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A CELEBRATION OF AUTUMN BEAUTY 3 pm Sunday, November 14, 2010 Elmbrook Church Auditorium

Prelude Choir Cantabile Jubilate Milwaukee Youth Chorale

“Come all you village people, join the harvest fun!”

From Village Festival By Grayston Ives

Milwaukee Children’s Choir 1

F R O M T H E A R T I S T I C A N D E X E C U T I V E D I R E C TO R S Dear Audience Members, Singers, Parents, Staff, Board, Volunteers, and Supporters, It is from a deep place of gratitude that we thank you for your generous support of the Milwaukee Children’s Choir. Today, we rejoice in song not only to celebrate autumn’s beauty, but all we have to be thankful for. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with young, motivated musicians each week, who not only wish to further educate themselves, but who want to make the world a better and more beautiful place. We are thankful to have talented, hardworking, motivated teachers who are passionate about teaching music, and gifted accompanists and guest artists who share their talents and love of music with our singers. We are thankful to have board members who donate countless hours of their time and talents to ensure our success as an organization. We are thankful for our funders who make it possible for us to keep tuition manageable for our choir families, to provide financial aid to families who could not otherwise afford this opportunity for their children, and to do extensive outreach in Milwaukee’s urban schools. We are thankful for our choir parents who drive children to and from rehearsals every week and share their enthusiasm and support at our performances. We are thankful for our office staff and the many volunteers who help keep our organization running smoothly. We are thankful to everyone involved, who make the Milwaukee Children’s Choir southeastern Wisconsin’s premiere children’s choir, and we ask for your continued support. To retiring MCC Executive Director Deborah Patel, we thank you for the hard work, generous donations and contagious energy you have given as MCC’s Executive Director these last six years, as well as the years of service you contributed to MCC prior to that as a board member and volunteer. We wish you a joyous retirement, and we look forward to seeing you at future performances and events. We hope you now take a little time for you! You deserve it! To all, we hope you enjoy “A Celebration of Autumn Beauty” and have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. With gratitude,

Carol Storck, Artistic Director

Paula Bell, Executive Director

Milwaukee Children’s Choir wishes to thank:

2 Milwaukee Children’s Choir

A C E L E B R AT I O N O F AU T U M N B E AU T Y Combined Prelude and Jubilate Choirs Village Festival . ................................................................ Grayston Ives (b. 1948) Village Festival is a two-part choral arrangement with English text, based on a traditional Japanese folk song. Folk songs such as this were often sung at Japanese autumn festivals. Today, traditional autumn festivals continue to be an important part of Japanese culture. People gather in celebration to give thanks for the harvest. In rural villages the entire community celebrates. Beautiful floats, decorated with autumn foliage of red, yellow, and orange often carry a portable shrine for all to worship in thanksgiving. The festival procession, one of the highlights of the festival, exhibits traditional Japanese music, dance and costumes. Often the festival extends into the evening where hundreds of beautiful lanterns are displayed. Thank You For the World So Sweet.................................. Betty Bertaux (b. 1939) Thank you for the world so sweet. Thank you for the food we eat. Thank you for the birds that sing. Thank you God for everything. This canon is based on a traditional prayer of thanksgiving. The simple, stepwise motion of the melody, along with the light instrumental accompaniment, creates beautiful layers of music, which will be pleasing to singers and audience alike. We hope you enjoy this two-part canon we love to sing. Prelude Choir Cherokee Lullaby from Two Native American Songs........Lois Browsey (b. 1950) and Marti Lunn Lantz (b. 1951) In honor of the very first Americans, we sing a song from the Cherokee Native Americans. This lullaby tells of the sounds of the night, the beauty of the sky and the closeness of the family and tribe. Listen for the child cooing as the mother sings the baby to sleep. Over the River and Through the Woods...........................Earlene Rentz (b. 1956) This beloved Thanksgiving song was originally written as a poem by Lydia Maria Child in 1844. It tells the story of a sleigh ride to Grandmother’s house on a blustery winter day. The description is so vivid that children can actually imagine the journey as they sing. In this arrangement, the traditional tune varies in the second and third verses, creating an energetic and unique performance of a timeless winter favorite. Cantabile Lightning...............................................................................Greg Gilpin (b. 1964) Autumn in Wisconsin can be many things­­—one day, warm and sunny reminiscent of summer and the next frigid and cold as though winter is already here. At times the skies grow dark and we are trapped indoors by storms accompanied by the crack of thunder and lightning. This piece is a musical storm, sizzling with electricity. Listen for the quiet anticipation just before the STRIKE! of lightning. Of course, we are not afraid of a little thunder! Well, maybe just a little. How Beautiful is the Rain................ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) Mary Lynn Lightfoot (b. 1952) This piece is a wonderful contrast to Lightning. Mary Lynn Lightfoot combines selected verses from American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s lyric poem “Rain in Summer” with the simple childhood singsong of “Rain rain go away” to create a melodious tribute to the beauty of rain.

