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NSAA Summer Classes begin June 25th | Early Registration Deadline May 1st

Visual Arts HEAD SHOTS with Professional Photographer Adrian Spinks

Sign up for 15 minute sessions with Professional Photographer Adrian Spinks. Let Adrian create beautiful headshots for you that get results. Time/Days: April 17 or 23 | 11-4pm | Pre-registration a must. Cost: $40 per session- a link with images will be provided a week after session. (disk can be provided by request) Contact: Paula DeStefanis at: to schedule session time.

Private Photo Lessons with Adrian Spinks

PHOTOART Privates sessions – Take it off AUTO and use your digital SLR  Learn to use the AE lock, what and how to use the Aperture Priority on your camera, Focus, Lighting, Exposure and use of ISO, Composition, Portraiture, etc, through indoor and outdoor experiences.  Experiences will vary by amount of sessions students require/sign up for Instructor: Adrian Spinks Time/Days: April 16 - May 10 | By Appointment | 1 hour sessions Cost: $50 Contact: Paula DeStefanis at: to schedule session time.

Canvas Stretching Workshop

This is a practical workshop all about supporting, attaching and presenting pieces of artwork (including tapestry) and photography that have been produced on unstretched canvas. We look at the equipment, resources and skills involved in stretching and attaching the canvas art (or fabric) and finishing ready for hanging. This includes talking about putting a frame around a stretched piece. Each participant will be given materials to make their own small canvas. Instructor: Adrian Spinks Time/Days: May 12 | 1-3pm in the Arts Mill Gallery Early Registration Fee: $30 | Fee: $35 Program: SPR1

Creative Craft Camp

Target age: 4-6 years old Discovery is the focus of this camp designed for the very young artist. Artists will have fun playing with craft materials to discover shapes, patterns and colors. Instructor: Marco Mendoza Session One: Monday- Friday, June 25- 29 | 9:00 -10:00am | Program: S100 Session Two: 9:00- 10:00pm, July 23 - 27 | 9:00 - 10:00am | Program: S100B Early Registration Fee $55 | Fee: $65

Michelangelo’s Masters

Target grades: 8-13 yrs old Expression will be nurtured through hands-on mediums. Students will create from materials such as pencils, paint, and clay to create masterpieces. Instructor: Marco Mendoza Summer Time/Days: June 25 - 29 | 10:30 - 11:30am Early Registration Fee: $60 | Fee: $70 | Program: S101


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NSAA Summer 2018  

NSAA Summer 2018

NSAA Summer 2018  

NSAA Summer 2018