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There are moments in all of our lives that are extra special: a 25th wedding anniversary, a first-born getting married, that special job that you have been hoping for. These are memories that last forever. We invite you to join us in one of those moments as North Central College begins the celebration of one of those extra special moments. This season, we are celebrating the sesquicentennial of North Central College. . .150 years of fulfilling our mission to be “a community of learners dedicated to preparing students to be informed, involved, principled and productive citizens and leaders over a lifetime.” As “Naperville’s college,” we are honored to present some of the world’s finest artists in our world-class venues. In preparation for our celebration, which will officially begin in 2011, we are revving up with the greatest symphony orchestra in the world, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, on October 21. Two years ago, only 605 people were privileged enough to experience this magnificent institution in the acoustically perfect environment of the Wentz Concert Hall. This is your chance to be a part of something truly great. Don’t miss out! But wait, there’s more. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons are sold out for two performances, another once in a lifetime event. We are bringing you two different performances by the gifted Rachel Barton Pine, one in her traditional performance as violin virtuoso, one with her heavy metal band, Earthen Grave. Talk about a wide range of abilities! There will be the foot-stomping, handclapping, good old-time fun of Del McCoury and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. (I saw them perform at B. B. Kings in New York. All I can say is hang on!) Neal Conan will provide his narration to “Universe of Dreams” while you view images from the Hubble telescope listening to the sounds of Ensemble Galilei. Oh, and did I mention the Vienna Boy’s Choir will ring the perfect rafters of the Wentz Concert Hall with their pure, glorious tones? And that’s just for starters. Our catch phrase for the sesquicentennial is “150 years: A promising start.” In a way, we are just beginning to present the finest in entertainment to Naperville, to DuPage county, and to this entire region. We are here for you. We are here to bring you someone you have been waiting to see, someone you were unable to see, or perhaps someone you could not afford to see. We are building on the established traditions of the Naperville-North Central College Performing Arts Association while opening our doors to a constantly growing audience base. A promising start. We promise that we will continue to listen, to serve, and to provide the finest entertainment available for as many audiences as we can touch. Enjoy the show, and thank you for supporting the arts at North Central College. Brian Lynch Fine Arts Director, North Central College North Central College 1

sponsors North Central College thanks our Fine and Performing Arts 20102011 season sponsors. The following companies have made generous contributions in support of the fine and performing arts.

These programs are also partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.



Saturday, October 9, 2010 8:00 p.m. Presented at Pfeiffer Hall 310 E. Benton Avenue, Naperville, Illinois 2010 – 2011 Fine Arts Performances Sponsors

4 North Central College

MERCYME It’s been 10 years since MercyMe front man Bart Millard penned “I Can Only Imagine,” a touchingly personal song about his father’s early death that catapulted the group to nothing short of superstardom. The down-to-earth, Texas-based band’s breakthrough hit would sell almost three million units, race up the charts on Top 40, AC, Christian and Country charts alike, and be adopted as an anthem by hurting people around the world. In the decade since, the band’s career has continued to soar, with their unique brand of worshipful rock garnering the group a list of accolades that seemed unimaginable at the start of their career: more than 5 million records sold, one double-platinum disc, three gold albums, an American Music Award win, two Grammy® nominations, 19 No. 1 singles, a sold-out show at Radio City Music Hall, appearances on “The Tonight Show,”“Fox & Friends,” CNN, ABC’s “Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade” and critical praise from Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, Billboard and other outlets. In a testament to that first hit song’s timelessness,“I Can Only Imagine” remains a favorite on radio playlists nationwide today. To mark this epic anniversary and to celebrate one of the most powerful songs and popular groups in Christian music history, MercyMe is releasing “10,” a new CD/DVD set that showcases 12 No. 1 singles and videos that span the artists’ career. The “10” audio CD features all 11 of MercyMe’s No. 1 radio hits that span their five studio releases, from 2001’s “Almost There” to their 2007 release “All That Is Within Me.” The disc also features three bonus tracks including a new recording of “I Can Only Imagine” with the famed The London Session Orchestra, the never-beforereleased track “Only Temporary,” as well as the live show cult hit, “10 Simple Rules,” originally featured on the kid’s video “Hoop Dogz.” The companion DVD brings the music to life, featuring a diverse mix of concept videos and live performances that showcase how the band’s unique brand of music has won hearts in local venues and around the world. In addition to the eleven live and concept videos, fans can view an inside glimpse of the story behind “I Can Only Imagine” and get up close and personal with the band through their appearance on Gospel Music Channel’s “Faith & Fame” feature.   For listeners who first met MercyMe through the story of Millard’s father, which inspired “I Can Only Imagine,” “10” will be a musical marker of a career that has changed lives and continues to inspire. For others, it may be an introduction to a group that has scaled great heights and yet remains firmly grounded by their faith and their families.   There’s so much yet to do, but the band knows it’s important to look back from time to time and mark the milestones along the way. For Millard, that can mean visiting his father’s grave, which is just a mile from his house.“He would get such a kick out of all that has happened to MercyMe and his part in it. God has taken us so far; there’s so much I wish he could have seen.” Instead his father’s journey, and this son’s account of it, has inspired millions around the world in ways no one could have dreamed. “10” AUDIO TRACK LISTING: “Here With Me” “So Long Self” “God With Us” “I Can Only Imagine” “Word Of God Speak” “You Reign”

“In The Blink Of An Eye” “Hold Fast” “Spoken For” “Homesick” “Bring The Rain” “Finally Home” North Central College 5

6 North Central College

NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE Contemporary Series Presents

Blues Traveler

Saturday, October 16, 2010 8:00 p.m. Presented at Pfeiffer Hall 310 E. Benton Avenue, Naperville, Illinois 2010 – 2011 Fine Arts Performances Sponsors

North Central College 7

B L U E S T R AV E L E R It’s not every band that’s still staking out new musical territory and embracing fresh challenges more than 23 years into their career, but that’s the case with Blues Traveler. Having long ago graduated from the jam-band underground to mainstream stardom, the iconoclastic combo has consistently stuck to its guns and played by its own rules. For their new release (and Verve Forecast debut) “North Hollywood Shootout,” the quintet ventured out of their creative comfort zone to explore some adventurous new horizons. The resulting album is a landmark in Blues Traveler’s large and widely loved body of work, demonstrating the enduring strengths of the band’s songwriting while capturing the spontaneous spirit of their legendary live shows. The aforementioned body of work encompasses eight studio albums and four live discs, six of them certified Gold or Platinum, with combined worldwide sales of more than ten million units. The band’s best-known single, “Run-Around,” was the longest-charting radio single in Billboard history. Along the way, the band has played more than 2,000 live shows in front of more than three million people. “We’re still trying to reconcile the different things we do, and cultivate what we’re individually good at into something that’s bigger than the sum of its parts,” notes frontman and harmonica-slinger John Popper. “When we’re all playing and it’s working, it becomes this separate entity, and that’s still the thing that we’re chasing.” “North Hollywood Shootout” — produced by Grammy®-winner David Bianco, whose diverse resume includes work with the likes of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger and Teenage Fanclub — makes a strong case for Blues Traveler’s timelessly vital writing and performing abilities. Such memorable tunes as the uplifting road-trip anthem “You, Me and Everything,” the playfully romantic “Love Does” and the elegant, evocative “Orange in the Sun” boast infectious melodic hooks while showcasing the interactive instrumental chemistry that originally endeared the band to its rabidly devoted fan base. The new material also makes a strong case for the introspective side that’s always been a key element of lyricist Popper’s persona. The heart-tugging lyrics of the opening track “Forever Owed” were inspired by the singer’s recent USO trip to Afghanistan and Iraq, while the poignant “Borrowed Time” is a bittersweet meditation on mortality and transience, a song inspired both by the recent passing of bandmates Chan and Tad Kinchla’s father, and by Popper’s feelings for his beloved and aging dog. The album’s biggest sonic curveball is its closing track,“Free Willis (Ruminations from Behind Uncle Bob’s Machine Shop).” The six-minute, spokenword sound collage finds the band jamming over an insistent drumbeat, while actor Bruce Willis, a longtime fan and friend, delivers a colorful freeform monologue/rant. “Free Willis” is a particularly aggressive embodiment of the creative risks that the ever-restless quintet took in writing and recording “North Hollywood Shootout.” Rather than fall back on established routines, the musicians challenged themselves by adopting some new working methods. As guitarist Chan Kinchla explains, “On the last few records, we concentrated so much on the craft of the songwriting and arrangements that we started losing some of the live spontaneity that the five of us created on stage. So on this album, instead of doing the usual pre-production process — where we really worked out the songs before taking them into the studio — we decided to go straight into the studio and do the songwriting there. We recorded all the parts as we were working them out, and then build the songs from there. We’d find a cool little pocket and jam on it, or there’d be a 8 North Central College

B L U E S T R AV E L E R ( c o n t .) drumbeat or a guitar part that was really happening, and we’d take the best part of that and use it as the foundation of the song.” “That was a completely new way of working for us,” Kinchla asserts, “but it was also taking what we do live and bringing it into the studio. For a long time, we thought of the studio as a completely different creative process than playing live, because we’ve never had much luck in trying to incorporate the stuff we do live onto a record. But this time, all the live improvisation we were doing in the studio inspired the songs.” “North Hollywood Shootout” also found the band ceding more authority to Popper to create melodies to carry his lyrics. “The main thing that we wanted to emphasize on this record was melody, and I think that that aspect of it turned out really well,” Popper states. “The guys took a real risk in trusting me to run with that.” Their knack for evolving musically has been a hallmark of Blues Traveler’s output ever since the group’s four founding members — John and Chan plus bassist Bobby Sheehan and drummer Brendan Hill — began playing together as high school friends in Princeton, New Jersey. The musicians moved to New York City after graduating, and Blues Traveler quickly earned a local reputation for its high-energy, heavily improvisational live shows, with Popper’s soulful singing and flamboyant harp-blowing matched by Kinchla’s inventive combustible guitar work and the rhythm section’s propulsive punch. Their inspired performances placed Blues Traveler at the forefront of an emerging movement of rootsy jam bands, a vibrant community that also produced Phish and the Spin Doctors. Blues Traveler soon took to the road and won a reputation as a tireless touring act, winning a fan base up and down the East Coast before they’d even released an album. After signing a deal with A&M Records, Blues Traveler released its self-titled debut, including the hit track “But Anyway,” in the spring of 1990. The album won the group a national audience that continued to grow with the following year’s “Travelers and Thieves” and the live EP “On Tour Forever,” and 1993’s “Save His Soul.” In 1992, Blues Traveler founded the touring H.O.R.D.E. festival, which became an influential outlet for bands associated with the jam scene. 1994’s “Four” became a quintuple-platinum breakthrough for Blues Traveler, spawning the Grammy®-winning smash single “Run-Around” and the follow-up hit “Hook.” The in-concert collection “Live from the Fall” arrived in 1996, followed by the 1997 studio effort “Straight On Till Morning.” The 1999 release of Popper’s debut solo project “Zygote” was followed that August by the shocking news of bassist Bobby Sheehan’s sudden death at the age of 31. Blues Traveler eventually bounced back from the loss of their comrade, regrouping as a reenergized five-piece with the addition of Chan’s brother Tad Kinchla on bass and Ben Wilson on keyboards. The new lineup made its recording debut with 2001’s “Bridge”, followed by the live “What You and I Have Been Through.” The acclaimed studio album “Truth Be Told” arrived in 2003, followed in 2004 by “Live on the Rocks” and its companion DVD “Thinnest of Air.” 2005’s “Bastardos!,” produced by ex-Wilco member Jay Bennett, reasserted Blues Traveler’s experimental edge. 2007 saw the release of “Cover Yourself,” a set of acoustic reworkings of Blues Traveler favorites. Also in 2007, Popper stepped out again to tour and record with the John Popper Project featuring DJ Logic, which also included Tad Kinchla on bass. As their history demonstrates and “North Hollywood Shootout” confirms, Blues Traveler has consistently managed to avoid stagnation and continue moving forward. “It’s unavoidable that if you’re around long enough, you’re gonna fall into ruts,” North Central College 9

B L U E S T R AV E L E R ( c o n t .) Popper reflects, adding,“We’ve been in several over the years, but you fight through that and you overcome it. We were little kids when we started, and we approached this like little kids, and I think we’ve held on to that. We’ve made mistakes, but we’ve never allowed ourselves to do anything that we’d be embarrassed about now.“ “I think you have to be constantly reinventing things and discovering new aspects of what you do in order to keep things fresh,” Kinchla adds. “This lineup, with Tad and Ben, has been together for eight years, playing over 100 shows a year for eight years. We’ve spent a lot of time sorting out everyone’s role and learning how to listen to each other and get out of each other’s way. It’s funny, but right now the band is feeling a lot like it did in the early days, when we were just playing for the sake of playing and we were hitting on all cylinders and the communication was fresh and alive. The shows have been really kicking, and the new songs have been going over great.” “You have to be smart enough to know that you don’t know what you’re doing, and so you give it your best shot by trusting your instincts,” Popper concludes. “The great thing about knowing that you don’t know what you’re doing is that there’s more to learn. And I think that as long as we have more to learn as a band, we’ll be all right. What makes it work is honesty. As long as you mean it, you’ve got the potential to come up with something really good.” For more information on Blues Traveler, please contact: Regina Joskow Meghan Allen (National Publicity) (Management) Verve Music Group C3 Management 212-331-2053 512-478-7211

10 North Central College


Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Thursday, October 21, 2010 8:00 p.m. Presented at Wentz Concert Hall 171 E. Chicago Avenue, Naperville, Illinois 2010 – 2011 Fine Arts Performances Sponsors Bank of America is the Global Sponsor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