Milwaukee Children’s Choir 3

A C E L E B R AT I O N O F AU T U M N B E AU T Y A Round of Thanks ...........................................................Donald Moore (b. 1946) Arranger Donald Moore has combined the traditional folk melody O Waly Waly, which you may recognize as The Water is Wide, with an adaptation of the hymn text Come, Ye Thankful People, Come (Henry Alford, 1810-1871). A perfect blend for a harvest celebration. Combined Cantabile and MYC Choirs All Things Bright and Beautiful............................................ John Rutter (b. 1945) All Things Bright and Beautiful was commissioned by Westminster Choir College for Helen Kemp and arranged by the one of present day’s most well known choral composers­—the Englishman John Rutter. Originally an Anglican hymn, this arrangement has become one of the most famous settings of this tune and poem, and is one of John Rutter’s most often performed pieces. The text is attributed to Cecil F. Alexander in his collection Hymns for Little Children from 1848. In addition to this version accompanied by piano, Rutter also prepared an arrangement for chamber orchestra and choir. Every choral singer will lend their voice to a Rutter piece multiple times throughout their musical career. In a 2003 interview in Scotland, Rutter said, “You don’t realize how good it (singing) is until you’ve tried it. It is wonderful to go to a choral concert, to hear a choir sing. But I think the deepest joy of all is to actually sing.” While you, our audience, will enjoy the wonder of All Things Bright and Beautiful, our MCC singers will revel in the joy of their own singing. INTERMISSION Jubilate For a Child.....................................................James Quitman Mulholland b. 1935 Soloist: Emilie Lozier For a Child is an exquisite choral arrangement composed by James Quitman Mulholland and based on a 16th century Irish melody. The song was commissioned by the 1999 Southwestern ACDA Children’s Honor’s Choir. The text of the poem, by Fannie Stearns Davis, implies a parent’s wish to keep his or her child simple—to appreciate all that God has created in nature. The piece begins with a lovely solo, followed by beautiful, unison choral singing. The piece climaxes with a modulation where the choir splits into a breathtaking three-part harmony, supported by illustrious, arpeggiated chords in the piano part, where they sing: And you shall run and wander, And you shall dream and sing, Of brave things and bright things, Beyond the swallow’s wings. And you shall envy no man, Nor hurt your heart with sighs, For I will keep you simple, That God may make you wise. Psalm Trilogy...........................................................Srul Irving Glick (1934-2002) 1. Psalm 92: Mizmor Shir L’yom Hashabbat 2. Psalm 47: Lam’natzeiach Livnei Korach Mizmor Srul Irving Glick is one of Canada’s most prolific composers. He has received numerous awards, many of which recognize him for his contribution to Jewish music in Canada and his lifelong dedication to music of the synagogue. Psalm Trilogy was commissioned for the Toronto Children’s Chorus by Ian Epstein and his wife, Kathy Kacer, in honor of the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Gaby who was a member of the chorus. The work was premiered at the “Sidney Sings” International Choral Festival at the Sydney Opera House in Australia in July 1999 by the Toronto Children’s Chorus and the Festival choirs, Jean Ashworth Bartle, director. Today we will be singing two of the three psalms. The 4 Milwaukee Children’s Choir

A C E L E B R AT I O N O F AU T U M N B E AU T Y psalms will feature a beautiful piano accompaniment. We will perform the pieces again at Present Music’s Thanksgiving Concert on Sunday, November 21, where professional musicians from Present Music will accompany us with a lovely string quintet. We hope you can join us! Visit for concert details. Translation Psalm 92: 1-3 Mizmor shir l’yom hashabbat. Tov l’hodot L’adonai. Ulzamer l’shimcha elyon. L’hagid boboker chasdecha, Alei asor valei navel. Alei higayon b’chinor. Pslam 47: 1-3, 7, 8 Lam’natzeiach livnei Korach mizmor. Kol haumim tiku chaf, Hariu Leilohim b’kol rina. Ala Adonai b’kol shofar. Ki Adonai elyon nora, Melech gadol al kol haaretz. Zam’ru Leilohim zameiru, Zam’ru L’Malkeinu zameiru.

A psalm, a song for the Sabbath day. How good it is to give thanks to You O Lord. How good it is to sing praises to Your name O Most High. How good it is to sing praises to Your kindness O Lord, to sing and play on the ten-stringed lute and the harp. All you nations join hands, blow the ram’s horn And sing to God with a song of joy. For the Lord is awesome and supreme, the great King over all the earth. Make music for God, make music for our King, make music.

Milwaukee Youth Chorale The Road Not Taken............................................ Randall Thompson (1899-1984) The Road Not Taken is from a choral suite of art songs entitled Frostiana commissioned in 1958 for the two-hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Amherst, Massachusetts. All of the seven songs in the collection are based on the great American poetry of Robert Frost (1874-1963), and were scored for chorus and piano. It is interesting to note that three of the choruses are for mixed chorus with two other movements each composed for women’s chorus and men’s chorus. This collection was composed in less than a month in the summer of 1959 while the American composer Thompson was working in Gstaad, Switzerland. The first performance was done in Amherst in October of 1959 with the composer conducting and the poet in attendance. In 1965, Thompson reset this same collection for the aforementioned choral forces with a chamber orchestra accompaniment. Fields of Gold...................................................... Sting (Gordon Sumner b. 1951), arranged by Greg Jasperse In the last year, the Fox television hit Glee has prompted many new arrangements of standard pop songs for chorus. Springing from what was originally the Show Choir/Swing Choir or Vocal Jazz Choir movement of the 1970’s, the reintroduction of this type of choral arranging has lead to some very cleverly and well-written arrangements. This arrangement borrows more from the vocal jazz idiom than pop, but nonetheless represents the style very well. The arranger, Greg Jasperse, is a well-known vocal jazz clinician and director from the Chicago area who has recently relocated to Los Angeles. Verduron...............................................................arr. Randy Haldeman (b. 1967) The Channel Island folk song Verduron is based on a traditional dance tune Dan Loudieg. Songs of the Channel Islands, located in the English Channel off the coast of Brittany and Normandy France, often Milwaukee Children’s Choir 5

A C E L E B R AT I O N O F AU T U M N B E AU T Y incorporate lyrics sung in French. The main dance theme of Dan Loudieg is originally introduced in the piano part, then is subsequently doubled and embellished by the vocal lines and enhanced by body percussion parts performed by the choir members. Combined Choirs For the Beauty of the Earth.................................................. John Rutter (b. 1945) For the Beauty of the Earth is regarded at one of John Rutter’s finest and most cherished compositions. It is a timeless anthem sung by children’s, youth, and adult choirs alike. The beautiful, lyrical vocal lines soar into the hearts and minds of all who hear. This classic piece is a favorite of many MCC singers, who requested to perform it for you today. Thank You for Music......................................................................Keith McClellan A perfect ending for a Thanksgiving concert celebrating autumn’s beauty through music. Thank you for music of every kind; Some heard by others, Some in my mind. The high floating clouds, The roar of the sea, The call of the bird, Are music to me. Thank you for giving my heart a voice, To sing when I’m sad and when I rejoice. Thank you for laughter, For quiet as well; The chirp of a cricket, the sound of a bell. All of creation is filled with sound; In heaven, on earth is harmony found. Each day my praises to Thy throne I bring. Each day I thank you for letting me sing! Special thanks to our guest artists: Marie Sander, Flute Paul Kilpatrick, Cello


Featuring Heart to Heart Quartet With district champion quartets: Skyline & Expedition Hosted by Mark Trevor Ranum

Saturday, December 11

2:00pm Matinee and 7:30pm Evening Shows Greendale High School Auditorium • 6801 Southway, Greendale Free Parking available

