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Foothills Research Institute

Woodlands Water II Course Crossing Monitoring and Inspections

May 6, 2010 NAI T 11762 - 106 S treet E dmonton, Alber ta

9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Registration F ee for par ticipants is being funded by FRIAA (Forest Resources Improvement Association of Alber ta). Lunc h is not being provided so bring a brown bag lunc h with you. For more infor mation ot to register contact: Ngaio Baril at, (780) 865-8342

We welcome inquiries: Box 6330 Hinton, Alberta Canada • T7V 1X6 T: 780.865.8330 • F: 780.865.8331 •

The Foothills Researc h Institute Stream Crossing Program has teamed up with WOLF, the Woodland Operations Lear ning Foundation, to offer courses on how to use i t s s t r e a m c ro s s i n g inspection manual. All levels of industry and gover nment have a duty and concer n to manage crossings for ecological and safety r e a s o n s, a n d t h e r e c e n t l y d e ve l o p e d manual shows how to assess remediation needs and options.