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Recipient of an Edgerton Foundation New American Plays Award

Andrew White♦ Artistic Director

Rachel E. Kraft Executive Director

Dan Ostling♦, USA

Mara Blumenfeld♦, USA

Scenic Designer

Amanda Dehnert Music Arrangement

Maria DeFabo Properties Designer

Philip R. Smith♦

Producing Artistic Director

Costume Designer

Malcolm Ruhl* Music Director

Heidi Stillman♦

Artistic Director of New Work

Christine A. Binder♦, USA Lighting Designer

Josh Horvath♦, USA

Ray Nardelli♦, USA

Joel Hobson

Sean K. Walters

Co-Sound Designer

Sheila Schmidt*

Production Stage Manager

Production Manager

Co-Sound Designer Technical Director


Sister, Musican and others........................................Jeanne T. Arrigo Otto, Olaf and others........................................Lawrence E. DiStasi♦* Marianne and others..................................Christine Mary Dunford♦* Reggie and others.........................................................Doug Hara♦* Husband, Houdini, Musician and others..................Derek Hasenstab* Grocer, Musician and others........................................Erik Hellman* Musician and others...................................................Malcolm Ruhl* Pedersen, Musician and others.......................Michael Barrow Smith* Ernie, Musician and others......................................Scott Stangland* Solveig, Musician and others.........................................Tiffany Topol* Bobbie and Musician......................................................Claire Wellin Ilse and others..............................................................Monica West* UNDERSTUDIES

Jeanne T. Arrigo, Lillian Cummings, Derek Hasenstab*, Doug Pawlik, Scott Stangland* *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union for professional actors and stage managers ♦Lookingglass Theatre Company Ensemble Member, Artistic Associate or Production Affiliate ‡

Opening Night Sponsor Lookingglass Theatre Company is a member of Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national service organization for American Theatre, and of the League of Chicago Theatres, the local service organization for theatre.

Based in part on events recounted in

Jay Bonansinga’s The Sinking of the Eastland: America’s Forgotten Tragedy Additional support provided by

Mary Jo and Doug Basler Leigh and Henry Bienen Gregory C. Cameron and Gregory Thompson The Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation Kathy and Kevin Fanning The Pauls Foundation and Dr. Abbie Helene Roth and Sandra Gladstone Roth

PRODUCTION STAFF Assistant Technical Director................................................................................Jen Seleznow Production Coordinator........................................................................................Renee Keen Assistant Stage Manager................................................................................Tess Lauchaire* Hair and Makeup Designer.....................................................................................Kaity Licina Assistant Director and Movement........................................................................Emily Maltby Assistant Costume Designer...............................................................................Kristin DeiTos Assistant Lighting Designer...............................................................................Alec Bernstein Assistant Sound Designer...............................................................................Palmer Jankens Assistant Properties Designer.................................................................Michael Bou-Maroun Magic Consultant...........................................................................................Brett Schneider Dramaturg............................................................................................................Marti Lyons Associate Dramturg..................................................................................Shannon Fitzsimons Master Carpenter.................................................................................................John Russell Carpenters.............................................................Andrew Knauff, Joel Lambie, Kelsey Lamm, Dane Lewandowski, John Ofori, Isaac Schoepp and Nate Whelden Fabric Craftwork..................................................................................................Jeremy Floyd Scenic Charge......................................................................................................Zoe Shiffrin Assistant Scenic Charge....................................................................................Meg Grgurich Scenic Artist.......................................................................................................Sarah Dalton Master Electrician..........................................................................................Jabin Chartrand Assistant Master Electrician.....................................................................................Jeff Glass Electricians...................................................Nicholas J. Carroll, Soren Ersbak, Sarah Gilmore, Garvin Jellison, Sarah Lackner, Nicole Malmquist, Cassie Mings, Gina Patterson, Karen Thompson, Christopher Wilham and Viv Woodland Wardrobe Supervisor......................................................................................David Galbreath Wardrobe Assistant.................................................................................... Catherine Wearne Costume Supervisor........................................................................................Joanna Melville Costume Construction................Fox Brothers Tailoring, Steppenwolf Costume Shop, Lise Stec, Carolyn Cristofani, Kim Erickson, Shana Hall and Amy Prindle Sound Engineer...................................................................................Christopher M. LaPorte Deck Crew...........................................................................Olivia Castillon and Kelsey Lamm Rehearsal Accompanist............................................................................Sean Effinger-Dean Casting...........................................................................Philip R. Smith♦ with Raymond Fox♦ Interns..................................................Sean Colandrea (Sound), Justin Glombicki (Electrics), Katelyn Hendricks (Wardrobe), Evan Herndon (Wardrobe), Rayme Silverberg (Production Management), and Jake Wiener (Stage Management)



