-inflicted miserable state of existence. To be honest, they all were this sort of condition. This experience clearly told me that I want a completely different quality of life than growing old and miserable on a sofa.

Writing and looking great aren’t your only talents. We heard that you have been involved in different acting projects. Do you see yourself in front of the camera in the future?

I have worked on a couple of video adverts, multiple student films and a short independent film. foranywoman.com

“Beauty starts from within! My first tip is: watch what you put in your body because it will pay you back.’’

During December 2013, we (a small team) were shooting a short film with my script and myself in one of the roles. I really enjoy acting and I definitely will continue this sort of work. Also, I was in the latest Shopaholic Showdown series on TLC TV Channel and won that particular series day. That was another great and exciting on camera experience.

You are also working on obtaining your Master’s Degree at the University of Central Lancashire. How do you manage school with work, different projects and writing?

There is no straight answer to this question. In some disciplines, you have to be young to get the best results. However, in some subjects, like play writing, life’s experiences help a lot. It also deIt is very hard. I have to manage pends on one’s circumstances little bits of time that I have and and personality. Some people prioritize heavily. I create all my know straight away what they stories in my head whilst com- want to do, while others need to muting or having quiet moments experience being away from the at work. I always remember Jack London who did around 100 different jobs before his writing career took off. It would be easier if I could receive some financial support, but that is not the case.

Do you think it is better to go to university straight after finishing school or wait for a couple years? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a mature 10 ////



“Haven’t learned just to dance, but also to be persistent, responsible, task conscious, and professional: always there, always on time, always ready to work hard and give 100%.’’

learning environment to realise exactly what they want to do in their lives and what subject they want to study.

dio and run your own busi- now. I am happy to be involved in ness or would you prefer to small projects, though. To create stay as a performing artist? and to do more independent per-

All my dance experiences were absolutely great. I haven’t learned just to dance, but also to be persistent, responsible, task conscious, and professional: always there, always on time, always ready to work hard and give 100%. I feel that this is the most valuable aspect of my dancing career. A dance studio is not on my “wish list” and I doubt it will ever happen. My heart is in theatre, where movement and dance belong anyway, so I can use my experience. Since March 2010, I have been a member of Watch This Space Playback themore than once you have atre. However, I moved away last mentioned about your danc- year, so I struggle get to rehearsing career when you were als and the group goes through a younger. do you think you “rocky” period. Because of all that, could use your skills today? and my work and study load, the You could open a dance stu- theatre has been put on hold for 12 ////

forming arts projects is the ideal option for me, so I am working on that for the near future.

what are the three most important beauty tips you think the faw readers should know?

Beauty starts from within! My first tip is: watch what you put in your body because it will pay you back. Secondly: learn to relax your face. You do not have all the worlds’ troubles on your shoulders, so there is no need for that frown line between your brows. Botox is harmful and expensive! Thirdly: be persistent. A “One off” beauty treatment will not do the trick. Create your own beauty regime and stick to it.

Interview with Naomi Liston


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There are those that love red and those that are scared of such a bold color.

14 ////

Red is celebration. Red is confident. Red is the king of colors. Red will never be out of fashion. Here are three examples of how to domesticate red. Three combinations of red color with a psychological explanation. Have fun and don’t take it so seriously! Be inspired!

Collage, layout, text - www.ievaandrina.com foranywoman.com

WOMAN The red and black color combination is classic, traditional and very safe, in fashion it almost always works. The Esthet-

16 ////

ics Woman is bold and confident. She looks for beauty in everything and everywhere. Sometimes, that makes her life complicated. She wears stylish shoes even if they are not quite comfortable. She is not afraid to dress completely in red because she understands the message of color. She is probably working in design or art. She could

just have a strong interest and excitement in any artistic expression. She likes to socialize, most likely in the company of friends and colleges, “Sex and the City” style. A book about art or fashion, such as “American Dior” by Kate Betts, always makes a perfect gift for her.


The red and green color combination is casual. In the fashion world, this color mix is reminiscent of the army, uniforms and free-time style. In the color spectrum, red and green are opposite, but when

ACNESTUDIOS.com blouse, 95 £

18 ////

RALPH LAUREN blouse Blue Label, 130 £


combined, they make each other more intense. This color “relationship” is very useful in make-up art: just a little bit of red pigment in concealer can neutralize the dark lines under the eyes and the opposite: red patches on the skin and other problems can be minimized with green pigment in foundation cream. Red and green is a smart, progressive and active color combination!

The Anarchist Woman is always in opposition and will never “go with the flow.” Even more: she likes discussions and is interested in new technologies and politics. She would never wear just red because that is too common for her. It is better for her to use different shades of red to make the look more vibrant and restive. She loves new developments. Just give her a reason for change! Her favorite place is underground plays,

alternative music and modern interiors with a nice patina, such as the restaurant Factory in Borås, Sweden. The best present for her is a trip, but she is far from the traditional tourist locations.