North Central College 11

C H I C AG O S Y M P H O N Y O R C H E S T R A The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is consistently hailed as one of today’s leading orchestras. Live performances by the CSO are much in demand at home and in the most prestigious venues around the world. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra currently enjoys unique artistic leadership among international orchestras, with three of the world’s most celebrated conductors: eminent Dutch conductor Bernard Haitink, renowned French composer and conductor Pierre Boulez, and Italian conductor Riccardo Muti. Haitink became principal conductor in 2006 and concludes his successful tenure at the end of the 2009-10 season. Boulez, whose long-standing relationship with the CSO led to his appointment as principal guest conductor in 1995, was named Helen Regenstein Conductor Emeritus in 2006. In May 2008, Muti was appointed the Orchestra’s tenth music director. His tenure began in September 2010 after serving as music director designate. In collaboration with internationally renowned conductors and guest artists, the CSO performs well over 120 concerts each year at its downtown Chicago home, Symphony Center, and at the Ravinia Festival on Chicago’s North Shore, where it is in residence each summer. With its Institute for Learning, Access and Training, the CSO engages more than 150,000 Chicago-area residents annually. Since 1971, the CSO has undertaken 36 overseas tours: 27 to Europe, six to the Far East, and one each to Russia, Australia and South America. In 2007, three highly successful media initiatives were launched — the creation of CSO Resound, the Orchestra’s in-house record label, a return to the national airwaves with a new, selfproduced weekly broadcast series, and the expansion of the CSO’s web presence through free video downloads of the innovative Beyond the Score presentations. The Beyond the Score series has proved a highly popular and widely acclaimed audience-development initiative, designed not only for classical music aficionados, but also for newcomers looking to delve deeper into the world of classical music. Presentations offer a live multimedia documentary of one selected work, examining its context in history, how it fits into the composer’s output of works and the details of the composer’s life that influenced its creation, followed by a complete performance of the work by the CSO. Free video downloads of select Beyond the Score productions are available at Throughout its history, recording has been a significant part of the Orchestra’s activities. Since 1916, the Orchestra has amassed a discography numbering more than 900. In May 2007, CSO Resound, the Orchestra’s in-house label for CD and digital download releases, was launched. To date, releases on the CSO Resound label include Bruckner’s “Seventh Symphony,” Shostakovich’s “Fourth Symphony,” and Mahler’s “First,”“Second,”“Third” and “Sixth” symphonies, all conducted by Bernard Haitink; Daphnis et Chloé, featuring the title work by Ravel and Poulenc’s “Gloria” with the Chicago Symphony Chorus and soprano Jessica Rivera, led by Haitink; Stravinsky’s “Pulcinella,”“Four Études” and “Symphony in Three Movements” with Pierre Boulez; “Traditions and Transformations: Sounds of Silk Road Chicago,” featuring the Silk Road Ensemble, Yo-Yo Ma and Wu Man; and a download-only recording of Shostakovich’s “Fifth Symphony” under Myung-Whun Chung. Recordings by the CSO have earned 60 Grammy Awards ® from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences — more than any other orchestra in the world. Most recently, the CSO Resound recording of Shostakovich’s “Fourth Symphony” with Haitink, which includes a DVD Beyond the Score 12 North Central College

C H I C AG O S Y M P H O N Y O R C H E S T R A ( c o n t .) presentation, won the 2008 Grammy for Best Orchestral Performance. “Traditions and Transformations: Sounds of Silk Road Chicago” received the Grammy for Best Engineered Album, Classical. The CSO’s self-produced weekly radio broadcast series hit the national airwaves in April 2007 and is now syndicated to more than 300 markets nationwide on the WFMT Radio Network, as well as online at These broadcasts offer a new and distinctive approach to classical music radio programming, with lively and engaging content designed to provide deeper insight and offer further connection to the music performed in the Orchestra’s concert season. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s distinguished history began in 1891, when Theodore Thomas, then the leading conductor in America and a recognized music pioneer, was invited by Chicago businessman Charles Norman Fay to establish a symphony orchestra here. Thomas’ aim to establish a permanent orchestra with performance capabilities of the highest quality was realized at the first concerts in October of that year. Maestro Thomas served as music director until his death in 1905 — just three weeks after the dedication of Orchestra Hall, the Chicago Orchestra’s permanent home. Thomas’ successor was Frederick Stock, who began his career in the viola section in 1895 and became Assistant Conductor four years later. His tenure at the Orchestra’s helm lasted 37 years, from 1905 to 1942 — the longest of Chicago’s nine music directors. Dynamic and innovative, the Stock years saw the founding of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, the first training orchestra in the United States affiliated with a major symphony orchestra, in 1919. He also established youth auditions, organized the first subscription concerts especially for children and began a series of popular concerts. Three distinguished conductors headed the Orchestra during the following decade: Désiré Defauw was music director from 1943 to 1947; Artur Rodzinski assumed the post in 1947-48; and Rafael Kubelík led the Orchestra for three seasons from 1950 to 1953. The next ten years belonged to Fritz Reiner, whose recordings with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra are still considered performance hallmarks. It was Maestro Reiner who invited Margaret Hillis to form the Chicago Symphony Chorus in 1957. For the five seasons from 1963 to 1968, Jean Martinon held the position of music director. Sir Georg Solti, the Orchestra’s eighth music director, served from 1969 until 1991. He then held the title of music director laureate and returned to conduct the Orchestra for several weeks each season until his death in September 1997. Maestro Solti’s arrival in Chicago launched one of the most successful musical partnerships of our time. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s first overseas tour came in 1971 under his direction, and subsequent European tours, as well as trips to Japan and Australia, have reinforced its reputation as one of the world’s finest musical ensembles. Daniel Barenboim was named music director designate in January 1989, and he assumed leadership as the Orchestra’s ninth music director in September 1991, a position he held until June 2006. His music directorship was distinguished by the opening of Chicago’s new Symphony Center in 1997, highly praised operatic productions at Orchestra Hall, numerous virtuoso appearances with the Orchestra in the dual role of pianist and conductor, 21 international tours and an ongoing series of composer perspectives woven into the Orchestra’s subscription series. North Central College 13

C H I C AG O S Y M P H O N Y O R C H E S T R A ( c o n t .) His tenure was also marked by a dedication to the next generation of orchestral musicians through his continued advocacy of the Civic Orchestra program, the training orchestra of the CSO. Pierre Boulez, now conductor emeritus, is one of three musicians to have held the title of principal guest conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Carlo Maria Giulini began to appear in Chicago regularly in the late 1950s, and he was named principal guest conductor in 1969, serving until 1972. Claudio Abbado held the position from 1982 to 1985. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra has long been associated with Ravinia, in Highland Park, Illinois, having first performed in Ravinia Park’s second season in November 1905 and appearing semi-regularly through August 1931, after which the Park fell dark under the Great Depression. The Orchestra helped to inaugurate the first season of the Ravinia Festival in August 1936 and has been in residence at the Festival every summer since. For more information on the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, visit PROGR A M Riccardo Muti, Music Director Pierre Boulez, Helen Regenstein Conductor Emeritus Yo-Yo Ma, Judson and Joyce Green Creative Consultant Gil Shaham, Conductor and Violin Haydn Violin Concerto No. 4 in G Major Allegro moderato Adagio Finale: Allegro Hartmann Concerto funebre for Solo Violin and String Orchestra Introduction (Largo) Adagio Allegro di molto Choral (Slow March) Intermission Barber

Adagio for Strings


Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major, K. 219 (Turkish) Allegro aperto Adagio Rondo: Tempo di menuetto

14 North Central College

MUSICIANS VIOLINS Robert Chen Concertmaster The Louis C. Sudler Chair, endowed by an anonymous benefactor David Taylor Yuan-Qing Yu Assistant Concertmasters* Cornelius Chiu Nathan Cole Alison Dalton Kozue Funakoshi Russell Hershow Qing Hou Blair Milton Paul Phillips, Jr. Sando Shia Susan Synnestvedt Rong-Yan Tang Akiko Tarumoto Baird Dodge Principal Albert Igolnikov Assistant Principal Lei Hou Ni Mei Arnold Brostoff Fox Fehling Hermine Gagné Rachel Goldstein Mihaela Ionescu‡ Melanie Kupchynsky Wendy Koons Meir Aiko Noda Joyce Noh Nancy Park Ronald Satkiewicz Florence Schwartz-Lee Jennie Wagner VIOLAS Charles Pikler Principal Li-Kuo Chang Assistant Principal The Louise H. Benton Wagner Chair John Bartholomew Catherine Brubaker Karen Dirks Diane Mues Lawrence Neuman Yukiko Ogura Daniel Orbach Max Raimi Thomas Wright

CELLOS John Sharp Principal The Eloise W. Martin Chair Kenneth Olsen Assistant Principal The Adele Gidwitz Chair Loren Brown Richard Hirschl Katinka Kleijn‡ Jonathan Pegis David Sanders Gary Stucka Brant Taylor BASSES Daniel Armstrong Roger Cline Joseph DiBello Michael Hovnanian Robert Kassinger Mark Kraemer Stephen Lester Bradley Opland HARPS Sarah Bullen Principal Lynne Turner FLUTES Mathieu Dufour Principal Richard Graef Assistant Principal Louise Dixon Jennifer Gunn PICCOLO Jennifer Gunn OBOES Eugene Izotov Principal The Nancy and Larry Fuller Chair Michael Henoch Assistant Principal Gilchrist Foundation Chair Lora Schaefer Scott Hostetler ENGLISH HORN Scott Hostetler

North Central College 15

M U S I C I A N S ( c o n t .) CLARINETS John Bruce Yeh Acting Principal Gregory Smith J. Lawrie Bloom E-FLAT CLARINET John Bruce Yeh BASS CLARINET J. Lawrie Bloom BASSOONS David McGill Principal William Buchman Assistant Principal Dennis Michel HORNS Dale Clevenger Principal Daniel Gingrich Associate Principal James Smelser David Griffin Oto Carrillo Susanna Drake TRUMPETS Christopher Martin Principal The Adolph Herseth, Principal Trumpet Chair, endowed by an anonymous benefactor Mark Ridenour Assistant Principal John Hagstrom Tage Larsen TROMBONES Jay Friedman Principal James Gilbertsen‡ Associate Principal Michael Mulcahy Charles Vernon

BASS TROMBONE Charles Vernon TUBA Gene Pokorny Principal The Arnold Jacobs Principal Tuba Chair, endowed by Christine Querfeld TIMPANI Vadim Karpinos Acting Principal PERCUSSION Cynthia Yeh Principal Patricia Dash Vadim Karpinos James Ross PIANO Mary Sauer Principal LIBRARIANS Peter Conover Principal Carole Keller Mark Swanson ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL John Deverman Director Anne MacQuarrie Manager, CSO Auditions and Orchestra Personnel STAGE TECHNICIANS Kelly Kerins Stage Manager Dave Hartge James Hogan Christopher Lewis Patrick Reynolds Todd Snick Joe Tucker

*Assistant concertmasters are listed by seniority. ‡On sabbatical The Chicago Symphony Orchestra string sections utilize revolving seating. Players behind the first desk (first two desks in the violins) change seats systematically every two weeks and are listed alphabetically. Section percussionists also are listed alphabetically. The David and Mary Winton Green Principal Bass Chair currently is unoccupied. 16 North Central College

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NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE Performing Art Series Presents

Frankie Valli

and The Four Seasons

Saturday, October 23, 2010 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, October 24, 2010 6:00 p.m.

Presented at Pfeiffer Hall 310 E. Benton Avenue, Naperville, Illinois 2010 – 2011 Fine Arts Performances Sponsors

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F R A N K I E VA L L I Oh, what a story. Frankie Valli, who came to fame in 1962 as the lead singer of the Four Seasons, is hotter than ever in the 21st century. Thanks to the volcanic success of the Tony®-winning musical “Jersey Boys,” which chronicles the life and times of Frankie and his legendary group, such classic songs as “Big Girls Don’t Cry,”“Walk Like a Man,”“Rag Doll,” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” are all the rage all over again. As the play enters its third sold-out year on Broadway, and the two touring companies of “Jersey Boys” travel around the U.S., the real Frankie Valli is packing concert halls coast to coast, from the Rose Theater, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, to L.A.’s Kodak Theater, home of the Academy Awards. Frankie saluted the decade that made him a star with his first new studio album in 15 years. In “Romancing The ‘60s,” released in 2007, he put his own stamp on some of his favorite ‘60s songs, the ones he always wanted to record but somehow got away. Produced by Bob Gaudio, an original member of the Four Seasons and Frankie’s long-time partner, the set includes unforgettable new versions of such gems as “Spanish Harlem,”“Call Me” and “Take Good Care of My Baby.” And the album features a delightful guest appearance by the four young stars of “Jersey Boys,” providing background vocals for – what else? – “On Broadway,” launched with perfect timing amid Jersey Boy-mania, “Romancing The ‘60s” was the most eagerly anticipated album of Frankie Valli’s 54-year recording career. But please don’t say that Frankie is back. The truth is, he never went away. Sure, the majority of the 71 chart hits of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (including 40 in the Top 40, 19 in the Top 10 and eight No. 1’s) came during the 1960s, but the music didn’t just disappear. He has toured almost continuously since 1962, and his songs have been omnipresent in such movies as “The Deer Hunter,”“Dirty Dancing,”“Mrs. Doubtfire,”“Conspiracy Theory” and “The Wanderers.” As many as 200 artists have done cover versions of Frankie’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” from Nancy Wilson’s jazz treatment to Lauryn Hill’s hip-hop makeover. Frankie and the Four Seasons have influenced many other great recording artists. That was acknowledged in dozens of recent tributes collected for “Jersey Beat,” the newly released Four Seasons boxed set. For example, from Barry Gibb: “Frankie Valli to me has become one of the hallmark voices of our generation. From the deepest emotions of his real voice to the power of his falsetto, he created a style that we all still strive to emulate.” From Billy Joel: “I wrote ‘Uptown Girl’ as the flip side to the story of ‘Rag Doll.’ I always loved that record.” And from Brian Wilson: “In the early ‘60s, the Four Seasons were my favorite group. I thought they were fantastic. The voice blend was fantastic. The competition helped me to get cracking. It inspired me, because they made good music. I went to the piano thinking I could top their music.” There’s something about Frankie’s music that makes young people of every generation want to get up and dance. Amid the disco era, the Seasons hit it big with “Who Loves You,” which reached No. 3 in 1975, and “December 1963 (Oh, What a Night),” a No. 1 record in 1976. On the other side of the Atlantic,“You’re Ready Now” and “The Night,” which didn’t do anything in the U.S., emerged from the dance clubs in the north of England to become huge hits in Europe. Two decades later, in 1994, a dance club remix of “December 1963” climbed to No. 14 in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2000, a French-language rap version of “December 1963” went to No. 1 in Paris. And in July of 2007, a remix of the Four Seasons’ 1967 hit “Beggin’” became the No. 1 dance record in Britain. This was eight months in advance of the scheduled March 2008 opening of “Jersey Boys” in London. Case closed: Frankie never went away. North Central College 19