As of this writing, there are three books about the Eastland, each of which were enormously helpful in their own way, and I owe each of the authors an enormous debt of gratitude for their scholarship, research, and generosity of spirit and time. Jay Bonansinga’s book The Sinking of the Eastland: America’s Forgotten Tragedy was my principle source. His skillful, suspenseful, and 360-degree panoramic painting of that day provides not only a minute-by-minute recounting of the events, but also finely-detailed portraits of many of those affected by the disaster, including, among many others, Bobbie Aanstad, Reggie Bowles and Otto Muchna. You can find Jay’s book at George Hilton’s book Eastland: Legacy of the Titanic provides a comprehensive and richly-detailed history of the boat itself, a wealth of technical information and welldocumented theories about what led to the disaster, as well as about the civil and criminal trials that followed. Ted Wachholz’s book The Eastland Disaster was my primary reference for the information about the Western Electric plant in Cicero where the fictional character Ilse works, as well as the events of July 24, 1915. Ted’s wife Barb Decker and her sister Susan are the granddaughters of the real-life Bobbie. Their organization, the Eastland Disaster Historical Society, is dedicated to keeping the stories and memories of these events alive, and it is an amazing resource with information about every detail you could possibly imagine from that day and its aftermath – from the manifest of passengers, to the history of the boat and theories about why it tipped, to the burial sites of the victims. You can find out more at eastlanddisaster. org. Additional resources include the WTTW documentary, “Chicago Stories: The Eastland Disaster” produced by Harvey Moshman and Chuck Coppola. My thanks go, too, to the wonderful staff at the Chicago History Museum and the many other scholars and descendants of those on the Eastland who encouraged me along the way. Despite my reliance on these sources, however, let me be clear: this play is a work of fiction. The events are true, and some of the play’s characters are based on actual people who were involved with the Eastland disaster: Bobbie and her family are based on Bobbie Aanstad who in reality was trapped under the hull with her family (not alone, as portrayed here) for more than eleven hours; Reggie is based on Reggie Bowles, who spent the entire day diving into the dirty Chicago river recovering bodies; Otto is based on undertaker Otto Muchna, who spent the following days and weeks preparing and burying the hundreds of dead; Pedersen is based on Harry Pedersen, Captain of the S. S. Eastland on that fateful day. But while some accounts of their experiences and thoughts that day exist – interviews, newspaper reports, trial transcipts, etc. – I used these, by necessity, as a point of departure rather than arrival, and their thoughts and dialogue as portrayed here are entirely imagined and fictional. Lastly, none of this writing would have been possible without the support, encouragement, and vetting by my Writers Group friends, my incredible Lookingglass family, and my equally incredible actual family, Shari, Julia and Asher.

IN CONVERSATION with Andrew White and Amanda Dehnert Interview by Literary Manager MARTI LYONS

How did this collaboration come about? Andrew White: I knew pretty quickly that I’d written a play that had challenges beyond my skill-set as a director, so I wanted to find someone with a great imagination, preferably someone who was comfortable with musicals. Throughout our conversations, it became clear that Amanda was a great collaborative partner who I had a great connection with. It felt right immediately. Amanda Dehnert: It really did. I was so excited when I first read Eastland. It’s such a beautiful ghost story, and I love ghost stories. I love working with music and I love working with new material, so for me it was just my wish list of all of my favorite things rolled into one. How is this piece inspired by historical fact and how is it fiction? AW: It is inspired by historical fact. Everything that takes place in the play takes place within the context of the events on July 24, 1915. There are also real life characters who are represented in the play, so it’s very much connected to real life events and real people. Simultaneously, for me as a writer it’s also a meditation on other things, things that have everything to do with the events of the day but are also much broader than that. It has to do with mortality, death, longing, and loss, and many of the other things that make us human and are present for all of us in our daily lives. AD: When we reflect on our history, what we’re really looking for is meaning within the events. Not just what happened on this day in Chicago, but what did it mean for the people at that time? And what does it still mean for us now? It’s about using this historical moment to understand a universal human truth, which is: we’re born, we live, and we die. That doesn’t have to be only a terrifying thing. It’s a mysterious thing, and this piece lets us talk about that on all sorts of levels. AW: As Amanda said on the 1st day of rehearsal, it’s the story of this event, but it’s also the story of us creating the event. We’re creating the piece with the people who are in the room with us: the cast, the director, the writer, the musicians, and the composers. It’s a work in process. These individuals and the experiences we’ve had all contribute to the final creation. When did the inspiration for the piece hit? AW: The thing I was most struck by initially was the fact that even though I’d lived in Chicago for more than 20 years, I had never heard of the Eastland. That there was this tragic momentous event in our own backyard less than a hundred years ago and most Chicagoans have no idea. In the wake of September 11, 2001 and Hurricane Katrina, we as a country have all been thinking about how we respond to disasters, especially when something happens so close to home. The question I was interested in was: Why is this forgotten? Why does nobody know of this even though we literally

pass by the site on a regular basis? The Sinking of the Eastland: America’s Forgotten Tragedy by Jay Bonansinga then became my primary reference point. It’s a great telling of the tale, and Bonansinga lifts out a number of characters who become great vehicles to tell the whole story. How did you solidify the team of artists to collaborate on this project? AW: I knew early on that I was going to write this in verse. I didn’t want it to be a docudrama, a court transcript, or a dramatized version of the events. These people would need to express themselves in verse form, which on stage usually means in song. At the time, I was working with Andre Pluess and Ben Sussman on another musical, and they were the obvious partners for Eastland. The instrumentation, musicality and style we were working with at the time seemed like a perfect match. AD: When you’re directing a new piece of theatre, you have to look at what kind of piece of theatre it is. Not every musical is the same kind of musical. I look at Eastland and say what’s the story? How does it need to get told? For a long time as a director you’re just responsible for listening to the writers talk and trying to ask smart questions without having any particular agenda. Then ultimately, you look at it and go, Well, its gonna have to turn into a world, not in our heads, but manifest in a room. Who are the people who are going to do that? The first stage direction is “An inside of a boat turned on its side.” How do you do that in a theatre? Are you trying to make it look like a real boat? Are you trying to represent a boat? Where are we? Those questions start to happen and you start to figure out how to answer them. You add more and more artists to the fold as you go, always trying to keep their noses pointed toward what the thing is about. Then you let them do what they’re good at. I’m fortunate to be working with amazing people from the Lookingglass family, not the least of whom has been Dan Ostling – realizing the physical world for Eastland within a theatre has been by far the most amazing and rewarding challenge. AW: We are working with traditional and nontraditional frames. The goal was finding a way to create something that had pleasing or “hooky” things that would grab an audience the way moments in great musicals do, but also to have room for nontraditional moments where the audience is not able to sit back in their comfort zone. AD: There are times when this piece operates as a song cycle. There are times when it operates as chamber opera. There are times when it operates as play. There are times when it operates as a tone poem. You put all of those together and we can call it a musical, but it’s this musical, you know? It’s unlike anything else I’ve worked on yet. er Doug Hara at Ensemble Memb of Eastland