Interview with Naomi Liston


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The red and silver color combination is sensual and sophisticated. Silver is just a shiny version of gray, which is just a mix-

20 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston

ture of black & white. But graphic art is the oldest one in the World Art history and belongs to many of many ethnic cultures. The Intellectual Woman type is active and interested in science and psychology. She would never wear all red because that would be too boring. The best for her is the perfect blend of style, color and texture. She truly has special taste and knowledge to enjoy

such an exciting journey of color, monochrome composition and ethnic identity. Celebration for her always entices her senses. For example, good food with good music: the Italian restaurant Locanda Verde in NYC with live jazz music! The perfect present for her must be practical, but of high quality, such as the Eilen Bodum Tea Press. foranywoman.com

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The 5 Top Things You Can Do to Attract Your 2014 Valentine 22 ////

Author: International relationship expert Julie-Anne Shapiro, founder of Magnetizing Love www.magnetizinglove.com

Interview with Naomi Liston


1. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you’re single this may fill you with dread as you contemplate yet another year watching couples celebrating together and wondering when your true love will come along. Success in attracting true love can only happen from a place of joy and happiness within you. What can you do to keep your joy flowing and your attractor power high? Here are the 5 top things that work from the inside out to attract your 2014 Valentine – and make him your very own Valentine for the rest of time!

24 ////

Stop wishing – be on a mission!

Are you dreaming, hoping, wishing and longing for love? You can go for years wishing and dreaming. Like most of us, you were probably brought up to believe in fairytales – that one day (if you wait long enough) your prince will come and you will live happily ever after! Perhaps you think that you are at the mercy of love coming your way – maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Or, maybe you think that only lucky people have love. The good news is that none of this is true. You can have love. You have the power to attract your Valentine. So, instead of passively waiting for love, decide to become your very best YOU and be on a mission to magnetize the love of your life now!

2. Love yourself up

At this time of year, the loneliness can feel crushing and old negative thoughts such as “Everyone gets love except me” or “I’m not good enough” can set in. However, these beliefs actually ruin your love life. Therefore, if you are walking around thinking you are not good enough or are not lovable, then you will probably meet men who do not think you are either. A confident, radiant woman who knows her worth is incredibly attractive to a man. Start to catch those negative voices and begin telling yourself what you would like your Valentine to tell you: that you’re beautiful, lovable and worthy of love.

3. Stop “doing” and start “being”

Our society teaches us to depend on external factors for love. In other words, if only you were slimmer, younger, fitter, had more money, had better hair and teeth or joined the next dating site then maybe, just maybe, you would “get” love. But love has less to do with what you’re doing and everything to do with the person you are being. When you stop focusing on finding the right person and instead focus on being the right person, magically, the right person comes along. So concentrate on becoming the most delicious version of yourself you can be and you will attract a man who finds you totally irresistible.

4. Be around supportive, uplifting people

When you are on a mission to become your best you to attract love, it is vital to surround yourself with positive people who uplift you and make you feel good. Limit the time you spend with unsupportive people. Make sure you do not engage in negative conversations, for example, how men are all the same or love is impossible. These just keep you going in a downward spiral. Tell friends you trust about your mission and ask for their support. Get clear on the type of man you are looking for and what you need in a relationship. Then tell your friends that you are open to meeting anyone they know who may be a good match.

5. Write an Irresistible Online Dating Profile

So now that you’ve focused on the inner you, it’s time to put out your love signal! This kind of profile will eliminate the kind of men you do not want and only attract good matches for you. You want your profile to state clearly and confidently who you are, what you need and what you are looking for, while also being receptive, open, engaging and welcoming to another person.


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

Here are some Write about your life values and your life vision Similar life values and life vision are essential for lasting love, so get clear on yours now.

26 ////

Ask a friend to write about their experience of being your friend Use sensory language

Describe how it feels to do the things you love and give the reader an experience of you.

Then use some of these elements in your profile. This gives the reader an insight into what it is like to be in relationship with you.

tips: Know the top 3 things you must have for the relationship to work

Get clear on the things you MUST have.

Follow these top 5 things now and attract your 2014 Valentine – like Interview a magnet. with Naomi Liston

Be honest!

Do not lie about your age or use false photos! If you want children, state it clearly. If you do not, state it clearly.

Your Photos

Use photos that convey warmth, confidence and radiance.


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TINA COLE MAKEOVER Makeover team: Photographer: Lindsey Wilder Hair & Make up: Shelley Pearson and Emma Sargent, Mishishi Hair and Beauty Creative assistant: Verity Slattery

28 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“The thing I love most about For Any Woman is that you can look and be whoever you choose and it doesn’t matter.’’