F R A N K I E VA L L I ( c o n t .) Anyone who forgot about Frankie apparently never watched one of the most popular and critically acclaimed TV series in history: “The Sopranos.” The Seasons’ music could be heard in the show or sometimes over the credits. The characters often spouted their admiration for “Frankie Valli.” Tony Soprano bragged that he used the same florist as Frankie. And Frankie himself, in an acting role, gueststarred in Seasons 5 and 6 of “The Sopranos” as mobster Rusty Millio — until Rusty’s unfortunate demise in a hail of bullets. Considering Frankie’s background, it’s a wonder he didn’t end up like Rusty rather than in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Born Francis Castelluccio on May 3, 1934, he grew up in a public housing project, Stephen Crane Village, on the tough streets of Newark, New Jersey. As the character of Tommy DeVito, Frankie’s friend and fellow Four Season, says in “Jersey Boys:”“If you’re from my neighborhood, you got three ways out: You could join the army. You could get mobbed up. Or, you could become a star.” At an early age, Frankie chose Door No. 3. When he was seven, his mother took him to New York City’s Paramount Theater to see Frank Sinatra. “I saw Sinatra coming out on the stage,” Frankie recalls, “and the way he was lit up, it was like he had an aura around him. I decided then and there that’s what I was going to do — be a successful singer.” That’s not easy in the best of circumstances, and hanging out in Newark was certainly not the best of circumstances. Several of Frankie’s friends did stints in jail for small-time robberies, including two buddies, Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi, who would later become original members of the Four Seasons. If you didn’t watch out, Frankie says, “you could wind up in the trunk of a car.” Fortunately, Frankie’s friends discovered that making music was a good way to stay out of jail and car trunks. In the early ‘50s, DeVito headed a group called the Variety Trio, and one night he invited young Frankie on stage to sing “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love.” Soon, Frankie was known around the neighborhood for having the voice of angel. In 1953, he caught the eye of music publisher Paul Kapp who helped Frankie make his first record,“My Mother’s Eyes,” on the Corona label. Realizing that Castelluccio was “a little long for a marquee” (as his girlfriend kids him in “Jersey Boys”), he rechristened himself Frankie Valley (later Italianized to Valli), borrowing the name from friend and fellow performer Texas Jean Valley.“My Mother’s Eyes” made a little splash locally but sank without a trace outside Newark. A bit of national attention didn’t come until 1956, when Frankie was in a group called the Four Lovers with Tommy, his brother Nick DeVito and Hank Majewski. They had

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F R A N K I E VA L L I ( c o n t .) a minor hit with “You’re the Apple of My Eye” by Otis Blackwell, who also penned “Don’t Be Cruel” for Elvis Presley. The Four Lovers also cut an album called “Joyride” and appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. But even this modest success proved to be shortlived, and Frankie kept open his other main career path — cutting hair. It wasn’t until 1959 that the Lovers, now numbering three (Frankie, Tommy and Nick Massi) started catching some big breaks. First, a friend named Joe Pesci (yes, the same Joe Pesci who would go on, improbably, to become an Oscar-winning actor) introduced the Lovers to Bob Gaudio, a piano-playing, song-writing prodigy and former member of the Royal Teens. He had co-written the monster hit “Short Shorts,” but then his Teens had returned to obscurity. After taking in Gaudio, the Lovers, now four again, started working with Bob Crewe, a brilliant lyricist and producer with a golden ear (his songwriting credits already included “Silhouettes” for the Rays). Meanwhile, the Lovers flunked an audition to play at the cocktail lounge of a bowling alley in Union, New Jersey, but they decided the lounge’s name would make a classy moniker for a singing group: The Four Seasons. For two years, the Four Seasons sang background for Crewe’s other acts while working on a style of their own. Finally, in 1962, Gaudio came up with a song that made full use of Frankie’s remarkable range from baritone to falsetto. When the unknown Seasons sang “Sherry” on American Bandstand, they suddenly became the hottest band in the land, and after nine years as a recording artist, Frankie Valli became an “overnight” sensation with a No. 1 record. The sound of “Sherry” was unlike anything else on the airwaves. “Many R&B groups had used falsetto as part of their background harmonies,” explains Frankie, “but we were different because we put the falsetto out front and made it the lead.” Determined not to be a one-hit wonder again, Gaudio collaborated with Crewe, and the duo quickly composed two more No. 1 hits for the Seasons: “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Walk Like a Man.” Gaudio and Crewe went on to become one of the most successful song-writing teams in pop music history. Around the same time, Gaudio also formed a special partnership with Valli. With a handshake, Bob agreed to give Frankie half of everything Bob earned as a writer and producer, and Frankie agreed to give Bob half of Frankie’s earnings from performances outside the group. That partnership remains in force 45 years later, still sealed only with a handshake. The fateful year of 1964 brought the British invasion, but that didn’t stall the Four Seasons. With the Gaudio-Crewe engine firing on all cylinders, the group released one smash after another: “Dawn (Go Away),”“Ronnie,”“Rag Doll,”“Save It For Me,” “Big Man in Town” and, in early 1965, “Bye Bye Baby (Baby, Goodbye).” From late 1965 to 1967, Gaudio and Crewe began working on songs that Frankie could sing solo — adult-oriented songs that didn’t rely on his famous falsetto. Songwriting for the group was largely turned over to the team of Denny Randell and Sandy Linzer, who produced three straight giant hits: “Let’s Hang On,” “Working My Way Back to You” and “Opus 17 (Don’t You Worry ‘Bout Me).” The Seasons also cracked the Top 10 with a gorgeous reinvention of the old Cole Porter standard “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Gaudio’s main contribution to the group during this period was “Beggin’,” written with Peggy Farina of the Angels. Back in the studio, Gaudio and Crewe were still puzzling over songs that could give Frankie his own identity. After several unsuccessful attempts, they finally fashioned a signature song that would make Frankie a solo superstar:“Can’t Take My Eyes Off North Central College 21

F R A N K I E VA L L I ( c o n t .) You.” Released in 1967, it went to No. 2 in Billboard and No. 1 in Cashbox. With the popularity of the original record and all the cover versions,“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” has become one of the top ten most-played songs in the history of BMI, one of the two major companies that collect royalties for songwriters. After “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” came two more Top 40 Solo hits: “I Make a Fool of Myself” and “To Give (the Reason I Live).” But unlike many lead singers who achieve solo success, leave their groups and never look back, Frankie stayed with the Four Seasons, producing hits in two parallel careers. While Frankie flourished solo, the Four Seasons stayed in the Top 40 with “C’mon Marianne,”“Watch the Flowers Grow” and a remake of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.” In the early 1970’s, the Seasons finally had a cold spell. Massi and DeVito had left the group, and the lineup of players kept changing. But while Gaudio stopped touring with the group, he continued to write songs, and Frankie Valli remained one of the biggest names in the music business. In 1975, Frankie came roaring back with “My Eyes Adored You,” which reached No. 1,“Swearin’ to God” and a cover of “Our Day Will Come.” That burst of success spurred Gaudio to put together a new Four Seasons, led by Frankie, of course. With his future wife Judy Parker, Gaudio wrote “Who Loves You” and “December 1963 (Oh, What a Night),” two of the biggest hits in the Seasons’ history. The new hot streak culminated in 1978, when Frankie’s solo performance of “Grease,” featured not once, but twice in the movie soundtrack, reached the inevitable No. 1 ranking in Billboard. From 1962 to 1978, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons sold more than 100 million records, even before the invention of the compact disc prompted Seasons collectors to buy the hits all over again. For decades after their heyday, Frankie and the Seasons continued to be a top concert draw, and radio constantly played their classics, not to mention the new remixes that kept popping up on the charts. In 1990, Frankie and the other original Seasons were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, only five years after the Hall opened for business. But who could imagine that the first 45 years would be only the beginning — that Frankie Valli would celebrate 2007 with a new album and a heavy sold-out concert schedule? No other pop star has ever received the kind of new lease on life that “Jersey Boys” has given Frankie Valli. In addition to the three current productions of “Jersey Boys,” plans have been laid to take the play to London, Las Vegas and Toronto for open-ended runs. And producers are clamoring to bring the musical to Australia, Singapore, China and even Dubai — yes, the Dubai that’s part of the United Arab Emirates. Every major Hollywood studio has asked about making a “Jersey Boys” movie. For as far into the future as anyone can see, “Jersey Boys” will introduce the music of Frankie Valli to new generations. “Romancing The ‘60s” is the most welcome and long-awaited addition to that legacy. The man himself shows no signs of slowing down. As his character says at the end of “Jersey Boys:”“Like that bunny on TV with the battery, I just keep going and going and going.” For as long as he wants to sing, people will want to listen.

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NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE Performing Art Series Presents

Charlotte’s Web

Illustrations © renewed 1980 by Estat of Garth Williams. Reprinted with permission from HarperCollins Publishers

Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm Presented at Wentz Concert Hall 171 E. Chicago Avenue, Naperville, Illinois 2010 – 2011 Fine Arts Performances Sponsors

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CHARLOT TE’S WEB E.B. White’s loving story of the friendship between a pig named Wilbur and a little gray spider named Charlotte comes to life in “Charlotte’s Web.” Wilbur has a problem: how to avoid winding up in the slaughterhouse. Enter Charlotte, a fine writer and a true friend, who assures Wilbur she will save him. Charlotte hits on a plan to fool Farmer Zuckerman – she will create a “miracle.” Spinning the words “Some Pig” in her web, Charlotte weaves a solution which not only makes Wilbur a prize pig, but ensures his place on the farm forever. This treasured tale, featuring mad-cap and endearing farm animals, explores bravery, selfless love, and the true meaning of friendship. “Charlotte’s Web” is a play by Joseph Robinette based on the Newbery Medalwinning book by E.B. White (“Stuart Little,” “Trumpet of the Swan”). The production is directed by Rob Barron (current Theatreworks USA productions of “Romeo & Juliet,” “Ferdinand the Bull,” “Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel,” among others) and the incidental music score is by Jeffrey Lunden (winner of the Lortel Award, Rodgers Award, and Jonathan Larson Award, and composer of Theatreworks USA productions of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” “The Little Prince,” “The Great Railroad Race”). The scenic design is by James D. Sandefur, and the costumes are by Anne-Marie Wright. This 60-minute play is recommended for audiences age five and up. “Charlotte’s Web” began its national tour in fall 1993, and has been one of Theatreworks USA’s most popular productions ever since. “Charlotte’s Web” is able, as are all Theatreworks USA productions, to play a wide range of venues, from large Broadway-sized performing arts centers in major metropolitan areas to elementary school cafeterias in small towns. The six actors and stage manager in “Charlotte’s Web” rehearsed for two weeks in New York City with the director. Once the tour begins, the actors and stage manager typically arrive at the performance venue early in the morning to set up the scenery and to prepare for the performance. Following the show, they pack the set, costumes, and sound equipment into two large vans, and drive to the next city, sleep in a hotel, and begin the whole ritual again the following day. Theatreworks USA has a distinguished history of not only providing young audiences with their first taste of the performing arts, but also giving young actors, writers, directors, and designers an early opportunity to work in this field. A list of Theatreworks USA alumni reads like a veritable “who’s who” of theatre: fourtime Tony®-winning director Jerry Zaks, Robert Jess Roth (“Beauty and the Beast”), Michael Mayer (“Thoroughly Modern Millie”); writers Marta Kauffman and David Crane (TV’s “Friends”), Lynn Ahrens and Steven Flaherty (“Ragtime,”“Once On This Island”), Jason Robert Brown (“Parade”), Larry O’Keefe (“Bat Boy”), Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx (“Avenue Q”); and Tony-winning actors John Lloyd Young, Roger Bart, Chuck Cooper, and John Glover. Esteemed performers F. Murray Abraham, Henry Winkler, and Judy Kuhn also got their start with Theatreworks, and other actors have gone on to originate lead roles in such Broadway shows as “Avenue Q,”“Hairspray,”“Young Frankenstein,”“Rent,”“Wicked,”“Jersey Boys,” and many others. The actors, writers, director, choreographer, and designers of “Charlotte’s Web” may also go on to similar success in musical theatre. Theatreworks USA is America’s largest and most prolific professional not-forprofit theatre for young and family audiences. Since 1961, Theatreworks USA has enlightened, entertained, and instructed over 68 million people in 49 26 North Central College

C H A R L O T T E ’ S W E B ( c o n t .) states and Canada, now performing for about four million people annually. Every year, the company tours approximately 16 shows from its ever-growing repertoire of 110 plays and musicals. In addition, Theatreworks USA also has an extensive multicultural guest artist roster, including storytellers, puppeteers, poets, and magicians. Under the direction of Barbara Pasternack (Artistic Director) and Ken Arthur (Managing Director), Theatreworks USA is also one of the most honored theatres of its kind. It is the only children’s theatre to receive both a Drama Desk and a Lucille Lortel Award. In addition, Theatreworks USA was the recipient of a 2001 Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation Award, and in May 2000, The Actors Fund of American bestowed its Medal of Honor upon its founders, Jay Harnick and Charles Hull.

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Heather Freeman August 27-September 26, 2010 Personal Demons

SCHoeNHerr GAllery

Artist Heather Freeman asked people on the social networking site Facebook to describe their personal demons. Over the course of several years, she collected about 50 statements and began visually interpreting their confessions in digital print and animation.

Dawson, Godie, Webster, & Willis October 1-November 7, 2010 Say Rah!

Dawson, Godie, Webster, Willis Chicago Self Taught Art from The Arient Family Collection

Jim and Beth Arient first collected contemporary art but found it to be somewhat frustrating and expensive. Eventually they discovered 20th-century American folk art and they have one of the foremost collections in the United States. Opening reception on Friday, October 1, 2010 from 6 to 8 p.m. A gallery talk with the Arient family will be Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 2 p.m. Sponsored by:

Will Barnet

November 12, 2010-January 13, 2011 Will Barnet: Figurative Prints Born in 1911, Will Barnet knew by age 10 he wanted to be an artist. Barnet’s works, while remaining universal, reference his own personal history complete with images of his wife, his daughter and their family pets. Sponsored by:

Bob Nugent

Guitar Collection February 25-April 10, 2011

Fender Stratocasters, Gibson Les Pauls and other classic guitars from the collections of local residents Marguerite and Rich Waters and David Kelsh will be displayed. Visitors will get close to vintage instruments that created the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll and rock— music that defined generations.

Kevin ramos April 15-May 15, 2011 Street

Candid stills of urban life taken at street level by Kevin Ramos.

randy Simmons May 20-June 19, 2011

Randy Simmons’ work can be divided into several themes: children and parenting, domestic violence, political issues and past relationships with former wives and girlfriends. At times, the boundaries of his subjects overlap.

January 21-February 20, 2011 In Its Flow – New Paintings and Drawings of Amazônia The work transcribes a memory of objects and impressions captured during repeated sojourns to the Amazon River Basin. These impressions are a memory of the river bound on both sides by a high, dark jungle; foreboding and beautiful. When the jungle takes you in, it takes you in whole.

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9/24/2010 10:50:00 AM

Try a taste of Thai. Just across the street from the Wentz Concert Hall. Take advantage of 15% OFF by showing your ticket.