the first rehearsal

Ensemble Member Andrew White, Amanda Dehnert, Artistic Associate Andre Plue ss and Ben Sussman


Taken by Lookingglass Junior Board Member: Jacqueline Charak

METAMORPHOSES Based on the myths of Ovid Written and directed by Ensemble Member

MARY ZIMMERMAN Based on a translation by David Slavitt




Directed by Ensemble Member


STILL ALICE Adapted and directed by Ensemble Member


BIG LAKE BIG CITY Written by KEITH HUFF Directed by Ensemble Member


ABOUT LOOKINGGLASS Inventive. Collaborative. Transformative. Lookingglass is home to a multidisciplined collective of artists who create original, story-centered theatre through a physical and improvisational rehearsal process centered on ensemble. Lookingglass has staged 58 world premieres and garnered numerous awards in its mission to change, charge and empower audiences and artists alike. Lookingglass Education and Community programs encourage creativity, teamwork and confidence with thousands of students and community members each year. In 2003, Lookingglass Theatre opened in Chicago’s landmark Water Tower Water Works. In 2011, Lookingglass received the American Theatre Wing’s Tony Award® for Outstanding Regional Theatre.

PROFILES JEANNE T. ARRIGO (Sister, Musician and others) is over the moon to be performing with Lookingglass Theatre Co. again, having played Ilse for the staged reading of Eastland last year for the “In The Works” series at Millennium Park; she is so pleased to have the opportunity to help bring Andy’s beautiful poetry and Andre and Ben’s evocative music to a broader audience in the full production of this new work. Jeanne was most recently seen at the Chicago Cultural Center’s DCA theatre this past spring in another new work, Las Hermanas Padilla, with Chicago Fusion Theatre. Prior to that, she worked with Griffin Theatre Co. in their national fall tour of Letters Home. Other credits include playing the marvelous Chloe in Lips Together, Teeth Apart with Remarcable Productions; Woody Guthrie’s American Song with BlindFaith Theatre Co. and past work with Steep Theatre Co. and Illinois Theatre Center. Also a singer/ songwriter with two CDs to her credit, Jeanne totes her guitar around town to auditions and gigs. Visit for more info. Thanks so much to Amanda, Andy, Phil, Andre, Ben, Jenny, and the whole Lookingglass family. As always, immeasurable love goes to Brett for his uncompromising patience and support. Jeanne would like to dedicate this performance (and all those in the forseeable future!) to her mom, Alice Arrigo, who ‘shuff’ld’ off this mortal coil’ on March 10 of this year; Mom was so looking forward to seeing Eastland. Jeanne carries her mom’s joy and excitement with her now, and hopes you’ll take some home with you, too. LAWRENCE E. DiSTASI (Otto, Olaf and others/ Ensemble Member) was last seen onstage at the Water Tower Water Works as Daedalus in Lookingglass Theatre’s Icarus. Since 1988 he’s appeared in over 30 Lookingglass productions. He

helped create the Lookingglass Theatre Company, The Actors Gymnasium Circus and Performing Arts School, and a young boy named Griffin (with his wife Sylvia). He’s appeared in the Flying Griffin Circus, TV’s “Early Edition,” a film called Since You’ve Been Gone and an opera called Galileo Galilei. He recently directed Lost and Found: A Recycled Circus at The Actors Gymnasium. CHRISTINE MARY DUNFORD (Marianne and others/Ensemble Member) has been a Lookingglass Ensemble Member since 1989 and has appeared in nearly two dozen Lookingglass productions in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Most recently she appeared as Gail, the counselor, in Trust, and Mrs. Webb in Our Town. Some of her favorite roles include Maria in The Jungle and Contessa/Philomena in Vanishing Twin. Over the years Christine has served the company as managing director and director of development, and she has taught with Lookingglass’ Education and Community program since its inception. In addition to Lookingglass, Christine has worked with a number of other Chicago and regional theaters, in television, films, and in radio plays. Christine has an MA in cultural anthropology and PhD in performance studies, and she teaches at Northwestern, DePaul and Roosevelt Universities. In 2009 Christine cofounded the Memory Ensemble, a joint project of Lookingglass and Northwestern’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center (CNADC) that uses performance activities and improvisation to improve life for people with memory loss. In Lookingglass’ 2012 season, Christine will direct her own adaptation of Still Alice, a novel by Lisa Genova, that explores what it’s like to live with Alzheimer’s Disease.