Ladies, do you remember the fabulous makeover one of our readers, tina cole, won? We all had a wonderful time and Tina enjoyed herself, as well. Here is what she had to say about the makeover experience.

tina: I first discovered For Any

Woman on Facebook and a few things had caught my eye, particularly how “normal” all the women looked. Everyone the magazine featured were all different shapes and sizes and there was no specific requirement on how they looked (like in most magazines). From then on, I would often read about the fashion ideas that gave tips for every body shape. Today there is too much pressure to look a certain way. The thing I love most about For Any Woman is that you can look and be whoever 30 ////

you choose and it doesn’t matter. I flicked through the magazine one day and saw the .makeover competition. I entered it just for fun, but didn’t think in a million years that I would win. I was so shocked when I got the email! I arrived at the hair salon and was immediately greeted by Datsa and her very friendly team. From the moment I arrived, the team tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible and they were all so lovely. It was all a bit overwhelming, as I am not used to receiving so much attention. The whole day was amazing and I looked amazing! I never thought I could look like that! Well now that you have the insider look on what it is like to receive one of our fabulous makeovers, here is a little feedback from the other side of the beauty chair. Verity Slattery is the Creative As-

sistant for the FAW magazine.

Verity: Styling the For Any Woman magazine competition winner’s shoot was a fabulous experience. The lucky winner, Tina Cole, had never experienced anything like it before. Naturally, she was a little nervous to begin with. Once we had Tina sit in the MUA chair at Mishishi Hair and Beauty, her transformation was underway. I could start to feel Tina’s confidence beginning to grow from within!

I styled Tina in 3 completely different looks and really went for it! I tried Tina with something completely new that she would not have tried herself for the second outfit choice, but it truly paid off. I am very happy I did, as this look is on trend and Tina looked fabulous!

Tina Cole makeover By the third outfit change, Tina was really coming into her own and you would have never believed it was her first ever photo shoot! Tina is a natural beauty, wife and mother and I feel she truly represents what the For Any Woman magazine is about. It was a pleasure working with Tina and the team on this shoot!

Ladies, if you want to get in on the makeover fun, it is not too late! we have a new competition this month for our facebook followers! all you have to do is go to our to facebook fan page and like, comment and share the post. maybe you will be the next lucky winner! foranywoman.com

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32 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

34 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

36 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

38 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

40 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

42 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

44 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

46 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

48 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

Emma Sargent


“When I was a little girl, my favourite thing to play with was my nan’s make-up bag filled with beautiful bright red lipstick //// and black eye shadows!”

Author: Datsa Gaile Meet the lovely Emma, from Spalding, who can help your dreams to turn into reality. Emma is a professional make-up artist who worked the latest makeover competition with Tina Cole. This is what Emma thinks about good make up.

Interview with Emma Sargent Did you go to school or is beauty just something that comes naturally to you?

My beauty training was at Stamford College almost 19 years ago now. Since then, I have attended many other beauty related courses and many make-up courses through the years

FAW: When did you realise that you have a passion for make-up and is that what you do daily?

You work for the very well known salon, Mishishi in Spalding. Do people often come in and want you to apI have always had a passion for ply make-up or are your sermake-up. When I was a little girl, vices more for important ocmy favourite thing to play with casions like weddings, photo was my nan’s make-up bag filled shoots, work interviews, etc. with beautiful bright red lipstick What are the latest trends and black eye shadows! So do- in make-up? Is really strong ing make-up professionally was and bright make-up or more a natural progression. I am not a natural make-up looks full time make-up artist because trending now? I am a fully trained beauty thera- My make-up work is mainly for pist within the salon. weddings. We work with the bride

to help her achieve the overall look she wants with her hair and makeup so that when she puts on her dress, she looks stunning. Most brides usually want the more natural look, but on occasions, I have applied a stronger make-up look. It always depends on the bride.

There is a saying that every foranywoman.com

“I think the biggest mistake that I often see is people wearing the wrong colour foundation that has not been correctly matched to their skin tone.’’

woman can look beautiful if What do you think regard- 10 and 11 and wearing full she has the right make-up, ing the young girls who are make up daily? would you agree with that? I really don’t agree with children Every women can look beautiful with the right make-up! Yes, I generally agree with this. Makeup can be the smallest, subtle changes, such as some bronzer and lip gloss to enhance their natural beauty. Or something stronger to create a specific look and hide imperfections. When applied properly, it can make all the difference.

What are the biggest mistakes women make when applying make-up? We have all seen a really beautiful face ruined by make-up. I think the biggest mistake that I often see is people wearing the wrong colour foundation that has not been correctly matched to their skin tone. 52 ////

as young as 10 and 11 wearing make-up on a daily basis. It is lovely to let girls play with makeup for fun, but not on a daily basis.

Do you have any quick tips for our readers?

My biggest tips to anyone would be to get your foundation matched properly! Do not match it on the back of your hand! The side of the neck and jaw line is the place to test the colour in natural daylight. My other would be to invest in quality brushes. These are your everyday tools and if you buy good quality, natural hair brushes, they will last a long time as long as you care for them correctly.

Interview with Naomi Liston


Faye Bailey


“At school, I knew I had a talent for singing, but none of //// my teachers encouraged it.�

Author: Dean Ridley Faye Bailey, a talented singer and vocal coach based in Blackburn, generously decided to let us in on some of the goings on in her life. Hi there, Faye! First of all, thank you on behalf of the For Any Woman readers for agreeing to do this interview! Now, if our readers came to see you on any random day, what might they expect to come into?

