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Family Support Services Program Annual Report

July 2009 – June 2010

Foothills Gateway, Inc. 301 W. Skyway Dr. Fort Collins, CO 80525


Family Support Services Program Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Area Family Support Plan – Fiscal Year 2010-2011 The Family Support Services Program has continued to provide quality services to over 200 families in Fiscal Year 2009-2010. Family Satisfaction surveys report that overall satisfaction with the program is at a level of 4.67 on a scale of 1 to 5, which represents an increase from previous fiscal year. Foothills Gateway was able to allocate local dollars to the Family Support Services Program fiscal year 2009-2010 budget. This financial contribution helped maintain the current level of over service and support to families, given that the state has been unable to allocate new resources for the program. The Family Support Services Program Council continued to provide the program extra funding through two successful fundraisers, “Butter Braids” and the second annual “The Flying Pig 5K walk/run.” These provided continuing funding for the Integrated Children’s Play group, Respitality nights, development of a grant to help fund parent education opportunities, and collaboration with the Larimer County Health Department on a newsletter, The Larimer Loop. Overall, the Family Support Services Program Council and Allocation Committee, as well as Foothills Gateway Inc. Case Management and support staff has continued to work in a dedicated fashion to assure another successful year of services to families.

Respectfully submitted by:

Sondra Catherine Lee Children’s Case Management Coordinator


The Objectives and Outcomes for FY 2009-2010


Serve families “most in need” according to state guidelines and in addition, serve needs for families on waiting list, as funds are available either through money raised with fundraisers, or by accessing donated funds:

Outcomes: Foothills Gateway Inc. (FGI) followed existing procedures and utilized tracking systems to assure state “most in need” guidelines were being met. FGI served 255 families using State and local funding throughout this fiscal year (09-10). This is an increase of 38 additional admissions from the previous fiscal year. The program had 16 families terminated from services during the year and 66 new admissions to the program. The monthly average served throughout the year was 190. Family Support Services Program (FSSP) served 197 more families than the Division for Developmental Disabilities (DDD) state contract expectations. In addition, families on the waiting list utilized one time funds from the end of this fiscal year (09-10) to help support their family needs while continuing to wait for a resource on the waiting list. Families continued to request restricted funds when emergency needs arose.


Continue to provide high-quality, family-friendly, inclusion-oriented, individual case management services that support the efforts and functional needs of all family members: o

Have a family satisfaction index with Case Management services above “Satisfied” in the Family Satisfaction Survey. Outcome: The average satisfaction rating for Case Management services for FY 09-10 was 4.79. (Please see attached report on satisfaction surveys).


Have at least an average rating of satisfied in the overall effectiveness of the program in supporting families on the Family Satisfaction Survey. Outcome: The satisfaction index for the overall effectiveness of the FSSP for FY 09-10 was 4.35. (Please see attached report on satisfaction surveys).



Enhance the financial resources available to families: o

Undertake at least one fundraising activity per fiscal year. Outcome: FSSP Council successfully completed two fundraisers, raising a total of $8580.79 (which is an increase of $2350.35 from FY 08-09).

Butter Braids:

Dollars raised Expenses Net Profit

$2440.00 $1518.00 $922.00

Flying Pig 5K Race:

Dollars raised Expenses Net Profit

$11370.00 $3711.21 $7658.79

This money was used to support Respitality Night, the Integrated Play Group and the Advocacy and Empowerment Grant (AEG) for families to request registration, lodging and other parent education/conference related expenses. In addition, Council dollars helped to fund a newsletter, The Larimer Loop, co-sponsored by the Larimer County Health Department.



Continue to coordinate volunteer and donated services. Outcome: The FSSP had an average of $25,000 available for children

and families through FGI donated funds this fiscal year (09-10). This money was accessed by families both enrolled in and waiting for the program via the established Restricted/Donated Funds process at Foothills Gateway Inc. FSSP Council also successfully coordinated 60 volunteers at the Flying Pig 5K Race.


Continue to provide respite care solutions for families: o

Collaborate with other agencies to enhance respite care resources for families in our program. Outcome: FSSP Council, FGI, and Respite Inc. continued to work cooperatively to offer “Respitality Night.” (See below for more detail.) FGI continues to brainstorm, look into other respite options, and secure funding with other agencies.


Explore development of additional respite care opportunities offered in home, or in a new facility/setting. Outcome: Funding is being secured for a possible collaboration with Easter Seals of Colorado to bring their “Discovery Club” to Larimer County. It is proposed that this might be available for families starting in fiscal year 2010-2011.


