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It’s a Sneaker Thing The Foot Locker Magazine Ir. D.S. Tuijnmanweg 3 4131 PN Vianen The Netherlands Publisher Foot Locker Europe B.V. Ir. D.S. Tuijnmanweg 3 4131 PN Vianen The Netherlands Editor Tim Cincotta P.O. Box 309 4130 EH Vianen The Netherlands Printer Karaat Grafimedia B.V. Wilgenkade 23 3992 LL Houten The Netherlands Contributors Cover Taufiq Hosen // Contain.r Design Alex Smith // Marc Salvador Copywriter Sophie Berry Photography Robert Broekhuijsen // Jake Green // Marc Salvador // Marilo Sánchez Product styling Reddish Design Translations Mother Tongue Writers Special thanks to Frank PR, London // Pielle SrL, Milan // Zucker Kommunikation GmbH, Berlin // Probeat Agency, Milan // Red Button, Paris // Edelman, Barcelona

Upfront # 1 // Spring 2011 Hello! We’re here to tell you what we’ve got for you in our first ever issue of It’s a Sneaker Thing, your official Foot Locker magazine. At Foot Locker, we see life from the shoe up. And the head down. We can’t help it. We spend our days looking at shoes first, faces second. (Lamp posts are no friends to us). There is no mountain to climb in life that won’t be made easier by a fresh pair of sneakers, and our motto is: “don’t judge a man until you’ve checked out his trainers.” (Only joking about that last bit.) But seriously – we’re serious about sneakers. And we know you are too. All of you, because we see you! Boys with basketballs, passing through the House of Hoops by Foot Locker stores for a new pair of Jordans, or the girls who know that a pair of box-fresh high tops will match that dress better than anything with a five inch heel. We see you, and we know that you love your sneakers as much as we love ours. We know the feeling of waiting for your paycheck to hit so you can go out and buy those ones you’ve been eyeing up since your last paycheck ran out. We know the pain of coming home from a night at a grimy club to survey the damage to your favourite pair. And we know the pure, unconditional love you can feel for that certain pair of sneakers you just can’t let go of. Yeah. That pair. Lurking in your wardrobe, still. So that’s why we’ve made this for you, to tell you that we’ve seen you here quite a few times now, and we like it. Hey, because we know you’re going to want to get your hands on all the fresh sneakers in this issue, we have made it easy for you. Just use the Sneaker Finder form at the back of this magazine to order your next pair and we’ll track them down and deliver them straight to your door.

10 // London

36 // Sneaker Finder

Should you wish to contact Foot Locker please email us at

14 // Fresh at Foot Locker

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06 // Sneakerheads

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02 // House of Hoops

(But make sure you come back to see us though, yeah?)

House of Hoops


Being the best just got a whole lot easier…

If you haven’t checked out House of Hoops by Foot Locker yet, then you need to get your butt off the basketball court. (Just for, like, half an hour. Max. Then you can go straight back and play ball, we promise). House of Hoops by Foot Locker are pretty next level places. Trust.

They’re 100% NIKE basketball zones – we know how much you love the game and figured it would take a crazy good store to drag you lot off the court… House of Hoops by Foot Locker are stacked with the freshest merchandise you just can’t find anywhere else, and they’re endorsed by the game’s greatest players. (Yeah, we know. We’re just too good to you lot sometimes.)

Kobe Bryant at the opening event of House of Hoops by Foot Locker in Barcelona.

The level of love for the ballers out there is high at House of Hoops by Foot Locker, believe us! Limited edition sneakers and clothing by NIKE, and Jordan are some of the sickest threads we’ve seen on or off the court. It’s the only place you’re going to pick up exclusive NIKE pro models, NIKE sportswear, and Jordan, with plenty of items not even available in regular Foot Locker stores. This is über-exclusive - fresher than fresh. Now that’s fresh. Ah, man - we haven’t even told you lot about the Scorer’s Table! The Scorer’s table gives the word ‘slick’ a whole new meaning; This is where you’ll find player exclusive clothing, and where you dedicated bunch of ballers can hook up your look in any colour from head to toe - because you have to look like a winner to play like a winner, right? Trust us. We get it. Legends in the game like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and LeBron James inspire the House of Hoops by Foot Locker ranges - LeBron even fronted the official opening of the London and Paris store in October 2009, and Kobe helped us out by doing the honours in Barcelona. If you weren’t there, then, wow… you really missed out. Our competitions on Facebook got crazy levels of entries. Seriously, CRAZY levels. Winners got to meet their heroes and get some sneakers signed. (Jealous? Thought so).

