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SCHOOL Hopewill Middle Student Wins Fulton County Spelling Bee

Alina Baiju, a sixth-grade student at Hopewell Middle School, recently won the Fulton County Spelling Bee, held at Ison Springs Elementary School. Nearly 70 students in grades 4-8 represented their schools in several competitive rounds.

from Italy in the 1970s. Dr. Avossa shared his family’s experience during World War II and how that led to their decision to move to the United States many years later; how his family had to leave so many things behind; how difficult it was coming to America without speaking English; how he felt different; how hard it was to fit in; and how hard he had to work. He then asked the children why they think so many immigrants have come to America.

Alina Baiju

Hopewell Middle School’s Baiju was named the winner of the Fulton County Spelling Bee after she edged out Sean O’Neal from Findley Oaks Elementary School — correctly spelling “belligerent.”

Following his personal story, Dr. Avossa took questions from the students and encouraged them to work hard by setting goals, taking time to celebrate their victories, and setting new goals. His visit tied into the social studies curriculum that involves children learning about how immigration continues to shape America. Dr. Avossa left the children with the following words of encouragement: “Anything is possible! If I can do it, you can do it!”

After winning at the county level, Baiju went on to compete in the District Spelling Bee. The top two contestants from the district competition will advance to the state competition later this month. Details of Baiju’s performance in the district competition were not available at press time.

Students Celebrate Colonial History Day at Alpharetta Elementary

Students at Alpharetta Elementary School recently celebrated Colonial History Day with Captain Sadler’s History Camps. Students learned about ciphers, block printing and colonial dress, and experienced a schoolroom from the past. Students also learned about games and toys from the past. Here, students are playing with the Xboxes of the 1700s: the hoop and stick.

Alpharetta Elementary School students Jason Aussin and Mikey Byrnes enjoy a popular toy from colonial days.

FCS Superintendent Visits Manning Oaks Elementary

Dr. Robert Avossa, superintendent of Fulton County Schools, visited Manning Oaks Elementary School recently to talk to fifthgrade students about his personal experience as an immigrant North Fulton — Alpharetta | march 2013 36 My

FCS Superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa tells fifth-graders at Manning Oaks Elementary School about his experience as an immigrant from Italy.

Alpharetta High Student on ‘American Idol’

Isabel Gonzalez, a junior at Alpharetta High School, earned an impromptu audition for “American Idol” after her aunt wrote to the show’s producers. The nomination was impressive enough that “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson made a surprise visit to Alpharetta High School last September to audition Gonzalez. Jackson gave Gonzalez the opportunity to audition again for the other “American Idol” judges — Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban — the following week at the Charlotte, N.C., auditions. Gonzalez’s audition during Jackson’s visit to Alpharetta High School and in Charlotte recently aired locally on WAGA-Fox Channel 5. Unfortunately, Gonzalez did not make the “American Idol” Top 40. Gonzalez, an honor student at Alpharetta High School, has been singing and playing piano for 12 years. She writes her own music and has also auditioned for “The X Factor” and “America’s Got Talent.”

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