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Marilyn Kubly Workman ‘54 Dwight and Ruth Yackley ARIA Adrian ‘02 and Jacqueline Milbratz ‘03 Aldrich Anderson’s Bookshops Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Anderson ‘38 Anonymous Leon ‘55 and Eleanor ‘56 Arneson The Bangkok Village Kevin ’99 and Jennifer (Medows) ’01 Barrett Mrs. M. I. Bartel Dennis Bauman ’54 and Jean Ranson ’57 Bauman Jan ‘75 and Larry Baumgartner Shane Beard Esther Benjamin ‘90 and Tim Webb Thomas F. Bennington, Jr. ‘84 Steve and Rachel Bergerson Todd Berry and Margaret Lewis Erin L. Bishop ‘93 Janice Borla and Jack Mouse Walter and Sally Borla David Bowers ‘73 Ruth Bauserman Brown ’52 Nancy ‘79 and Jim Buterbaugh Dr. Richard F. Calhoun ‘52 The Carriage Club Casey’s Foods Channell Family Doug and Margey Colbeth John A. and Susan K. Colucci Howard L. Cosyns ‘49 Wayne and Mary Lou Cowlishaw Bonnie Eisele-DeMerle and Les DeMerle Jerry ‘64 and Karen de St. Paer The Dempsey Family Margaret (Walcott) Double (1936-37) ‘39 Mr. and Mrs. Tom W. Drake ‘58 Cleve E. Carney Fund of The DuPage Community Foundation Bill ‘68 and Carol Edson William and Mary Ellingson Jan Eisele Erickson and Bruce Erickson Mark ‘95, ‘07 and Nicole ‘97, ‘00 Everix North Central College 33

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Harris ‘51 and Ruth ‘52 Fawell Steven and Wijid Fay Rev. Donald ‘50 and Norma ‘54 Fenner George and Joan Kerr ’58 Fleck Mardelle Schneller Fleming ‘46 Miriam B. Fry ‘39 Tom ‘89 and Laura ‘90 Garvey Kevin and Susanne Gensler Mr. and Mrs. Evan W. Getz ‘57 James W. Godo ‘93 and Deborah King ‘92 Godo Kathryn M. Grambsch Dale ’50 and Virginia ’51 Grantman Nancy Meyer Grayheck ‘75 Jayne Hart ‘64 Wayne C. ‘49 and June (Mittelstadt) ‘48 Hess Richard ‘75 and Andrea Honer Vicki Huffman Sladek ‘89 Jan Brien Huffman ‘63 Mary and Ralph F. Huth ‘51 Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Johnson ‘57, ‘57 Jerald and Charlotte Johnson Ray and Marilyn Jones Paul and Mary Ann Junkroski James and Catherine Kaduk Don and Anne Kirchoffner Richard P. Knoespel ‘63 Dr. Kermit and Karen H. Knudsen ‘55 Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Koranda Ken, Susan ‘06 Katie ‘06 John ‘06 Koranda Betty J. Kozlowski Myron M. ‘49 and Doris M. ‘52 Kottke Eugene E. Krell ‘50 Daniel and JoAnn Krisch Stan and Elizabeth Laken Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lamz David ‘59 and Barbara ‘59 Lang Maxine and Tom Lelivelt ‘61 James ‘53 and Susanne Lenz Bayard and Nancy Lyon Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mackie Richard and Deanna Mandel Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Martin ‘87 Robert ‘50 and Vivian ‘49 Miner Monarch Landing, an 34 North Central College

Erickson Retirement Community Trevor and Connie Morgan Charles and Elizabeth Morin (Chuck and Beth) Jean and Robert E. Morris Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Murray ‘57 Naperville Magazine Naperville Woman’s Club NICOR Karen Nordquist ‘66 North Central College Board of Trustee Associates Ed and Lori Nita ’02 Novak John L. ‘64 and Marcy Novak Cathe (Clarida) Oberfoell ‘93 and Ron Oberfoell Dr. and Mrs. James P. Ostrenga Oswald’s Pharmacy Nancy A. Quigley and Michele L. Michael Gary W. Rada Frances E. Nickel Raduege ’61 and William E. Raduege, MD ‘61 Russell ‘59 and Barbara Schroeder ‘57 Rehn Mark and Holly Riordan Charlotte D. Roederer ‘65 Roseland Draperies James and Kathy Runk Michelle N. Runk ‘06 Nick and Teresa Ryan Family Steven and Sheila Sarovich Jacob and Barbara Schille Paul ‘54 and Betsy (Belding) ‘56 Schmitt Barbara Schoenherr Dr. and Mrs. Donald T. Shanower Jonathan B. Shanower ‘85 Milton ‘50 and Carol ‘51 Siewert Jamie and Neil Smith Suzanne Bessette-Smith ‘77 and David K. Smith ‘77 George ‘43 and Betty ‘48 St. Angelo Mr. William J. Stang ‘02 and family Harold ‘79 and Donna Stembridge Rev. Dr. Paul and Elsie Marshall Stiffler ‘50, ‘50 SUN Publications Beverly Richard Svoboda ‘57 Margaret and Leong T. Tan, MD ‘54 Joan Uebele ‘61

Kenneth Thompson ‘63 Marvin Edward Thompson ‘36 and Ruth Louise Powell Thompson United Construction Products US Bank Dr. and Mrs. Sam Vierra ‘98 Ms. Kim Wagner Susan, Logan and Eric Wallace Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Weber ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wentz Dr. Herman B. White, Jr. and Margaret A. Wiora M. Dean Wilson ‘63 and Norma Wilson Russ ’63 and Judy Wilson Brian, Ramona and Alaina Wis Arthur ’74 and Patricia Wolover Patricia C. Zeller ‘50 Robert ‘73 and Paula ‘72 Zeller Beth ‘63 and Dick ‘61 Zimmermann Carol Westergard Zook ‘70 ENSEMBLE William ‘50 and Mary ‘52 Abe Advanced Data Technologies Paul ‘59 and Sandra Agnew Linda Eddy Allison ‘65 Jason and Amy Altenbern Jason Alter William Angelini Anonymous Terri B. Appelhans ‘91 Grace Susan Bachmann ‘67 Rev. Bob and Jeanni Baker Diane and Jon W. ‘69 Balke Mr. and Mrs. Burton Bauernfeind ’38, ’38 Carol Marie Beach ‘99 Tom and Penny Beerntsen Al ‘48 and Alpha Benedetti Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Benton John Benway and Beverly Great Monna Becker ’59 Bergdall Bud and Lois Berger ’48, ’49 Elwood ‘54 and Barbara ‘57 Berkompas Dr. K. Darrell Berlin ‘55

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Ms. Jamie Berndt ‘98 and Mr. Eric Wojcikiewicz Roger and Carol Beutler Robert M. Bittle ‘88 Dan and Kris Blouin Dr. James A. Bloy ‘50 Wilmer ‘53 and Allegra Bloy Brand and Mary Ann Bobosky Jeffrey L. Boggs ‘83 Kristine E. Book ‘06 Mr. Dennis L. Bosch ’73 Rev. Paul ‘64 and Sue (Gates) ‘64 Bosshardt Alonzo ‘93 and Kim ‘94 Boulrece Donald G. Krause and Susan R. Bradshaw ‘85, ‘97 Mary Louise Branigan ‘48 Marvin J. Brickert ‘54 M M Brill ‘97, ‘99 Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brons ‘51 Betty R. Brown ‘48 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Buck The Bruce A. Burchfield Family Donald and Juanita Burney Dr. Donald and Mrs. Marjorie (Wilhelm) ‘57 Buser David A. Bushnell ‘72 Callie Byers ‘02 Celichowski Ruth Young ‘48 Byers Walt ‘71 and Nancy Tull ‘72 Byers William and Mary ‘67 Caisley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Callighan ‘74 Jo Ann Swank ‘63 and John C. ‘61 Canniff Allan ‘57 and Nancy ‘57 Carlson Boyce and Janice Carsella Mr. and Mrs. John J. Case The Caselli Family Catch 35 C. Edward Cavert ‘57 and Wilma Z. Cavert ‘55 Cemcon, Ltd. Catherine Cerri ‘01 Mary Ann Frahm Champion ‘64 The Channell Family Ruth Larson Chapek ‘57 Miriam Chapman ‘73 George Chow Cordelia ‘64 and Richard Christensen Harry ‘63 and Bonnie Classen Ian and Shelly Clugston

Jerry Cole and Dorothy Cole Camille Conforti ‘66 David Correll ‘57 Daniel ‘51 and Carolyn ‘54 Corretore Jr. Kathleen Corrigan ‘05 Patricia Crumpler-Green ‘81 Lindsey Cummins ‘04 Stacy R. Cunningham ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Loren Data Gloria V. Davis ‘45 and V. Dennis Davis Nancy and John Deacon Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. ‘00 Deger Duane K. Dennis ‘49 Dr. Satyan L. Devadoss ’93 Jesse R. and Annamary DeWitt The Diamond Gallery of Naperville Mary Kay Doody Caitlin Anne Drzewiecki ‘07 DuPage Symphony Orchestra Carolyn Adams Duren ‘62 Linda Marie Eason ‘96 Richard M. Eastman Eduardo ‘74 and Laurie Echeverria Ellman’s Music Center, Inc. Ms. Kathryne S. Esselburn Beverly Z. Esser ‘51 Elizabeth A. Fabel ‘91 and Family David P. Farley ‘57 Dr. Melvin ‘40 and Irene Farley Sophie Faust ‘93 Rolland Jackson Ferch ‘70 Ed and Patti Fey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Fiedler Robert and Mary Ellen Fieseler Peter ‘01 and JorjAnn Fink Katherine Diehl ’39 Finkbeiner First United Bank Joyce Perry Fisher ‘62 Dennis, Carolyn and Kirstin Frantzen Paul ‘41 and Eileen ‘41 Freshley Suzanne Freshley ‘69 Shirley Frettinger ‘60 June ‘46 and Gordon ‘49 Frey Jon and Shirley Fuglestad Elaine M. Gasser ‘50 Michael Gehl ‘88

Mr. John H. Gelston Maureen Gennari ‘83 Betsy Germanotta ‘51 Jennifer Lauren Glasse ‘06 Helen Branigan ’46 Glessner Gerald ‘58 and Marjorie ‘60 Goethe Jennifer and Ken GoodSmith Edward ‘45 and Ida Grau Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Gray Misty and Lewis Gruber David ‘48 and Gloria Haebich Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Hagmeyer Erika Hall ‘98 Bill and Laurie Hamen Joseph J. Haney ‘59 Lisa Harms Hartzler ‘75 and Joseph H. Hartzler C. Robert Hawley ‘68 Hawthorne Credit Union Robert Heap and Jane Fawell Nick and Barbara Heintz Dr. John P. Henderson ‘60 Uarda (Hafenrichter) Henderson ‘33 Roger and Sue Hendrickson Charles and Miria (Lehnus) ‘61 Hester Joseph M. Hickok ‘05 Carla Rae Hoeft ‘72 Steven H. Hoeft ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Dempsey David and April ‘88, ‘99 Horner Kathy Huffman ‘82 The Hurd Family Mary Kay and Steve Hyett Illinois State Music Association Carol Lee ‘64 and Thomas E. Iverson The Iverson Family Yolanda ‘01, ‘07 and Yanez Jamnik Janet Matz ‘68 Jazayeri Walter ‘52 and JoAnn Jelinek Jimmy’s Grill Don ‘63 and Mary Ann Jirak Marlene Bassett ‘55 Johns Mrs. Barbara B. Johnson and family Steven E. ‘71 and Elizabeth S. ‘81 Johnson James B. Jones ‘88 Herbert P. Jordan ‘52 North Central College 35

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Jorgenson Kathy ‘89 and Glen ‘89 Kallhauge Ann and John Keating Jack ’73 and Michele Tozer ’73 Kenaga John H. Kennaugh ‘50 and Jean (Hitchcock) Kennaugh ‘50 Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Kennedy, Jr. ‘95, ‘96 A. John King ‘42 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Klimek David G. Knapp ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Koehler Michael Koleno ‘02 The Russell C. Kolkay Family Robert C. Koller Jane Dispensa Kopecky ‘84 Kent D. Koshko ‘67 Jack A. and Catherine M. Koten Kraai Architects, LLC Marietta C. Krebaum Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Kresen Marilyn Hoover Kuppler ‘52 La Sorella di Francesca Julie Lagodney ‘72 Wes ‘63 and Jackie ‘65 Lamb Bob ‘61 and Judy ‘64 Lange Barry and Jan ‘67 Lauwers John ’83 and Robin (Jankers) ’83 Leal Daphne Lee and Chung Lee Robert and Miriam Getz Lehman ‘54, ‘53 David ‘99 and Lydia ‘99 Lesniak Rev. Allen J. Lewis ‘42 Mr. and Mrs. H. Kenwood Lewis ‘57, ‘55 Jeffrey S. Lewis ‘88 Jerry and Marguerite Beck ‘54 Lewis Gerard A. Lindgren ‘52 and Ann Lindgren Mrs. Alfred (Rita) Lisson Mat Littleton ‘01 and Krista Engerman ‘02 Littleton Carl ‘85 and Dagmar Lofgren Joan Abbott Long ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Loscheider Luanne Luebke Dregne ‘60 Pauline MacArthur ‘39 Rodney ‘69 and Susan ‘68 Mack Mildred Maechtle ‘54 Joseph P. Mallon ‘80 Roberta K. Manning 36 North Central College

Jim ‘82 and Susan Marseille Tashona Marshall ’02 Neville Martin Jeordano Martinez Joan Davidson Mason ‘56 Master’s Business Interiors Curtis Mayfield ‘70 Mary and Ray McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Emery Meiley Meson Sabika Tapas Bar & Grill Carol Flugum Meyer ‘53 Mark Meyer ‘81 Chang Y. Miao Robert ‘62 and Judith ‘64 Michael Donald H. Mielke ‘51 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Miller David L. Miller ‘75 Ron ‘73 and Susan (Ubben) ‘75 Miller Mr. and Mrs. Charles Minarik ‘62 Mark ‘61 and Joyce ‘64 Minor John and Luann Molitor George ‘50 and Doris Moore Mr. Michael Moser ’70 Gary and Berneil Mroz Timothy I. Murphy ‘62 Jill Myatt Naperville Art League The Naperville Chorus Naperville Excavating The Naperville Men’s Glee Club Bill and Herbie Gamertsfelder ‘46 Naumann Daniel A. Nelson ‘94 Bruce Nesmith ‘81 Bruce Nortell Michael J. North, MBA, Ph.D. ’92 Judy and Mark Ogan James A. ‘64 and Patricia S. Ort Marion Allds Pace ‘57 Arlene ‘68 and Nicholas Page Gertrude Wahl Palm ‘47 R. Devadoss Pandian and Priscilla Devadoss Robert and Claudia Patterson John Pcolinski Jr. ‘83 Patrick and Leah Pearson Cynthia L. Pearson ‘98 Charlotte Grantman Peichl ‘51 Pepper Construction Group