Interview with Faye Bailey reality.

you settled nicely into a routine?

What is it like to own your Most days are routine to make it very own business: Faye Bai- easier to organise the business. However, I am a fan of change ley Singing? It is the most overwhelming, yet very exciting. I appreciate every moment.

Well if it is whilst I am teaching my ‘sing for fun’ group, then you would be joining a group of amateur comedians. My students are a great pleasure to teach. I think they use laughter as therapy as well as singing lessons. However, on other days I tend to be very focused and spend a lot of time planning and finding ways As a singer and vocal coach, to make my dreams and ideas a is each day different, or have

and I like to keep things exciting.

Was it always your goal to be where you are now or did you once have something else in mind?

At school, I knew I had a talent for singing, but none of my teachers encouraged it. So, I went through a phase and I wanted to be a makeup artist instead. My mum was the one who pointed out that I should try to do a music course and not let my singing go to waste. Thank God, I listened to her.

Have you ever coached anyone we might have heard of? I haven’t established my name foranywoman.com

“Any time someone told me I couldn’t do something, I would give them two reasons why I could. I would prove them wrong.’’

widely enough yet, but it is a goal I aim to achieve.

How did you manage to achieve all that you have?

I am very lucky. My mum is a very emotionally intelligent and successful woman and my dad is a very successful business man from Lancashire. I have had a lot of encouragement and good advice. However, they did not bring me up with a silver spoon in my mouth; I had to build up my own contacts and fund the business myself.

Was there ever a point where things just did not go your way? How did you manage to motivate yourself to get through this? I very much believe in having faith in yourself and determination. Any time someone told me I couldn’t do something, I would give them two reasons why I could. I would prove them wrong. 56 ////

Now, I see dyslexia as a blessing that has given me so many skills that have enabled me to teach creatively and find different strategies to help other students.

Can you tell us what drives you on a daily basis?

When I was 17, I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia. Finding this out at that age was devastating. Lucky for me, my mum is a therapist and she had the skills to help me overcome the negative emo- I love to stimulate my mind and tions and find strategies to take challenge myself. My down fall is control of my dyslexia. that I am competitive, which I be-

Interview with Faye Bailey lieve in business can be a good thing, but also a bad thing too. However, I spend a lot of my time planning and looking for new initiatives to develop my business. I spend time researching and discussing ideas with trusted friends and family. I look at my vision board every day and visualize myself the way I want to be in the future and try to get a sense of what it would feel like when I have reached my goal.

What would you say to women who are thinking about pursuing a career similar to yours?

I would say feel the fear and do it anyway. Dreams are great to have but they won’t become a reality until you start to believe in both them and, most importantly, YOU! Taking the steps to make your business a reality needs foranywoman.com

“I have plans to take the business as far as I can; I’m not content with keeping it small.’’

planning and action, as well as perseverance. I would also say, more than anything, you need to be passionate and care about the service you are providing to give your customers a little extra. And of course… have fun!

You have been described as being a talent “mature beyond her years.” How does this make you feel? It’s a great compliment, but I can’t take all the credit. I had a lot of fantastic teachers and a great music manager who all gave me a lot of their time and skills to help bring out the best of my talent. I am very grateful to them all; they all know who they are.

Do you have any hobbies outside of singing?

Yes I do. I come from a big family. I am 1 of 5, I have 3 brothers 58 ////

and a sister. I love spending lots of time with them. I also love being in the countryside and taking the dogs for a walk. Additionally, I take a great interest in the family business which is Health Rack, selling health and sports supplements and nutrition.

Lastly, Faye, can you tell us anything about what the future might hold for you?

Well I don’t want to give my secrets and ideas away, but I will say that I am very happy in the present, but also very excited about my future. I have plans to take the business as far as I can; I’m not content with keeping it small. I do have a lot of plans for this year and I am very excited to say they are all falling into place nicely. Just a final note! You can keep up-to-date with me on Facebook Faye Bailey singing and Twitter @ fayebaileysing. I will have my website up and running very soon which will be fayebaileysinging. co.uk. Please follow and keep in touch because I love to hear people’s feedback.

Interview with Naomi Liston

Advertise here FROM AS LITTLE AS 75.50 per month plus VAT! Contact us at info@foranywoman.com FOR MORE INFORMATION www.foranywoman.com


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

See Your Goals! Author: Lorita Ivbule

60 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

Have you thought about the strength of your mind and thoughts? The New Year is a very good starting place for developing new dreams, resolutions and transformations! Some people know exactly what they want to change, how to change, and the things that inspire and motivate them to produce that change. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who are not sure about their dreams. I offer you a very easy method to learn all about yourself. To stalk to your subconscious and discover your hidden joys, challenges, excitement, and a lot of other things you won’t expect! Collage!

62 ////


or texts, photographs, and other found objects. All of these elements are glued to a piece of paper.