Oh, and we wanted to give you lot the first heads up on a House of Hoops by Foot Locker store landing in Rotterdam in Spring 2011 - we’ve also added House of Hoops by Foot Locker corners to 70 existing stores across Europe. So find your nearest House of Hoops by Foot Locker store and come in and say hi. Thinking about playing one more game and checking out the store another day? Are you mad?! Trust us: If you really love your game, you’ll thank us when you get here. Think Basketball…. Think House of Hoops by Foot Locker.

Find out more about House of Hoops by Foot Locker stores and competitions on our Facebook pages houseofhoopslondon houseofhoopsparis houseofhoopsbarcelona

House of Hoops by Foot Locker European stores London, United Kingdom: 363-367 Oxford Street Paris, France: 4-6 Rue Pierre Lescot, Les Halles Barcelona, Spain: Portaferrissa 18

House of Hoops by Foot Locker corners in selected European stores

House of Hoops




SCS South Top 120 , Voesendorf Mariahilferstrasse 104 Donaustadtstrasse 1 Meir 101 Muntplein 13 - 14 Veldstraat 80 Amagertorv 11 20 Rue Porte de Dijeaux C.C. et de Loisir Cité de l’Europe C.C. La Toison d’Or 22 Rue des Minimes 77 Rue Saint-Ferréol 4 - 6 Place du Commerce 1-3 Rue de la République C.C. Les Arcades C.C. Parinor le Haut de Galy 45 Rue de Rivoli C.C. Rég Vélizy II 26 Rue du Maréchal Foch C.C. Les Quatre Temps, 2 Le Parvis de la Defense 28 Rue de la Republique 46 Rue du Vieux Marche aux Vins Tauentzienstrasse 17 Weenderstrasse 17 Mönckebergstrasse 17 Hauptstrasse 63 Obere-König-Strasse 12 Schildergasse 84 A Neuhauserstrasse 41 Breite Gasse 63 Königstrasse 21 The Mall Athens, Andrea Papandreou street Váci Utca 11 49 Lower O’Connell Street C.C. Gli Orsi, Via Domenico Modugno 3B Via Indipendenza 12 Corso Vittorio Emanuele 34 Via Torino Angolo Via Speronari 7 Via Branca 112 C.C. LE BEFANE, Via Caduti di Nassjria 20 C.C. Forum, Stazione Termini Kalverstraat 128 - 130 Nieuwendijk 186 Hoge Steenweg 17 Spuistraat 15 Lijnbaan 75 Steenweg 66 - 68 C.C. Colombo, Gaveto da Av. Lusiada com Av. Do Colegio Militar Avenida Cruzeiro Seixas 7, Casal da Mira C.C. Dolce Vita Porto, Rua dos Campeões Europeus C.C. Mar Shopping, Avenida Arquitecto Fernando Távorna 231 Avenida Portal de l’ Angel 6 C.C. La Maquinista-Local C.C. La Vaguada, Av. Monforte de Lemos S/N Preciados 17 C.C. Parque Su, Ctra. Toledo Fuencarral 4 Gallerian Trollhattan 31, Regeringsgatan 13-19 Weggisgasse 23 The Pallasades Centre Churchill Square 77 Broadmead Queen Arcade 12 - 14 St. John’s Road Whitgift Centre 87 Princess Street 3 - 5 Gallowtree Gate 109 Oxford Street 49 Market Street Trafford Centre Eldon Square Shopping Centre 42 - 44 Clumber Street 68 Above Bar Street



Sneakerheads “My name is ****** and I am a sneaker-holic” Sneaker addiction is a serious subject. Seriously. When you find yourself going hungry for the last week of every month but always the proud owner of the best sneakers around, you know it’s serious. At Foot Locker, we want to hear about you if you love your sneakers as much as we do. We’ve spoken to some of you before and have been pretty astonished (and very happy) at the level of love some of you lot have for your sneakers. We’ve heard about your last buys, your first loves, and all the sneakers in-between which are lovingly boxed up in your wardrobe and grouped into brand. (Naming no names on that one...) We’ve met sneakerheads with photographic memories and the ability to memorise every limited edition drop, we’ve spoken to sneaker addicts who can’t wear the same pair twice, and we’ve seen a few of the seriously addicted sneakerheads who can’t even count the pairs they own anymore.


In this first edition of the official Foot Locker magazine, we meet three sneakerheads, Chinks, Guido and Rita, and find out just how far they have gone for their love of a good pair of sneakers.