J. David Pepper Michael T. Pickett ‘05 Bob ‘44 and Carol ‘45 Piper Iolyn Mieklke Plagenz ‘60 Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Pletcher ‘52 Betty ’60 and Tim Plum Karen A. Pollock ‘93 Lawrence A. Poltrock ‘63 Burt and Kathie Prins Jeff J. Quansey Linda S. Quantock ‘72 Charlotte Steiner Queen ‘48 Linda R. Rajca ‘73 R. LeRoy ’50 and Muriel ‘50 Rayson Janet Reese ‘57 Drs. Bruce ‘49 and Carlene Reinhart Susan E. Repke-Rice ’52 Stephen and Susan ‘80 Reppen Mary and Bill Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. ‘48 Rickleff William ‘58 and Barbara ‘56 Roby Mark Roe ‘97 The Roesner Family Larry ‘60 and JoAnn ‘60 Roessler Rotary Club of Naperville/ Downtown Tom and Melanie Rottmann Virginia O. Rumsfeld ‘50 Brian, Sun, Michael and Carson Rupp Dan ‘74 and Kathy ‘74 Ryan Kevin and Christine Ryan Family David and Kathleen Ryding John and Kim Rygiewicz Marty and Sheila Sauer Jeff ‘92 and Sheila ‘92 Schaetzke Robert ‘64 and Carole ‘65 Schappek Jane W. Schelin ‘55 Dr. David J. Schmitz Lillian Schottenhamel ‘41 Holly J. K. ‘02 and Jeffrey A. ‘99, ‘04 Schroetlin Dr. Paul H. Schultz ‘71 Robert ‘69 and Kaye Freshley ‘69 Schultz Marty (Beed) Schwab ‘53 John E. Senn ‘60 and Sharon Viner Senn ‘62 Ann ‘64 and Maynard Sherwin June Henke Shiffler ‘41

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Kenneth C. Shiffler Jack Shindler Dr. John C. Sippy ‘60 Mary Smital ‘50 Mary ‘78 and Loren ‘81 Smith Wendy Hansen Smith ‘93 and Edward Smith Dave ‘48 and Genevieve ‘49 Spiegler Dr. and Mrs. Howard Sprecher ‘58 Jarvis ‘50 and Mary ‘50 Spreng Paul ‘74 and Janice ‘72 Springborn Standard Bank and Trust Co. G. Ward Stearns ‘56 Truman Stehr ‘53 Clark and Alice Stonebraker Andrea N. Suhre ‘97 Dr. Paul W. Sutton ’58 and Rev. Dr. Lana T. Sutton ’66 Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Swallow ‘94 Timothy T. Taylor D.D.S. ‘68 Harold L. Temple ‘65 Barbara I. Thompson ’51 Mr. Elton R. Tietz ’51 Timpano Chophouse and Martini Bar Kyle D. Todd ‘95 Erin M. Ufheil ‘05 Mary-Claire Uselding Michael ‘88 and Elizabeth Utterback Lawrence, Lynette ‘01 and Deanna Van Oyen Mike ‘88 and Cathy Van Poucke Tim ‘71 and Barb Shiffler ‘71 Vanderwall Stephen B. and Barbara L. Veitch Jane Begole Waidanz ‘90 Clifton J. Ward Jr., MD and Reneé L. CruikshankWard ‘70 Bethany J. Walter ‘06 Susan Sauer Walther ‘71 and Wayne Walther ‘71 Mary Lou Wehrli and Herbert W. Nadelhoffer Scott ‘91 and Lynda Wehrli Family John V. ‘57 and Ruth C. ‘58 Wendling Richard and Christine Wensits Mr. and Mrs. David G. Wentz Dennis K. Wentz, M.D. ‘57

Sharyl B. Hammer Wernick ‘69 Donald ‘52 and Marlys ‘53 Widder Audrey L. Wilder ‘06 Robert J. Wilshe ‘04 and Wayne R. Williams Bradley W. Wilson ‘02 and Rosemarie Conigliaro Wilson ‘01 Shirley A. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Wiora Keith ‘47 and Tally Witmer Lee ‘85 and Elizabeth Woolley Young Naperville Singers Paul and Kim ‘92 Zaccone CHORUS Dr. William L. Abbott ’38 Mr. John W. Abe Ms. Susan M. Abele ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Abernethy Ms. Lynda Able Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Abrahamovich Mrs. Dotte Adams ’46 Ms. Christina D. Adduci ’08 Mr. and Mrs. Phillip T. Albano ’88, ’88 Rev. Willard W. Albertus ’51 Mr. Ronald Aldrich Mrs. Mary A. Allen ’43 Rev. Stuart K. Allen ’68 Mrs. Alice L. Alviani ’80 Mr. Alan W. Anderson ’58 Ms. Alice Marie Anderson ’95 Mrs. Barbara J. Anderson ’80 Mr. Gerry Anderson Ms. Janice Anderson ’85 Mr. Robert R. Anderson ’58 Deb and Stuart Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Kenny D. Andrews ’91, ’93 Ms. Rebecca S. Andrjeski ’00 Mr. Christopher L. Angela Ms. Kathryn J. Anseth ’06 Mr. Andy Anuzis Ms. Melissa R. Aquino ’91 Mr. Fernando Araya ’71 Argonne Choral Group Mr. Le Roi Armstead ’73 Mr. Eugene Arnould ’69 Ms. Gail Arrigo ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ashby Rev. and Mrs. Thomas E. Babler ’69, ’70 Mr. Michael J. Baima ’95 Ms. Anita M. Baker ’93 Mr. and Mrs. David Baker

Dr. Helen J. Baker ’48 Mr. Ronn Baloe Ms. Yvonne Bambule Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Barber ’76, ’77 Mr. James W. Barber ’68 Ms. Betty Barchecki Mrs. Patricia K. Barksdale ’65 Mr. Richard L. Barndt ’93 Dr. Bobby J. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. James R. Barnes ’61, ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Barnes Ms. Pamela Baron-Hallyn ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Randall Barringer Ms. Ellen C. Bartel ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bartel ’69, ’69 Rev. and Mrs. Lowell C. Bartel ’57, ’57 Ms. Jennifer L. Bartgen ’02 Mrs. Nickole L. Barto ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Bogdan Batinich Mrs. Minerva M. Batt ’47 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Batty Ms. Deanna L. Bazan ’90 Mr. and Mrs. John Beaty Ms. Jennifer L. Beck ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Beck ’67, ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Beebe ’43, ’45 Mrs. Doris Beetz Debra and Ben Behrens ’97 Ms. Judy Ann Belcher ’94 Dr. Doris Benbrook ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bendeich Ms. Bonnie J. Bendig ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Bendis ’73, ’74 Mr. Frederick W. Bennett ’59 Dr. Linnea A. Berg ’72 Rev. Daniel J. Berger ’69 Ms. Sandra J. Bergeson ’68 Mrs. Kay Bergstrom ’69 Ms. Margaret J. Bergstrom Mr. Ross P. Berkley ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Mark N. Berosek Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Bessette Mr. and Mrs. Clinton J. Beuscher ’49 Mr. Robert P. Biddle ’88 Ms. Nancy Bifulco ’85 Mr. James D. Bingle ’52 Mr. Tyler J. Birkel ’04 Mrs. Donna Bischoff ’35 North Central College 37

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Ms. Jena Bixby Mrs. Clara A. Black ’53 Mr. Ralph R. Blessman ’51 Ms. Sarah J. Blosser ’03 Mr. Bob Bluhm Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Bobb Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bodine Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boecker ’61 Dr. Marti S. Bogart Mr. Richard Boggs Mr. Thomas M. Bolger Mr. and Mrs. Loren M. Bollman ’77, ’80 Ms. Kristina L. Bonn ’03 Mrs. Marla A. Bonus ’84 Mr. Steven A. Borcich ’75 Mr. Ronald G. Borck ’62 Matthew Boresi ’97 Mr. Michael Jerome Borzych ’94 Ms. Rebecca S. Botos Mrs. Janet Bouldin ’69 Ms. Patricia M. Bovell ’90 Ms. Ruth M. Bowden ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bowers ’77, ’73 Ms. Barbara Bowles Mr. John N. Bowman ’74 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Boyd Mrs. Joan M. Boyd ’57 Mrs. Julie Boynton ’81 Mr. John P. Bradford ’06 Mr. William C. Bradish ’52 Mr. Boychen W. Bradshaw ’92 Mrs. Elizabeth M. Brand ’42 Mr. Ernest Brandon, Jr. ’62 Mr. Robert F. Brandon Dr. Paul F. Brandt Mr. and Mrs. E. Richard Branz ’57, ’56 Mr. Karl A. Bratland Mr. Kevin A. Bratland Mr. Scott J. Braun ’96 Ms. Heather M. Breed ’98 Mr. James Breese ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Brehm Ms. Lucille Breitwieser Ms. Andria M. Bremer ’00 Ms. Jane A. Brennan ’04 Mr. and Mrs. David L. Brewer ’64, ’64 Mr. Kenneth R. Brickert ’70 Mrs. Catherine R. Briggs ’93 Mr. James R. Briggs ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Ray F. Brinker ’61, ’62 Ms. Judith Brinley Mr. John L. Brittan ’50 38 North Central College

Ms. Amanda M. Broaddus Mr. Joseph J. Broton ’83 Dr. Keith A. Brown ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brown ’90 Mr. Michael T. Brown, ’97 Mr. Michael C. Brown Mr. Scott D. Brown ’75 Mr. Charles R. Brownell ’61 Ms. Kimberly C. Broyles ’06 Mrs. Sharron A. Brunk ’66 Mrs. Shirley J. Bruns ’44 John P. Buckley and Kelli Skehan Ms. Marilyn Bucman Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bueche ’52, ’53 Ms. Naomi M. Buerkle ’01 Mr. John Bullard Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Buonauro Mrs. Ruth M. Burbank ’50 Mr. Leonard E. Burch ’50 Ms. Myra E. Burgess Mrs. Nancy J. Burgess ’52 Ms. Evie A. Burke ’00 Rev. and Mrs. Phillip Burke, Jr. ’58, ’59 Mr. Gregory B. Burks ’00 Mr. Robert Burlingham Mrs. Catherine E. Burnett ’73 Ms. Irene K. Burrell ’83 Mrs. Mary B. Burris Mr. Vilas F. Bursack Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bursh Mr. Jeff Burton Mr. Allan R. Busse ’66 Ms. Kimberly J. Butler Mr. James D. Byrne, Jr. ’93 Ms. Shannon M. Byrne ’97 Ms. Melissa A. Caco ’90 Café Buonaro’s Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Calandra Dr. Stephen Maynard Caliendo Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Caliendo ’77 Mr. John L. Campbell ’65 Dr. Kenneth D. Campbell Ms. Mary Cannizzaro Mr. Jeffrey A. Cardwell ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Carey Mr. and Mrs Richard Carey Mrs. Janis L. Carlson ’56 Dr. Colleen L. Carter ’86 Mrs. Donna Caso ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cavenagh

Ms. Amy Christine Cerny Ramsey ’96 Mr. Dann Chamberlin ’58 Ms. Susan S. Chambers ’76 Mr. Peter M. Chari ’04 Ms. Heidi Renee Chase ’95 Ms. Belinda L. Cheek ’83 Chef by Request Mr. Hailei Cheng ’05 Mr. Raj Cherian ’06 Mrs. Renee J. Cherrie ’77 Kirk A. Chestnut ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Chestnut Ms. Marie E. Chezem ’54 Ms. Susan Chia ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Don Chivas Ms. Jamie L. Chodoroff ’00 Mrs. Elizabeth Christianson ’66 Mrs. Lois J. Christman ’47 Ms. Mary Ciezczak Ms. Ann M. Clark ’76 Mrs. Ethel K. Clark ’47 Mr. and Mrs. John Clark Mr. Charles B. Clarke Ms. Lisa D. Classon ’06 Dr. Shirley F. Clement ’62 Dr. Rebecca Clemente Mrs. Laurene Clemmer ’68 Dr. Thomas J. Clifton Mr. Ian A. Clugston ’05 Miss Ruth E. Cobb ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Coglianese Ms. Jennifer A. Coglianese ’99 Ms. Glessna Coisson Ms. Lynn E. Colby ’78 Ms. Prudence Cole Mrs. Kathy Coleman Mrs. Theresa L. Coleman ’81 Ms. Donna Coletto Dr. Thomas Colley ’63 Mr. David C. Columbus ’92 Mrs. Diane S. Compton ’87 Mr. Ryan S. Conley ’02 Ms. Charlene K. Conner ’70 Mrs. Helga H. Connors ’48 Dr. Timothy D. Conway Ms. Ashlee N. Cook ’03 Mrs. Ellen Cook ’48 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Coolbroth Ms. Amy M. Cooper ’97 Mrs. Jane F. Cordon ’70 Dr. Louis Corsino Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Corso Ms. Lacy A. Cortez ’99 Rev. Carol Cory Mrs. Marlys A. Costain ’90

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Mrs. Lynn S. Cottrell ’54 Ms. Judy Countryman ’71 Ms Ann M. Covert ’98 Mr. Allan E. Crabb ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Craig Rev. Solomon G. Cramer ’38 Cmdr. Timothy W. Crawford ’82 Ms. Emily E. Croft ’05 Mr. Timothy J. Croft ’93 Rev. and Mrs. Burton L. Crosby ’49, ’51 Mrs. Chrisianne D. Cross ’77 Ms. Sarah N. Crutchfield ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery H. Curran Mr. and Mrs. Michael Curran ’96 Mrs. Betty Curtiss ’54 Ms. Diane M. Cushman ’82 Mr. and Mrs. David Cuthbertson Mr. and Mrs. George M. Cyr ’70, ’70 Ms. Katalin Czako ’06 Mrs. Hazel D. Daehler ’47 Ms. Ashtin N. Dallavia Mr. James J. Dallavia Ms. Kimberly Dallavia Ms. Lynette D. Dallavia Mr. Timothy A. Dallavia Ms. Donna J. Damato ’00 Mr. Kenneth L. Damon, Jr. ’68 Ms. Terran M. D’Andrea ’90 Mr. Michael J. Danko ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Gene Darfler ’56, ’52 Ms. Peggy S. Davidson ’03 Mrs. Gloria V. Davis ’45 Mrs. Iola Davis Ms. Megan Maura Davis ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Davis Dr. and Mrs. Zev Davis Mr. Tony Davis Mr. William H. Davis, Jr. ’71 Mr. Alan R. DeCamp ’04 Mrs. Judith Decker ’58 Mr. Jay Delmas ’96 Mr. Barry A. Dempsey ’94 Mr. Joseph G. Dennis ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Der ’73 Mr. James A. DeRose ’74 Mr. Eric D. DeSimone ’02 Ms. Diana D. DeSmit ’03 Ms. Kathleen L. Dettman Mrs. Norma E. Dettmann ’57 Ms. Divya Eve Devadoss ’95 Mr. Gilbert J. DeWilde ’41 Mr. Patrick Dexheimer ’67 Pastor R.Donald Dexheimer, III ’65