PROFILES (CONTINUED) DOUG HARA (Reggie and others/Ensemble Member) has participated in 16 Lookingglass productions since 1991 including Metamorphoses, West, Arabian Nights, Up Against It, The Master and Margarita, Lookingglass Hamlet, Lookingglass Alice, and The Brothers Karamazov. Goodman Theatre productions include Journey to the West and The Odyssey. Arden Theatre productions include A Prayer for Owen Meany, Something Intangible, Threepenny Opera, and Cyrano. Two River Theater productions include Our Town, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Charlotte’s Web, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and HONK! Broadway credits: The Boys of Winter and Metamorphoses. Off-Broadway: The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci and Lookingglass Alice. Doug has performed at many regional theatres including, About Face Theatre, Jellyeye Drum Opera, Huntington Theatre, Berkeley Repertory, Seattle Repertory, Mark Taper Forum, The Alliance Theatre, Syracuse Stage, Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Joyce Theatre. Doug lives in Lambertville, New Jersey with his wife, Kirstin and daughters, Lyra and Harper. DEREK HASENSTAB (Husband, Houdini, Musician and others) Chicago credits include: Sunday in the Park with George, SS! A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Adventures of Pinocchio, and Disney’s Aladdin (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre); A Streetcar Named Desire (Writers’ Theatre); Phyro Giants!, Dealer’s Choice, Ecstasy (Roadworks Productions); A Home at the End of the World,

Cloud Nine (After Dark Award, About Face Theatre); Oedipus Complex (Goodman Theater); Animals out of Paper, Disappeared (Steppenwolf Theater); I Hate Hamlet, The Buddy Holly Story, A Christmas Carol, The Foreigner (After Dark Award, Drury Lane Oakbrook); High Fidelity (Route 66 Theater); Pride’s Crossing, Hitting for the Cycle (Famous Door Theater); A Civil War Christmas (Northlight Theater). Regional credits include: The Glass Menagerie (Kansas City Repertory) and Metamorphoses (Mark Taper Forum). Broadway National Tour: The Lion King. Derek is a proud member of AEA/SAG. ERIK HELLMAN (Grocer, Musician and others) is thrilled to be working at Lookingglass for the first time. Other Chicago credits include Hesperia (Writers’ Theatre); Comedy of Errors, The Mystery of Irma Vep (Joseph Jefferson Award NominationLead Actor), Titus Andronicus and Arcadia (Court Theatre); Madness of King George III, Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth and Edward II (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre); Honest, Elephant Man and Huck Finn (Steppenwolf Theatre); All My Sons (Timeline); The Busy World is Hushed (Next Theatre); Tartuffe (Remy Bumppo); Hatfield and McCoy (The House Theatre of Chicago) and multiple performances as an ensemble member of Strawdog Theatre Company. Outside of Chicago Erik has appeared in Dracula at The Geva Theatre and Indianapolis Repertory Theatre, where he played the title role in Romeo and Juliet, as well as I Just Stopped by to See the Man (Milwaukee Repertory Theatre); Romeo and Juliet and All’s Well That Ends Well (Shakespeare Santa Cruz) Oh the Humanity and Mr. Marmalade (Houston’s Stages Repertory Theatre); and Off-Broadway in Macbeth (Mirror Repertory Theatre). Film/TV work includes The Dark Knight and “The Chicago Code” and the upcoming season of “Boss.” He plays around town with the folk duo Erik and Jessie.

The Chicago Community Trust and its donors believe that a thriving arts and culture scene is essential to improving the quality of life in metropolitan Chicago. We are proud to support the Lookingglass Theatre’s production of Eastland, which contributes to the region’s cultural vibrancy. 225 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 2200, Chicago, IL 60601 • 312.616.8000 learn more at

PROFILES (CONTINUED) MALCOLM RUHL (Music Director/ Musician and others) Musical direction: Hairspray, Pump Boys and Dinettes (Jeff Nomination) and Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story at Drury Lane Theatre; Ain’t Misbehavin’ at the Goodman Theatre; Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Oklahoma! (Jeff Nomination) at American Theatre Company; Woody Guthrie’s American Song (Jeff Award), Blues in the Night (Jeff Nomination), and Smoke on the Mountain at Northlight Theatre; Pump Boys and Dinettes at the Apollo and Forum Theatres; Grease (Theatre at the Center); Big River (Apple Tree Theatre). Orchestration: A Little Night Music (Writers’ Theatre); The Original Grease, Oklahoma! (American Theatre Company); Heart of Spain. Musical Coordinator: Million Dollar Quartet (Apollo Theatre). Malcolm appeared as Jackson in the Broadway production of Pump Boys and Dinettes. Composition: Holiday Memories (Northlight Theatre), Cicada Dance (Kennedy Center/ACTF) and several choral works published by Final Score Music. MICHAEL BARROW SMITH (Pedersen, Musican and others) is happy to be included in the Eastland cast. He wrote the music for and performed in Steppenwolf’s The Grapes Of Wrath (Jeff Nomination), wrote and performed in Victory Gardens’ Michael Margaret Pat & Kate (3 Jeff Awards), was musical director and performed in Victory Gardens’ Hello Dali, was musical director and performed in Pasiones at Theater on the Lake, and wrote the adaptation and music for and performed in Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen at Victory Gardens. SCOTT STANGLAND (Ernie, Musician and others) is making his Lookingglass debut with Eastland. He was last seen in Remy Bumppo Theatre’s production of Mourning Becomes Electra in the role of Orin Mannon. His Chicago credits include Murder for Two [u/s], Short Shakespeare