Before diving into your secret dreams and wishes, be positive and honest with yourself. Think what would you do if you weren’t afraid? What makes you smile? What makes you happy? You will need: a blank sheet of paper, scissors, glue, photos, different kind of magazines, and anything else you want to include in your collage. Don’t forget about coffee/ It is an art technique, primarily used tea and your favourite music to inin the visual arts, where artwork is spire you. made from an assemblage of dif- You can do this activity alone- to ferent forms, thus creating a new concentrate your thoughts, feelpiece. In our case, we will compose ings and emotions, or you can inour own ‘’new life map.” A collage vite your friends to join and spend may include newspaper, magazine a wonderful evening with inspiring clippings, ribbons, bits of colored dreams, talks, and jokes. Making papers, portions of other artwork a collage is actually a very popu-

Interview with Naomi Liston


lar method in art therapy. This will bring a lot of positive feelings for all of you.

Cut out all things from the magazine that ‘’talk’’ to you or represent your goals. While you are going through the colourful pictures and headings, be careful and listen to your inner voice- you will definitely know which image or words attract 64 ////

your attention. You may not understand why at first, but, later you will find out the answer. After this process, glue all clippings to the paper. This is the best artwork ever! (Until your next creation). Now follows the analysis part. What do you see? Are there dazzling white beaches, stunning nature - maybe you work too much and it is time for a vacation? Have you chosen job related pictures? Are you ready for new challenges? Or maybe there are small, tiny baby boots? You can also do this activity if you are lost or stuck in some period of your life- it can show you the right direction for moving on. Put on your board all you want to achieve and you will always see your way. The most important thing to reaching your dream is to be focused! Do you know that our minds attract the Universe? The more you think about something,

the more likely it will happen!


Instead of a sheet of white paper, you can make this art on your diary or notebook. Moreover, you can do it digitally on your computer or even your phone- programs, webpages and applications are available, just Google it!

Interview with Naomi Liston People are used to starting a new life “after” the perfect time arrivesnext week, next year, after a birthday, when it is easier, but anywaydon’t wait! The perfect time is now! Be your own best friend and start a new journey that will bring much happiness in your life.

The perfect time is now! foranywoman.com

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Author: Lorita Ivbule

Let women regulate the traffic 66 ////

Interview with Naomi Liston


What do women want? Everything! And more! Luckily, the last 60 years have been very successful in terms of the progression in women’s rights. We can vote, work our dream job (stereotypes about men and women occupation have more or less disappeared), be perfect mothers and business ladies at the same time, but we still live in a men’s world. Let’s be honest- they drive the world! How do we live in it? What is our strength? How we can compete with men? How do we survive, fight and be the leader?

68 ////

1. Emotions, emotions and emotions

and happy about! This is way how we treat ourselves; we don’t need a psychologist- just some quiet evening with a friend and a glass of wine will be the best therapy. Whereas men tend to not express their feelings (ordinary) and this can cause different kinds of disease and moreover- suicide.

2. Multitasking

Women’s daily routine is based on emotions, we live between hormone storms- one day we can be happy as sunshine, the other- Miss Cruella. And this is the best- we are so variable! This allows us to see the world different each day! Because of this ability- we can notice every angle of the situation or problem. Women are so interesting because you never know what to expect from us! Actually- we even don’t know what can come to our beautiful mind. Men try to understand us? Good luck! This will be a mystery for all their life! Just let a woman speak! She will speak out about all she is worried

Answer your kid’s questions, talk to mom on the phone, clean the house and make dinner simultaneously… does it sound like a last generation technological miracle? Nope! This is our way of life! No doubt you have to be focused and concentrated on your work duties,

but since women can do more things at the same time, you can do more than men.

4. We want it all

3. Ability to adapt

The time has passed when we had a strict society roles- the woman runs and manages the home and the man brings the ‘’swag.” Now, we For centuries, women were forced want a good job, an education, famto submit to men. Even today we ily, travels, hobbies, girls’ evenings, are more flexible to accept new parties…. We want it all! Nowadays things, processes and situations, our speed has increased; therefore and this is our big advantage! We it is easy to get lost in such a big can easier to adapt to “games,’’ amount of information and possirules or even change. There is no bilities. Find out what you want and doubt- most men are physically stay focused! Today technological stronger, nevertheless women are progress makes our daily life much more resistant and live longer- so easier than it was even some years during our life we can do more- ago- starting from home appliancachieve more goals, enjoy friends es to mobile applications. Be aland family, travel and buy more ways informed and updated about shoes things that can release your daily

routines! We want so much, but we definitely can’t do it alone.

5. Support team

Surround yourself with the right (read- supportive) people! Delegate certain duties for you family members- maybe your husband can make a dinner and your kids can wash the dishes. Communicate more with your friends who believe in you – it will give you positive feelings that help you reach the top of your dreams and the energy to cope with difficulties and stress along the way. Find out if your parents or siblings can help with kids, if not- outsource it- hire a nanny. Maybe it is worth to think about foranywoman.com

moving closer to your parents?