Mr. John A. DiCiurcio Mr. Wesley E. Diener ’53 Mrs. Jill A. Dieringer ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Disch Mr. Patrick M. Dockins Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dolezal Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Donnelly Dr. and Mrs. Doward G. Douwsma ’61, ’61 Mr. Thomas H. Dover ’96 Mr. Wayne K. Doverspike ’65 Ms. Karen H. Dowling ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Drendel Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Driggett ’58, ’61 Mr. Roy D. Dryden ’84 Dr. Michael S. Duane Ms. Mari E. Duchaj ’97 Dr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Duehn ’61 Mr. Seth Aaron Dunham ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Larry DunlapBerg Dr. Carol R. Dunn Mr. Robert J. Dunphey ’85 DuPage County Fair Association Mrs. Carol A. Durava ’83 Mr. J. Douglas Durham ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Phil Duy Mrs. Carol A. Dziedzic ’68 Ms. Donna O. Dziedzic Ms. Julie A. Eastman Ms. P. Clare Eastman Ms. Sandy Eberly Mr. and Mrs. James R. Eccleston Mrs. Virginia R. Echo ’48 Ms. Bonnie Eddy Ms. Phyllis Edelen ’71 Dr. Edwin H. Eigenbrodt ’55 Ms. Rosalie Eiler Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Ekey Ms. Judith A. El-Amin ’69 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Elander Ms. Polly Elifson Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Emery Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Engelhardt ’70, ’72 Mrs. Sharon L. Englund ’70 Mr. John R. Engquist ’00 Mr. J. Andrew Enright ’05 Ms. Kelly M. Epperson ’86 Mr. Gary Erb ’94 Mr. John D. Erdman ’58 Mr. Nicholas P. Erdmann ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Ernest

Dr. Gary Ernst Mr. John R. Eskey ’57 Mrs. Barbara Esterly ’59 Mrs. Bee H. Evans ’67 Rev. and Mrs. James Evans ’64, ’64 Ms. Kathleen J. Evans ’92 Ms. Ann L. Everhart ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Everhart Mr. and Mrs. M. DeWitt Everix Dr. Philip A. Ewell Mr. and Mrs. Tom Falcone Mr. and Mrs. James D. Fanthorpe ’60 Rev. and Mrs. Anthony J. Farina ’56, ’58 Mr. Mark A. Farina ’01 Mr. Paul T. Faris, Jr. ’69 Mr. Patrick Farmer, Jr. Mr. Richard S. Farrar Mr. Shawn M. Farson ’88 Rev. and Mrs. Laurence E. Feaver ’51, ’52 Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Feay Mr. and Mrs. John Fedorovich ’50 Mr. M. William Feind, Jr. ’68 Mrs. Charlotte R. Fenner ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Ferington ’70, ’71 Ms. Susan G. Fiedor ’01 Mr. Gary Fiedorowicz Ms. Jennifer L. Fieldman ’95 Mrs. Virginia R. Fietsch ’70 Dr. Sheryl L. Finkle Ms. Bonnie Fischer Dr. David H. Fisher Ms. Elisabeth A. Fisher ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. William E. Fitch Mr. Adam R. Fitzenreider ’01 Mr. Arthur E. Fitzner ’53 Rev. George W. Fleming ’62 Ms. Mary Jo Fletcher Dr. Duane F. Follman ’79 and Dr. Holly Humphrey ’79 Deborah and Jim Ford Mr. and Mrs. William Forssander Mr. Steve Fort Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Foster Ms. Debbie Frank Ms. Krista Frank Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Fraser Ms. Marsie L. Frawley ’75 Dr. Andrea Frazier Mr. W. S. Fredenhagen ’50 Ms. Kelly J. Frederick Mr. Paul V. Freedlund Ms. Shirley M. French North Central College 39

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Dr. and Mrs. Dwight L. Freshley ’50, ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Frey ’63 Mr. James J. Frey ’76 Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Fricks Mr. and Mrs. Bill Frier Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fry Mr. and Mrs. David A. Fujiu ’74, ’75 Dr. Judith A. Fulton ’77 Mr. William V. Funchion ’89 Mr. Willard Gabel ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gadient Mrs. Elizabeth P. Gallagher ’40 Rev. and Mrs. Clyde F. Galow ’49, ’54 Dr. Mary T. Galvan Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Galvin Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gannon Ms. Linda Q. Gao Mr. Robert H. Gardner ’90 Mr. Keig E. Garvin ’37 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gaspari ’77 ’79 Mr. A. Edward Gay, III ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Gaylord Mr. Donald J. Gebbie ’65 Dr. Gerald R. Gems Mr. John Geyer ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Marc Giacovelli ’88 Mrs. Elizabeth B. Gibson ’43 Mr. Warren C. Giere ’51 Mrs. Bernina McGee Giese ’50 Mr. Jerry B. Giesler ’58 Mrs. Mary J. Ginke ’41 Mr. John E. Glessner ’76 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Glowicki ’76, ’78 Ms. Jill Gnesda ’68 Ms. Dianne Golat Ms. Shirley Gombert Mrs. Mary L. Gomora ’91 Mrs. Delores M. Goodfellow ’59 Mr. Donald L. Goodin ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Goodin ’68, ’68 Mrs. Nancy H. Goodwin ’93 Mrs. Mary L. Gorden ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Gorman Mrs. Theresa A. Gorman ’89 Mrs. Helen Gorsuch ’77 Ms. Joan C. Grassman Mr. David L. Gray Mrs. Elizabeth A. Gregory ’45 40 North Central College

Mrs. Carolyn G. Grigereit ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Groharing ’70, ’70 Dr. Nancy A. Grote ’61 Ms. Arlene A. Gryzlak ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Guilfoyle Ms. Donna Gullstrand ’61 Rev. Paul A. Gutknecht ’66 Mr. Michael A. Guzaldo ’05 Ms. Gudrun Haas Mr. Scott Haebich ’78 Mr. Walter Hagemann Rev. Robert J. Hahn ’54 Mrs. Ruth L. Hahn ’48 Mr. Samuel J. Hahn Mr. Russell F. Haidle ’55 Mrs. Shirley R. Haines Ms. Vicki A. Haines ’76 Mrs. Christi Hale ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Hall ’57 Sheila Hall ’93 Mr. Wallace Hall, Jr. ’77 Mr. Robert J. Hallwachs Mr. and Mrs. H. Jeffrey Hamar Mr. Brian J. Hamilton ’93 Mrs. Ruth L. Hamm Miss Mabel A. Hammersmith ’41 Mrs. Estela A. Hammond ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hamsmith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hamstra ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Haney ’63 Dr. Brian P. Hanlon Mr. Kenneth L. Hannah Miss Alma E. Hanneld Mrs. Marilee Hanson ’62 Mrs. Vivian Hargrove ’41 Rev. and Mrs. Robert J. Harman ’59, ’59 Ms. Sonia Harmon Ms. Virginia L. Harmon ’84 Mrs. Judith Harnisch ’67 Dr. and Mrs. Jon J. Harper Mrs. Marjean G. Harper ’50 Mr. David C. Harr ’66 James P. and Kristin Harrington ’87, ’87 Ms. Karla Harris Mr. Bill Harrison Mrs. Sandra Harrison ’80 Dr. David R. Hartman ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Hartman Mrs. Iris L. Harvey ’48

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hatch ’70 Mr. Steven M. Hauge ’71 Mr. Paul E. Havelka ’78 Mrs. Marcia Hawkins ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hawkins Mr. Kevin M. Healey ’75 Mr. Jim Healy Mr. Douglas G. Hearn ’89 Rev. Donna Bassett Heck ’58 Mr. Marlowe A. Heckaman ’38 Ms. Debra Hedemann ’87 Rev. Dr. Donald H. Heinrich ’47 Mrs. Sherryl Heinz ’62 Ms. Amber N. Heinze ’98 Ms. Rosemary Heiser ’42 Ms. Sheila M. Heitke ’86 Mr. Jeffrey C. Helberg Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Helberg ’82 Mr. Fred Helton ’49 Mr. Craig W. Helwig ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Dale Henderson Ms. Kelly J. Hendrickson Ms. Anne K. Hengehold ’85 Mr. John C. Hennessy Mrs. Marigail Henning ’42 Mrs. Mary E. Henning ’46 Ms. Nancy E. Henninger ’65 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Henricks ’69, ’71 Mr. Robert Henry Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Herink ’72 Mrs. Carol A. Herman ’63 Ms. Nancy K. Hermann Mrs. Victoria M. Herrman Mrs. Doris Heumann ’53 Dr. Fawn D. Hewitt ’63 Mr. Philip Hey ’52 Rev. Edward L. Heyer ’53 Mr. Andy Highland Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Higley ’58, ’62 Mrs. Cheryl A. Hildebrandt ’67 Mrs. Shirley A. Hill ’68 Mr. Thayer J. Hill, Jr. ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hilsenbeck Mr. and Mrs. Rod Hiltz Dr. Richard C. Hinckley ’69 Mr. Jeffrey M. Hinthorn ’99 Mr. Nicholas J. Hird ’06 Ms. Jane Hirsch Miss Helen S. Hitt ’51 Ms. Mary E. Hitzeman ’62

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Miss Pei-Lee L. Ho ’56 Mrs. Lucile Hodgins ’45 Rev. and Mrs. Merlin J. Hoeft ’49, ’44 Mr. Michael T. Hofbauer ’85 Dr. and Mrs. John F. Hofert ’57, ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hoffman ’50, ’50 Ms. Shirley Hofmann ’48 Mr. John C. Holmberg Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Homa ’75, ’76 Mr. Anthony Hopp Mr. B. T. Horek ’40 Ms. Lori Hornick Ms. Kathryn I. Hornickel ’01 Mr. Eric A. Horsch ’91 Rev. Robert E. Horton ’52 Mrs. Winnafred L. Horton ’39 Mr. David J. Hortsman Mr. Galen R. Hosler ’57 Ms. Lola G. Hotchkis Rev. and Mrs. Don S. Howard ’45, ’46 Mrs. Gail G. Howard ’63 Ms. Jillian R. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Hruskoci Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hubbard Mr. Robert G. Hubbird ’03 Mr. Michael J. Hudson Ms. Cindy Hughes ’79 Ms. Kimberly A. Hugo ’98 Mrs. Joann H. Huheey ’48 Sue and Marve Huizinga Ms. Claudia N. Hummel ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hummer The Rev. Dr. Richard Hundrieser ’71 Ms. Mariann A. Hunter ’90 Mr. Taivo Hurt ’62 Indian Harvest Mr. Gary P. Ireland Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Isenberg Rev. Paul W. Iwig ’55 Mr. Edouard V. Izac Dr. Renard I. Jackson Mrs. Barbara Jaggers ’66 Mrs. Mabel R. Jahnke ’63 Ms. Christine M. Janes ’02 Ms. Janet A. Janko ’93 Ms. Antonia M. Jankowski Dr. Jeffrey A. Jankowski Mr. Matthew William Jannusch ’97 Mr. Peter S. Janzen ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Jawor ’79, ’79

Ms. Ana L. Jensen Ms. Geraldine Jensen Ms. Mary J. Jensik ’97 Jilly’s of Naperville Mr. and Mrs. Chad Johnson Mrs. Constance M. Johnson ’82 Mr. David C. Johnson ’67 Mrs. Helen F. Johnson ’50 Dr. Herman L. Johnson ’59 Mr. and Mrs. David M. Johnson ’96, ’96 Ms. Kim Johnson Ms. Merna L. Johnson ’71 Mr. Randy Johnson Ms. Robin A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Rosie Johnson Ms. Sarah E. Johnson ’04 Mrs. Shirley D. Johnson ’47 Mr. Stephan G. Johnson ’61 Mr. Stephen K. Johnson ’64 Mrs. Barbara A. Johnston ’66 Ms. Erin Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Jonah Mrs. Faith A. Jones ’52 Ms. Alma Jones and Mr. Greg Jones Diana and Jim Jones Mr. Peter Jonsson ’67 Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Judd Mrs. Barbara Judson ’62 Mrs. Lorene G. Juhnke ’41 Ms. Margaret M. Juhnke Mrs. Marian L. June ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Justie ’80 Mr. Torrey A. Kaatz, Jr. ’58 Ms. Ellen F. Kadden ’71 Mr. Joseph M. Kain Dr. John W. Kalas ’55 Ms. Jodi L. Kalkis ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Ivan P. Kane James J. Kane ’74 Mr. Ryan O. Kane ’01 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Kartholl Ms. Jill M. Kastner ’02 Mrs. Elizabeth Kaufman ’57 Ms. Kathleen E. Kazmier ’06 Mrs. Marietta E. Keating Mr. and Mrs. John A. Keenan Dr. Nancy J. Keiser Rev. James G. Kellermann ’73 Dr. and Mrs. Karl Kelley Mr. John Kelsch Ms. Janet L. Kempf ’96 Ms. Sharon Kennedy ’85 Ms. Dorothy Kenner Ms. Alicia D. Kernica ’06

Mrs. Carrie Duncan Kerr ’76 Mrs. Sally B. Kerr ’71 Mr. and Mrs. Obrad Kesic ’88, ’88 Mrs. Esther Kevern ’43 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Kies Mrs. Elaine F. Kilday ’64 Mrs. Alberta M. Kinate ’67 Dr. Maureen Kincaid Scott Kindelspire ’95 Mrs. Mary L. Kinner ’49 Ms. Monie G. Kinney ’49 Mr. Peter B. Kinsella ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kleehammer Mr. David Klussendorf ’69 Ms. Lynette M. Kmiecik ’88 Ms. Doris M. Knapp ’62 Ms. Linda B. Knapp ’93 Miss Joan M. Knepp ’57 Mrs. Tami Kniss Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Koch Dr. Lee R. Kochenderfer ’54 Mr. Dan T. Kocher ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Koehler Mr. Marvin K. Koelling Ms. Laura M. Koenes ’03 Mr. Dale R. Koepnick ’82 Ms. Joyce M. Koerfer ’86 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Kohley Mr. David R. Kokandy ’07 Mr. Keith Kolar Mr. Bradley B. Kolavo ’05 Ms. Carla L. Kolavo ’06 Mr. Donald E. Koletsos, Jr. ’02 Rev. and Mrs. Lynn K. Kollath ’59, ’61 Mrs. Patricia C. Koller ’57 Ms. Constance A. Komoll Mrs. Jane E. Kopp’71 Ms. Francine A. Kopta ’78 Mr. Kevin Koski Dr. David H. Koss ’56 Mr. James A. Kosteva ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kotiza ’67 Mr. Nick Kotwica Ms. Diana M. Kowalski ’01 Rev. Harold E. Kraft ’48 Mr. Richard M. Kraft ’92 Mr. Ryan Krainz Mr. Ellis E. Krapf ’52 Mrs. Laura G. Krause ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kraynek Mr. Allen J. Kreitzer Mrs. Sandra A. Kreml ’82 Ms. Elaine Krnich ’03 Dr. Allison D. Krogstad ’92 Mr. Timothy J. Kroupa ’06 North Central College 41