Macbeth, and Julius Caesar (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre); Boy Gets Girl (Eclipse Theatre Company); Every Christmas Story Ever Told (Noble Fool Theatricals); Man from Nebraska (Steppenwolf Theatre Company); As You Like It [u/s] (Writers’ Theatre). Regional credits include Romeo & Juliet and Comedy of Errors (Michigan Shakespeare Festival); Romeo & Juliet and Antony & Cleopatra (Colorado Shakespeare Festival). Film credits: Contagion and Men of Honor. Television credits: “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” (TNT). He received his MFA in Acting from The Theatre Conservatory at Roosevelt University. TIFFANY TOPOL (Solveig, Musician and others) is so very excited to be making her Lookingglass debut. She was most recently seen in the Marriott Theater’s productions of Legally Blonde (Margot) and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Other recent credits include White Christmas, 42nd Street, How Can You Run with a Shell on Your Back? (Marriott Theater), Cabaret (Milwaukee Repertory Theater), Hairspray (Cape Playhouse), and Xanadu (1st National Tour). Ms. Topol also currently performs throughout Chicagoland with her singer/songwriter project, Glad Fanny. Much love and thanks to her beautiful family and friends, old and new. CLAIRE WELLIN (Bobbie and Musician) is thrilled to be making her Lookingglass debut. Previous Chicago credits include Man in Love and To Kill a Mockingbird with Steppenwolf Theatre and the Jeff Awardwinning Killer Joe with Profiles Theatre. TV credits include “Detroit 1-8-7” and “Reconstruction.” Claire has a love for writing and sharing music and is working on a solo project as well as a collaborative work called Birds of a Feather with the wonderful Arielle Luckmann. Love and gratitude to all at Lookingglass, Marisa and Jason, and her beautiful friends, family, and fellow artists. www.

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PROFILES (CONTINUED) MONICA WEST (Ilse and others) 12UA111 LTE Playbill Lookingglass debut! Regional: United Corp Affairs DC Guthrie, Actors KTG Theatre of Louisville, TA NYS&F, Westport Country Playhouse, George Street. NY: Roundabout, Barrow Street, 59E59, Cherry Lane. Television: “Law and Order,” “One Life to Live.” Monica originated the role of Baby in the North American Premiere of Dirty Dancing and she is one half of the comedic duo, MVPleez. MVPleez has been featured on HuffPo Comedy, New York Magazine, and Village Voice among others. www. Monica graduated with honors from Marquette University. She dedicates this performance to her wonderful family! Job Number


Event 16858 Royal Crest Houston Texas 77058 281-480-3660


Art Director


(Lookingglass), Equivocation (Arena Stage), Stage Kiss (Goodman Theatre), Endgame (Steppenwolf); The arts can take you places even we can't. Milk Like Sugar (La Jolla Playhouse/Playwrights English Horizons); Arabian NightsVertical/Portrait and Argonautika (LTC na Horizontal/Landscape na and regional productions), Ghost Light and White 4.25 x 1.937 Snake (both Festival) Interim BWat the Oregon QuarterShakespeare Page nonand Macbeth and Titus (both at the California Shakespeare Festival). Headline






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ANDREW WHITE (Writer/Artistic Director/ Ensemble Member) has appeared in more than thirty Lookingglass productions, most recently in Ethan Frome. He wrote and directed Of One Blood in 1989 and his adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 received a 2004 Joseph Jefferson Award. He has taught in various Lookingglass Outreach programs and residencies, and recently co-founded a new company, Mosaic Experience, which uses an arts-based approach to dialogue about diversity. His family in Evanston includes one wife, Shari, and two children, Julia and Asher. ANDRE PLUESS (Artistic Associate) & BEN SUSSMAN (Co-Composers) Based in Chicago, credits include composition and sound design for numerous productions for Lookingglass Theatre, Court Theatre, the Goodman, Steppenwolf, Northlight, Victory Gardens Theater, About Face Theatre and many other Chicago and regional theaters. Broadway credits: Metamorphoses, I Am My Own Wife, 33 Variations and The Clean House (Lincoln Center). Pluess and Sussman have received multiple Joseph Jefferson Awards, an L.A. Ovation Award, Barrymore Award, Drama Critics Circle Award, and Drama Desk/Lortel nominations for composition and sound design. Recent projects include Cascabel








AMANDA DEHNERT (Director and Music Arrangement) is an Assistant Professor of Theatre at Northwestern University. Recent productions include Julius Caesar (Oregon Shakespeare Festival), The Verona Project (words and music by Amanda Dehnert, world premiere, California Shakespeare Theatre), Peter Pan (A Play) (by Amanda Dehnert, Lookingglass Theatre Company, Joseph Jefferson Award nomination, best new adaptation), Death of a Salesman (Dallas Theatre Center), The Fantasticks (Long Wharf Theatre and Arena Stage), Not Wanted on the Voyage (Brian Hill/Neil Bartram, the American Musical Theatre Project), Cabaret (Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Canada), Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre), My Fair Lady (Actors Theatre of Louisville, Cleveland Playhouse, Virginia Stage Company), and a staged reading of The Two Gentlemen of Verona – The Rock Opera (Shakespeare Theatre, D.C.) She is thrilled to be back at Lookingglass. DAN OSTLING (Scenic Designer/ Ensemble Member) is an ensemble member of Lookingglass since 1997. Lookingglass: Ethan Frome, Trust, Arabian Nights (2009,1997), Brothers Karamozov, Argonautika, Lookingglass Alice, Hillbilly Antigone, Secret in the Wings, Race, Hard Times, Eleven Rooms of Proust, Baron in the Trees, Metamorphoses, The Idiot, 27, Vanishing Twin. Recent designs: Clybourne Park (Broadway, Mark Taper Forum/ LA), Endgame & Play (A.C.T./ SF), White Snake (Oregon Shakespeare Festival), The Convert (McCarter/ Princeton, Goodman/Chgo, Kirk Douglas/LA), Black n Blue Boys (Berkeley Rep), Elizabeth Rex & A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Chicago Shakespeare),and Candide (Goodman/Chgo, Shakespeare Theatre/DC, Huntington/Boston). He has worked throughout the country including at BAM, the Metropolitan Opera, NY Shakespeare

