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Finding a good pair of shoes can be a task, especially if you have feet that are not the average size. While some men and women struggle with petite feet, others have wide feet which make shoes average shoe sizes difficult to manage. Padders however have come up with a range of shoes for wide feet and these are available in a wide variety for men and women. In terms of features Padders shoes are known to be extremely comfortable offering a great range of wide fitting shoes in a range of styles and colors. Slip-ons are one such variation which are quite convenient and can easily be slipped on and off. Slip on shoes give your feet a wide berth in terms of flexibility and allow your feet to breathe as well Sandals are an offering as well and the brand stocks a range of sandals in a range of colors. To add to the convenience these are also in the single touch and close fastening style making them the best thing you can have on a work day or for regular use. Another style from the Padders’ stable is that of slippers. Especially in winter, these padded slippers can keep you really warm. You can choose from a slip-on style to completely closed house shoes and can work for people even with a EEE fit. The plus point of the Padders’ range of shoes is that they have something for everyone. Whether it is nice looking pumps or, strong single fastening shoes or, the more delicate strappy ones. They are available in a range of widths going all the way to EEE. The finish is brilliant and you are rest assured that your feet have breathing space. The same range is available for men as well – from simple slip ons to more elegant brogues and more. They come in a range of styles and materials such as classic leather, nubuck leather, memory foam insoles. They also come with uppers, reinforced heel counters, dual density rubber soles and more. The shoes are designed such that comfort will be at its best when you wear them. The only word of precaution that the manufacturer puts forward is to always choose a size smaller than what you normally do. This will ensure a good fit. The shoes mold itself to your feet and expand as and when you break into it. This gives you a greater comfort level and ensures it stays that way for a long time.

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