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Foot Orthotics for Foot Ailments

Essentially, among all your body parts, your feet take the heaviest physical toll. This constant stress sometimes borders on abuse without your knowing it. The heavy physical trauma and strain may then translate into pain and discomfort, enough for your doctors to prescribe foot orthotics for you. In a nutshell, orthotics is a medical specialty concerned with the design, manufacture and application of devices (orthosis) that are designed to correct, alleviate, and cure the body’s imbalances that mostly start from the feet. These discomforts on the feet are usually results of bad postures, illnesses, wrong habits, or are birth defects, and they can be debilitating and painful. They can sometimes become serious illnesses themselves. Devices One example of simple orthosis is the inserts, which is commonly prescribed by podiatrists for those with flat feet or those with high foot arches (who are to wear arch support inserts in their shoes). These devices are designed to reduce and re-distribute the total pressure brought by body weight to the right pressure points on each foot. Such devices actually serve as the bed for your foot. Their main function is the realignment of the foot joints when walking or running, or even plain standing. With the proper balance restored at the foot level, the benefits move up as they help ease up the pressure on your knees, your hips and your spine. Another example are orthotics for knee pains. As the name suggests, these are devices designed for those who are suffering from this form of knee ailment. These are mostly triggered by weight overload on the knee joints, some form of muscular dysfunction, or even by some common movement problems. For serious problems like arthritis, the prescription is mostly to take away much of the load with the proper orthosis. Doctors would know if treatments had helped ease or even eliminate much of the discomfort caused by worn-out knee tissues that bring in the swelling and the resulting pain. Meanwhile, a type of orthosis is also recommended for plantar fasciitis, an ailment associated with excessive running, jumping or dancing. It is when you have your feet roll in or flatten too much that will later trigger pain from the heels and later radiates all over the foot. In most cases, doctors prescribe an orthotic insert to the shoes to treat this discomfort.

While orthoses are proven effective devices, the results are gradual and can take some time. In the same token, if these devices have not made any considerable progress in terms of lessening the pain and the feel of gradual comfort in two to three weeks, corrective adjustments will have to be made.

Individualized Treatments There is a wide range of such devices available. In fact, these devices are also as varied as foot conditions and the severity of these conditions. This is why, custom orthotics are available, custom-fitted to the user, as prescribed by the podiatrist or doctor. These devices can be custom-built for the shoes you wear for running, for walking, or for going to work. If you need quality foot orthotics, visit

Foot orthotics for foot ailments  
Foot orthotics for foot ailments  

Essentially, among all your body parts, your feet take the heaviest physical toll. This constant stress sometimes borders on abuse without y...