PROFILES (CONTINUED) Festival, Lincoln Center and Playwrights Horizons in NYC. Internationally, his work has been seen in London, UK and Melbourne, Australia. Daniel is an Associate Professor at Northwestern University in Chicago. MARA BLUMENFELD (Costume Designer/ Ensemble Member) was recently honored to be the recipient of the Michael Merritt Award for Excellence in Design & Collaboration. She has designed costumes for over twenty-five Lookingglass productions, including most recently Cascabel, The Last Act of Lilka Kadison, Ethan Frome, and The Arabian Nights (Jeff Award). Elsewhere in Chicago, she has designed numerous productions for The Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Court Theatre and Chicago Shakespeare Theater. New York credits include Metamorphoses (both on and off-Broadway), La Sonnambula and Lucia di Lammermoor for the Metropolitan Opera, and The Glorious Ones for Lincoln Center Theatre. Current and upcoming projects include Mary Zimmerman’s new production of The White Snake for Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Disney’s Aladdin for the MUNY Theatre of St. Louis, and will return to Lookingglass in the fall for the revival of Metamorphoses. CHRISTINE A. BINDER (Lighting Designer/Artistic Associate) is very excited to return once again to Lookingglass. Christine has designed for Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago Shakespeare, Court, Northlight, McCarter Theatre, Hartford Stage, Oregon Shakespeare Festival and many others. Ms. Binder’s opera designs include work at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Chicago Opera Theatre, San Diego Opera, New York City Opera, Pittsburgh Opera, and Houston Grand Opera. Recent designs include Dracula for Indiana Rep and Geva; and Follies for Chicago Shakespeare. Upcoming: The Letters for Writers’ Theatre, and Oklahoma and Don Pasquale for The Lyric Opera of Chicago. Ms. Binder is Jeff Award nominated for her work with the Court, Northlight and Lookingglass. RAY NARDELLI (Co-Sound Designer/ Production Affiliate) Past Lookingglass credits include Hephaestus, The Brothers Karamazov, Lookingglass Alice, Hillbilly Antigone, La Luna Muda, Lookingglass Hamlet, The Great Fire (Jeff Nomination) and Brundibar. Other credits include work at Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Court Theatre, Congo Square Theatre Company, American Theater Company, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Northlight Theatre, Drury Lane Theatre Oakbrook, Victory Gardens Theater, The Gift Theatre Company and Dolphinback Theatre Company. Off-Broadway credits include Lookingglass Alice at The New Victory Theater. His regional credits include work at Dallas Theatre Center, Syracuse Stage, Alliance Theatre, Actors Theatre of Louisville, McCarter Theatre Center, Long Wharf Theatre, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Arena Stage, Hartford Stage Company, Alley Theatre, Meadow Brook Theatre, Notre Dame Summer Shakespeare, American Girl Theatre (New York, Chicago). 4 Jeff Awards- 8 nominations.

Production work on more then 20 Broadway tours and pre-Broadway runs. He has designed sound for more than 400 films, television programs, DVDs and computer games worldwide. Ray lives in Chicago with his wife Lynn and two children, Elliot and Olivia. JOSH HORVATH (Co-Sound Designer/ Artistic Associate) Lookingglass: Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting, The Great Fire, Fedra: Queen of Haiti, Hephaestus, Around The World in 80 Days, Clay, 1984, They All Fall Down: The Richard Nickel Story, and La Luna Muda. Off Broadway: Clay (Lincoln Center). Chicago: The Goodman, Steppenwolf, Court, Chicago Shakespeare, Northlight, Next, About Face, The House Theatre, Timeline, and Congo Square. Regional: Long Wharf, Hartford Stage, The Alliance, Kansas City Rep, Milwaukee Rep, Milwaukee Shakespeare, Madison Rep, Illinois Shakespeare, Great River Shakespeare, Center Theatre Group, and California Shakespeare. Joshua has garnered four Joseph Jefferson Awards with eleven additional nominations, and an LA Ovation Award. Mr. Horvath teaches sound design for theatre and film at Northwestern University and is co-owner of Aria Music Designs, LLC. Current and upcoming shows: Angels in America (Court Theatre), Immediate Family (Martian Entertainment, at the Goodman Theatre), Jitney (Court), and The Verona Project (American Musical Theatre Project) MARIA DeFABO (Properties Designer) is captivated by creating and telling stories through the use of props. She is excited to be at Lookingglass again, where she designed props for Cascabel and Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting, and has assisted with props for the past year. Besides the people at Lookingglass, some of her favorite people that she has made props for are The Hypocrites, Chicago Opera Theater, The House Theatre of Chicago, Steep Theatre, Rivendell Theatre, and North Park University. She has favorite people at many more theatres as well where she likes to make props. Maria is a proud artistic associate with The Hypocrites. She would love to meet to talk about how props make the world a better place. Feel free to contact her. SHEILA SCHMIDT (Production Stage Manager) is delighted to make her Lookingglass debut with Eastland. Other Chicago credits include over 20 productions with Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Chicago Boys (Goodman Theatre); Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (The NeoFuturists); Jersey Boys (Broadway in Chicago); TimeLine Theatre Company, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Court Theatre, Schadenfreude, A Red Orchid Theatre and Chicago Children’s Theatre. Ms. Schmidt is a founding member of the Resident Ensemble Players, where some of her credits include: The Hostage, All the King’s Men (adapted and directed by Adrian Hall) and O Beautiful, a new play by Theresa Rebeck. Sheila earned her BFA from Drake University and her MFA from the University of Delaware Professional Theatre Training Program. For Stephe.

