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Common name Barrow's goldeneye Common goldeneye Bufflehead American kestrel Northern pygmy-owl Northern saw-whet owl Boreal owl Northern flicker Hairy woodpecker Three-toed woodpecker Northern flying squirrel Red squirrel Bushy-tailed woodrat American marten Little brown bat Big brown bat Silver-haired bat Wasp

Scientific name Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Bucephala islandica Bucephala clangula Bucephala albeola Falco sparverius Glaucidium gnoma Aegolius acadicus Aegolius funereus Colaptes auratus Picoides villosus Picoides tridactylus Glaucomys sabrinus Tamiasciurus hudsonicus Neotoma cinerea Martes americana Myotis lucifugus Eptesicus fuscus Lasionycteris noctivagans Vespidae spp

Fig. 4.2. Monthly occurrence of species (dark boxes) and fresh evidence of species (light boxes) found inside pileated woodpecker cavities in forests near Hinton, Alberta, 1993–98. Occurrence was defined as an animal observed inside, entering, or leaving a cavity, and fresh evidence was defined as droppings, hair, feathers, fecal material, nest material, eggs, or other indirect evidence of use.

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Pwp 2001 04 rpt phdthesis pileatedwoodpeckerhabitatecologyinabfoothills