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JUNE 17-18, 2011 Artistic Director/Teacher/Choreographer..................................................... Russell Talbert Choreographer................................................................................................................Toney Hall Assistant Ballet Teacher..........................................................................................Robert Green Assistant Choreographers....................................Marcus Rogers, Tracey Hodgkin - Valcy Guest Choreographer............................................................................................ Albert Adams Technical Crew................................... Shawn Wallace, Lorisa and Kennedy King College Recorded Music Editing......................................................................................Shawn Wallace Russell Talbert Dance Studio 1

RUSSELL BERNARD TALBERT - ARTISTIC DIRECTOR/TEACHER/CHOREOGRAPHER Mr. Russell Talbert first became interested in dance while enrolled at Northern Illinois University. He attended a live performance on campus at Northern Illinois University the George Fasion Company the Broadway choreographer of the “Wiz”. Having been so impressed by George Fasion Company he immediately registered for classes at the University Performing Arts department where he studied various forms of dance; African, Modern, Jazz and Ballet. After a year of study he transferred to Columbia College where he continued to study dance and received a B.A. degree in dance. While studying at Columbia College he received a full scholarship to the Stone & Camryn School of Ballet in Chicago. He has danced with the San Antonio Ballet Company of Texas, Erie Bay Front Ballet Company of Pennsylvania, Joseph Holmes

Dance Theater Chicago Dance Medium and Dayton Contemporary Dance Company. He performed in the production Romeo and Juliet with Pittsburgh Opera Theater. His repertoire includes principal roles in the Nutcracker, “LeCorsaire” Pas de Duex, Romeo and Juliet, Carmen and Coppelia. He has choreographed for the Wheeling West Virginia Symphony Orchestra children’s program entitled “Color Theme and the Mansfield Symphony Orchestra program for children entitled “Lollypop Festival”. In addition, to having choreographed for the Soul Children of Chicago for the presentation of “Wiz” Mr. Talbert has taught ballet and choreographed for a two week residency in Nassau Bahamas for Bahamas National Dance Company. He has also taught ballet at Joseph Holmes Dance Theater, Chicago Dance Medium, Sammy Dyer School of the Theater Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and Southside YMCA. Mr. Talbert recently founded the Russell Talbert Dance Studio.

BIOGR APHIES Toney Hall (Chicago, IL) realized his love and talent for dance at an early age, as he would create various dance routines for local children in his neighborhood. While enrolled in Wendell Phillips High School he joined the modern dance troop under the direction of modern dance instructor Loretta Martin. There he was allowed to express his talent as a dancer and choreographer. Shortly after his high school experience in dance he began receiving formal training in ballet, modern, jazz and African dance from local teachers in Chicago including Joseph Holmes, Joel Hall, Carlton Smith, Robert Keys and Russell Talbert. He has performed in several theatrical productions at Kennedy King College under the direction of the late Phil Lane Williams: “A Chorus Line”, Freedom “Symphony”,“PO” and “Dream Girls”. Also, he has performed in the “Soul Children of Chicago production of the “Wiz”, as well as the Derby Dinner Playhouse Theater production. He has been working as a resident choreographer 2 Russell Talbert Dance Studio

for the Russell Talbert Dance Studio since 2003 where he continues to influence the artistic development of young dancers. Tracey Hodgkin-Valcy (Chicago, IL) received her early dance training from such Chicago greats as Stone Camryn, Orrin Kayan, Jewel McLaurin and Carlton Smith. Ms. Valcy has spent her entire professional dance career as a member of the Joel Hall Dancers, and she has regularly performed with other companies such as. Bryant Ballet, as well as worked with directors Dominic Missimi and David Bell in musical theater productions of Hair Carousel, West Side Story and Matador. Her work in commercials and industrials includes Sears, Mercury Mountaineer, Jeep, Marshall Field’s and James P. Productions. She has so graciously volunteered time working with the students of The Russell Talbert Dance Studio for the past eight years beginning in 2003. Her professional assistance in areas of choreography staging of dances, costume design, costume construction