PROFILES (CONTINUED) RACHEL E. KRAFT (Executive Director) is completing her seventh season as the Executive Director of the Lookingglass Theatre Company. Her 25 years of experience in arts management include over a decade as director of development at the Goodman Theatre, in addition to key roles with the Arts and Business Council, Northlight Theatre and the Chicago Dance Coalition. Rachel is a charter board member of the documentary film organization the Kindling Group, a trustee of the Jewish Women’s Foundation of Chicago, and serves on the Alumnae Council of the Chicago Foundation for Women. She is an officer of both the League of Chicago Theatres and Theatre Communications Group, the local and national service organizations for theater. PHILIP R. SMITH (Producing Artistic Director/Ensemble Member) most recently appeared as Wrede Sartorius in The March at Steppenwolf Theatre and Ethan in Ethan Frome at Lookingglass. Other Lookingglass credits include Will in Trust, Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days, Ivan in The Brothers Karamazov, Tinker Bosch in The Wooden Breeks and Creon in Hillbilly Antigone. Other recent credits include Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird and Rev. Parris in The Crucible at Steppenwolf and Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days at Baltimore’s Center Stage. Other regional credits include work at the McCarter Theatre, Seattle Rep, the Arden Theatre, BAM (NYC), and The Actors Gang (LA). Further Lookingglass credits include Metamorphoses, The Idiot, The Vanishing Twin, and Up Against It. TV and film credits include “Boss,” “Friends,” “Prison Break,” “Chicago Hope,” “Early Edition,” Kissing a Fool, Since You’ve Been Gone, High Fidelity, The Express and The Dilemma. As Producing Artistic Director, oversight includes Lookingglass casting and serving as the primary artistic liaison to the Development, Marketing and Production departments.

at the Goodman, The Brothers Karamazov, Hard Times (5 Jeff Awards, also traveled to the Arden in Philadelphia), and The Master and Margarita (with David Catlin). Directing credits at Lookingglass include The Wooden Breeks (by Glen Berger), and Hillbilly Antigone (book, music and lyrics by Rick Sims). She also recently staged Laura Eason’s Around the World in 80 Days at Kansas City Rep and Mary Zimmerman’s The Arabian Nights at Berkeley Rep. Other Lookingglass adaptation credits include The Old Curiosity Shop co-written with Ray Fox and Laura Eason (Jeff Award), and The Baron in the Trees with Larry DiStasi. She was last seen on stage in The Arabian Nights. Heidi was awarded the 2010 Raven Award for Excellence in Arts and Entertainment for The Brothers Karamazov. She lives in Chicago with her husband Rick and their nine-year olds Sadie and Jude. SPECIAL THANKS Alberta Adamson, American Red Cross, Geoffrey Baer, Jay Bonansinga, Spencer Curnutt, Susan Decker, Abby Droeger, Eastland Disaster Historical Society, Eastland Fellowship Authority at the Center for History in Wheaton, Illinois, Friends of the Chicago River, Shari Joffe, Old Town School of Folk Music, R.E. Peters, Emily Rohm, Barbara Decker Wachholz, Ted Wachholz, Donald and Sylvia White, members of The Writers Group, and Deborah Zimmerman and The Millennium Park concert cast.

HEIDI STILLMAN (Artistic Director of New Work/Ensemble Member) Most recently at Lookingglass, Heidi co-created/directed Cascabel with Rick Bayless and Tony Hernandez. Other Lookingglass writing/directing credits include The Last Act of Lilka Kadison, Trust with David Schwimmer, Hephaestus with Tony Hernandez

U N F O R G E T TA B L E C L A S S I C I TA L I A N C U I S I N E 115 0 N D E A R B O R N C H I C A G O , I L 6 0 610 R E S E R VAT I O N S 312 4 4 0 8 8 8 8 I L M U L I N O . C OM


Eva Barr Mara Blumenfeld J. Nicole Brooks David Catlin Thomas J. Cox Lawrence E. DiStasi

Christine Mary Dunford Laura Eason Raymond Fox Joy Gregory Doug Hara David Kersnar

John Musial Dan Ostling David Schwimmer Joey Slotnick Philip R. Smith Heidi Stillman

Tracy Walsh Andrew White Temple Williams Mary Zimmerman

Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi Tony Hernandez Lauren Hirte Joshua Horvath

Eric Huffman Louise Lamson Andre Pluess Rick Sims

Alison Siple Lisa Tejero Troy West

Sage Reed Nick Rupard Scott Silberstein

Ben Spicer Jonathan Templeton

Artistic Associates

Chris Binder Kevin Douglas Anthony Fleming III Sara Gmitter Production Affiliates

Patia Bartlett Jason Burkett Brian Sydney Bembridge Ray Nardelli Eva Breneman Mele Ortiz

ENSEMBLE UPDATE EVA BARR is farming hard on DreamAcres in southeastern Minnesota. She is also producing and creating all sorts of theatrical events right there on that farm and other fine venues. Learn about these and Flourish summer arts and agriculture workshops and camps at www.