Early Bird Ticket sale ends Dec. 3rd Student and Senior discounts available from Dec. 3 – 11

Tickets at or 888-240-4426 6 Milwaukee Children’s Choir

UPCOMING PERFOR M ANCES MCC produced shows 2010-2011: SING-A-THON! All Choirs 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday February 5, 2011 Bayshore Town Center 5800 N. Bayshore Drive, Milwaukee We head out of the hall and into the mall for a day of nonstop Valentine spirit and song. Milwaukee Youth Music Celebration Jubilate and Youth Chorale 3 p.m. Sunday March 13, 2011 Elmbrook Church auditorium 777 South Barker Road, Brookfield Milwaukee Children’s Choir and the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra join forces to perform some of the world’s greatest music. Roots & Wings Choral Festival – “Let’s Dance!” All MCC Choirs, the Amidons and guest school choirs 4 p.m. Saturday April 2, 2011 Milwaukee Lutheran High School 9700 West Grantosa Drive, Milwaukee, WI Everyone is on their feet dancing and singing with MCC and Peter and Mary Alice Amidon as we explore the joy of folk dance and the power of music. Through the Eyes of a Child All Choirs, with guest composer Paul Caldwell 3 p.m. Sunday May 22, 2011 Elmbrook Church auditorium 777 South Barker Road, Brookfield Our singers explore both the whimsical side of life and the thoughtful observance of the world, all through the eyes of a child. GUEST ARTIST APPEARANCES: Present Music Thanksgiving Concert (November 21, 2010) – Jubilate MSO Holiday Pops (December 3-5, 2010) – Jubilate and Youth Chorale Milwaukee Ballet The Nutcracker (December 10-26, 2010) – Experienced trebles Milwaukee Choristers Post Meridian (April 15-16) – MYC and other choir(s) TBD MSO ACE concert (May 25, 2011) – Cantabile Now Enrolling Songbirds in MCC’s new Kodalyinspired and non-performance based program for singers in Grades K4–K5. During 30 minute classes Songbirds sing authentic folk songs and enjoy singing games, complete with fun teaching toys. Parents observe so they may reinforce learning at home. Songbirds develop language, small and large motor skills, and social skills. They also prepare to enter MCC’s Prelude Choir level. Email or call 414-221-7040 for details Milwaukee Children’s Choir 7

PRELUDE CHOIR Evan Bagwell Greta Maria Berens Emily Berger Kathryn Berger Grace Bourbonais Penelope Bowles Melanie Brandenburg Johnalyn Brzostowski Ada Corbell Audrey Cunningham Genevieve DiGiovanni Alex Edwards Durand Mia Eghbali Frances Foote Mira Giles-Pufahl Mercy Godfrey Bella Gorecki Emma Gottschalk Zoe Gulbronson Alison Hackbarth Abigail Hanna Erik Hansen Cardona

8 Milwaukee Children’s Choir

Sofia Hansen Cardona Mishael Harper Madeleine Hastings Phoebe Hayes Isabella Heller de Messer Leena Jaiswal Janice Jones Elizabeth Kashinn Max Knutson Olivia Lewandowski Ava Loudon Isabella Lozier Yanni Ma Angelina Maly Ava McNarney Lindsay Nelsen Anne M. O’kray Emily M. O’kray Leo Paea Devin Powers Colette Presberg Alina Quinn

Hannah Sham Miriam Sham Brandon Shyu Katrina Smith Sophia Smith Olivia R. Smrz Neomi Spellman Hailey Sullivan Emma Tauzell Shakayla Taylor Amanda Tobias Alexander Tolentino Sydney Tonn Maddie Ullrick Megan Van Bendegon Aden Weisser Cremona Weisser Salome White Hannah Xiong Isabella Antonia Ybarra Lydia Zajichek Kirsten Zwieschowski

C A N TA B I L E Catalina Acevedo Zenia Alexander Karlie Allen Margot Armbruster Rebekah Arndt Lauren Barta Xavier Baughman Fiona Bender Sophie Bender Bria J. Coleman-Gray Nikerra Davis Talbot De St. Aubin Kalena Dorgan Alexandra Dortzbach Nina Draper Kierra Drehfal Sierra Drehfal Benson Dugan Joan Ehrlich Madeline Evans Johnathan Farkas Krystal Fedie Abigail Freeman Kelly Gallagher Da’Jhnae GambrellSanders Emmoni Gambrell-Toliver Anissa Liliana Garcia Audrey Garrett Allison Gatz Gretchen Geiser Claire Gerlach Haja Goggans Emily Grace Green Terriona Griffin Colin Grumley Catherine Gwidt Gabriella Harding Sarah Hartley Anna Hedinger

Conrad Hedinger Kate Heston Isabella Hughes Lovely Jackson Jazmyne Johnson Rayanna Johnson Kasey Karakis Shagun Khunger Olivia Langsdorf Isaiah Lee Lucy Loessin Frances MacKinnon Sofia Maglio Hannah Malison Gati Manamba Luc Marchessault Olyvia Marinez Mia’Aviana McDade Alice McGuinness Madeline McNichols Gilbert Surf Mizialko Hnilo Eli Modahl Amanda Morgan Mustafa Motlani Margaret Mullooly Gabriela Nejapa-Jansen Aviana Nicholas Leah Nyholm Phoebe Odegaard Lauren O’Hear AJ Olson Briana Orta AJ Paea Nyasia Palmer Emma Paxson Nyah Pickens Vivian T. Pruhs Madeleine Putnam LaNae Ramey

Jean Luc Rivas Quelle Robinson Diarella Rodriguez Marisa Rodriguez Mitch Roehl Kai Ross Clarity Saigh Pele Salinas Anna Saviano Keely Alona Savitt Enrique Seguim Arnold Luan Seguim Arnold Trinity Seiber Pilar Sharp Faith Shelton Amrita Shore Emmeline Sipe Brooke Smith Justin Soell Nicholas Stewart Emmaline Strong Greta Strong Leah Swenson Jason Tan Maia Thompson Maurionna Turner Mauryah Turner Brady Tutton Jack Tutton Micki Usama Sophia Valenti Megan Van Bendegon Chameng Vang Lillian Wagner Amelia Washington Jamiya Washington Megan Watson Olivia Welland Schmitz Simone Wright Emily Zaffiro

