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Acknowledgements This project would not have been possible without the support of my family: Norma, Susan and Jenny; and my employer, Weldwood of Canada Ltd. I thank Norma Bonar, Marianne Gibbard, Rick Hardin, Jim Herbers, Paul Jones, Marg Lomow, Ron Maunder, Phil McLoughlin, Hardy Pletz, Eloise Pulos, Carl Savignac, Jody Watson, Scott Weisenburger, and numerous volunteers for invaluable field assistance. Valery Companiytsev, Paul Hostin, Jen Ireland, and Dave Wynne helped with data analysis. I thank my supervisory committee, Jim Beck, Susan Hannon, and Vic Lieffers, for their suggestions and support. I am grateful for funding provided by the Canada-Alberta Partnership Agreement in Forestry, Canadian Circumpolar Institute, Canadian Wildlife Service, Foothills Model Forest, Manning Diversified Forest Products Trust Fund, North American Bluebird Society, and Weldwood of Canada Ltd.

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