DAVID KERSNAR is co-directing the Lookingglass Lab this summer. He will be directing Charles Mee’s Iphigenia 2.0 for the Next Theatre this fall, and remounting Sita Ram at the Harris Theatre this December for Chicago Children’s Choir in association with Natya Dance Theatre and Lookingglass Theatre.

J. NICOLE BROOKS recently directed Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting at Lookingglass. This summer she will appear in Immediate Family directed by Phylicia Rashad at the Goodman Theatre. Her brain and heart are on display at www.doctaslick. and Twitter handle @doctaslick.

JOHN MUSIAL recently wrote and directed The Great Fire and will be designing scenery for next season’s Still Alice.

DAVID CATLIN appeared this fall in House Theatre’s production of The Nutcracker and directed The Little Prince this spring at Northwestern. David teaches acting at Northwestern. THOMAS J. COX appeared in Lookingglass’ production of The Great Fire last fall, recently completed Cascabel this spring, and will travel to the Galway Arts Festival this summer with Northlight’s The Outgoing Tide. Thom serves as the Master Teacher for Lookingglass’ Education and Community Programs. LAURA EASON’s productions in 2012 include The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Kansas City and the New Victory in NYC) and Sex with Strangers (Sydney Theatre Company, Australia). Current commissions: Denver Center, Arden Theatre and Lookingglass. RAYMOND FOX will appear in Metamorphoses next season at Lookingglass. JOY GREGORY is a writer-producer on the ABC Family series “Switched at Birth.” Her play The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World was recently nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Musical.

DAVID SCHWIMMER will be directing the world premiere of Keith Huff’s Big Lake Big City next season at Lookingglass. JOEY SLOTNICK most recently starred in the world premiere of Ethan Coen’s Happy Hour at the Atlantic Theater Co. in New York City. TRACY WALSH recently choreographed a dance for The Last Act of Lilka Kadison at Lookingglass. She works in a school where she also runs an afterschool drama program. TEMPLE WILLIAMS is an independent television producer. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Cyndi Finkle and their daughter Sullivan Clare Williams. MARY ZIMMERMAN is back from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where she made a new show, The White Snake, that will travel to Berkeley Rep in the fall and hopefully one day come to Chicago. She is looking forward to the return of Metamorphoses this fall at Lookingglass. For MARA BLUMENFELD, LAWRENCE E. DiSTASI, CHRISTINE MARY DUNFORD, DOUG HARA , DAN OSTLING , PHILIP R. SMITH, HEIDI STILLMAN and ANDREW WHITE see the PROFILES section.

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The Eastland Disaster Historical Society (EDHS) is the chief custodian of the history of the Eastland Disaster and, more importantly, the oral histories and remembrances of descendants of families who were directly affected by the tragedy. In fourteen short years EDHS has not only legitimized the importance of the history of the Eastland Disaster, we have also altered the collective historical consciousness of society regarding the Eastland Disaster. EVERY FAMILY HAS A STORY. If you have a personal connection to the Eastland Disaster – an ancestor who was a survivor or victim, or someone who arrived too late to board, or perhaps someone who assisted with the rescue, recovery, and relief – we ask that you contact us. EVERY FAMILY HAS A STORYTELLER. Perhaps it’s you. Do not let your family stories fade away, please contact EDHS soon. Eastland Disaster Historical Society P. O. Box 2013 Arlington Heights, IL 60006-2013 1-877-865-6295 (toll free office)

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SERVICES, AMENITIES & COURTESY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE 875 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2200 Chicago, IL 60611 (773) 477-9257 THEATRE AND BOX OFFICE 821 N. Michigan Ave. (Theatre entrance on Pearson Ave.) Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 337-0665 BOX OFFICE HOURS Tuesday through Friday 10am until curtain Saturday and Sunday noon until curtain Closed Monday Order by phone: (312) 337-0665 Order online: SEASON SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscribers receive priority seating, advance ticket sales, unlimited free ticket exchanges, great offers at partner restaurants, invitations to exclusive events, discounts on tickets, education classes and camps, and discounted parking. Call (312) 337-0665 or visit subscribe to subscribe online. GROUP SALES Groups of 10 or more save up to 20% based on group size and performance date. For more information, call (312) 337-0665 or e-mail GIFT CERTIFICATES Lookingglass gift certificates are perfect for all occasions. Available in any denomination, gift certificates can be exchanged for tickets to any Lookingglass production. Gift subscriptions offer the recipient guaranteed seats and the numerous perks and discounts available only to subscribers. To order, call the box office at (312) 337-0665 or stop by the next time you attend a show.

PHYSICAL ACCESSIBILITY Lookingglass Theatre is accessible to wheelchairs, those who cannot walk stairs, and patrons who are hearing impaired. Please notify the box office in advance of your visit so that we can best accommodate your needs. Box office: (312) 337-0665. LOST AND FOUND Lost and found information may be exchanged at the box office; please call (312) 337-0665. CAMERAS AND RECORDING DEVICES The use of cameras—with or without a flash— recorders, or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited. PAGERS, PHONES AND WATCH ALARMS Patrons are asked to silence pagers, cellular phones and watch alarms before entering the theatre. LATECOMERS Latecomers are seated at the discretion of management and may have to wait until a suitable break in the action of the play to be seated. Smoking is prohibited. Lookingglass Theatre is not responsible for personal property. Lookingglass Coat Check is available for $1 per item; all proceeds benefit Season of Concern. We cannot accept fur coats. Thanks to The Saints: Volunteers for the Performing Arts for providing ushers. For information, visit or call (773) 529-5510. Thanks to Carolyn Dunn, Lookingglass’ Saints volunteer usher coordinator.

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