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Ms. Marie C. Krueger ’82 Ms. Cheryl A. Krug ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Lyle F. Krumrie Mr. and Mrs. James C. Krumtinger Dr. Matthew B. Krystal Mrs. Jean Kuebler ’40 Mr. Boguslaw Kukla ’02 Ms. Christine Kukla Mr. Michael K. Kulbeda ’02 Ms. Crystal L. Kurtz ’01 Ms. Susan L. la Monaco ’98 Gregory Lacy ’89 Mr. Donald A. Ladd ’53 Mr. Bruce D. Ladtkow ’74 Mr. John R. Lagodney ’72 Mrs. Elane C. LaGroue ’75 Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Lamont ’74, ’74 Mrs. Diane S. Land ’65 Mrs. Charlotte Landmeier ’65 Ms. Kelly A. Lang ’03 Mr. Michael S. Lang ’93 Mr. Rolland E. Lang ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Waldo H. Lang ’50, ’50 Mrs. Shirley M. Lange ’50 Mr. Thomas S. Lange ’86 Mr. Robert M. Langlois ’59 Mrs. Patricia LaningMeekma ’92 Mr. Paul R. Lankenau ’83 Mrs. Mary J. Larsen ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Dallas K. Larson Mrs. Edith L. Larson ’69 Ms. Wendy Larson Bob and Laura Larue Mrs. Nancy E. Lasley ’69 Mrs. Ellen Laubenthal ’65 Stefanie Lazer ’94 Mrs. Rhonda M. Leath ’74 Mr. and Mrs. B. Pierre Lebeau Mr. and Mrs. John G. LeDonne ’80 Ms. Melissa A. Lee ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Leedy Mrs. Kerry L. Leet ’88 Mrs. Nancy Leet Ms. Jeanne LeFevre Mr. Paul Lehman Ms. Kara E. Lehnhardt ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Brett A. Leifheit ’86, ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Leis Rev. and Mrs. Carl R. Lemna ’52, ’55 Mr. James A. Lentz Mr. Brian T. Lesiewicz Ms. Karen S. Levandowski 42 North Central College

Mr. John L. Lewis ’79 Mr. S. Keith Lewis ’64 Rev. Byron H. Light ’53 Kay Lincicome ’58 Ms. Carol W. Lindell ’57 Mr. Eric R. Lindley ’99 Ms. Elaine Lindquist Franchon Lindsay Ms. Christine S. Linnell Mr. Charles W. Linneman ’90 Mr. Michael Linz ’49 Ms. Mary Lou Lipscomb ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Lyle E. Littlewood ’55, ’58 Mr. Charles M. Litweiler ’66 Mr. John B. Litweiler ’62 Mrs. Annie W. Liu Mr. Ted A. Longworth ’68 Ms. Rebecca R. LonnekeHodges ’91 Mr. and Mrs. David E. Loop ’65, ’65 Ms. Elaine Lopatka Mr. Gregory W. Lorence ’06 Mrs. Carol Lorenz ’83 Ms. Susan Lynne Losczyk ’94 Mrs. Lori B. Lossie ’88 Dr. Thomas M. Love Mr. Donald J. Lovse ’63 Mr. and Mrs. John Lucki Ms. Mary Jane Ludwig Mr. Mason M. Luebbing ’01 Mr. Merton D. Lueptow ’54 Mrs. Ruth A. Lundgren ’53 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Luze Ms. Colleen F. Lynch ’03 Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Lyon ’52, ’54 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Lyons Masala Yangu Incorporated Morton Arboretum Norman MacGregor ’53 Ms. Emily M. MacGruder ’06 Mrs. Bernice A. MacKenzie ’86 Mrs. Jean L. MacMillan ’58 Mr. Thomas E. Mader ’83 Mr. John V. Madormo Ms. Kathryn M. Maggio ’89 Mr. Floyd Mallory Mr. Charles H. Maney ’99 Mrs. Norma Mann ’53 Mr. James Mannion ’02 Mr. Bruce N. Manola ’63 Ms. Nancy Manypenny ’89 Ms. Maureen Margalus Mr. Victor Maroni Ms. Kimberly A. Marran ’02 Ms. Lois A. Marten ’52 Dale and Betsy Martin

Mr. Douglas R. Martin ’63 Mr. Eliseo E. Martinez Mr. Leonard F. Martinez, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Maschman ’68, ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Terry Maschman ’69 Mrs. Karen L. Masden Mr. Gerald D. Mast ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Mather ’49 Ms. Tracy L. Mathias ’02 Dr. Curtis J. Mathison ’52 Mrs. Jean Matzke ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Maynard ’70 Ms. Elizabeth M. Mazur Ms. Natalie A. Mazurek ’04 Miss Susan C. McArthur ’82 Ms. Carol McCain Mrs. Margery A. McCallister ’56 Mrs. Laura L. McClellan ’62 Mr. George McConaghy Mrs. Sylvia D. McCracken ’74 Mr. Patrick McCrite ’66 Mr. Bryan P. McCusker ’98 L.J. McDonald ’55 Mrs. Jean McFarren ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Brad McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. McIntosh Mr. J. D. McJunkin ’41 Ms. Bridget A. McKernan ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Stan McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McKoski ’69, ’69 Mr. Eural C. McLaughlin ’65 Ms. Meredith E. McLuckie Mrs. Renee McLuckie Mrs. Marilyn McNamara ’63 Dr. and Mrs. Jack L. McPherson ’69, ’69 Mr. Johnston E. McWilliam ’73 Mr. William F. Mellien ’68 Rev. and Mrs. Duane B. Mevis ’56 Mr. Edward B. Meyer, Jr. ’78 Mr. Gordon R. Meyer ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart K. Meyer Ms. Nicole R. Michalczyk Mrs. Shirley Michel ’50 JoAnn and Dave Mikelson Miss Emily M. Millberger ’41 Ms. Ann Miller Mrs. Brenda K. Miller ’73 Ms. Elizabeth A. Miller ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Miller Ky. Colonel Mary K. Miller ’37 Mr. Paul A. Miller ’66

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Ms. Rosanne Miller Ms. Kate Brawner Miller ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Miller ’63, ’70 Mr. Thomas J. Millin ’00 Mrs. Dorothy Milnamow Ms. Tia D. Milne ’03 Mr. Mark Minard Ms. Susan R. Mink ’81 Ms. Lisa C. Mino ’99 Mrs. Wilma Mishler Mr. Benjamin J. Mitchell ’04 Mr. Bradley J. Mlecko ’03 Ms. Linda Mock Mr. Joseph E. Modaff ’61 Ms. Alina A. Moldovan ’04 Mrs. Kathleen Mollison ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Bud M. Montgomery Ms. Kathleen R. Montgomery ’99 Mr. Fredric L. Moore ’60 Mrs. Betty Moorehead Ms. Carmen C. Moralez ’02 Jan Morency Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morgan Mr. Joseph A. Morin ’39 Mr. Brian C. Morrill ’02 Ms. Rebecca Lynn Morrill ’97 Mrs. Judith E. Morten ’75 Ted and Paulette Moulos Dr. Robert C. Moussetis Mr. and Mrs Paul Mroczkowski Mr. Robert J. Mroz ’97 Ms. June Mueggenborg ’55 Chris and Dave Mueller Dr. and Mrs. Howard E. Mueller ’58, ’59 Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mueller Mr. Chad W. Muir ’03 Ms. Mary L. Mullen ’62 Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. Mulligan ’39 Ms. Kimberly A. Mulsoff ’04 Mr. Carlo J. Mulvenna ’77 Col. and Mrs. James R. Mulvenna ’80, ’82 Mr. Emmerson W. Munro, II ’74 Mrs. Valerie Munson ’8o Mrs. Alvira Murbach ’47 Mr. David A. Murphy ’69 Mrs. Karen M. Murphy Mrs. Karen M. Murphy ’69 Mrs. Angela R. Murray ’99 Mr. Timothy M. Musa ’92 Mr. Mark A. Myers ’01 Mr. Brien J. Nagle Mrs. Peggy J. Nahrwold ’71

Mr. Mahesh Narayanan ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Naumann ’87 Ms. Joanna Navarro ’03 Mrs. Dorothy Neder ’52 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Neesley Ms. Doris L. Nelson ’87 Mrs. Padmalatha Nemani ’87 Ms. Connie J. Nesler ’85 Mrs. Diane C. Neumann ’70 Dr. Robert E. Neumann ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Neumann ’71, ’72 Ms. Trang D. Nguyen ’88 Mrs. Judith Nickelsen ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Nielsen ’60, 60 Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Nielson Mr. Al J. Noftz Mr. Jeffrey M. Noga ’05 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Nolan Mr. Matt P. Nolan ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Karl W. Noltemeier ’51, ’52 Ms. Amanda M. Nousain Mr. and Mr. Jerome F. Novak Mrs. Mary Novello Mr. Thomas S. Novello ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Nowicki Rev. and Mrs. Andrew C. Noxon ’53 Mr. Glenn E. Nystrom ’75 Mr. Michael E. O’Brien ’05 Mr. Richard E. Ochenkowski ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Richard O’Connell ’73, ’75 Ms. Karen E. Ocwieja Mr. Timothy Patrick Ogan ’94 Mr. Timothy P. O’Hara ’92 Mrs. Winifred B. Olds ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Olsen Mrs. Bettylu Gretchen Olson ’51 Mr. Rich Olson Ms. Karla K. Olvera ’94 Mr. Richard J. Oman ’68 Ms. Fallon N. Opperman ’05 Miss Mary R. Oran ’63 Dr. and Mrs. Lee Ortman ’71, ’71 Mr. Frank C. Osterland ’42 Ms. Leah Ostwald ’01 Ms. Jaclyn A. Otto ’04 Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Otton ’51, ’51 Ms. Jennifer A. Palmer ’06 Mr. Melville S. Palmer ’00 Dr. Deborah L. Palmes

Ms. Paula Palter Ms. Krittika Panananon ’06 Mr. Allen F. Panek ’61 Rev. Janet W. Parachin ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Parypinski Mr. Bruce B. Patterson ’75 Mr. Bruce D. Patterson ’75 Ms. Betty Pauling Dr. Pamela R. Payne-Edwards ’66 Mr. Christopher M. Payton ’90 Rev. Larry J. Peacock ’71 Rev. and Mrs. Richard A. Peacock ’69, ’69 Mr. Mike Pearl Mr. Lance E. Pearson ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Pearson Mr. Timothy R. Peceniak ’04 Ms. Rachel K. Peck Ms. Verilyn R. Pelava ’70 Mr. Chrisotpher J. Pelz ’03 Ms. Christy L. Pemberton ’92 Mr. Michael Pentz ’87 Ms. Kathryn Jeanette Perez ’95 Mr. Vincent M. Perillo ’02 Mr. James J. Perisin ’60 Ms. Melinda F. Perry ’06 Mr. William E. Petersen ’65 Dr. Nancy L. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Peterson ’59, ’60 Ms. Susan Marie Peterson ’94 Mr. Gregg Petri ’98 Mr. Frank Pettaway ’96 and Ms. Lisa Pettaway ’94 Mr. Eric J. Pfeiffer ’06 Mr. Michael Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Donald Phillips Ms. Helen Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Phillips Mr. Richard G. Phillips ’62 Mr. Nicholas S. Piazza ’08 Miss Marilyn A. Pickers ’77 Ms. Meghan L. Pierson ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Pittard Ms. Gerry Pittro Mr. Michael Polachek Dr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Polivka ’51 Mr. Richard E. Ponx Ms. Mary Ann Porlier ’06 Mr. Patrick A. Pospisek ’02 Mrs. Donna J. Posuch ’83 Mrs. Vivian J. Potee ’87 North Central College 43

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Ms. Susan M. Powell ’03 Ms. Elizabeth A. Preble Ms. Suzanne E. Prelipp ’63 Ms. Silvana Presta ’91 Mr. David Price Ms. Nancy Prichard ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Prince Jim ’93 and Julie Aumann Probst ’94 Mr. Skip Proctor Mr. Frank J. Prucha, III ’61 Mr. and Mrs. David W. Pugh Mr. Douglass A. Pye ’63 Ms. Michelle R. Raduha ’06 Raffi’s on 5th Ms. Linda R. Rajca ’73 Ms. Constance Ramsay Ms. Mary Jane Ramsey and family Ms. Ann E. Randall ’87 Mrs. Nancy L. Range ’74 Mrs. Eleanor Ranney ’55 Mrs. Julie Raridon Jeff and Michelle Ray Rev. and Mrs. John F. Rebstock ’44, ’46 Mrs. Rebecca A. Reckamp ’70 Mrs. Betty Reed ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Reents ’95, Dr. and Mrs. David R. Rehn Mrs. Adella Reidt Mr. Russell O. Reinhard ’74 Mr. David C. Renner ’00 Mrs. Kay Rensink ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Rhyne, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Forrest D. Rice, Jr. Mr. Jack L. Rice ’59 Ms. Sharon E. Rice ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Rich Miss Gwendolyn Richardson ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Richie Jennifer L. Richrath ’95 Mrs. Joann P. Richter ’65 Mrs. Marjorie E. Riker ’48 Ms. Mary Rinehart ’64 Ms. Leah C. Rippe Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Ripsky Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Riskedal ’71, ’62 Dr. Roger W. Ritzert ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Roberts Mr. Byron K. Robertson ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Robertson Mr. Charles D. Robinson ’72 Mr. Norman Robinson ’00 44 North Central College

