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Footprints Family Travel offers a one-of-a-kind cultural experience at a pace that works for all ages. Every activity has been carefully chosen for its authenticity, fun, educational value, and accessibility for travelers of varying ages and experience. The only requirement is a sense of adventure and curiosity!

We offer unusual immersion experiences in other cultures for all ages. We will participate in local activities with hands-on opportunities to learn, meet local friends, taste and cook, explore history and nature with hikes, stories, and traditional games and learn some of the local language. We will plant the seeds of volunteerism by helping out where we can, and travel responsibly in respect to the culture and the environment.

Optional Activities in Northern Thailand This is a sample of activities we can organize for your free time. They can be arranged once you get to Chiang Mai. Additional fees apply for all options (except those in the “Free Activities� category).

Walk to Suan Buak Hat Park in the center of Chiang Mai, a popular place for Chiang Mai residents to enjoy some outdoor space with their families.

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