Chinks // England “I’ve been known to go to some pretty crazy lengths for a pair of sneakers – I once spent all of the money that I had in my pocket on a pair of sneakers and had to walk home from Central London to Hackney – it took me the best part of three hours – but I sure loved those sneakers!” “If I had to choose the pair of sneakers which I think best represents my personality, I would say the black leather Chuck Taylor ‘I-Robot’ Converse – why? Well because they are so versatile – worn under a suit they can look classic, worn with a pair of shorts they can look skate, and worn with jeans they can look hip-hop.”



Guido // Sweden “My first sneaker memory is seeing the Nike Air Max1 in ’87 on some kid at a break dance battle. I was so amazed that you could see the Air in the sole. Life was never the same after that!” “Having no sneakers is like having no soul – I would rather go without food than sneakers. Weddings, mountain top, deep sea, desert, jungle – I’d wear sneakers anywhere.” “I pair my sneakers with a great pair of vintage jeans and a T-shirt or shirt. Nothing too outrageous - you have to keep it simple if you want your sneakers to do the talking... Wear them with respect, keep them clean, and love them – that’s my sneaker motto!”

Rita // Netherlands


“In my opinion, you can never have enough sneakers! My first pair was an all white Nike trainer which started my sneaker addiction. When I was younger, I lived in a small town and I always traveled to Amsterdam - which was a two hour trip - to get a new pair.” “I’ll never forget when I got one of my first paychecks, I went straight to the store and bought two pairs of sneakers – I was broke again straight away!” “If I had a time machine and could go back and buy a pair of sneakers from the past it would have to be the first original release of the Air max 1 in blue.”


London Straight off the streets

London Calling? Jump on the Underground and go check it out - just don’t forget your sneakers. Want to know the secret to London’s laid back style? Simple. Switch up your look with the freshest sneakers around.

At Foot Locker, we can spot a fellow sneaker head from ten paces. And London has a few of them. But what kind of sneakers you spot on the streets of London totally depends on where you are – London has so many different style tribes, tucked into every corner of the city and every tribe has a look that is all their own. One thing is the same anywhere you go, though - this lot love their sneakers.


Jump on the tube and up the Northern line to Camden town, where your Converse All Stars are going to fit right in. Hopping between the Hawley Arms and Camden Lock on the hunt for the coolest new indie band was never going to keep your Converse clean, so in Camden, props go to you if your skinny jeans are teamed with the most battered pair.


Head to the West end, and say hi to some of the crew in our Oxford street store – while you’re there, it would be rude not to stop into the House of Hoops by Foot Locker store in the same building. Definitely worth a trip, even if you have to dodge the April showers. West end kids are young, fresh and urban - and wear the coolest sneakers; this lot like to stand out and limited edition Nikes, custom colour adidas superstars and exclusive Jordans all get a lot of love in the West end. Cruise across town again heading east, and you’ll find a melting pot of creative minds and some of the freshest fashion in the capital. Whether you hit Brick Lane or Broadway Market, the East end is the perfect place to rock your newest sneakers – there will always be someone to admire your latest purchase. Pick a bridge, cross the river to the south, and you’ll find some pretty hardcore sneakerheads; ballers, graffiti writers, grime boys and girls, - sneakerheads of all descriptions, all sharing the common ground of a love of fresh sneakers. South of the river you can find sneakers in their spiritual home; splashed with spray paint or stood on top of a skateboard.

Londoners definitely have a lot of love for their sneakers.



12 London

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Fresh at Foot ot Lock Locker These products are only available at Foot Locker - you won’t find them anywhere else. (But we know you’d never dream of cheating on us).

Fresh at Foot Locker





adidas SST / 9325105810

nike classic bw gen #2 / 4205678304

nike elite / 4205692404

adidas top10 low / 4103846904

majestic LA fz hd / 7135294827

nike am classic / 4205673404

nike am classic / 4205672604

new era 5950 LA / 9325531112

majestic LA pt / 7135295527

majestic LA st / 7135304527

2 3 4


5 6

1. majestic LA jk / 7135300327 2. new era 5950 LA / 9325450810 3. adidas bag / 9640804410 4. majestic LA pt / 7135296910 5. nike elite / 4205691604 6. nike am90 / 4205680904