Offer “Respitality Nights” with Respite Inc. Outcome: FSSP Council, FGI, and Respite Inc. worked cooperatively to offer families “Respitality Night”. This was an opportunity for parents to have a night out with respite provided for children in FSSP as well as their siblings. Respitality Night was offered between September 2009 through May 2010 with no Respitality during December 2009. Over 144 children attended, which included both siblings, and children eligible for FSSP. This event is also one that serves both families enrolled in FSSP and those on the waiting list.



Continue the publication of the newsletter: o

Publish a newsletter on a quarterly basis in collaboration with Larimer County Health Department. Outcome: The FSSP Council, in conjunction with the Larimer County Health Department, published four editions of The Larimer Loop last year. Over 500 copies were mailed to families, agency partners and community members on a quarterly basis. The number of individuals receiving electronic copies of the newsletter also increased over this past fiscal year. Currently around 100 copies are being sent electronically each time a newsletter is sent out between e-mail contacts and the online list-serve.


Reflect the work of the FSSP Council. Outcome: Activities of the Council were featured in each of the four editions of the Larimer Loop.


Continue to publicize the program via distribution of brochures, flyers, etc. Distribute updated FSSP handbook. Participate in Parent Education Network (PEN) to help publish program:

Outcome: The Council printed additional brochures with FGI intake information listed and were distributed throughout the county at doctors offices, therapy clinics and other professional services. During the year, the Children’s Case Management Coordinator spoke at two community panels which included families and professionals. The FSSP handbook was not updated and distributed this year due to concerns about the pending budget cuts to the program and the need for additional changes. During this fiscal year, Parent Education Network (PEN) changed their agency focus and this was no longer an appropriate resource for the FSSP. 7.

Work with Foothills Gateway IT personnel on enhancing the FGI website as needed to include FSSP information:

Outcome: The FGI website continues to be updated with current FSSP information


as needed and as appropriate. The Larimer Loop newsletter is also posted on the website to be accessed by families as needed. Results of the Family Satisfaction surveys are also posted on the website. FGI has a committee that is dedicated to looking at the accessibility of information about FGI and information about FSSP will be included in this committee’s efforts.


Offer support groups and provide other supports for parents, according to request/identified need: o

Parent Education Support Group Outcome: Money was used to support an AEG Grant for parents to request registration, lodging and other parent education/conference related expenses.


Integrated Children’s Play Group Outcome: The Integrated Play group ran throughout the year and met weekly. They had 3 special events planned for their group in July and August 2009 and June 2010. 30 families participated at one time or another throughout the year.


Sibling Support Group Outcome: The Sibling Support Group was on hold throughout this fiscal year as there has been sporadic and limited interest in this group.


Parent Workshops Outcome: Information about different parent workshops have been placed in The Larimer Loop as they have come available. Specifically, the Empowerment workshops and The Colorado Family Leadership Training Institute has been featured articles in The Larimer Loop.


Maintain parent list-serve, on-line support group Outcome: The FSSP Council has found that there are a variety of list-serves and parent groups available already. They have requested FSSP Case Managers to direct families to existing groups as needed and requested. FSSP Case Managers already follow a set process to give families a Parent to Parent brochure during each Family Support Plan meeting as ongoing support for FSSP clients.



Encourage parents’ participation in the legislative process: o

Promote the participation of parents in the “Day at the Capitol” event. Outcome: FGI listed the event on the website. The FGI Executive Director talked to a variety of groups about attending this event. FGI invited all FSSP Council members and requested direct support providers to attend. FGI had 16 people attend the event one of which was a parent.


Include legislative news in the newsletter. Outcome: Legislative information and news was featured in each of the four editions of the Larimer Loop.


Executive Director’s legislative presentation to the FSSP Council Outcome: In January of 2010, the Foothills Gateway Executive Director met with the FSSP Council to give legislative updates.


Recruit new council members as needed to assure at least 51% are parents of individuals eligible for FSSP:

Outcome: Throughout the fiscal year 09-10, two council members left the Council while 1 new member joined, another Council member agreed to participate by phone/conference call in order to stay a member. At this point, there is not a need for additional council members as over 51% of the members are parents. However, interested parents can always apply to be a part of the Council. FGI Board of Directors approved all current members during their May 2010 meeting.


Family Support Services Annual Report 09-10  

Family Support Services Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2009-2010

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