Lauren Keene John N. Klein Conlin Ledwith Jessica Llanas Emilie Lozier Maya Beatrice Martin Hilary Merline Janay Newman Jessie Nitz Arianna Olson Julie P. Pruske Stefan Romero Alexia Scheibach Eric Schumacher

Angelica Sekula Mimi Smith Lauren L. Smrz Maya Sojkowski Rachel Soliday Allison Steinberg John Swanson Katelynn Vande Leest Mary Grace Wagner Anna Weinkauf Olivia Weinkauf Tess Weinkauf Kristyn Wiencek

J U B I L AT E Megan Armstrong Alicia Beiler Atira Boyce Markobi Carr Larissa Clopton Jennifer Dahlquist Matthew Davis Ryan DeLoge Jayron Dright Charlene Dykstra Hannah Fichtner Ariana Garcia Emily G. Hays Marina Holder

Milwaukee Children’s Choir 9

M I LWAU K E E YO U T H C H O R A L E Stephanie Allen Sarah Bell Jordan D. Bugenhagen Camille Crossot Nicholas Derus Krista Dethloff Deme Hellwig Emily Jones

Allison Koehler Katherine Koester Billy Krager Wenie Lado Conor Leigh Jordan Llanas Evan McVann Zach Olson

Melissa Piggott Lauren Schuller Cameron Smith J. Ross Spadaro Madeline Voelker Bethany Zamora

BIOGR APHIES Guest Artists Marie Sander has long been active in Milwaukee music circles as a free-lance flutist. She is an original member of Present Music, one of the leading contemporary music groups in the United States.  In addition to teaching at her private studio and Concordia University, Ms. Sander is an active recitalist and enjoys creating programs for a variety of audiences. A native of New York, Paul Kilpatrick first came to Milwaukee to be a college student and study with The Fine Arts Quartet.  After studies with George Sopkin and Wolfgang Laufer at UWM, Paul played in the Oklahoma Symphony for a number of years.  Paul is now a computer engineer, but still enjoys playing cello in the Milwaukee area.  Perhaps you will see him in the pit with the Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra during Nutcracker this year. Milwaukee Children’s Choir Artistic Staff Carol Storck, Artistic Director and Jubilate. Ms. Storck is responsible for MCC’s artistic leadership and supervises all education and performance operations. She also directs MCC’s Jubilate and created and oversees MCC’s Harmony Choir program, which reaches more than 200 children attending school in the City of Milwaukee. Ms. Storck succeeded founder Emily Holt Crocker as Artistic Director in July 2009. She originally worked for Milwaukee Children’s Choir 10 Milwaukee Children’s Choir

from 2000-2002, then returned to the organization in the summer of 2008. From that time until her appointment as artistic director, Ms. Storck was a Prelude Director and also coordinated the organization’s Prelude program. In 2010, she was honored with the Civic Music Association Award for Excellence in Youth Music Instruction. Ms. Storck holds a Bachelor of Music degree in choral and general music education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She received a Master of Music degree with a Kodály emphasis from Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, WI and is Kodály certified. She serves on the board of the Association of Wisconsin Area Kodály Educators, where she assists with planning workshops for Wisconsin area music teachers and choral festivals for children. She is also an active member of the American Choral Directors Association. She has taught in the Grafton School District (grades 6-8 choral and general music), where she also directed school musicals, and in the West Bend School District (grades K5-5 general music). Ms. Storck also taught voice class for junior and senior sessions of the University of WisconsinMadison Summer Music Clinic. She is an experienced early childhood educator and taught early childhood music classes in Cedarburg and Manitowoc through Silver Lake College’s Music for Tots program. Ms. Storck’s experience directing youth choirs ranges from grades 1-12. Most recently, Ms. Storck taught at St. Francis Borgia School in Cedarburg, where she directed the Upper School Concert

B I O G R A P H I E S ( c o n t .) Choir (grades 6-8), worked closely with the art department to present a Fine Arts Festival each year, updated the music curriculum for grades K5-8, prepared students to sing for church and community performances, honors choirs and the solo and ensemble festivals, and was the accompanist for a variety of performances and school masses. She was also co-director of the St. Francis Borgia Parish Youth Choir.

Falletta conducting), he has had an active performance career. Mr. Clark returned to the stage of Carnegie Hall to perform Brahms’ Ein Deutsches Requiem (Helmuth Rilling conducting), and served on the performing and administrative staff of the Berkshire Choral Festival (Santa Fe, NM and Sheffield, MA), where he was the recipient of the Charles Dodsley Walker Award in 1997.

Ms. Storck is a board member and volunteer coordinator for Children’s Hope Network, Inc., a licensed, nonprofit Child Placement Agency in Grafton, where she assists in planning events for adoption advocacy and social networking, as well as benefit concerts to collect humanitarian aid for orphaned children around the world. Ms. Storck lives with her husband and two children in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

Mr. Clark has taught in Shorewood schools since 1997, and currently serves as the school district’s Director of Choral Activities. Prior to that he taught K-12 vocal music in Glidden, Iowa, where he received the Exemplary Music Program Award in 1995. Mr. Clark works closely with the Wisconsin School Music Association, for which he developed the 2003 class “A” madrigal list and served a three-year term as tenor coach for the Middle Level Honors Choir. His Shorewood choirs have been selected to perform at Carnegie Hall (John Rutter conducting), sang the National Anthem at the 2002 Olympic Torch Ceremony in Milwaukee, performed with the Bel Canto Chorus of Milwaukee as part of their 2004 Young Choral Artists Festival, were featured artists on the Milwaukee Choristers 75th Anniversary Concert, sang at the University of WisconsinMilwaukee’s inaugural honors choir festival, and were featured guests on the Knox College choir tour at the Basilica of St. Josephat. Mr. Clark’s choirs have represented Wisconsin at the “American Musical Salute to Liberation” in Paris and Normandy, France and as part of the 50th Anniversary of Hawaii’s Statehood in 2009.