B I O G R A P H I E S ( c o n t .) and teaching expertise has made her a continued valuable asset to The Russell Talbert Dance Studio. Albert Adams makes his debut as guest choreographer for The Russell Talbert Dance Studio. He appeared as a performer in 2001 and 2002 Russell Talbert presents «The Festival of Dance ». He comes with extensive background was in the study of African Dance and a former student

of Columbia College Dance program. In 2009, he assisted former choreographer Toney Hall of The Russell Talbert Dance Studio to create the dance « Village of Praise » which showcased Mr. Adams talents in African Dance. Mr Adams has competed in the Soul Train National Dance contest, appeared in the theater productions of « Ain’t Misbehavin », « Once on this Island », « Bingo Long and His Traveling All Star » he appeared once on The Tonight Show as a dancer hosted by Jay Leno. Mr. Adams gives special thanks to Russell Talbert and students for the opportunity to display his artistry.

CAST LIST Lauren Agee Kabelo Muhammad Gabrielle Rodriguez Arzabe Kamohelo Muhammad Kennedy Banks Karabo Muhammad Lanae Brown Kopano Muhammad Jocelyn Brown Kelli Nelson TaWanda Causay Nailah Owusu Kelim Clark Leah Patton Tikkara Cooper Kailisha Payton Kinyada Craine Kya Richardson DeAndrea Daniels David Riley Maya Doss Trinity Riley Kayla Ermon Sydney Shearer Breonna Glispie Jada Shedrick Aleisia Graves Angela Shoffner Amia Hanshaw Micaiah Teshuah Damarah Hardy Eboni Troutman Omo Irumundomon Keitometse Tsotetsl Maya James Amber Tyler Alyssa Lawrence Isis Walker Morgan Lawrence Lynn White Sylvia Love Altmya Williams Amira McCormick Jaida Williams Nina McCormick GUEST DANCERS: Janelle Speller Arron R. White


Abbey Moore (designer)

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Russell Talbert Dance Studio 3

PA R T I INVENTION Music by: Alexandre LaGoya Claudie Bolling “Concerto For Guitar” Choreography by: Russell Talbert Tikkara Cooper Kelim Clak DeAndrea Daniels Kayla Ermon Breonna Glispie

Omo Irumundomon Alyssa Lawrence Eboni Troutman Jamila Waddell

CHILDREN’S GAMES Music by: Saint-Sans “Carnival of the Animals” Choreography by: Russell Talbert Lauren Agee Nailah Owusu

Sydney Shear Isis Walker

THE PARTY OF ROYALITY Music by: Nikokai Rimsky-Korsakov “Modest Mucsorgsky” Choreography by: Russell Talbert Assistant Choreographer: Marcus Rogers Sylvia Love Amira McCormick Kabelo Muhammad Kelli Nelson Kya Richardson Trinity Riley

David Riley Gabriele Rodriguez Jada Shedrick Micaiah Teshuan Amber Tyler Ahmya Williams

CLASSICAL VARIATION From The Sleeping Beauty Ballet Music by: Tchaikovsky Ballet Choreography by: Marius Pietipa-Restaged by Russell Talbert Tikkara Cooper THAT SPECIAL FEELING Music by: Etta James Choreography by: Russell Talbert, Solomon Dumas Jocelyn Brown Tawanda Cuasey Gia Kastelic

Keitumetse Tsotetsl Lynn White

CLASSICAL SERANADE Music by: Moszkowski Choreography by: Russell Talbert & Toney Hall Lanae Brown Kinyada Craine Maya James Amia Hanshaw

4 Russell Talbert Dance Studio

Morgan Lawrence Kopano Muhammad Leah Patton Kailisha Payton

PA R T I ( c o n t . ) RELEASE Music by: Afro Celt Sound System Choreography by: Albert Adams Kelim Clark Tikkara Cooper DeAndre Daniels

Breonna Glispie Omo Irumundomon

POWER OF WOMEN TURNSTYLE AND PASSAGES Music by: Nina Simone Choreography by: Russell Talbert Jamila Waddell Kayla Ermon

Alyssa Lawrence Eboni Troutman

WILD AS THE WIND Music by: Nina Simone Choreography by: Toney Hall Jenelle Speller I’LL PUT A SPELL ON YOU Music by: Nina Simone Choreography by: Toney Hall Assistant Choreographer: Arron R. White Kayla Ermon MAGICAL GARDEN Music by: Sky “Tristian Magical Garden” Choreography by: Russell Talbert Assistant Choreographer: Marcus Rogers Lanae Brown Kindyada Craine May James Amia Hanshaw Morgan Lawrence