6. Study

Without education, you can only dream about a good career. Women are pursuing higher education in record numbers. In fact, women now hold more bachelors and graduate degrees than men do! Women lead a lot of international companies, public sectors and boards of directors. You can be very good at your profession without a diploma (experience and practice goes a long way); nevertheless education can bring you confidence, contacts and definitely increase your earning potential. And one more thingit is never too late to get back to learning!

What to learn from men

Sometimes I admire how men can be so confident (sometimes even without a reason), composed and calm- opposite of our emotional world. What can we learn from them?

1. Punctuality.

Time is money! It shows you have priorities, and being where you’re supposed to be is one of them. Prepare for a meeting the day before it- think about topics to discuss, your clothes, hairstyle, and weather (maybe you should find an umbrella) and other things that can save some valuable minutes before the event. 70 ////

2. Keep your word!

weren’t chosen blindly out of a deck A man is only as good as his word. of cards. You’ve been entrusted I know our fast- changing mood with something. Too many people can bring us to very unpredictable don’t understand the magnitude situations, nevertheless- if you of that. Some don’t take it seriously said something, don’t change your and some wind up in the ground. mind…. Or even better- don’t say Take responsibility for whatever is anything! asked of you. Don’t make excuses

ity to be trusted. Maybe our logic sometimes doesn’t fit in any box, parking is not our speciality and we can be really stressed because of torn tights…but we can be the best! The best version of ourselves! We can raise our kids, manage the house, live, entertain, work and be happy! If we want itwe can get it all!

3. Don’t get distracted.

Hundreds of phone calls, plenty of ASAP duties, unfinished projects…. You are like a squirrel on the running wheel. Stay focused, remember your priorities, keep your head and don’t take it lightly. Whether it’s cool and continue to work! big or small, be a responsible person and own it. Whatever position 4. Take a responsibility. you hold, the quickest way to the When a favor is asked of you, you top is showing you have the capacforanywoman.com

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

Dionne Marie

“In total, I have studied 8 years at Uclan gaining the skills and for my career.” 72 qualifications ////

Author: Datsa Gaile

Interview with Dionne Marie

Dionne Marie Thomas is a professional, highly educated interpreter who runs her own interpreting business. When Dionne is not working, she enjoys spending time with her partner, Neil, and her two children Isaac and Saffron. Dionne’s story shows us that starting a business is within our reach and may be the best thing for our lives.

with my wonderful partner, Neil. We met through a mutual client and always got along well. I had no idea that 18 months later we would have such a great relationship. I was very surprised, but I am happy to be in a long-term loving relationship. I also have 2 gorgeous children: a son Isaac, who is 11 years old, and a daughter Saffron, who is 5 years old. They make motherhood fun and I can’t wait to see what kind of people they will Please tell us a little bit turn out to be. It is pretty clear about yourself. Where do that my daughter is just like me, you live and what do you which means I may be in for do? some trouble during her teenI currently live in Preston, Lan- age years! cashire. However, I was born in I work as a self-employed interStafford in the Midlands and have preter and run my own translalived in several places around tion service. I work between Engthe UK including Wales, Somer- lish and British Sign language set and Merseyside! (BSL). It is a very specialized area I am in a long-term relationship and my work covers a wide variforanywoman.com

“Within 6 months of coming up with the idea, I had developed my product, began marketing and I have never looked back!’’

ety of industries including community, medical, legal, education and professional environments. I studied British sign language at Preston University (Uclan) and then went on to do a postgraduate course in BSL / English Interpreting & Translation. In total, I have studied 8 years at Uclan gaining the skills and qualifications for my career. I am from a large family that includes 13 aunts and uncles, over 50 cousins, and around 25 second cousins!

How did you start your interpreting business?

Interestingly enough, I never had any plans to start a business until I started dating Neil. He works as a business advisor and his influence started me thinking about how I could develop my passion into a business. 74 ////

I had always loved translation, but there was limited opportunity in my daily interpreting work to do this. So I began doing some research into how deaf people (who use BSL) used translation. Doing this helped me to understand if there was a need for translation and what type of translation was most needed. Within 6 months of coming up with the idea, I had developed my product, began marketing and I have never looked back! My business is less than one year old, but I already have managed to get an office, a part time staff member and a national contract with a language agency to supply my translation services. So things are going well!

What was the most challenging about it? I think the first challenge was

Interview with Jo Burns


“It really has transformed my home life and given me more quality time with my children. Starting my own business is the best thing I could do for my kids.’’

being willing to put yourself out there and be open to criticism and possible failure. Business is never a sure thing and I know that taking a leap into the unknown is simply too much for some people. Thankfully, I love a good challenge. Even though I was very nervous, I decided to give it a go. The other main challenge was understanding how other businesses work and their priorities. I had to learn, and am still learning, how to talk to potential customers and find out what they want so I can provide it, rather than just trying to cold sell them. That has been a real learning experience for me.

Do you use your sign language skills outside of work?