Walter Boyer, Vocal Coach. Baritone Walter Boyer has enjoyed a variety of solo opportunities in the greater Milwaukee area. Highlights include appearances with the Milwaukee Symphony under the direction of Doc Severinsen, Margaret Hawkins, Lee Erickson and Jack Everly. Walt teaches music at Atwater Elementary in Shorewood and has served on the Milwaukee Children’s Choir board of directors. He has also been an MCC concert narrator and guest conductor. Mr. Boyer was honored as the Civic Music Association of Milwaukee’s Outstanding Elementary Music Teacher in 2006. For the past 26 years Walt had the joy of singing in the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus as a member of its Professional Core. Jason Clark, Milwaukee Youth Chorale. Since Mr. Clark made his Carnegie Hall début in 1990 (Carmina Burana, Brooklyn Philharmonic, JoAnn

An Iowa native, Mr. Clark holds a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal and instrumental music education from Coe College and a Master of Music degree in conducting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In addition to his work in Shorewood schools, Mr. Clark keeps a busy performance schedule as Founder and Artistic Director of the Shorewood Choral Arts Society, and as a Milwaukee Children’s Choir 11

B I O G R A P H I E S ( c o n t .) freelance tenor soloist and private voice instructor. Mr. Clark is married and has two children. Kristin Dillahunt, Prelude Choir and Songbirds (North). Ms. Dillahunt has been teaching elementary general and choral music in Grafton, WI since 1994. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a vocal emphasis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Master of Music Education with Kodály emphasis, as well as a Kodály certificate, from Silver Lake College in Manitowoc. She has served as the senior choir director at Advent Lutheran Church in Cedarburg, prepared workshops on the topics of Technology in Music Education and Planning the Kodály Way, and co-produced the DVD Favorite Singing Games, featuring real teachers teaching students singing games and including an accompanying teaching guide. Ms. Dillahunt is active on many district wide committees, including committees relating to technology integration and curriculum development. Ms. Dillahunt recently completed her term as president of the Association of Wisconsin Area Kodály Educators (AWAKE), where she organized and implemented several educational workshops for teachers and choral festivals for students throughout the state. Ms. Dillahunt lives in Grafton with her husband and their three daughters. Elizabeth Egger, Senior Choir Assistant and Vocal Coach. Ms. Egger earned a Bachelor of Music summa cum laude in Vocal Performance and Music Education from the University of Minnesota. She has a passion for choral music and music education. In 2005, Elizabeth joined the music faculty at Franklin Public Schools as the middle 12 Milwaukee Children’s Choir

school and high school choral director. In recent seasons, Elizabeth has also been seen performing with Milwaukee Choral Artists, Skylight Opera, Florentine Opera, and Milwaukee Symphony Chorus. She is also an adjudicator for the Wisconsin School Music Association district solo and ensemble festivals. Emily Fazio, Harmony Choir, Caroling Crew, Prelude Choir and Songbirds (West). Ms. Fazio graduated from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse with degrees in choral and general music education. Musical highlights from her college career include directing and touring with the UW-La Crosse concert choir, playing in the Korean Drum Ensemble, and singing in the American Choral Directors Association All-State Collegiate Choir. Specializing in vocal and early childhood music, Ms. Fazio is also a certified Music Together® teacher. From 2008-2010 Ms. Fazio worked as a music specialist with the School District of New Berlin, where she taught general music, directed co-curricular choirs and drama club, and established a revised K-6 curriculum for the district. A proponent for the use of technology in music education, Ms. Fazio was the first music teacher in the district to use SMART board technology, and served on the district Technology Leadership Team. Ms. Fazio is currently in the professional core of the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus and teaches private voice and piano (along with other instruments) in New Berlin, where she lives with her husband. Jenny Gettel, Vocal Coach. Ms. Gettel received a Bachelor of Music degree in Choral Education from Lawrence University, and a Masters in Vocal

B I O G R A P H I E S ( c o n t .) Performance degree from the University of Illinois ChampaignUrbana. Ms. Gettel has performed as a soprano soloist with the Baroque chamber group Bach Babes, the a cappella group Canticle, Ensemble Musical Offering, Present Music, Milwaukee Choral Artists, Bach Chamber Choir, Lutheran A Cappella Choir, and the Racine Symphony. When Ms. Gettel performed in The Skylight’s production of Monteverdi’s opera Ulysses, her performance was described as “especially lovely lyrical singing” by the Wall Street Journal. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states “Gettel has a pure, facile voice. She executes technical passages with complete ease and includes an enormous range of colors in her sound.” Ms. Gettel is on the Voice Faculty and teaches private voice lessons at the University of WisconsinMilwaukee and the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. She also teaches at her home in Grafton, where she lives with her husband and daughters and their dog Mozart. Ms. Gettel has received awards from NATSAA, the Civic Music Association, the MacDowell Club, Milwaukee Music Teachers Association, and the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. She is a board member of the Milwaukee Music Teachers Association. Ms. Gettel enjoyed serving as Choir Director at Christ Episcopal Church for twenty years beginning in the late 1980’s, and is currently director of Contemporary Music at St. Boniface Episcopal Church in Mequon. Amy Kilpatrick, Cantabile (West) and Vocal Coach. Amy Kilpatrick is a native of Milwaukee who has enjoyed singing with the Milwaukee Choral Artists and Milwaukee Symphony Chorus, and has served as accompanist for the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus ACE Quartet. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Vocal / Choral Music Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she

studied piano with James Tocco and sang under the direction of renowned conductor Eldon Balko. She recently began graduate studies in music with Kodály emphasis at Silver Lake College and is teaching part-time kindergarten music in the Shorewood School District. Ms. Kilpatrick taught music in the Brown Deer School District, where she was an early childhood music specialist, and taught K-12 music in public and private schools in Oklahoma. She has over twenty years experience teaching private voice and piano lessons as well as Suzuki piano. In addition to her music education and performance experience, Ms. Kilpatrick just concluded a challenging career of homeschooling three sons, and enjoyed watching one of them progress through the MCC program from kindergarten through high school. Annemarie Travia, Prelude Choir and Songbirds (East) and Prelude Coordinator. Miss Travia earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and a Master of Music degree with Kodály emphasis, as well as a Kodály certificate, from Silver Lake College. Miss Travia has taught general music and middle school choir in the Edgerton School District. She currently teaches K-5 general music at Salem Grade School in Kenosha County, where she also taught early childhood music classes as part of Silver Lake College’s Music for Tots program. Miss Travia is past president of the Association of Wisconsin Area Kodály Educators. She is an adjudicator for the Wisconsin School Music Association district and state solo and ensemble festivals and choir clinician. Ms. Travia is an active church musician with experience as a cantor, as director of church choirs, and as accompanist on both piano and organ. Milwaukee Children’s Choir 13

