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BIOGR APHY McCurdy is a cabaret singer/songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He regularly tours the upper Midwestern part of the United States with regular stops in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, Green Bay, and Minneapolis. His shows usually consist of just him and his guitar and include improvised interaction with the audience. While the majority of his audience is made up of a college-age crowd, McCurdy appeals to a large number of people of all ages. Performing well over 300 shows a year, his large catalog of original songs (over 600 and growing) covers a variety of topics such as lost loves, politics, family vacations, and how the world can’t live without Sex & Beer. Pat writes all his own songs, in a variety of styles. Only a small portion of his songs are on albums. If he took every song he ever wrote and recorded them, he’d have enough material for at least 7 or 8 more albums. Plus, he’s writing new songs all the time. One of the reasons to attend a performance is to hear these songs that aren’t on the albums. Also, he often changes a few lyrics on songs, or does reggae or polka versions of them; you think of it, he’ll do it.

Dinner Package includes show tickets and dinner:


Gourmet 7” Personal Pizza

Varieties will include margarita, house-made sausage and cheese.

Side includes chicken wings or a salad. Dessert will be a choice of chocolate covered pretzels or chocolate cake with an oatmeal stout frosting. All items will be available the evening of the show, a la carte, for those without the dinner package ticket.


Oconomowoc Arts Center

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Oac patmccurdy