Yes. Many of my friends are deaf. 76 ////

I also do volunteer work campaigning for interpreters to be provided for deaf people in medical situations and for religious services. This means traveling and getting to meet deaf people all around the UK.

Who are your clients?

My clients can be anyone. I work for hospitals, courts, universities, charities, private and public events, deaf professionals, training courses. Anytime that a deaf person and a non-deaf person need to communicate with each other, an interpreter is needed.

How do your qualifications help in your career?

My qualifications are required to work as an interpreter. Without them, I would not be allowed to register as a professional and I would not have insurance. Every

Interview with Dionne Marie ditional needs such as mental health conditions. Interpreters also have a duty of care to report and challenge discrimination so our jobs can sometimes become very sensitive or stressful. The training helps us to prepare not only how to communicate, but ways to protect our vulnerable clients and educate the people who work with them.

year BSL/English interpreters must complete additional training to make sure they keep their skills up to date and expand their knowledge and experience. If this is not completed, we are removed from the register and prevented for working. It is a very strict field to work in as some of our clients are considered vulnerable due to their deafness and having ad-

longer studying, I have a much better work / life balance and spend my evenings and weekends with the family. It really has transformed my home life and given me more quality time with my children. Starting my own business is the best thing I could do for my kids.

What would you like to say to our readers?

How do you balance run- If you want something from your ning a business and raising life? Go for it! It won’t be easy and your kids? plans may have to change or be

In the early days, while I was still put on hold. I have found the key in university, it was very difficult. to success is not having the best I had very little time with my kids plan, but having perseverance to and because I worked and stud- keep going. Enjoy the good and ied simultaneously, I was very learn from the not so good. Also, tired and stressed a lot of the love and value people, it brings time. Thankfully, I had support joy to your soul. from friends and family and very good childcare. However, now that I am self-employed and no foranywoman.com

Lost out on your dream job? – There is no time for sorrows, learn your lesson and move ahead!

Author: Ilze Baiza 78 ////


We all want to believe that one day our hard work will pay off and we will get somewhere. The things we wish to achieve differ from person to person, but many people have admitted that they have secret visions about the Many of us have dreams. place they really Some dreams are smaller while some are bigger. Some want to work for. are about family and some a great lifestyle, but today we are going to focus on desires concerning your career.

And when this opportunity comes, you just grab it and hope for the best, but what to do if you missed out?

“Thanks for your application….” basically meaning – Thanks, but no thanks! In this situation, many of us feel a bit sad, and start to question ourselves, what went wrong? Did I get too excited and rushed the application? Or did they just want someone with a higher degree or a different level of experience? Every “what if” could be correct, but who knows for sure? The truth is, no one will answer those questions and all you can do is keep positive and move ahead.

While it is good for you to reanalyse what you could have done better, don’t let it make you bitter. Learn from it instead. Put it down If you are an active working per- Yes, this can be devastating to re- as experience and refocus. son, it is just natural to aim higher ceive a standard letter from your and set up a few personal goals. dream place or company, saying 80 ////

Depression, misery and blaming yourself isn’t going to help you to get that job either, so stop thinking about it negatively. Instead, if you already have a job, work even harder at it. If not, look for opportunities somewhere else. And after a day or two you might be surprised how well everything turns out.

it seemed to you when you first applied. Secondly, are you sure that it would offer everything you want? Last, but not least, the fact you lost out might have opened other doors to something even better. Refocusing might give you time to understand the things you truly value in life. After all, if your dream place to work for really is still the place, you can try again when the opportunity arises and then you will make sure that you are not going to lose out again!

First of all, it is impossible to predict in the working environment if something is really as good as foranywoman.com

“Success is ab benef enjoying t you focus on this definiti

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx’’

82 ////

bout creating fit for all and the process. If n this & adopt ion, success is yours.�

Interview with Naomi Liston

Kelly Kim foranywoman.com

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Charlesworth “Art is my passion and a way for me to unwind and relax.” 84 ////

Author: Datsa Gaile

Jack Charlesworth lives in Preston and works teaching a variety of subjects including French and Mathematics. In addition to teaching, Jack is also an artist, an actress, and a singer. Jack’s story shows us that we can pursue more than one interest in our lives and still have the time to give each one our best.

Interview with Jack Charlesworth I am a supply teacher. I teach everything from French to Mathematics, but my specialty is Art. I am also an artist and I work in all kinds of materials including glass, charcoal and oils. I have recently been working with a lot of simple pencil drawings and really enjoying the creative process and journey as I improve and develop. Art is my passion and a way for me to unwind and relax.

In your free time, in addition to working as an artist, I live in Preston, but I am origi- you also enjoy being an acnally from Blackpool on the coast tress and a singer. How did about an hour from Manchester. you start and when did you It’s a very vibrant and exciting realise that you have a passeaside town. Blackpool is home sion and talent for acting to my cherished childhood mem- and singing?

acting and singing helps fulfil my dreams as well as challenge me and allow me to venture out of my daily life.

What was the most challenging about it?

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


What is your daily job and where do you work?