B I O G R A P H I E S ( c o n t .) Theresa Witt, Cantabile (East) and Cantabile Coordinator. Mrs. Witt has taught elementary school music in the Milwaukee area since 1996. She earned her Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree from Lawrence Conservatory of Music and her Master of Music in Music Education with a Kodály Emphasis from Silver Lake College. She is certified in both Kodály and Orff Schulwerk methodologies. She has served on the boards of state, regional and national Kodály organizations and has worked as presenter and choral clinician.

instrumental and early childhood music education. After graduating from UW Madison with a Bachelor of Music degree, Mrs. Zamora spent 30 years teaching music in Australia. She wrote music curriculum for the State of Queensland, organized state-wide music festivals, and acted as an advisory teacher who mentored other music teachers. When her own children were involved in Kodály based music classes when young, she was so impressed with the skills that children could achieve at such an early age that she retrained as an early childhood music specialist, gaining her Kodály certification. She has been teaching children from birth to 15 ever since. Mrs. Zamora and her family moved back to her home state of Wisconsin Mrs. Witt works as an elementary school five years ago. She was on the faculty of music specialist for the Menomonee the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music Falls School District at Shady Lane for several years and now has a home Elementary School, where she teaches studio where she teaches piano and kindergarten through fifth grade music early childhood music. She also teaches and directs the fifth grade chorus. music at St. Catherine’s School as part Prior to that, Mrs. Witt worked at of the arts outreach program through Shorewood’s Atwater School, where she Pius XI High School Academy of Arts. implemented the Arts in Community Mrs. Zamora’s daughter has been Education (ACE) partnership with the singing with the Milwaukee Children’s Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and Choir for the last five years, and is at the Donges Bay Elementary School currently singing in our Milwaukee in Mequon, where she co-wrote the Youth Chorale. Mrs. Zamora has been K-5 music curriculum guide. She has an active parent volunteer for MCC. also accompanied and coached singers Having a son with multiple disabilities, for various community recreation she is experienced with teaching department musicals. children of different abilities and backgrounds. Many of her studio Mrs. Witt worked for MCC from 2000classes include children who are 2003, during which time she and Carol differently-abled and come from Storck (see above) took a fledgling diverse cultural backgrounds. Prelude program and turned it into a strong program for children grades 1-3. Amanda Carnahan, She returned in the summer of 2009. Accompanist. Ms. Mrs. Witt lives in Brown Deer with her Carnahan graduated husband and daughter. magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Trish Zamora, MCC Music Degree from Harmony Choir and the University of Cantabile Director Wisconsin-Platteville. (North and Central). She has served as an accompanist at Mrs. Zamora is an that university, at the University of experienced music Wisconsin-Milwaukee, school districts educator in the fields throughout southeast and southwest of vocal, general, Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Middle Level 14 Milwaukee Children’s Choir

B I O G R A P H I E S ( c o n t .) Honors Choir, Singing in Wisconsin, and Heartland Festival Productions. Ms. Carnahan joined Milwaukee Children’s Choir in 2004, and currently accompanies MCC’s Prelude choirs, Cantabile, and Jubilate. Ms. Carnahan is an active freelance accompanist and private piano teacher in the Milwaukee area. She is married and lives in Shorewood. Maria Koester, Accompanist. Ms. Koester received her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in piano performance from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. She has taught piano at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and performed with the Blair Chamber Players. She is the organist at Kingo Lutheran Church in Shorewood, Wisconsin, and has been an accompanist with Milwaukee Children’s Choir since 2005. Ms. Koester accompanies the Milwaukee Youth Chorale. She also maintains a private piano studio and works as a health aide at Lake Bluff Elementary School in Shorewood. She is married and lives in Shorewood with her family, including a daughter who has been an MCC member since 2000.

responsibility, and worked directly with MCC’s performance peers. Ms. Bell is excited for another MCC adventure and the challenges she will face in her new role as Executive Director. Ms. Bell graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing. Before joining Milwaukee Children’s Choir, she was office manager and then director of parent relations at Milwaukee Montessori School, and was a teaching assistant at Elmwood Elementary School in New Berlin. As a trained musician on both piano and violin, she has performed with the Waukesha Symphony Orchestra (now known as the Wisconsin Philharmonic). Ms. Bell lives with her husband and two daughters. Both her daughters joined Milwaukee Children’s Choir in 1999. One is in Youth Chorale and one now attends the University of Minnesota.

Lorinda Liongson, Office and Volunteer Manager. Ms. Liongson was born in the Philippines and moved to Door County, WI as a child in 1978. She graduated from Carroll College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of California-Santa Barbara. She practiced as a child and family therapist in Decatur, IL for three Administrative Staff years, until she and her husband moved Paula Bell, Executive Director. Ms. back to Wisconsin in 1994. She found Bell joined Milwaukee Children’s Choir a “temporary” job with The Mark Travel in 2004 in order to work with staff Corporation and stayed for 9 years, dedicated to child-centered music during which time she was promoted education. She began as an assistant from reservationist to contracting to the General Manager and was soon coordinator to destination product promoted to Operations Director contracting/buyer manager. Her and then General Manager. As of career at The Mark Travel Corporation November 1, 2010, Ms. Bell assumed allowed her to travel to many different the position of Executive Director. destinations in Europe, China, and For several years, Ms. Bell has been in the Caribbean. Ms. Liongson joined charge of day-to-day chorus operations, Milwaukee Children’s Choir in 2007 production planning and national and and manages office operations and international tours. She has supervised the organization’s many volunteers. key MCC employees, managed both Ms. Liongson is married and has two front- and back-of-house operations daughters, both of whom sing in MCC. at MCC concerts, had profit and loss Milwaukee Children’s Choir 15

