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Author: Dean Ridley With over fifteen years of experience as a crystal healer, spiritual medium, past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist, Kim Alexis would certainly have reason to call herself an authority on these subjects. From an early age, Kim has surrounded herself with cultures, practises and people from all around the world. It is clear that she has led a fascinating life, her knowledge affecting those both near and far. One cannot help but ask who exactly Kim Alexis is. Who is the woman beneath it all?

Interview with Kim Alexis 17 you had left the country to travel the word. For such a young person, that must have terrifying. What were your reasons and just what was it like?

young. Although, this work didn’t suit me really. I was far too vain - into fashion, make-up, perfumes and music. I was not exactly the mothering, nurturing type but it was an easy I had originally applied to British escape from the dreary London Airways hoping to become a stew- weather, the old memories of hosardess but I was too young, so I pital operations and procedures I had endured as a child. I was born with dislocated hips and had to have them put back into place.

Anyone who looks your name up within the public domain can see that you have done a tremendous amount of di- applied to be an Au-pair in Italy inverse and amazing things stead. My father had to sign a conwith your life so far. By age sent letter to let me go as I was so

Abroad, there are a lot of different people and cultures; you are clearly very passionate about this. Did you have any encounters that stand out as being out of the ordinary or off the wall? I travelled from Italy to Tunisia with a Tunisian/Algerian friend named Miriam. We stayed at her grandmother’s house in Tunis. Miriam’s mother was unwell so we had went