I have always enjoyed the challenge of learning new things. I also dreamed about acting and singing for a while. So going into

It is always challenging when you start new things in your life. Also, you have to find a way to balance your career, your hobbies, your foranywoman.com

“The world is as beautiful as you make it. Don’t make it complicated.”

family, and your personal life while still giving new activities enough time to really learn and create new experiences. You have to decide what your priorities are and focus on them with the understanding that you will have time for other things at a later date.

We heard you have been in a short film very recently. What was the film? Did this help you decide that you want to spend more time acting?

I was helping my friend Maya for her university course. She is studying as a playwright and has some very wonderful and interesting ideas! I got to play many of the main characters in her film, which was interesting. Most people experience playing only one character and work to get into 86 ////

that role, but I had the challenge of becoming many characters. I love acting, writing and film making, too. I would like to do more of my own work in the future, but I am always on the lookout for inspiration and work that I enjoy.

What would you like to say to our readers?

Thanks for reading my short life story and the world is as beautiful as you make it. Don’t make it complicated.

Interview with Jack Charlesworth


88 ////

Are you looking for something more than the typical candlelight dinner this Valentine’s?

Author: Deyana Spasova foranywoman.com

1. This luxurious manor combines history, charm and elegance. It was built by Edward VII for his mistress in 1877 and is the perfect place for a romantic and relaxing getaway with your loved one. The family-run hotel is situated in Bournemouth, England - a place marketed as a health resort and named one of the spas of England. For your special Valentine’s date, you may choose from Edwardian themed suites and Jacuzzi rooms, to smaller double and twin rooms. Even if you’re not planning on necessarily celebrating your love on the day of St. Valentine’s, DO mention that the occasion is special, and as a present from the hotel’s management you will get a flower on your pillow, chocolates at your bedside, champagne and “a little surprise” at your dinner table.

90 ////

Langtry Manor Hotel in Bournemouth, England


2. If you are looking for a cozy, antique-looking hotel, then The Hundred House in Norton is the right place. Combining oak panelling, beautiful chandeliers and kingsized beds, this hotel is a dreamcome-true for people who want to experience a fairytale-like holiday. The interior also includes Victoria and Albert baths and rain showers, a herb garden and a spectacular rose garden. If you are looking for a simpler, yet still romantic celebration, then you can sign up for the Masterchef Cookery School on Sunday 23rd February. While it is not on Valentine’s Day, you will still spend some quality time with your other half, learning delicious recipes and enjoying a three course lunch with a glass of wine later on.

92 ////

The Hundred House in Norton, England


3. Time spent at a spa is never time wasted! This country house hotel is situated in 200 acres of wooded parkland on a hill above the town of Llandudno. You will be fascinated by the views from the Main Hall - the Conwy Castle and the mountains of Snowdonia are a part of the beautiful scenery that surrounds the hotel. What is more, your total pampering experience will be ensured by the queen or king-size bed in your room and the spacious swimming pool, steam room, sauna, solarium, gym, beauty treatment rooms, therapy rooms, and the relaxation room included in the The Bodysgallen Spa. Spa treatments available include: facials, body and scalp treatments, massages, manicures, pedicures, waxing and shaping treatments.

94 ////

Bodysgallen Hall and Spa in Llandudno, Wales


4. The Waterford Castle is situated on its own private island, which can be reached by ferry across the Kings Channel only. On the other side of River Suir are 19 luxurious bedrooms with river or garden views awaiting in this 15th-century Irish castle. Each of the five suites provides its guests with a living room, a grand bedroom and a bathroom with hand painted ceramics. Apart from the wonderful castle, you may wish to spend your time in Ireland’s only true island golf resort, which covers an area of over 200 acres. Even though your accommodation is on an island, there are still plenty of things to do in Waterford if you’re looking for something more than just pampering. On the website, you will find 101 things to do in Waterford Castle Hotel, Waterford City & Surrounding Areas, which will help you plan the per96 ////

Waterford Castle in County Waterford, Ireland

fect romantic break. (http://www. waterfordcastle.com/upload/ docs/101-Things-to-do-in-Waterford-Castle-and-Waterford-City. pdf)


5. For those of you seeking a different way to shake off the everyday routine and enjoy yourself on Valentine’s Day, there is Loch Lomond in Scotland. A deluxe tour by seaplane begins from the 5 star De Vere Hotel Cameron House on Loch Lomond. You may then choose your own tour – including the Loch Lomond Tour Area, the West Coast Tour Area or the Glasgow Skyline Tour. You will enjoy an unforgettable and unique experience flying over Scotland’s Highland Boundary fault en route Scotland’s biggest city Glasgow or the Arrochar Alps and Loch Lomond’s iconic islands if you choose to explore the Loch Lomond area. Whether you decide to stay in the Cameron House or choose a different accommodation, the Loch Lomond area offers a wide variety of cottages, lodges and 5 star hotels, with stunning views of the 98 ////

Loch Lomond Adventure in Scotland

scenery, ideal for the celebration of your love this February.


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