A. Elizabeth Robinson-Chan ’93 Ms. Karla K. Rockwell ’04 Mr. Randy C. Roehrig ’79 Mr. Frederick Roesti ’69 Dr. LeRoy P. Roesti, Jr. ’65 Mrs. Jan S. Rogoski ’68 Mr. Charles A. Roloff, Jr. ’64 Ms. Cindy T. Roman ’99 Mrs. Beth D. Romine ’74 Mr. John Ronchetti Ms. Christina I. Rosenmeier ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosenow Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rosolie ’77, ’79 Mr. William B. Ross ’67 Mr. John B. Rottersman ’82 Miss Barbara L. Rowland ’71 Ms. Ruth Royal ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rozek Mrs. Jeanne C. Rudolph ’61 Mr. William R. Rudolph ’44 Ms. Colleen M. Ruff ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Russell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Ryan Rev. Eric E. Ryburn ’91 Ms. Kathleen G. Salmen ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Salomon Mrs. Jeannine M. Saltman ’61 Ms. Shannon M. Sanders ’98 Mr. Stephen J. Sanford ’79 Mr. Vincent J. Sapienza Ms. Kathryn M. Sarna ’04 Ms. Mary Ellen Sarns ’03 Ms. Rebecca S. Satterfield ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Saunders Mr. Bruce Sautebin ’70 Mr. Carl J. Schaefer ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Schaefer Mr. Vernon H. Schaefer ’52 Mr. Terrence J. Schaul Ms. Lynn Scheffler Ms. Carol L. Schelling ’67 Ms. Irene Schendel Ms. Katherine A. Schierenbeck ’90 Ms. Tasha M. Schifo ’95 Mrs. Arden G. Schilb ’73 Mr. Wayne H. Schimpff ’63 Ms. Lisa A. Schisel ’98 Mr. Karl E. Schmidt ’94 Mr. Steven Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. William F. Schmiel ’67, ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Karl Schnase

Mr. and Mrs. J. Glenn Schneider Mrs. Marna J. Schneider ’50 Ms. Wendy M. Schneider ’06 Ms. Nancy A. Schobert ’55 Ms. Deborah D. Schodrof ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Schoeneck Mr. and Mrs. Warren Schoenherr Mrs. Jane Schoeny ’57 Mrs. Joan Schreiber ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schroeder Ms. Elizabeth R. Schroeder ’00 Mrs. Phyllis H. Schroeter Ms. Barbara E. Schubert Mr. Thomas A. Schubert Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Schuenke Mrs. Janice B. Schultz ’72 Ms. Cara M. Schuster ’97 Ms. Ardella Schutz Ms. Shannon V. Schwarzwalder ’01 Mr. Jonathan R. Schweighardt Ms. Betty Jane Scott Mrs. Donna V. Scott ’57 Ms. Nicki Scott Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Scott Mr. Robert A. Sebastian ’53 Ms. Kathi L. Seiden-Thomas ’95 Mr. David A. Seiser ’74 Lyn M. Seiser ’86 Mr. Jack D. Seith ’61 Mrs. Carol J. Seiwell ’57 Mrs. Ruth Ann Sellers ’55 Stephen ’76 and Julia ’78 Sellers Mr. and Mrs. Charles Semke Sequoia General Contracting Dr. Kristine Servais Mrs. Betty Service ’53 Mrs. Lynne B. Severson ’65 Mr. Richard A. Severson ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sexton Mr. David J. Shafron ’03 Ms. Bhavini R. Shah ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Shanower Ms. Mary Ann Sharp Ms. Deborah J. Shaw ’72 Ms. Brenda J. Shay ’02 Mrs. Arlene M. Shea Mr. Bryant N. Sheehy Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Sheehy Mr. Frank Shigut ’61

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Mr. Thomas Reuben Shoback ’95 Mr. and Mrs. John S. Shoulberg ’82, ’82 Mr. John D. Shultz Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Shute ’91, ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Sievers Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Silvernail ’54, ’54 Rev. Wilbur L. Silvernail ’55 Mrs. Esther M. Silvius ’46 Mr. Robert N. Sima ’57 Ms. Teresa L. Simchak ’90 Mr. Anthony Simmons, Sr. Mr. Brad Simmons Mr. M. James Simonsen ’51 Mrs. Dorothy L. Simpson ’41 Ms. Margaret Simpson Nancy and Paul Singelyn Ms. Avery A. Sipla ’99 Mr. Peter T. Sipla ’06 Mr. Robert Siracusano Mr. Stephen Sivyer ’65 Rev. R. Thomas Slack ’69 Mr. and Mrs. F. Lee Slick ’63, ’63 Mr. David H. Slinn ’90 Mrs. Melissa L. Smallenberger ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Smith ’59, ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Cody C. Smith Dr. Donnavieve N. Smith Mrs. Dorothea L. Smith ’57 Mr. Eric D. Smith ’06 Dr. Garth D. Smith ’49 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Smith Ms. Mary K. Smith ’59 Mrs. Sharon G. Smith ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Smolinski ’74, ’73 Mrs. Myla J. Snider ’54 Ms. Holly Rose Snyder ’96 Ms. Mary V. Soales ’56 Mr. Michael J. Solch ’80 Ms. Dana J. Solomon ’03 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sook ’57 Mrs. Linda M. Sorenson ’80 Mr. Ralph Sorensen and family Mr. Alan J. Soukup ’47 Mr. Charles J. Spalten ’50 Ms. Whitney J. Spangola ’04 Ms. Julie A. Sparks ’89 Mr. Bradley W. Spencer ’04 Mr. Tyke E. Spencer ’06 Ms. Lorraine L. SpongScoville ’51 Ms. Emily J. Squinto

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Sroufe ’59, ’58 Dr. Caroline St. Clair Ms. Bonnie L. St. John Mrs. Lynn M. St. John ’64 Ms. Harriet Stachowiak ’02 Ms. Lois C. Stack ’54 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Stahlman ’86, ’86 Ms. Melanie L. Stancampiano ’02 Rev. Nelson E. Stants ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Starzyk Ms. Amy E. Steenson ’01 Mrs. Sandra L. Steer ’61 Ms. Joyce Stegmeier ’53 Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Stehr ’50 Mr. Glenn E. Stehr ’50 Mr. George Steimer ’99 Mr. Charles Stella ’02 Mr. Harry R. Stelling ’50 Mrs. Mary J. Sterling ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Stevens ’50, ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Reuben T. Stibbe ’50 Ms. Grace Stilling Mr. and Mrs Gregory Stolze Mr. Russell M. Stratton ’87 Rev. and Mrs. Donald F. Strauch ’71 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stredde Ms. Gail M. Streeter ’62 Ms. Kathleen Strickland ’00 Ms. Patricia A. Stroud ’57 Ms. Mary Ann Stuart ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Studer ’62, ’61 Mr. Dan Sturdenvant Dr. Cathy Subber Mr. and Mrs. Edwin O. Sullivan Mr. Michael P. Sullivan ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Sulo Mr. Chad A. Sutton ’93 Ms. Stephanie C. Sutton ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Swafford ’57, ’58 Mrs. Heidi K. Sweet ’93 Ms. Monica A. Szaflik ’05 Ms. Alefiyah Tawawalla ’97 Mr. Benny T. Taylor ’92 Mr. Eugentri Taylor ’06 Mr. Benjy Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Tehle Jr. ’49, ’51 Mr. Gordon G. Teichmann ’40

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Templeton ’59 Mr. Gerald A. Thalmann Mrs. Eunice U. Thanepohn ’49 Ms. Tristan M. Theissing Mr. Donald P. Thinnes ’56 Mrs. Virginia C. Tholen ’66 Miss Evelyn M. Thomas ’54 Rev. and Mrs. James F. Thomas ’55, ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Kelly B. Thomas ’91, ’92 Mrs. Barbara J. Thompson ’51 Mr. David Thompson ’99 Mr. Donald R. Thompson ’41 Rev. and Mrs. Frank E. Thompson ’61, ’64 Ms. Margaret M. Thompson ’81 Mr. Robert E. Thompson ’38 Mr. Roger A. Thompson ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone A. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Thurston Mr. Frederic D. Tompkins ’40 Rev. La Vern E. Tooley ’41 Mr. Donald D. Topp ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Clay Totz Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Toy Mr. Christopher A. Toy Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon D. Trapp ’57, ’56 Mr. Nicholas E. Trauth ’06 Dr. Susan Traverso Mr. and Mrs. George J. Trepanier Mr. Warren R. Tropf ’47 Ray and Lynn Trygstad Mrs. Gail F. Tuller ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Leroy A. Tuma Ms. Melissa A. Turner ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tuttolomondo ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Umbanhour Rev. and Mrs. Don K. Utzman ’54, ’55 Ms. Bonnie Valiant Mr. Douglas W. Van Dell ’79 Dr. Madeleine Van Hecke Mr. James E. VanHootegem ’90 Mr. Milt Vasich Ms. Lynette M. Veitengruber ’04 Jon Velishek ’94 Ms. Crystal D. Verdun-White ’02 North Central College 45

T h e W e n t z C o n c e r t H a l l & F i n e A r t s C e n t e r C a m pa i g n D o n o r s (C o n t .) Ms. Lorraine Verstraete Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Vicker ’76, ’77 Mr. Howard R. Vieth ’38 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Vincent ’50, ’49 Dr. Jonathan E. Visick Ms. Alicia Vodicka Mrs. Berta J. Voorhees ’57 Mr. Dale F. Voss ’51 Mrs. Shirley J. Wahl Mrs. Joylyn Wahla ’60 Mrs. Jane E. Waidanz ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wakefield ’60, ’60 Walker’s Char House Mrs. Amy L. Walsh ’89 Miss Marilyn K. Walsh ’61 Mr. Richard T. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. William J. Walsh Mr. Archie T. Walters ’85 Ms. Judy C. Walters Ms. Mary Lynn Walters ’62 Ms. Susan L. Ward, C.F.P. ’83 Mr. and Mrs. William L. ’54 Warden Mr. David Ware Mr. and Mrs. Gideon M. Warne Mrs. Diane L. Warren ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Warstler Ms. Shannon Webb ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D. Webster Ms. Michelle T. Weckmann ’93 Mr. Robert A. Wegele, Jr. ’84 Mrs. Bettye Wehrli Mr. G. Allan Weick ’53 Mrs. Susan Weimer ’68 Mr. Brad L. Weiss ’97 Mr. Glenn A. Weiss ’94 Mr. John W. Welch ’81 Mr. Robert W. Welk ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Wellman ’55, ’56 Ms. Joan Welty Miss Marcia Welzel ’68 Ms. Julie Wentz

46 North Central College

Mrs. Lorraine Werner ’48 Dr. Nancy J. Wesensten ’84 Mrs. Jean R. Wesley ’54 Ms. Carolyn R. West ’97 Mrs. Kristin Miner West ’81 Mr. Ryan K. West ’00 Mrs. Judith K. Westin ’63 Ms. Carol J. Weston ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Westrom ’51, ’52 Mr. Matthew F. Whalen ’05 Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Whitaker Mr. Russell G. Whitaker III ’00 Mr. Donald Whitney Mr. Kenneth S. Whittenhall ’88 John D. and Sheila Wier ’67, ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wiesbrook Ms. Victoria S. Wike Janice and Ed Wiles Mr. William J. Wilger ’86 Ms. Anita R. Wilkins ’42 Mrs. Lois A. Will ’49 Mr. Craig Williams ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Williams ’68 Mrs. Margaret Williams ’70 Mrs. Patsy J. Williams ’62 Ms. Gayle Wilsmann William F. and Maria Wilson Dr. Vicki A. Wine ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Winkel Mr. Thomas A. Winter ’71 Mrs. Margaret L. Winters ’60 Mr. Timothy J. Wise ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wisnosky Mrs. Marla C. Witbrod ’81 Mrs. Vickie J. Witt ’01 Ms. Heather Christine Wnek ’96 Ms. Barbara Wolf ’68 Ms. Margaret L. Wolf ’59 Mr. Paul R. Wolf ’78 Rev. and Mrs. Wilmert Wolf, Jr. ’56 Rev. Everett T. Wonder ’48 Ms. Joan Sommers Wood ’57

Mrs. Carmen Giese Woodring ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Woodrow Ms. Mercie D. Woolfolk ’95 Dale and Lorrine Helm Wordelmen ’56, ’56 Rev. and Mrs. Robert C. Worner ’61 Mrs. Karen Worst ’66 Mrs. Helen L. Wright ’39 Mrs. Ruth Wright ’39 Mr. Stephen Wright ’03 Mr. John P. Wrycza ’89 Mr. Anthony J. Wycklendt ’94 Ms. Imis Wyman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yahnke Mrs. Yu-Fen Yang ’86 Ms. Rachel C. Yehl ’06 Mr. Wallace C. Yenerich ’44 Mr. Steven G. Yeomans ’77 Mr. Frank O. Yezek ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Norris G. Yonker Mr. and Mrs. Ben K. Yoshinaga ’46 Jean and Warren Young Marilyn YucaitisJarzembowski ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Jan E. Zabinski ’74 Mrs. Mae M. Zahl ’35 Ms. Laura Zahn Pohl Mr. Burt M. Zak ’85 Ms. Laurie A. Zastrow ’86 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Zayas ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Zedrow ’51 Mr. J. Charles Zeller ’69 Ms. Kristine E. Zeller ’01 Kimberly and Mike Ziegler Miss Opal E. Ziemer ’39 Mr. Joshua D. Zilm ’99 Dale and Rosemary Zimmerman ’60, ’60 Mrs. Donna M. Zinke ’61 Mrs. Deborah A. Zorich ’83 Ms. Erin D. Zorns ’00 Ms. Paula J. Zoromski ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander E. Zuback

North Central College 47

UNDeRWRIte A NORtH CeNtRAL COLLeGe Fine Arts PerFormAnce

Herb Alpert and Lani Hall Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center September 2009

Underwriting a North Central College performance allows you to directly support the artists whose work touches you the most. Fine arts event underwriting opportunities begin at $5,000 and come with many exciting benefits exclusive to underwriters. Individual underwriters receive: •VIP tickets to underwritten fine arts performance •Additional VIP tickets to preferred event at Wentz Concert Hall •Additional tickets to events at other North Central fine arts venues on campus (Meiley-Swallow Hall, Koten Chapel, Pfeiffer Hall, Madden Theater) •Access to special pre- or post-show private reception with artists •Recognition in a special salute ad in the Footlights program •Recognition on event invitation •Special offers to underwriter’s employees/family/friends •Opportunity to host employee/client/family event and reception •Name and/or logo recognition through various North Central College fine arts marketing programs (website, e-mail blasts, on-site recognition, newspaper advertising, etc.) •Listings in the Annual Report, on the College’s website and in event press releases More exciting opportunities and VIP benefits are available at higher levels. For information on underwriting a North Central College fine arts performance please contact Barbara Knuckles, Managing Director of Development and Corporate Relations, at 630-637-5210 or John Holmberg, Assistant Director of Development & Capital Gifts, at 630-637-5218.

North Central College-Book 2  

In preparation for our celebration, which will officially begin in 2011, we are revving up with the greatest symphony orchestra in the world...

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