M I LWAU K E E C H I L D R E N ’ S C H O I R I N C . Milwaukee Children’s Choir is Southeastern Wisconsin’s premiere professional children’s choir. We provide children with exceptional choral music instruction and performance experiences they can get nowhere else in the area. We are also the “go to” choir for other performing arts groups when their performances call for the voices of children. Under the direction of Artistic Director Carol Storck, MCC offers programs for children ages 4 through 18. All classes and rehearsals are educational, child centered, and age appropriate. We believe in educating the whole child, and we work with the human voice to teach not only music but also important life skills such as poise, self-confidence, focus, problem solving, and teamwork. Experts agree that singing in a choir has a remarkably positive impact on children. Choir parents agree with the experts. Many of our choristers simply say how much fun it is to be a part of the choir! Members of MCC’s artistic team are talented music educators and performers known for their musicianship, their passion for quality music education, their leadership in the field of music, and the joy they get from music and teaching children. Several key concepts are integrated into MCC curriculum: singing as the basis for music education, folk music for beginning singers, using solfege, performing highest quality music, developing the complete musician, and using sequenced curriculum. As staff prepare for rehearsals, careful attention is paid to each of these concepts. MCC teaches through performance. We will present five performances during the 2010-2011 season, using some or all choir divisions at each concert. During the 2010-2011 season we feature two very special guest artists: Peter and Mary Amidon will have hundreds of children folk dancing in April 2011, and in May composer Paul Caldwell will conduct the Milwaukee premiere of “Witness,” which was written for MCC as part of the Chorus America Children’s Choir Commission Consortium. Milwaukee Children’s Choir is a member of the United Performing Arts Fund. Our relationship with the area’s finest performing arts organizations leads to once-in-alifetime performance opportunities for our singers. During the 2010-2011 season MCC choirs will perform with Present Music, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Milwaukee Ballet, Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, Milwaukee Choristers and others. MCC is dedicated to the community it serves. While participation in most MCC programming is tuition-based, tuition is set arbitrarily low in order to prevent it from becoming a barrier to participation. Tuition aid is available to qualified children, and no child has ever been turned away from membership because of money. In addition, MCC’s Harmony Program furthers MCC’s mission by bringing months of high quality choral music instruction to 200 elementary school children who live in the City of Milwaukee and attend Milwaukee schools. The children’s education includes at least one performance experience, including participation in MCC’s all day Saturday Roots & Wings Festival April 2, 2011. We estimate that roughly 80% of the children we reach do not receive choral (or any music) programming in their regular classroom curriculum. Major funding for our Harmony Program comes from grants from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Herzfeld Foundation, and the MPS Arts Partnership. Milwaukee Children’s Choir represents the best Southeastern Wisconsin has to offer. The children we serve represent 55 zip codes, 38 communities and seven counties. They represent grades K4-12 and more than 140 schools. No doubt about it: We are Milwaukee’s children’s choir! 16 Milwaukee Children’s Choir

M I LWAU K E E C H I L D R E N ’ S C H O I R I N C . Carol Storck, Artistic Director • Emily Holt Crocker, Founder • Paula Bell, Executive Director

Board Officers and Directors David Dorgan, President Patrick Murphy, Vice President Jayme Tschanz, Treasurer Heidi Boyd, Secretary Priya Barnes Beth Berger Christine Burgener Robert Fichtner Nancy Gazzana Kathryn Kaminsky Emily Koczela Paul Lucey Verona Morgan Robert Sholl

Artistic Staff Carol Storck: Artistic Director, Jubilate Walt Boyer: Vocal Coach Amanda Carnahan: Accompanist Jason Clark: Milwaukee Youth Chorale Kristin Dillahunt: Prelude Choir, Songbirds Elizabeth Egger: Senior Choir Assistant, Vocal Coach Emily Fazio: Caroling Crew, Harmony Choir, Prelude Choir, Songbirds Jenny Gettel: Vocal Coach Amy Kilpatrick: Cantabile, Vocal Coach Maria Koester: Accompanist Annemarie Travia: Prelude Choir (coordinator), Songbirds Theresa Witt: Cantabile (coordinator) Trish Zamora: Cantabile, Harmony Choir Production and Administrative Staff Paula Bell, Executive Director Lorinda Liongson, Office and Volunteer Manager Milwaukee Children’s Choir Inc. 158 N. Broadway • Milwaukee, WI 53202 Phone (414) 221-7040 Fax (414) 221-7041

Milwaukee Children’s Choir 17

M I LWAU K E E C H I L D R E N ’ S C H O I R D O N O R S Milwaukee Children’s Choir could not do what it does without the support of many. We would like to recognize the following donors, who supported us during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2010. Contributions received after that date will be acknowledged in upcoming program books. Thank you! $20,000 and over United Performing Arts Fund $10,000 to $19,999 Greater Milwaukee Foundation Mary L. Nohl Fund Milwaukee Public Schools Partnership for the Arts Nonprofit Management Fund Wisconsin Arts Board $5,000 to $9,999 CAMPAC (Milwaukee County Cultural Artistic and Musical Programming Advisory Council) David and Andrea Dorgan National Endowment for the Arts $1,000 to $4,999 Anonymous Gardner Family Greater Milwaukee Foundation VELA Fund Paul and Karylmary Lucey Jamshed and Deborah Patel Robert and Mary Peterson Rockwell Automation Rob Sholl and Jill Wickham Robert and Ellen Venable $500 to $999 Beth and Neal Berger Christine Burgener Tom and Jennifer Florsheim Dr. Carol Hasenyager and Brian Cooley Dr. and Mrs. David G. Jansson 18 Milwaukee Children’s Choir

John and Jean Morack Brian and Laura Putnam $100 to $499 Creatonomy Inc. (Priya Barnes) Mark and Paula Bell Richard and Kay Bibler Sara and Michael Bowen Heidi Boyd James and Mary Connelly John and Georgeana Drehfal Cummisford, Acevedo & Associates, LLC Lee Erickson Frank and Pauline Fichtner Robert and Penny Fichtner Gregory and Margaret Fritsch Jenny Gettel Suzanne Marchant and William Gollmar Michael and Katherine Grebe Doug and Jane Hagerman Edward Hammond and Marcia Brooks Marge and Jim Henderson Andy and Paula Holman Dorothy Houle Paul and Teresa Jennings Judy and Gary Jorgenson Judy Perkins and David Keen Kelben Foundation (Mary & Ted Kellner) Danis Kelley Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc. Kathy and Chris Korinek Dwayne and Mary Krager Donald and JoAnne Krause

