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Should I buy A New Computer?

by Scott Lavelle

With the prevalence of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even convertible laptops that turn into tablets when needed, you may ask, “Should I buy a desktop computer?� The answer depends on a number of things, but mostly on what you use your computer for. A few reasons why you might still want to have a desktop computer are business office use, gaming, specialized applications, or an interest in upgradable components.

of RAM, and a large hard drive, you can easily stay under $1,000 and have a top-of-the-line machine ready for most any software available today. A laptop with the same technical specifications will be considerably more expensive. In fact, you are looking at a price premium of 30 percent or more. Gaming: If you are a gamer and want to play the latest games, you can do so with a laptop, but to get a machine that will compete with a desktop you will likely pay twice the price of a similar desktop — and the laptop will be big, heavy, run hot, and drain the battery extremely fast. Whatever benefits come with a laptop are quickly eliminated by these trade-offs.

Scott Lavelle is the Co-Owner/ Technical Director of Technical Resource Solutions, LLC located in downtown Canton. He can be reached at (678) 928-9491 or visit

Business Office Use: A desktop computer comes at a great price point for the performance you get when compared to a laptop. Including dual monitors, a high-end processor, plenty

Specialized Applications: For basic use, like running Microsoft Office, browsing the Internet, checking email, and other low-demand activities, most moderate laptops will fit the bill just fine. But if you have specialized needs, a laptop, especially a basic one, will be hard-pressed to provide what you need. Video editing, audio recording and editing, graphic design, and high-end photo manipulation are better served by the discreet components of a desktop computer. Upgradable Components: As a general rule, how you buy a continued on page 69

My North Fulton Monthly, July 2013  
My North Fulton Monthly, July 2013