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by Michael Buckner Historically, homeowners have hired professionals for all sorts of things around the house that they cannot do themselves. For example, I would dare to say 98 percent of homeowners have never tried to install their own heating and air system. Michael Buckner is the owner of Audio Likewise, this is the case for Intersection, located at 631 E. Main most electrical and plumbing Street, Canton. For more information work. Most people, however, on any of his monthly columns, for have attempted to do their own questions or to set up an appointment, TV installation and setup. Well, call (770) 479-1000. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to let that one go, too, and hire a pro. The funny thing here is that the man of the house thinks he has to turn in his “Man Card” when he pays someone else to install his TV. While funny, this simply is not true.

by Brett Gluck, DMD, MS, PC So, you have chosen to have braces and are interested in how to maintain your teeth throughout the treatment. The requirements for good dental hygiene already require some effort on your part to do so. The time involved includes Dr. Brett Gluck is an orthodontic brushing two to three times specialist at The Brace Place. You may per day for two minutes each contact him at (770) 664-6003 or visit time and flossing as well. Dental floss is basically the toothbrush for in-between your teeth since a toothbrush can’t reach where the teeth touch together. Without proper dental hygiene, cavities, gum inflammation and infection of the bone surrounding your tooth roots can occur.


You see, 30 years ago all a person had to do to get the TV going was plug in a set of rabbit ears. If the TV channels didn’t pick up well, you could always get someone to stand there and hold the antenna in place! Before too long, cable TV came out and all you had to do was twist the wire into the back of the TV, and voila! Well, those days are gone. Why should you pay a professional? Let’s start with money that you have invested in your system. In the old days, a TV was around $250; nowadays, I install systems ranging from $1,000 to more than $100,000, with the average probably being around $5,000. Couple that with the fact that there’s more technology in the average surround sound system than ever imagined. This is simply too much money to invest in a system that may not be installed properly. Lastly, let’s talk about how the systems work when homeowners install their system themselves. When servicing do-it-yourself (DIY) installation systems, I almost always find either incorrect wiring or improper menu settings. If a surround sound receiver is involved, there could be 10 different ways to hook up the audio and video cabling. On top of that, there are 30 different menu selections in setting the system up that can either destroy or optimize the picture and sound quality. Another guarantee is that the remote controls are always a nightmare for DIY installations. Again, I can say continued on page 64 North Fulton — Johns Creek | march 2013 48 My

& Dental Hygiene

When you have braces, you should maintain these tasks with the same frequency (or more) as when you are not undergoing orthodontic treatment. The difference with braces is that there is a constant food trap on the surfaces of the teeth. Dental hygiene becomes a greater challenge. Tooth brushing should be done more carefully on all surfaces of the teeth, especially in between the braces and the gums. Although adequate brushing can be accomplished with your typical manual toothbrush, some people find certain electric toothbrushes to be a terrific aid. Flossing is important during orthodontic treatment. The difference between flossing without braces and flossing with braces is that there is a wire in the way, so the usual technique of passing the floss in between the teeth can’t be done properly. The floss must be threaded under the arch wire in order to floss where the teeth meet the gum tissue. Special floss “threaders” or pre-cut floss segments with a stiff end must be used to do this properly. There are other adjunctive items that can aid in maintaining a healthy mouth during orthodontic treatment. High-fluoride prescription toothpastes and mouth rinses are a great help. But, nothing replaces brushing or flossing. If a person does not spend adequate time and effort accomplishing proper hygiene, the results can be severe. Inflammation of the gum tissue around the teeth can lead to loss of this tissue and loss of the surrounding bone. This continued on page 64

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