Irene Krueger Lands’ End Robert and Emily Levine Ann Reinke and David Lucey Barbara Lund Patty McNichols Sara and Howard Miller Verona Morgan Patrick and Mary Murphy Janice and Jehangir Patel Stephen and Susan Ragatz Stephen and Frances Richman Daryl Diesing and Marcia Rimai Roundy’s Thomas A. and Chris Schumacher Lois Smith Rose Purpero Spang Thane and Carol Storck Barbara and Christian Steinmetz Ireene Sullivan Kent and Marna TessMattner Jayme Tschanz Virgie Venable Thomas and Karen Waldkirch Michael Walton WE Energies Up to $99 Marianna and Michael Bruch Shirley L. Campbell Richard and Sharon Canter Paul and Donna Charney Bob and Sandy Cristan Phil and Pat Crump Gwynne Kennedy and John DiClemente Kristin Dillahunt Dal and Jacki Drummer Mark Dykstra and Theresa Richter Mark and Cheryl

M I LWAU K E E C H I L D R E N ’ S C H O I R D O N O R S ( c o n t .) Hammel John and Sarah Hill Lee and Barbara Hutchinson Donna Jordahl Kathryn Kaminsky Anthony and Laurel Kashinn Elynor L. Kimmel John and Peggy LaSalle Jim and Marianne LeTart Jane Lukic and Chris Kegel Larry Marx and Deb Rosen Emily Sue Medford Neil and Janna O’Connell Bob and Marie Pangman Shirin Patel Dale and Barbara Pforr Margaret Purser Michael and Jennifer Rakowiecki Chuck and Sharon Robinson Roger Ruggeri and Andrea Wagoner Tim and Denise Saviano Fr. Donald Schmidt Craig and Linda Settler Bob Smith and Sarah McEneany Gregory Smrz and Lorinda Liongson Sandra Topps Mark and Yvonne Wagner Theresa Witt Michael Wright In Kind Gifts Applecrest Preparatory Leadership Academy Creatonomy Inc. Dover Street Elementary School Golda Meir School Mequon United Methodist Church Milwaukee Youth Arts Center Mount Carmel Lutheran Church Rawson Elementary

Steinway Piano Gallery of Milwaukee Trowbridge Street School Sing-a-Thon Donors Bart and Terri Adrian Albelo Mindi Anderson Cynthia Armstead Badzinski Franc Beeson Judith Beiler Mark and Paula Bell Amy Bender Joanne Berg Bailey Bierle Kayla Bierle Michel and Linda Bitar Jay Blind Meghan Bolens James and Joanne Bonin Deanne Boyce Melina Braeger Kenneth Brown Timothy Brown Deb and Jeff Brunner Barbara Caskey Thomas Clopton and Celeste Giunta Wayne Cook John and Kristina Coppo Carrie Crossot Grace Dahlke Steve Daily Andy and Lynn Davis Lillie Davis Bridget DeLoge Matthew and Bridget DeLoge Sabina Diehr Dave and Andrea Dorgan Lori Falci Terry and Sue Falci Joanne Fournier Beth Frassetto Bill and Sandy French Sue Gagnon Gail Gallagher Joyce Gallagher Zoe Ganos Jean Gatz Gretchen Geiser Dick Geldreich

Art and Marilyn George E. Gierach & Son Jeffrey and Diana Gorecki Joan Graves William and Christine Kapsos-Green Mike and Pat Griffin Maureen Haines Marilyn Hanover Laurie Hansen-Cardona Debra Heard Carla Herried Janet Hilts Jason and Colleen Hodel Judy Hodel Walter Hodel Marge Hohner DeAnna Jackson Grandma Jackson Tracy Jackson Tina Jackson Brown Annie Jacobson Alex Janowski Arlene Janowski Jeffrey Johnson Joan Johnson Doris Jones Kevin and Karen Jones Terry Joost Laurel Kashinn Tony Kashinn Tanisha Kendall Michael and Vicki Kent Joseph and Mary Klein Elyse Kohn Dwayne and Mary Krager Mary Kremer Chad Kubiak Irene Kurtz Mary Laabs Laurel Kashinn Jim and Ann Leigh Scott Leigh Robert and Emily Levin Lindbeck James and Jean Linn Lorena Liongson Lorinda Liongson Christopher Lo Sheila Long Kathy Lorenz Dan Lotesto Vashti Lozier Milwaukee Children’s Choir 19

M I LWAU K E E C H I L D R E N ’ S C H O I R D O N O R S ( c o n t .) Anne MacLeod Marian MacLeod Barry and Julie Mainwood Leslie Martin Owen and Laura McVann Dianna Merriett Kirk Messer Bernie Miser Stephen and Jennifer Moss Billie Norton Ben and Lisa Olson Eric and Cori Olson Leanne Orta Hatsuko Palmisano Alex Paniagua Paula Papanek Joshua and Monica Parkes Debbie Patel Dannette and Gary Patterson Gloria Patterson Oscar Patterson Grandma and Grandpa Pederson Dianne Pintar Amy Polacek Kenneth and Susan Presberg Brian and Laura Putnam Anastasia Radetski Janice Radetski Jim Radetski Jennifer Rakowiecki Corinne Rivas Joseph and Corinne Rivas

Ramona Rogers-Windsor Betty Rokicki Virgil Rokicki Wayne Rokicki Deborah Rosen Mark Ruffles Vivian Sachs Jordan Samorajski Narysa Sardari Timothy and Denise Saviano Patricia Savitt Therese Schaefer James Scharles David Schick Nancy Schoettel Carol Scott Paul Serketich Vicky Shinners Natalie Singer Meredith Skelton Family Skonecki Rehanna Skonecki Brooke Smith Greg Smrz Jeffrey and Anne Spadaro Rose Purpero Spang Mike and Pat Stansell Catherine Startt Carol Storck Janelle Tauzell Chris Tews Pat Tyler Unke Albert and Susan Van Lith Grandma Van Lith

Ticket SPECIALS 20 Milwaukee Children’s Choir

Cindy and David Vande Leest Mark Veenstra Stephanie Voltolina Walsh Aaron Weiss Jenny Weiss Richard and Barb Weiss Albert and Patricia White Anne White George and Antoinette White Paul and Joy Wiencek Alan and Jodi Williams Ann Williamsen Scott Winter Theresa Witt Jennifer Yang Samantha Yang Reggie Zamora Tom and Shelley Ziech Megan Zinda Al and Grandpa Melvin Our apologies for any omissions or errors. We encourage you to contact Paula Bell at 414-221-7040 with questions or corrections—or to learn how you can make a much appreciated gift to MCC! All donors will be listed in upcoming program books.

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