Kopano Muhammad Kailisha Payton Leah Payton Jada Shedrick

ENICHAM Music by: Issac Hayes “Motion Picture Soundtrack” Shaft Jackson Five – Dancing Machine Choreography by: Russell Talbert & Toney Hall Tikkara Cooper Kayla Ermon Alyssa Lawrence

Eboni Troutman Jamilla Waddell

Russell Talbert Dance Studio 5

PA R T I I A CHANGE GONE COME Music by: Sam Cooke and Otis Redding Choreography by: Toney Hall Arron R. White BLUES STRUT Music from the Motion picture soundtrack Idelewild Choreography by: Solomon Dumas Kayla Ermon Alyssa Lawrence

Eboni Troutman Jamilla Waddell

BABIES BLOOM Music by: Leo Delibes Choreography by: Russell Talbert Maya Doss Damarah Hardy Nina McCormick

Karabo Muhammad Angela Shoeffner Jaida Williams

THE FINALE’ WALTZ Music by: Tchaikovsky – The Sleeping Beauty London Symphony Orchestra Andre’ Previn Choreography by: Toney Hall Assistant Choreographer: Albert Adams & Russell Talbert Lanae Brown Kinyada Craine Amia Hanshaw Maya James Morgan Lawrence

Kailisha Payton Kopano Muhammad Jada Shedrick Leah Patton PAUSE

TOUCH OF SPANISH Music by: Tchaikovsky London Symphony Orchestra – Andre’ Previn Choreography by: Toney Hall Assistant Choreographer: Albert Adams Costume Design: Tracey Valcy Kennedy Banks Sylvia Love Amira McCormick Kabelo Muhammad Kelli Nelson Kya Richardson Amber Tyler

6 Russell Talbert Dance Studio

David Riley Trinity Riley Gabriela Rodriquez-Arzabe Jada Shedrick Micaiah Teshuan Ahmya Williams

PA R T I I ( c o n t . ) BLACK ELEGANCE Music by: Motion picture soundtrack: Star War’s Episode II Attack of the Clone’s Music by: Tchaikovsky Choreography by: Toney Hall Tikkara Cooper DeAndrea Daniels Omo Irumundomon Eboni Troutman Kelim Clark

Breonna Glispie Alyssa Lawrence Jamila Waddell Kayla Ermon

DANCE OF TOY DOLLS Music by: Leo Delibes Choreography by: Russell Talbert Lauren Agee Nailah Owusu

Sydney Sheah Isis Walker

MY FAVORITE THINGS Music by: John Coltrane Choreography by: Toney Hall Assistant Choreographer: Russell Talbert & Albert Adams Jocelyn Brown Tawanda Causey Aleisia Graves

Gia Kastelic Kaitume Tsotesi Lynn White

DIVA DANCE Music by: The Motion Picture Soundtrack “The Fifth Element” Choreography by: Russell Talbert & Toney Hall Leane Brown Kinyada Craine Maya James KaiLisha Micole Kopano Muhammad

Leah Patton Amia Hanshaw Morgan Lawrence Jada Shedrick

JESTER Music by: Tchaikovsky The Sleeping Beauty London Symphony Orchestra Andre’ Previn Choreography by: Russell Talbert Costume Design by: Tracey Hodgkin-Valcy David Riley PAUSE UNDYING SPIRITS Music From the motion picture soundtrack Grand Canyon Claude Chalhoud – Oriental Images – Don’t Wake Me Up Choreography by: Russell Talbert & Toney Hall DeAndre Brown Kayla Ermon Omo Irumundomon Breonna Glispie Tikkara Cooper

Aleisia Graves Alyssa Lawrence Jamila Waddell Eboni Troutman Russell Talbert Dance Studio 7

S TA F F Registration Maurice Hyde

B OA R D M E M B E R S Jocelyn B. Brown Gia Kastelic Jeanine Raymond Pam Rice Pam Williams Stephanie Wilson

SPECIAL THANKS Special thanks to all the parents and volunteers. Your support is much appreciated. Program created by: Linda Cochran


8 Russell Talbert Dance Studio

Dance Recital 2011  

Russell Talbert

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