Fresh at Foot Locker


We know you love your sneakers box-fresh – this lot is brand new and only at Foot Locker

adidas zx90 race / 4731506904 adidas zx90 race / 4731507704

majestic varsity jk / 7135285210

Fresh at Foot Locker

adidas LA trainer sleek / 5243008802


lacoste future II / 4731525904

adidas 1609ER / 4205632004

new era LA military cap / 9325463328

adidas porsche / 4731509304

adidas LA trainer / 4205661904

nike challenger / 4205670004

adidas denim pt / 7450398029

le coq sportif cannet / 4731502804

adidas LA trainer 2 / 4205736904

adidas vespa / 4311643804

adidas denim tt / 7450406129




Fresh at Foot Locker



5 6

1. adidas LA trainer / 5242943702 2. adidas LA trainer 2 / 4205737704 3. adidas LA trainer / 5243010402 4. adidas LA trainer / 4205661904 5. adidas LA trainer 2 / 4205736904 6. adidas LA trainer sleek / 524300802

Use the Sneaker Finder at the back of this magazine for ordering your next pair – We’ll track them down and deliver them straight to your door

nike coast classic canvas / 4522443804

adidas top10 high / 4103849304

adidas indoor tennis mid / 4522124204

Fresh at Foot Locker

adidas indoor tennis mid / 4522123604

nike windrunner fz hd / 7345508310

adidas top10 high / 4103850104

nike structure / 4205623904


adidas chile rasta fz hd / 7346161380

nike am97 / 4205682504

nike shox / 4205683304

nike coast classic canvas / 4522442004

majestic NY t / 7660205130

nike shox / 4205684104

sneaker freak polo / 7240137530

lacoste mawson / 4311631304 lacoste mawson / 4311636204

adidas porsche / 4731511904

adidas beckenbauer denim / 4731543204

nike string bag / 9640788280

adidas rev neon wb / 7450393480

Fresh at Foot Locker

adidas porsche / 4731510104

new era NY military cap / 9325471780

adidas chile tt / 7450413042

nike structure / 4205675904

lacoste project evo / 4731521804


adidas chile pt / 7450372880

nike classic bw / 4205677504



Fresh at Foot Locker






1. adidas decon backpack / 9640811242 2. adidas ost out cap / 9325433780 3. adidas chile tt / 7450396780 4. nike mesh st / 7346274480 5. nike lunar max si / 4205724504 6. adidas hardcourt / 4522424904

1 2


Fresh at Foot Locker





7 1. adidas denim jk / 745008729 2. new era 5950 NY / 9325151210 3. sneaker freak polo / 7240130210 4. nike challenger / 4205669204 5. adidas beckenbauer denim / 4731544004 6. foot locker pt / 7240183328 7. adidas messenger bag / 9640854280

2 1

Fresh at Foot Locker






1. new era NY / 9358593330 2. adidas reversible jk / 7450289380 3. nike small bag / 9682164580 4. majestic NY pt / 7135299310 5. adidas top 10 hi / 4103831104 6. adidas attitude / 4522429704

adidas vespa gs1 / 4311644604 adidas gs2 tennis / 4311637004

adidas vespa gs1 / 4311657804 adidas gs2 tennis / 4522443804

foot locker pt / 7240182770

adidas vespa airline bag / 9640787490

adidas hardcourt low / 4522426304

majestic NY fz hd / 7135289410

adidas sst / 9325434210

adidas hardcourt low / 4522425504

Fresh at Foot Locker

majestic NY pt / 7135291380

adidas vespa fz hd / 7346325110


Like what you see? You’ll only find these items at Foot Locker.

nike kobe comic tee / 7346331910

nike air prestige III / 4103828704

Fresh at Foot Locker

nike air prestige III / 4103827904


adidas top10 / 4103851904

nike lebron comic tee / 7346301210

nike legend hi / 4103856804

adidas replica jersey bulls / 7135185230

adidas replica jersey lakers / 7135188450





Fresh at Foot Locker





1. adidas hardcourt mid / 452242204 2. adidas hardcourt mid / 4522296004 3. adidas attitude / 4522429704 4. adidas attitude / 4522427104 5. adidas attitude / 4522428904 6. adidas indoor tennis mid / 4522123604 7. adidas hardcourt mid / 4522424804





Fresh at Foot Locker




7 8


1. converse padded collar 1 leather / 4522355404 2. converse padded collar 2 / 5551368202 3. converse padded collar 2 studs / 5551382302 4. converse padded collar/ 5551369002 5. converse padded collar 2 / 4522371104 6. converse padded collar 2 studs / 5551381502 7. converse padded collar 2 / 4522356204 8. converse padded collar 2 / 4522357004 9. converse padded collar 2 / 4522372904

Fresher than fresh and exclusive to Foot Locker – just the way you like it.

converse padded collar 3 / 4522433904

converse padded collar 2 / 4522356204

foot locker pt / 7240181728

converse padded collar 3 / 4522434704

converse starplayer OVR hi / 4522361404

converse starplayer OVR hi / 4522360404

adidas jersey trk / 932514970

converse starplayer OVR / 4522362004

converse starplayer OVR / 4522363804

adidas varsity fz hd / 7346176028

adidas varsity st / 7346372528

Fresh at Foot Locker

converse padded collar 2 / 4522357004


lacoste l27 platinum / 4311650304

adidas vespa canvas / 4311668504

lacoste l27 platinum / 4311649504

Fresh at Foot Locker

lacoste graduate platinum / 4311652904

adidas vespa lw jk / 7450408710

sneaker freak polo / 7240134827


nike ub st / 7346277870

sneaker freak polo / 7240142127

foot locker cargo st / 7240188380

nike air force 1 ‘07 / 4103830304

adidas vespa tt / 7450415210

1 3 2


Fresh at Foot Locker





1. foot locker sleeveless hd / 7240186870 2. adidas sst mesh / 9325500010 3. urbanears headphones / 9430212628 4. adidas airline bag / 9640803610 5. sneaker freak cargo st / 7240165720 6. nike air force 1 ´07 / 4103829504 7. nike lunar max si / 4205725204



Fresh at Foot Locker


6 3


4 5

1. nike tuned 1.5 / 4205686604 2. nike tuned 1 / 4205687404 3. nike tuned 1.5 / 4205686604 4. nike tuned 1 / 4205433304 5. nike tuned 1 / 5242980902 6. nike tuned 1.5 / 4205685804 7. nike tuned 1 / 5242991602

Make sure you click onto for a bigger selection of kids products


adidas LA trainer / 6370596104

nike big nike hi / 6370605004

adidas LA trainer / 6370597904

Fresh at Foot Locker

nike jordan flight 45 / 6370536704

nike jordan flight 45 / 6370612604


nike big nike hi / 6370578904

adidas hardcourt / 6370593804

adidas hardcourt / 6370592004

adidas hardcourt hi / 6370598704

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nike prestige lo / 6370608404

Womens pastry glam pie / 5347395402 pastry glam pie / 5347394702

pastry french kiss / 5551393002

adidas honey hi / 5551395502

pastry french kiss / 5551392202

Fresh at Foot Locker

nike prestige hi / 5347352502

nike prestige hi / 5347386302

adidas concord / 5347410102


majestic NY pt / 7975239580

adidas LA trainer / 5243010402

adidas concord / 5347389702

adidas concord / 5347388902

adidas tank top / 7975232080

1 2

4 3

Fresh at Foot Locker



6 7

8 1. majestic NY varsity jk / 7975241180 2. urbanears headphones / 9430211610 3. new era NY glitter / 932546480 4. adidas mini airliner / 9640783181 5. adidas tank top / 7975251331 6. majestic NY st / 7975245280 7. adidas honey hi / 5551394802 8. nike double team / 5347362402

Sharp colours, exclusive ranges and only available at Foot Locker – so don’t go cheating on us!

reebok easy tone / 5242998102

Fresh at Foot Locker

reebok run-tone / 5242986602


adidas denim fz hd / 7975237629

reebok run-tone / 5242985802

nike classic bw / 5242992402

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adidas decade sleek / 5347373102

nike shox nz / 5242996502

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le coq sportif escrime denim / 5347383002

adidas chile rib neon tt / 7975236180

le coq sportif escrime / 5347384802

le coq sportif vervins / 5551391402

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adidas top10 sleek denim / 5347357402

nike flash / 5551372402

Fresh at Foot Locker

converse padded collar 3 / 5551399702

nike flash / 5551371602


nike double team hi / 5347385502

nike raquette / 5347397002

nike blazer mid / 5551376502

pastry glam pie / 5347294902

adidas honey mid / 5551366802

Sneaker Finder 1. Fill out the form. 2. Hand it to a Foot Locker staff member in store. 3. Let the Foot Locker family take care of ordering for you. 4. Kick back, relax, and wait for us to deliver your new sneakers to your door! (Or you can come and see us in store to pick up your new purchase – you know we love it when you visit!) NAME ADDRESS



nike elite / 4205692404 product name PRODUCT NAME

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It's a sneaker thing  
It's a sneaker thing  

The Foot Locker Magazine #1 Spring 2011